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FlammabilityTest EquipmentWe can provide all of your flammability test equipment needsThermtechIndustries

Horizontal Flammability TestEnclosureThe Thermtech Test-Rite Horizontal Flammability TestEnclosure is used worldwide to conduct flammability tests todetermine the burn resistance on interior materials forpassenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks andbuses. The Test Chamber conforms to the requirements ofthe US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (FMVSS302), DIN75200, SAE J and many other worldwide testingstandards.Test-Rite FunctionalityTest-Rite Horizontal EnclosureThe Thermtech Test-Rite Flammability Test Chamberprovides testing laboratories with the most functional testenclosure on the market. Each unit is supplied with ourunique specimen holder design that is equipped with four (4)threaded studs and wing nuts to allow the specimen to befirmly clamped in place. Additionally, each specimen holder isprovided with machined reference lines located at one inchintervals to provide visual reference indicators to assist withcalculating the burn rate. Unlike most designs, our enclosuresare supplied with a front and side access door to simply theinstallation of the specimen and clean-up.Design Features Front and Side door access for easy access to enclosure interior Stainless Steel Specimen holder and Housing Enclosure Tempered observation glass Manual shut-off valveSpecificationsMost versatile Design on the Market ISO 3795FMVSS 302Boeing BSS 7230Airbus AITM om SAE J369DIN 75200ASTM D5132FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part 1

Most versatile designon the market for lesscost than other designsHorizontal Flammability TestEnclosureBurner Each unit is supplied with a gas needle valve to adjust burner flameheight ¼” FNPT gas connection with manual shut off valve Fixed mounted burner to ensure properly located flame position.Specimen Holder Design Machined reference lines are provided every 1 inch to provide a visualreference to assist with calculating the burn-rate. Four (4) threaded studs with wing nuts are provided to assist withclampingdown the specimen if needed. Heavy duty 3/8” thick stainless steelTest-Rite Interior(easy clean-up & Access) Each unit is supplied with a front door and a side door for easy interioraccess to simply the testing set-up and clean-up U-Frame holder has NO support legs obstructing the floor allowing for tries.com

Vertical Flammability Test EnclosureThe Thermtech Vertical Flammability Test Chamber is designed formeasuring the vertical flame spread for children's sleepwear, fabrics,aerospace materials and other textile materials or resilient filling materialsused in upholstered furniture. The enclosure comprises of a draft freestainless steel housing with a large tempered glass observation window.Standard Design Features Stainless Steel Housing and Specimen Holder Stationary vertical Bunsen Burner with needle valve flame heightadjustment Manual ignition Tempered observation glassOptional Features Burner Pilot with ignition tube (1/4” flame height adjustment valve included) Burner slide system that allows burner to be position in-place underspecimen once enclosure door is closed and test is ready to performed. Back enclosure wall painted black to assist with visually observing the flame.Test Specifications ASTM D6413ASTM F1506FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part I (requires optional features)Boeing BSS 7230Airbus AITM 2.0002Federal Test Method 5903CPAI 84 – tent walls & topMost versatile design on themarket for less cost than ries.com

Horizontal Flammability TestEnclosureVertical FlammabilityCabinetOptional FeaturesFeature (PT): Bunsen Burner Pilot The Bunsen Burner is equipped with a pilot ignition tube Includes a ¼” needle valve to adjust flame length Includes replacement thread on tip for easy future replacementFeature (BBPT): Bunsen Burner Position Trolley The Thermtech Bunsen Burner Position Trolley allows the Bunsen to bepulled to one side of the enclosure in order to light the Bunsen Burner. Once the cabinet door is closed (With Bunsen Burner lit), the BunsenBurner can be manual pushed into place from outside of the enclosure(with a push rod) underneath the specimen to begin performing the test.Feature (PBS): Painted Back Surface Back surface of cabinet is equipped with a paintedwith a high temperature black surface insert. Allows the operator to have greater visibility on thethe flame. The insert is constructed out of stainless steel andhas broken edges to prevent warping. Can be easily removed in future to re-paint if com

ThermtechIndustriesContact Details8526 South ElwoodTulsa, Ok 74132Phone: 918-813-0696E-mail: sales @thermtechindustries.comWebsite: www.thermtechindustries.com

Boeing BSS 7230 Airbus AITM 2.0002 SAE J369 DIN 75200 ASTM D5132 FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part 1 The Thermtech Test-Rite Flammability Test Chamber provides testing laboratories with the most functional test enclosure on the market. Each unit is supplied with our unique specimen holder design that is equipped with four (4) threaded studs and wing nuts to allow the specimen to be .

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ASTM F963-11 Flammability Requirements PASS 16 CFR 1500.3 (c)(6) (vi) / 16 CFR 1500.44 Flammability Requirements PASS Canada Toys Regulations SOR/2011-17 Flammability Requirements (Cellulose Nitrate and Celluloid) PASS EN 71-2:2011 A1:2014 Flammability PASS ASTM F963-11 Clause (2) Elements Migration in surface coating PASS

4 Flammability (solid/gas): No data available Upper/lower limit on flammability or explosive limits: Flammability limit – upper (%): 12.6 %(V) Flammability limit – lower (%): 2.6 %(V) Explosive limit – upper (%): No data available Explosive limit – lower (%): No data available Vapour pressure: 0.13mmHg @ 20 C Vapour density:

The dilemma: When moving towards lower GWP refrigerants, flammable fluids will be needed for some applications, but there is a trade-off between flammability and GWP, i.e. the lower the GWP the more likely the refrigerant will be flammable. FLAMMABILITY FLAMMABILITY First of all, and most importantly, all types of

shrubs affected the shrubs' flammability in well-watered, controlled conditions. The 34 shrubs tested were selected based on the responses to a survey by fire professionals across the southern United States. Based on the results of the flammability study, the shrubs were grouped into three categories of flammability: high, moderate, and low .

The genesis for the current FAA flammability test requirement for electrical wiring was Amendment 25-32, effective May 1,1972, which added a new section 25.1359(d), that applied the flammability requirements of Appendix F of Part 25 to wire insulation used in aircraft. Section 25.1359(d) is now Section 25.869 in 14 CFR Part 25.

Flammability was examined with a cone calorimeter, UL94, equivalent and oxygen index tests. After obtaining the 1st stage results, the 2nd stage examined the effects that the combination of practically promising non-halogen FR compounds, i.e., red Phosphorous (r-P) and Mg(OH)2 , had on flammability and mechanical properties.

toxicity as determined by Section 6.1.2; the Arabic numeral with or without suffix letter denotes the flammability as deter-mined by Section 6.1.3. [ . . . ] 6.1.3 Flammability Classification. Refrigerants shall be assigned to one of three four classes (1, 2L, 2, or 3) and one optional subclass (2L) based on lower flammability limit test-

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