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WordFormationPractice Exercises for IELTSby Fiona Wattam

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsHi! I’m Fiona.I’m an IELTS Tutor and ex-examiner with 30 years experience of teaching English as aForeign Language, and I’ve specialised in IELTS for over 20 years.I put all my best materials in one place so that they’re easy to find and follow. Thatplace is the Members Academy where I walk you step by step through everything youneed to know and do in order to pass the test without spending hours and hours on theInternet.The Members Academy includes:10 IELTS courses180 Video LessonsEmail challengese-books60 Model Essays60 Writing Feedback VideosPrivate Facebook GroupWeekly new materialsFull access to Library of resources and e-books6 Mock Tests (3 Listening, 3 Reading)Weekly Writing FeedbackWeekly 2-minute Speaking FeedbackFor more detailed information about the Members Academy, click here .I hope you enjoy the Word Formation booklet. I made it so that you can use all theexample sentences in your Writing and Speaking.Best

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsDisclaimer! I do not normally recommend learning lists of vocabulary.I believe the best way to learn vocabulary is IN CONTEXT , from your Reading andListening etc.The aim of these lists is to help you revise words that you already know and torecognise these words more easily when you see/hear them.The practice sentences are designed to help you USE these words accurately.Memorising the words from the lists will also help your SPELLING , which is tested inthe IELTS exam.Word formation is important in IELTS because:It helps you express yourself more clearly and precisely in SPEAKING andWRITINGIt allows you to use more sophisticated/academic expressions in WRITINGIn the LISTENING TEST, your are specifically tested on your spelling of differentforms, especially irregular onesAn understanding of different forms will help you READ faster and guessmeaning from contextAll of the sentences I've used in the practice sections are particularly USEFUL for usingin your Writing Task 2.Group 1: Irregular verb forms of some adjectives/nouns.All the verbs in this group work the same i.e.‘to lengthen’ to make something long/longer‘to strengthen’ to make something strong/

Fiona's Word Formation (largeness)*enlarge(*we don’t really use these. There are other nouns which have different meanings e.g.‘shortage’ ‘lack’)1) Some people think the school day is too short and want to it.2) Metal bars are added to concrete in order to

Fiona's Word Formation Worksheets3) What is the of an Olympic diving pool?4) In the second picture we can see that the road has been .5) Travelling the mind.6) Raising the floor level meant that the roof had to be .7) There are several in his argument.8) You could your essay and still get a good mark.9) Do you think the government should the voting age to 16?10) They the kitchen by building over the garden.Group 1 Answers:1) Some people think the school day is too short and want to lengthen it.2) Metal bars are added to concrete in order to strengthen it.3) What is the depth of an Olympic diving pool?4) In the second picture we can see that the road has been widened.5) Travelling broadens the mind.6) Raising the floor level meant that the roof had to be heightened.7) There are several weaknesses in his argument.8) You could shorten your essay and still get a good mark.9) Do you think the government should lower the voting age to 16?10) They enlarged the kitchen by building over the

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 2: Some irregular adjectives to

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsChoose the correct form of the words for the gaps below:1) Everyone should take (proud) in their work.2) Many new mothers experience feelings of (guilty) when they go backto work.3) South Africa has great mineral (wealthy).4) The government is responsible for the (healthy) of its people.5) Politicians are well known for being economical with the (true).6) The (young) of today do not appreciate how lucky they are.7) (poor) is one of the world's biggest problems.8) We must never forget the (brave) of those who fought for ourfreedom.9) Surely more can be done to alleviate the problem of (hungry).10) To get ahead, you need to be ambitious and have a (thirsty) forsuccess.11) Prison sentences should reflect the (severe) of the crime.Group 2 Answers1) Everyone should take pride in their work.2) Many new mothers experience feelings of guilt when they go back to work.3) South Africa has great mineral wealth.4) The government is responsible for the health of its people.5) Politicians are well known for being economical with the truth.6) The youth of today do not appreciate how lucky they are.7) Poverty is one of the world's biggest problems.8) We must never forget the bravery of those who fought for our freedom.9) Surely more can be done to alleviate the problem of hunger.10) To get ahead, you need to be ambitious and have a thirst for success.11) Prison sentences should reflect the severity of the

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 3: MORE tricky adjectives to omgratefulgratitudelikelylikeli

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsChoose the correct form of the words for the gaps below:1. (free) of speech is a fundamental human right.2. Many people question the (wise) of privatising the NHS.3. Young people tend to commit crimes out of (boring).4. I don't know how to express my (grateful) for your help.5. Young people see no (likely) of finding employment.6. I feel a strong sense of (angry) when I see tax-payers' moneybeing wasted.7. Many celebrities suffer the trappings of (famous).8. It is easy to over-react in the (hot) of the moment.9. to animals should not be tolerated.10.During World War 2, many soldiers were punished for(cowardly) and have since been pardoned.Group 3: Answers1. freedom2. wisdom3. boredom4. gratitude5. likelihood6. anger7. fame8. heat9.

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 4 Verbs which end in ‘ify’Look at the headline of the article below - what does it mean?World's first electrified road for charging vehicles opens in SwedenChoose the correct answer:1. Sweden has made a road which can charge electric cars.2. Sweden has made a road which can produce electricity to charge cars.3. Sweden has electrified a road so that it can charge cars.4. Sweden has installed its first electrified road for charging cars.5. The *electrification of a road in Sweden allows electric cars to recharge.Of course all of the sentences are correct.They all say the same thing using a different form of the root word ‘electric’.Being able to use different forms will allow you more flexibility when you speak andwrite, and flexibility is a key criteria for IELTS Writing Band 7.So make sure that you keep a notebook for word forms and practice them regularly bymaking sentences like these and doing practice sentences like the ones I’ve made foryou below!*NOUN forms make your writing sound more formal, academic and authoritative. Thissentence (‘The electrification of a road in Sweden .’) is an example of ‘nominalisation’- see the full lesson on

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsAdjectiveVerbMeaningjust (right/fair)justifyTo prove sth is right/reasonable/true/faircertaincertifyTo con rm/of cially recognizesigni cantsignifyTo be evidence of, to be a sign ofmysteriousmystifyTo confuse or puzzle someonepeacefulpacifyTo calm, bring peacegloriousglorifyTo make sth seem better than it isunited/uni edunifyterri edterrifyTo frightenhorri edhorrifyTo ll with horrorstrongfortifyTo make something strongerTo bring sth

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsChoose the best form for the gaps - change the verb form if you need to!1. The end does not always the means.2. Meat needs to be as fit for human consumption.3. There was a increase in the price of petrol.4. Maths is a subject that completely me.5. We all want to live in a and harmonious society.6. Films often violence.7. The government is attempting to the country.8. Dogs used to me as a child, but now I quite like them.9. I was to find out how much my boss earns!10. They the town with an impenetrable wall.Group 4 Answers1. justify2. certified3. significant4. mystifies5. peaceful6. glorify7. unify8. terrify9. horrified10.

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 5: More verbs which end in ‘ify’AdjectiveVerbMeaningintenseintensifyTo become more intensebeautifulbeautifyTo make something more beautifulsolidsolidifyTo become fyTo make something falsecorrectrectifyTo make something rightspeci cspecifyTo identify clearly and preciselypurepurifydiversediversifyTo make something liquidTo make something more simpleTo make something clean/pureTo make or become more

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsComplete the sentences with the correct forms of the VERBS:1. Fighting has (intense) over the last few days.2. Sculptures are one way of (beautiful) town centres.3. The liquid is left to cool in order to (solid).4. Water is added to the mixture and it is then (liquid) in a blender.5. The complex process of applying for a visa needs to be (simple).6. (false) documents is a serious crime.7. More funding is needed to (correct) the problem.8. It is always best to (specific) exactly what your requirements are.9. The water is then (pure) organically by being passed through areed bed.10. Small businesses need to in order to attract and maintain newcustomers.Group 5 Answers1. intensified2. beautify3. solidify4. liquified/liquefied (UK/US)5. simplified6. falsifying7. rectify8. specify9. purified10. diversifyExtra Task:Find the nouns forms for words ending in ‘ify’ and add them to the lists abovee.g. justify - justification, intensify - intensification, simplify - simplification.Make your own sentences using the noun

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 6:‘ence’ t (on)dependencedifferent (from)differenceexisting/ (non)existent* trecurrence*e.g. Regulations about noise pollution are virtually non-existent ( they don’t exist).More ‘ence’ nouns (from adjectives)Adjectiveabsent(in)competent(in)

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsPractice1. Many people lack when speaking in public.2. Our on fossil fuels needs to be reduced.3. People’s attitudes to immigrants according to where they live.4. It is preferable to exploit resources than spend time andmoney looking elsewhere.5. Classroom is an increasing problem in secondary schoolsthese days.6. Evidence suggests that climate-change may be a natural .7. There is needs to be a more effective filtering system forcomments on social media.8. Successful people claim that it was their , rather than theirtalent, which brought them success.9. Hopefully there will be no of the violence.Answers1) confidence 2) dependence 3) differs 4) existing 5) disobedience 6) occurrence7) offensive 8) persistence 9) recurrenceExtension: Can you write these sentences in a less formal way?Extension suggestions1. Lots of people feel scared when they talk in front of big groups.2. We need to stop relying on coal, gas and oil.3. Your attitude to immigrants depends on where you live.4. It’s better to use the resources we’ve already got than to 5. There are too many badly-behaved/naughty kids in schools these days.6. Some studies show that climate change could happen naturally.7. Social media companies should do more to filter out offensive posts.8. Successful people say they were only successful because they didn’t give up, notbecause they had any talent!9. Hopefully the violence won’t happen again.Now can you turn them back to the formal version?

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGroup 7: -cy nounsAdjectiveNoun(in) accurate(in) accuracy(in) adequate(in) ncypregnantpregnancyvacantvacancy(in) decent(in) decency(in) ef cient(in) ef ciency(in) frequent(in) m

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsPractice Sentences:(Not all of the words are used here)1. I apologise for the of my spelling.2. Funding for healthcare is and needs to beincreased.3. Famous people suffer from a lack of in their personal lives.4. There are very few in the retail industry these days.5. The privatisation of the rail networks has resulted in a system which is outdatedand .6. Trains are unpunctual and .7. There needs to be a sense of in order for the government totake action.8. The effect of delayed trains in terms of billions lost to the economy is stillshrouded in .Answers1) inaccuracy2) inadequate3) privacy4) vacancies5) inefficient6) infrequent7) urgency8)

Fiona's Word Formation WorksheetsGet more booklets like this in The Members Academy. They have been specificallydesigned by me to target weak areas I've identified over many years of helping IELTSstudents pass the test.PLUS! Get a compilation of ALL the gapfill words that have been used over the last 20years* in the Listening Test.Yes, I went through every single Cambridge Practice Test Book and started to noticepatterns in the TYPE of words that they choose for gap fill in the Listening Test.This list has helped my students learn ONLY the key words that they need for theIELTS Test, saving them a lot of time and money.The Members Academy is not just a course - it's a school, a community, a coach, alibrary, a coffee break and a support network all in one place. It's designed todramatically shortcut your path to an outstanding IELTS score, in the most enjoyableway possible - it’s IELTS Made Easier.Join the Members Academy

by Fiona Wattam

Fiona's Word Formation Worksheets www. ie l t se t c . c o m Hi! I’m Fiona. I’m an IELTS Tutor and ex-examiner with 30 years experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language, and I’ve specialised in IELTS

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