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Miami-Dade County, FloridaDEPARTMENT OF REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCESBOARD AND CODE ADMINISTRATION DIVISONPRODUCT CONTROL SECTIONLaboratory Certificate11805 S.W. 26 Street-Room 208Miami, Florida 33175-2474T (786) 315-2590 Fax (786) 315-2599This certifies that Intertek Testing Services, NA, Inc. located at 8431 Murphy Drive,Middleton, WI 53562 is an approved Testing Laboratory in accordance with Miami-DadeCounty Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources and Protocol TAS 301-94, and isCertified to perform the following )TAS114 Appendix ATAS114 Appendix CTAS114 Appendix DTAS114 Appendix E (Salt spray only)TAS114 Appendix FTAS114 Appendix HInternational Accreditation Servic, Inc.Certificate of Accreditaion TL-271U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA)Federal Register 29 CFR 1910.7Results of the above mentioned test shall be properly submitted to the Miami-Dade CountyDepartment of Regulatory and Economic Resources per TAS 301-94, along with all otherdocumentation required for the approval of products. Approved engineer(s) for thislaboratory:Vinu Abraham, P.E.; Tyler Westerling, P.E.; Michael Weigner, P.E.; Daniel Culbert, P.E.This Certification and Registration Approved: January 28, 2021This Certification and Registration Expires : July 3, 2026Certification No. : 20-0831.05 Renews: 19-0321.05Helmy A. Makar, P.E., M.S.Product Control Section SupervisorProduct Control SectionAmerico Segura, M.S., CGCQuality Assurance Unit SupervisorProduct Control SectionThe Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources reserves theright to remove this certification for non-compliance with rules and regulations as set byProtocol TAS301-94.2083105

This is to attest thatINTERTEK TESTING SERVICES NA, INC.8431 MURPHY DRIVEMIDDLETON, WISCONSIN 53562, U.S.A.Testing Laboratory TL-271has met the requirements of AC89, IAS Accreditation Criteria for Testing Laboratories, and has demonstrated compliancewith ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2017, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Thisorganization is accredited to provide the services specified in the scope of accreditation.Effective Date December 9, 2020President

INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES NA, INC.Contact Phone 1-608-824-7444www.intertek.comContact Name Brian BrunsonEffective Date December 9, 2020Page 2 of 9Fire test to aircraft materialStandard test method for rate of burning and/or extent and time of burning ofplastics in a horizontal positionStandard test method for determining ignition temperature of plasticsStandard test method for density of smoke from the burning ordecomposition of plasticsStandard test method for measuring the minimum oxygen concentration tosupport candle-like combustion of plastics (oxygen index)Materials and finishesStandard practice for operating salt spray (fog) apparatusStandard test method for evaluating the influence of thermal insulations onexternal stress corrosion cracking tendency of austenitic stainless steelStandard test method for moisture analysis of particulate wood fuelsStandard practice for preparing, cleaning, and evaluating corrosion testspecimensStandard practice for conditioning and handling of nonmetallic materials fornatural and artificial weathering testsStandard practice for exposing nonmetallic materials in accelerated testdevices that use laboratory light sources (except section 5.1)Standard practice for operating fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamp apparatusfor exposure of nonmetallic materialsTesting in a saturated atmosphere in the presence of sulfur dioxideStandard test methods for chemical analysis of thermal insulation materialsfor leachable chloride, fluoride, silicate, and sodium ionsStandard test method for density of liquid coatings, inks, and relatedproductsStandard test method for volatile content of coatingsStandard test method for water in paints and paint materials by Karl FischermethodStandard test methods for volatile content of radiation curable materials(limited to UV exposure)Standard practice for general techniques for obtaining infrared spectra forqualitative analysis (sections 6.2, 6.3, 6.5.3, 7.7, 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 only)Standard test method for resistance to chemicals of resilient flooringStandard practice for conducting moist SO2 testsDetermination of volatile matter content, water content, density, volumesolids, and weight solids of surface coatingsMetallic and other non-organic coatings -- sulfur dioxide test with generalcondensation of moistureAccredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017ChemicalASTM C871ASTM D1475ASTM D2369ASTM D4017ASTM D5403ASTM E1252ASTM F0925ASTM G87EPA Method 24ISO/EN 6988EnvironmentalANSI/BHMA A156.18ASTM B117ASTM C692ASTM E871ASTM G1ASTM G147ASTM G151ASTM G154DIN 50018FireABD 0031ASTM D635ASTM D1929ASTM D2843ASTM D2863TL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.

ASTM E108ASTM E119ASTM E136ASTM E162ASTM E662ASTM E698ASTM E800ASTM E814ASTM E1354BS 476-20BS 476-22BS EN 597-1BS EN 597-2BS EN 1021-1BS EN 1021-2BS EN 1634-1BS EN 6807BS EN ISO 4589-2BS EN ISO 4589-3BSS 7230BSS 7238BSS 7239CA TB 117CA Title 19FMVSS 302ISO 1182ISO 5659ISO 5660ISO 19702MIL-PRF-85045GTL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.Standard test methods for fire tests of roof coveringsStandard test methods for fire tests of building construction and materialsStandard test method for behavior of materials in a vertical tube furnace at750 CStandard test method for surface flammability of materials using a radiantheat energy sourceStandard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated bysolid materialsStandard test method for kinetic parameters for thermally unstable materialsusing differential scanning calorimetry and the Flynn/Wall/Ozawa methodStandard guide for measurement of gases present or generated during firesStandard test method for fire tests of penetration firestop systemsStandard test method for heat and visible smoke release rates for materialsand products using an oxygen consumption calorimeterFire resistance test to building materialFire tests on building materials and structures - method for determination ofthe fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of constructionFurniture - assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bedbases - ignition source smouldering cigaretteFurniture - assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bedbases - ignition source: match flame equivalentFurniture - assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - ignitionsource smouldering cigaretteFurniture - assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture - ignitionsource match flame equivalentFire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies,openable windows and elements of building hardware - fire resistance testfor door and shutter assemblies and openable windowsMethods of test for assessment of ignitability of mattresses, upholstereddivans and upholstered bed bases with flaming types of primary andsecondary sources of ignitionPlastics - determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index - guidancePlastics - determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index - elevatedtemperature testFlammability testing of aircraft materialsFire test to aircraft material – toxicityToxic gas generationRequirements, test procedure and apparatus for testing the flameretardance of resilient filling materials used in upholstered furnitureFlame retardant regulationsFlammability of interior materialsReaction to fire tests for products -- non-combustibility testPlastics -- smoke generation -- part 2: Determination of optical density by asingle-chamber testReaction-to-fire tests - Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate Part 1: Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method) and smoke productionrate (dynamic measurement)Guidance for sampling and analysis of toxic gases and vapors in fireeffluents using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopyPerformance specification: cables, fiber optic, general specification (sections4.8.3 and 4.8.6)Page 3 of 9

MIL-STD-24640CMIL-STD-24643CNES 711NES 713NFPA 251NFPA 252NFPA 253NFPA 256NFPA 257NFPA 259NFPA 261NFPA 701UL 9UL 10AUL 10BUL 10CUL 10DUL 94UL 790UL 1703ULC S109ULC S135Heating / CoolingANSI Z21.1ANSI Z21.50ANSI Z21.58ANSI Z21.60ANSI Z21.88ANSI Z83.11ANSI/UL 103ANSI/UL 127ANSI/UL 737ANSI/UL 1482AS 1530.1ASTM E1509UL 391UL 907TL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.Detail specification: cables, light-weight, electric, for shipboard use, generalspecification (sections 4.7.17 and 4.7.19 only)DETAIL specification: cables, electric, low smoke halogen-free, forshipboard use general specification (sections 4.8.25 and 4.8.27 only)Determination of the smoke index of the products of combustion from smallspecimens of materialsDetermination of the toxicity index of the products of combustion from smallspecimens of materialsStandard methods of tests of fire resistance of building construction andmaterialsStandard methods of fire tests of door assembliesStandard method of test for critical radiant flux of floor covering systemsusing a radiant heat energy sourceStandard methods of fire tests of roof coveringsStandard on fire test for window and glass block assembliesStandard test method for potential heat of building materialsStandard method of test for determining resistance of mock-up upholsteredfurniture material assemblies to ignition by smoldering cigarettesStandard methods of fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and filmsStandard for fire tests of window assembliesStandard for tin-clad fire doorsStandard for fire tests of door assembliesStandard for positive pressure fire tests of door assembliesStandard for fire tests of fire protective curtain assembliesStandard for tests for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devicesand appliancesStandard for standard test methods for fire tests of roof coveringsStandard for flat-plate photovoltaic modules and panels, (sections 31.1 and31.2 only)Flame tests of flame-resistant fabrics and filmsStandard method of test for determination of degrees of combustibility ofbuilding materials using an oxygen consumption calorimeter (conecalorimeter)Household cooking gas appliancesVented decorative gas appliancesOutdoor cooking gas appliancesDecorative gas appliances for installation in solid-fuel burning fireplacesVented gas fireplace heatersGas food service equipmentStandard for factory-built chimneys for residential type and building heatingappliancesStandard for factory-built fireplacesStandard for fireplace stovesStandard for solid-fuel type room heatersMethods for fire tests on building materials, components and structuresCombustibility test for materialsStandard specification for room heaters, pellet fuel-burning typeStandard for solid-fuel and combination-fuel central and supplementaryfurnacesStandard for fireplace accessoriesPage 4 of 9

Misc / Energy Star ANSI/BHMA 156.1ANSI/BHMA 156.2ANSI/BHMA 156.3ANSI/BHMA 156.4ANSI/BHMA 156.5ANSI/BHMA 156.6ANSI/BHMA 156.9ANSI/BHMA 156.10ANSI/BHMA 156.11ANSI/BHMA 156.12ANSI/BHMA 156.13ANSI/BHMA 156.15ANSI/BHMA 156.16ANSI/BHMA 156.17ANSI/BHMA 156.20ANSI/BHMA 156.21ANSI/BHMA 156.23ANSI/BHMA 156.24ANSI/BHMA A156.36ANSI/BHMA A156.39ANSI/BHMA A156.40ASTM C1371ASTM C1549Roof Products Version 3.0UL 437PhysicalAAMA 501.1AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/IS2/A440AATCC 127ANSI A250.4ANSI Z97.1ASTM C271 / C271MASTM C297 / C297MASTM C1629/C1629MASTM D143ASTM D638ASTM D737ASTM D779ASTM D790ASTM D792TL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.Butts and hingesBored & preassembled locks and latchesExit devicesDoor controls-closersCylinders and input devices for locksArchitectural door trimCabinet hardwarePower operated pedestrian doorsCabinet locksInterconnected locks & latchesMortise locksRelease devicesAuxiliary hardwareSelf-closing hingesStrap and tee hinges and haspsThresholdsElectromagnetic locksDelayed egress locksAuxiliary locksResidential locksets and latchesResidential deadboltsStandard test method for determination of emittance of materials near roomtemperature using portable emissometersStandard test method for determination of solar reflectance near ambienttemperature using a portable solar reflectometerEnergy Star program requirements for roof productsStandard for Safety of Key LocksStandard test method for water penetration of windows, curtain walls anddoors using dynamic pressureStandard/specification for windows, doors, and skylightsWater resistance: hydrostatic pressure testTest procedure and acceptance criteria for – physical endurance for steeldoors, frames and frame anchorsStandard for safety glazing materials used in buildings – safety performancespecifications and methods of test (Cl. 5.1 Only)Standard test method for density of sandwich core materialsStandard test method for flatwise tensile strength of sandwich constructionsStandard classification for abuse-resistant nondecorated interior gypsumpanel products and fiber-reinforced cement panelsStandard test methods for small clear specimens of timber (Cl. 14 Only)Standard test method for tensile properties of plasticsStandard test method for air permeability of textile fabricsStandard test method for determining the water vapor resistance of sheetmaterials in contact with liquid water by the dry indicator methodStandard test methods for flexural properties of unreinforced and reinforcedplastics and electrical insulating materialsStandard test methods for density and specific gravity (relative density) ofplastics by displacementPage 5 of 9

ASTM D905ASTM D906ASTM D1037ASTM D1623ASTM D1875ASTM D2244ASTM D2247ASTM D2842ASTM D3746 / D3746MASTM D4060ASTM D5402ASTM D5751ASTM D5795ASTM D6226ASTM D7073ASTM E8 / E8MASTM E18ASTM E72 Cl. 14 OnlyASTM E96 / E96MASTM E283ASTM E331ASTM E547ASTM E605 / E605MASTM E736 / E736MASTM E759 / E759MASTM E760 / E760MASTM E761 / E761MASTM E2068ASTM E2178TL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.Standard test method for strength properties of adhesive bonds in shear bycompression loadingStandard test method for strength properties of adhesives in plywood typeconstruction in shear by tension loadingStandard test methods for evaluating properties of wood-base fiber andparticle panel materials (excluding sections 7, 17, 18, 22 and 28)Standard test method for tensile and tensile adhesion properties of rigidcellular plasticsStandard test method for density of adhesives in fluid formStandard practice for calculation of color tolerances and color differencesfrom instrumentally measured color coordinates6WDQGDUG SUDFWLFH IRU WHVWLQJ ZDWHU UHVLVWDQFH RI FRDWLQJV LQ ௗ UHODWLYH humidityStandard test method for water absorption of rigid cellular plasticsStandard test method for impact resistance of bituminous roofing systemsStandard test method for abrasion resistance of organic coatings by thetaber abraserStandard practice for assessing the solvent resistance of organic coatingsusing solvent rubsStandard Specification for Adhesives Used for Laminate Joints inNonstructural Lumber ProductsStandard Test Method for Determination of Liquid Water Absorption ofCoated Wood and Wood Based Products Via “Cobb Ring” ApparatusStandard test method for open cell content of rigid cellular plasticsStandard guide for application and evaluation of brush and roller appliedpaint filmsStandard test methods for tension testing of metallic materialsStandard test methods for Rockwell hardness of metallic materialsStandard test methods of conducting strength tests of panels for buildingconstructionStandard test methods for water vapor transmission of materialsStandard test method for determining rate of air leakage through exteriorwindows, curtain walls, and doors under specified pressure differencesacross the specimenStandard test method for water penetration of exterior windows, skylights,doors, and curtain walls by uniform static air pressure differenceStandard test method for water penetration of exterior windows, skylights,doors, and curtain walls by cyclic static air pressure differenceStandard test methods for thickness and density of sprayed fire-resistivematerial (SFRM) applied to structural membersStandard test method for cohesion/adhesion of sprayed fire-resistivematerials applied to structural membersStandard test method for effect of deflection on sprayed fire-resistivematerial applied to structural membersStandard test method for effect of impact on bonding of sprayed fireresistive material applied to structural membersStandard test method for compressive strength of sprayed fire-resistivematerial applied to structural membersStandard test method for determination of operating force of sliding windowsand doorsStandard test method for air permeance of building materialsPage 6 of 9

ASTM E2273ASTM E2357ASTM F476ASTM F588ASTM F842ASTM F1577ASTM G154ASTM G155CPSC 16 CFR 1201ICC ES AC212ICC ES EG356NFRC 400TAS 202TAS 203UL 1777UL 1784WDMA I.S. 1-AWDMA I.S. 2(AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440)WDMA I.S. 3WDMA I.S. 6AWDMA I.S. 7 (AAMA/WDMA1600/I.S. 7)WDMA T.M. 10WDMA T.M. 5WDMA T.M. 6WDMA T.M. 7WDMA T.M. 8StructuralANSI/DASMA 108ANSI/DASMA 115ASTM D905ASTM D1761TL-271Intertek Testing ServicesNA, Inc.Standard test method for determining the drainage efficiency of exteriorinsulation and finish systems (EIFS) clad wall assembliesStandard test method for determining air leakage of air barrier assembliesStandard test methods for security of swinging door assembliesStandard test methods for measuring the forced entry resistance of windowassemblies, excluding glazing impactStandard test methods for measuring the forced entry resistance of slidingdoor assemblies, excluding glazing impactStandard test methods for detention locks for swinging doorsStandard practice for operating fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamp apparatusfor exposure of nonmetallic materialsStandard practice for operating xenon arc light apparatus for exposure ofnon-metallic materialsCommercial practices – consumer product safety commission – consumerproduct safety act regulations – safety standard for architectural glazingmaterialsWater-resistive coatings used as water-resistive barriers over exteriorsheathing (test methods referenced in sections 3.0 and 4.0 only)Evaluation guidelines for a moisture drainage system used with exterior wallveneers (except section 3.1.6)Procedure for determining fenestration product air leakageCriteria for testing impact and non-impact resistant building envelopecomponents using uniform static air pressureCriteria for testing products subject to cyclic wind pressure loadingStandard for chimney linersStandard for air leakage tests of door assemblies and other openingprotectivesIndustry standard for interior architectural wood flush doorsNorth American fenestration standard for windows, doors, and skylightsWood sliding patio doorsIndustry standard for architectural stile and rail doorsVoluntary specification for skylightsScrew holding capacityTest method to determine the split resistance of stile edges of wood doorsAdhesive durabilityCycle slam testHinge loading testStandard method for testing sectional garage doors and rolling doors:determination of structural performance under uniform static air pressuredifferenceStandard method for testing sectional garage doors and rolling doors:determination of structural performance under missile impact and cyclicwind pressureStandard test method for strength properties of adhesive bonds in shear bycompression loadingStandard test methods for mechanical fasteners in woodPage 7 of 9

ASTM D5764ASTM E0330ASTM E1233 / E1233MASTM E1886ASTM E1996ASTM F1575ICC ES AC01ICC ES AC05TAS 201UL 2218ThermalASTM C209ASTM C518ASTM C1512ASTM E537ICC ES AC12Standard test method for evaluating dowel-bearing strength of wood andwood-based productsStandard test method for structural performance of exterior windows, doors,skylights and curtain walls by uniform static air pressure differenceStandard test method for structural performance of exterior windows, doors,skylights, and curtain walls by cy

BSS 7230 Flammability testing of aircraft materials BSS 7238 Fire test to aircraft material – toxicity BSS 7239 Toxic gas generation CA TB 117 Requirements, test procedure and apparatus for testing the flame retardance of resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture CA Title 19 Flame retardant regulations FMVSS 302 Flammability of interior materials ISO 1182 Reaction to fire .

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Economy, Society, and Policy: Analyzing the Regulatory Quality 2.1. The Regulatory Quality The subject of this research is the regulatory quality in the EU MS and its relations with governance quality and with competitiveness. Regulatory Quality, Governance Quality and Competitiveness (Fig. 1)

"regulatory guide office of standards development regulatory guide 7.9 standard format and content of part 71 applications for approval of packaging of type b, large quantity, and fissile radioactive material usnrc regulatory guides regulatory

Regulatory Exam: 5 Description: RE 5: Regulatory Examination: Representatives in all Categories of FSPs Task No Task QC Qualifying Criteria Knowledge (K) or Skill (S) Legislation Reference 1 Demonstrate understanding of the FAIS Act as a regulatory framework. 2 1 Describe the FAIS Act and subordinate legislation.

regulatory affairs sector. Positions may include but are not restricted to regulatory affairs officers, associates, analysts and consultants, regulatory compliance officers and consultants, and quality assurance specialists and administrators in the various regulated industries.