DOT/FAA/CT-89/15 Aircraft Material Fire Test

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.'DOT/FAA/CT-89/15FAA Technical CenterAtlantic City International AirportN.J. 08405Aircraft Material Fire TestHandbook-September 1990This document is available to the U.S.PJI!I/IT!:fi{;'(il"thrgugh the National Technical lnf()[.?]PtfbnServio@ ·PPringfield, Virgini . j e1···0U.S. Department of TransportationFederal Aviation Administration'

NOTICEThis document is disseminated under the sponsorshipof the U. S. Department of Transportation in the interestof information exchange. The United States Governmentassumes no liability for the contents or use thereof.The United States Government does not endorse productsor manufacturers. Trade or manufacturers' names appearherein solely because they are considered essential to theobjective of this report./

T echnlcol port Documentation Page2. Government Accuaion Ho.1. Report Ho.3. Recipient' 1 Catalog Ho.DOT/FAA/CT-89/154. Title onfl SubtitleS. Report l)oteSeptember 1990AIRCRAFT MATERIAL FIRE TEST HANDBOOK6. Perfonning Orgoni lotion Codat----;;---:-- :-:----------------------------fI. Porfor111int Orgoni lotion Ropo t No.17. Author al9, PorformintOrtcr iaotion Nomacr clAclclroaa10. Wort. Unit No. (TRAIS)Boeing Commercial Airplanes*P.O. Box 3707Seattle, Washington 98124-2207II. Contract or Grant No.DTFA03-87-C-00053 -------- -- ---------------------------- 12. Sponaorint Agency Noma ond Addroaa13. Typo of Report ond Period CoveredFinal ReportU.S. Department of TransportationOct.1987- Sept. 1990Federal Aviation Administration14. Sponaoring Agency CocloTechnical CenterAtlantic City International Airport, NJ 08405ACD-240 ------------------ ------------------·-------- 15. Supplementary Notoa *Douglas Aircraft Company was a subcontractor.FAA Contracting Officer's Technical Representative(COTR) was Constantine P. Sarkos. 1 ,. -.t-,o-c t---- -In order to assure prescribed levels of fire safety in civil aircraft, theFederal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that a variety of fire testmethods be used to demonstrate that aircraft materials meet specified performancecriteria when exposed to heat or flame. In principle, the specific test methodrequired serves as a surrogate for the fire environment to which a given materialcould potentially be exposed, and the test criteria relate to the performance ofthe material in this fire environment.While a number of fire test requirements are of recent vintag'e, others haveorigins in research and development efforts completed many years ago. Because ofa span of time during which the various fire test requirements were developed,there is an inevitable wide variation in the accessibility of primary technicaldocuments, in currency of test equipment details, and in style and clarity oftechnical content.The purpose of the Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook is to describe all FAArequired fire test methods for aircraft materials in a consistent and detailedformat. The handbook provides information to enable the user to assemble andproperly use the test methods. Moreover, to broaden the utility of the handbook,the appendices contain the following information: FAA fire safety regulations,FAA approval process, aircraft materials, regulatory methodology used by othercountries, aircraft industry internal test methods and guidelines, laboratoriesactively using fire test methods, and commercial manufacturers of fire testequipment.II. Dlatribvtlott Stoto1110ftl17. Kn Worll Fire TestsAircraft MaterialsFlammabilitySmokeBurnthrough, Heat Release19. Security Clouif. (of rhi report)UnclassifiedForm DOT F 1700.7ce-721Document is available to the publicthrough the National TechnicalInformation Service, Springfield,Virginia 2216120. Security Cloulf. (of thi poeolUnclassifiedReproduction of complotod pogo outhorlaed21· No, of Pot 21622. Price

CONTENTSPageLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS . viiLIST OF TABLES . xPREFACE . xi1.0VERTICAL BUNSEN BURNER TEST FOR CABIN AND CARGOCOMPARTMENT MATERIALS . 1-11.1Scope . 1-11.1.Definitions . 1-11.3Test Apparatus . 1-11.4Test Specimens . 1-31.5Conditioning . 1-31.6Procedure . 1-31.7Report . 1-41.8Requirements . 1-42.045-DEG BUNSEN BURNER TEST FOR COMPARTMENT LINERS ANDWASTE STOWAGE COMPARTMENT MATERIALS ·······2-12.1Scope . 2-12.2Definitions . 2-12.3Test Apparatus . 2-12.4Test Specimens . 2-22.5Conditioning . 2-32.6Procedure . 2-32. 7Report . 2-42.8Requirements . 2-43.0HORIZONTAL BUNSEN BURNER TEST FOR CABIN, CARGO COMPARTMENTAND MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS . 3-13.1Scope . 3-13.2Definitions . 3-13.3Apparatus . 3-13.4Test Specimens . 3-23.5Conditioning . 3-33.6Procedure . 3-33.7Report . 3-43.8Requirements . 3-44.060-DEG BUNSEN BURNER TEST FOR ELECTRIC WIRE . .4-14.1Scope . 4-14.2Definitions . 4-14.3Apparatus . 4-14.4Test Specimens . 4-34.5Conditioning . 4-34.6Test Procedure . 4-34.7Report . 4-44.8Requirements . :. 4-45.0HEAT RELEASE RATE TEST FOR CABIN MATERIALS . 5-15.1Scope . ,. 5-15.2Definitions . 5-15.3Test Apparatus . 5-1iii Specimens . ,. 5-3Conditioning . 5-4Calibration . 5-4Test Procedure . ,. 5-5Report . 5-6Requirements . ,. 5-66.0SMOKE TEST FOR CABIN MATERIALS . 6-16.1Scope . 6-16.2Definitions . 6-16. 3Test Apparatus . 6-16.4Test Specimen Selection and Preparation . 6-56.5Specimen Conditioning . 6-66.6Test Chamber Calibration . 6-66. 7Test Procedure . 6-76.8Report . 6-86.9Requirements . 6-87.0OIL BURNER TEST FOR SEAT CUSHIONS . 7-17.1Scope . 7-17.2Definitions . 7-17.3Apparatus . 7-17.4Test Specimens .

T echnlcol port Documentation Page 1. Report Ho. 2. Government Accuaion Ho. 3. Recipient' 1 Catalog Ho. DOT/FAA/CT-89/15 4. Title onfl Subtitle AIRCRAFT MATERIAL FIRE TEST HANDBOOK

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