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Unit 2Module 2Counting and ReadingCluster 2 Problem SolvingActivity Sheets 45–48Distribute activity sheet 47 to the students.Instruction: activity sheet 47You used place value to build numbers with base ten blocks,counters, and beans. You know that units or groups of beansless than 10 are the ones. You know that rods or small bagsof beans are the tens. You know that flats or 10 small bags ofbeans inside a larger bag are the hundreds. You know thatcubes or 10 larger bags of beans are the thousands. Youknow how to use place value charts and place value form.On this activity sheet, you will put together all the things youknow about numbers. As you read each word problem, thinkabout the base ten blocks or the bags of beans or counters tohelp you see the relationship to the place value form.Proceed slowly with the next set of instructions. Give students time to complete each step and to process the method they will use.Please read the first word problem with me. Think about theways you could show 325. Think about the place of each digit.Tell yourself the number of hundreds, the number of tens,and the number of ones in the number.Draw a place value chart under the word problem if it helpsyou. Use abbreviations (h/t/o) for the places, and write thedigits under each heading. Find the choice that matches yourthinking.How many hundreds, tens, and ones are in 325? Nod yourhead if you chose A, clap your hands if you chose B, shuffleyour feet if you chose C. The correct response is C.Complete the word problems. Use a place value chart if it helpsyou. Think about each choice. Fill in the bubble for the correctplace value form.NameA boy has 325 bugs.How many hundreds, tens,and ones does he have?AIf a rope is 254 feet long,how many hundreds, tens,and ones are there?AIf it is 125 miles from Podunkto Paducah, how many hundreds,tens, and ones are there?AThere are 720 minutes in 12hours. How many hundreds,tens, and ones are in 720minutes?A girl has 464 roses in hergarden. How many hundreds,tens, and ones does she have? 2017BCBCBCABCABC3 hundreds 5 tens 2 ones5 hundreds 2 tens 2 ones3 hundreds 2 tens 5 ones2 hundreds 4 tens 5 ones2 hundreds 5 tens 4 ones1 hundred 5 tens 4 ones2 hundreds 1 ten 5 ones1 hundred 2 tens 5 ones1 hundred 5 tens 2 ones7 hundreds 2 tens 0 ones7 hundreds 0 tens 2 ones0 hundreds 2 tens 7 ones4 hundreds 6 tens 4 ones6 hundreds 4 tens 4 ones4 hundreds 4 tens 6 onesSGU2M2Word Problems47Independent PracticeRead the word problem. Find the place value form.Fill in the bubble for the correct choice.47Name1.891 892 893 895 894 895 896 897 898 899 900Distribute activity sheet 48 to the students.2.AIndependent PracticeAAProblem 1: Read the numbers in order.Make an X through the number that is out of order.Problem 2: Compare each pair of numbers.Fill in the bubble for the one that is greater.Problem 3: Compare each pair of numbers.Fill in the bubble for the one that is less.Problems 4–5: Read the clues.Find the mystery number that answers the question.Fill in the bubble for the mystery number. 8209903993.AAAAA400367691534279I am greater than 598.I have an even number in the hundreds place.I am less than 899.I have a 2 in the tens place.My ones place is 3 less than 7.What number am I am number 723.If you subtract 8 from my ones,add 8 to my tens,and subtract 1 from my hundreds,what number am I now? 2017SGU2M2ABCD695696888805Review Counting and Reading484861

tI’m thinking of a number with a 2 in the hundredsplace, an 8 in the tens place, and a 7 in the onesplace. What is the number? 2017ohundredshonesonesonesohtoHundreds, Tens, and Ones8

NameA. It is not between710 & 720.B. It is not between740 & 749.C. It is not733700 24.D. It is not less than710.E. It is not more than798.750F. It does not have threenumbers alike.H. It does not begin and end in thesame number. 2017SGU2M2742799761 724789J. It is not one number largerthan 760.The mystery number is702777G. It does not have three numbersin counting order.I. It does not end in zero.797716.701–80037

Name723comes before seven hundred twenty-four.comes before nine hundred.comes before five hundred seventy.comes before three hundred forty.comes before seven hundred.comes before nine hundred thirty-nine.comes before six hundred eighty-four.Rule: The number that comes before.In901 2017SGU2M3Out6664206001,199Rule: The number that comes before.InOut8666547005561,000Number BEFORE70

78o45ss81otGabriela makes 80 cookies. She takes 32 cookiesto her school. She gives 28 cookies to her brotherfor his soccer team. How many cookies does she haveleft to take to her friend's birthday party? 2017SGU2M4oss7386oss5972There are 12 people at the party. Does she haveenough cookies for each person to have one?ttoss6693cookiesAYesBNoUnknowns91

NameNaomi walks up 87 steps at the Washington Monument.Ned walks up 78 steps at the Washington Monument.Adriana walks up 96 steps at the Washington Monument.Abe walks up 84 steps at the Washington Monument.How many more steps did Adriana walk up than Naomi?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNoHow many more steps did Adriana walk up than Abe?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNoHow many fewer steps did Ned walk up than Adriana?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNoHow many fewer steps did Ned walk up than Naomi?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNoHow many more steps did Abe walk up than Ned?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNoHow many fewer steps did Abe walk up than Naomi?Did you regroup to find the answer?AYesBNostepsstepsstepsstepsstepsstepsWho walked up the greatest number of steps?Who walked up the least number of steps? 2017SGU2M5Mixed Practice118

NameAEasier ProblemDAssociative PropertyBNumber FamilyEMultiples of 10CCommutative PropertyFMultiples of 10 /– 1531846-17 29,then 29 46.IfExplain yourchoice.Explain yourchoice.35 35 16 Explain yourchoice.73-40 Explain yourchoice.38 23 23 Explain yourchoice.6129 2017SGU2M6Explain yourchoice.Mixed Practice131

A 2 hundreds 4 tens ones B 2 hundreds 5 tens 4 ones C 1 hundred 5 tens 4 ones A girl has 464 roses in her garden. How many hundreds, tens, and ones does she have? A 4 hundreds 6 tens 4 ones B 6 hundreds 4 tens ones C 4 hundreds tens 6 ones A boy has 325 bugs. How many hundreds, tens, and ones

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