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Year 4/5Welcome to our mixed age lesson by lesson overview for 2020-21. This has been designedto give schools a clear progression to follow in case a blended learning approach is needed.The overviews match learning in both year groups and look to match lessons where similarconcepts are being taught.In Year 4/5 we have followed the order of the Year 4/5 mixed age scheme for academic year2020/21. This is slightly different to the single age schemes but brings more opportunities tomatch skills and deliver a whole class input.We have taken into account potential lost learning during the lockdown period by adding inrecap lessons. These are indicated with anEach lesson will link to a video tutorial produced by one of our maths specialists whichcan be used in a variety of ways: at home if classes, local areas or everyone goes into lockdown in small groups during intervention sessions with TAs or learning assistants if splitting the class into single age groups on tablets to promote independent learning.All the videos are freely available and most of them are linked to a worksheet that will beavailable through the premium website. We will also make the non-voiced over PowerPointversion of the video available to use as a front of class teaching tool.Release dates – our videos and front of class PowerPoints will be released over the year inline with the single-age progression. Due to this, there may be points that the videos will notbe available for the mixed-age progression due to the change in order. However, allworksheets will be available for premium subscribers.If a video is available for one year group but not the other, this will be indicated on the mixedage progression in red by stating which year group videos to access e.g. Use Y4For those lessons that say ‘activity’, the activity will be explained through the video.Some lessons are consolidation lessons. These are in bold blue font. Consolidation lessons donot have videos or worksheets but give teachers an extra day to reinforce understanding.We have linked our lessons to the DFE ready to progress criteria to help you plan and seewhere to prioritise learning. All the codes that link the lessons are available on our single agelesson by lesson overviews.

Year 4/5 – Autumn TermLesson by lesson overview Y4 TopicY5 TopicMonNumbers to 1,000Numbers to 10,000Tue100s. 10s and 1s1000s, 100s, 10s and 1sWedNumber line to 1,000Number line to 1,000ThuRound to the nearest 10Rounding to the nearest 10FriRound to the nearest 100Rounding to the nearest 100MonCount in 1000sRounding to 10, 100 or 1,000TueRepresent numbers to 10,000 activityNumbers to 100,000Wed1000s, 100s, 10s and 1sNumbers to a millionThuPartitioningConsolidate numbers to a millionFriThe number line to 10,000Counting in 10s, 100s, 1,000s, 10,000sand 100,000sMonFind 1, 10, 100 more or lessRound numbers within 100,000Tue1,000 more or lessRound numbers to one millionWedCompare 4-digit numbersConsolidate roundingThuOrder numbersFriRound to the nearest 1,000MonCount in 25sCount in 25s (Use Y4)TueIntroducing negative numbers activityIntroducing negative numbersactivity (Use Y4)WedNegative numbersNegative numbersThuRoman numeralsRoman numeralsFriMini assessmentMini assessmentCompare and order numbers to100,000Compare and order numbers to onemillion Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Autumn TermLesson by lesson overview TueWedThuFriMon719/10/20802/11/20Y4 TopicY5 TopicAdd and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and1,000sAdd and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and1,000sAdd two 4-digit numbers - noAdd two 4-digit numbers - no exchangeExchange (Use Y4)Add two 3-digit numbers –Add two 4-digit numbers - onecrossing 10 or 100exchangeAdd two 4-digit numbers - oneAdd two 4-digit numbers - moreexchangethan one exchangeAdd two 4-digit numbers - more thanAdd whole numbers with more than 4one exchangedigitsSubtract two 4-digit numbers - noSubtract two 4-digit numbers - noexchangeexchange (Use Y4)Subtract a 3-digit number fromSubtract a 3-digit number froma 3-digit number – exchangea 3-digit number - exchange(Use Y4)Subtract two 4-digit numbers - oneSubtract two 4-digit numbers –exchangeone exchangeSubtract two 4-digit numbers - moreSubtract two 4-digit numbers –than one exchangemore than one exchangeSubtract whole numbers with moreConsolidation of subtractionthan 4-digitsMulti-step addition and subtractionEfficient SubtractionproblemsTueEstimate answersRound to estimate and approximateWedChecking strategiesInverse operations (addition iMultiply by 10Multiply by 10MonMultiply by 100Multiply by 100TueMultiply by 1 and 0Multiply by 10, 100 and 1,000WedDivide by 10Divide by 10ThuDivide by 100Divide by 100FriDivide by 1 and itselfDivide by 10, 100 and 1,000 Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Autumn TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21Week909/11/201016/11/201123/11/20DayY4 TopicY5 TopicMonFactor PairsFactorsTueMultiply and divide by 3Common factorsWedThe 3 times-tableMultiplesThuMultiply and divide by 6Multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000Fri6 times-table and division factsConsolidate factors and multiplesMonMultiply and divide by 9Prime numbers activityTue9 times-table and division factsPrime numbersWedMultiply and divide by 7Square numbersThu7 times-table and division factsCube ent lengths - m and cmTueEquivalent lengths - mm and cmWedKilometresKilometres (Use Y4)ThuMeasure perimeterMeasure perimeterFriPerimeter on a gridPerimeter on a gridEquivalent lengths - m and cm(Use Y4)Equivalent lengths - mm and cm(Use Y4) Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Autumn TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21Week1230/11/20137/12/20Day14/12/20Y5 TopicMonPerimeter of a rectanglePerimeter of a rectangleTuePerimeter of rectilinear shapesPerimeter of rectilinear shapesWedWhat is area?Calculate perimeterThuCounting squaresCounting squaresFriMaking shapesArea of rectanglesMonComparing areaArea of compound shapesTueConsolidate area and perimeterArea of irregular shapesWedMini assessmentMini assessmentThuFri14Y4 TopicConsolidation. Use this time to recap and consolidate learning from this term.For additional challenge – check out our problems of the day.Activity week. This week we will be providing some themed activities linkingto the learning from this term. Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Spring TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21WeekDayY4 TopicY5 TopicMon11 and 12 times-tableMultiply 2-digits by 1-digitTueMultiply 3 numbersMultiply 3-digits by 1-digitWedEfficient multiplicationMultiply 4-digits by 1 digitThuWritten methodsMultiply 2-digits (area model)FriMultiply 2-digits by 1-digitMultiply 2-digits by 2-digitsMonMultiply 2-digits by 1-digitMultiply 3-digits by 2-digitsTueMultiply 3-digits by 1-digitMultiply 4-digits by 2-digits (basicpractice)WedConsolidation of multiplicationMultiply 4-digits by 2-digitsThuDivide 2-digits by 1-digitDivide 2-digits by 1-digit (1)FriDivide 2-digits by 1-digit (1)Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)MonDivide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)Divide 3-digits by 1-digitTueDivide 3-digits by 1-digitDivide 4-digits by 1-digitWedCorrespondence problemsDivide with remaindersThuMini-assessmentMini-assessmentFriUnit and non-unit fractionsUnit and non-unit fractions(Use Y4)MonWhat is a fraction?What is a fraction?Tue4Equivalent fractions (1)Equivalent fractions (1) (Use Y4)WedEquivalent fractions (1)Equivalent fractions (1)25/01/21ThuEquivalent fractions (2)Equivalent fractionsFriFractions greater than 1Fractions greater than 1104/01/21211/01/21318/01/21 Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Spring TermLesson by lesson overview Y4 TopicY5 TopicMonConsolidation of fractions greater than 1Improper fractions to mixed numbersTueCount in fractionsMixed numbers to improper fractionsWedFractions on a number line(Use Y3)Number sequencesThuCompare fractions (Use Y3)Compare fractions less than 1FriOrder fractions (Use Y3)Order fractions less than 1MonConsolidation of comparing andordering fractionsOrder fractions greater than 1TueMaking the whole (Use Y3)Add and subtract fractionsWedAdd fractionsAdd fractions within 1ThuAdd 2 or more fractionsAdd 3 or more fractionsFriConsolidation of adding fractionsAdd fractionsMonSubtract fractionsAdd mixed numbersTueSubtract 2 fractionsSubtract fractionsWedSubtract from whole amountsSubtract mixed numbersThuConsolidation of subtracting fractionsSubtraction – breaking the wholeFriAdd and subtract fractions (Use Y5)Subtract 2 mixed numbersMonTenthsMultiply unit fractions by an integerTueCount in tenthsMultiply non-unit fractions by an integerWedFractions of a set of objects (1)Multiply mixed numbers by integersThuFractions of a set of objects (2)Using fractions as operatorsFriCalculate fractions of a quantityFractions of an amount Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Spring TermLesson by lesson overview DayY4 TopicY5 TopicMonProblem solving – calculate quantitiesFraction problem solvingTueMini-assessmentMini-assessmentWedTenths and hundredths activityThuRecognise tenths and hundredthsFriTenths are decimalsTenths are decimals (Use Y4)MonTenths on a place value gridTenths on a place value grid(Use Y4)TueTenths on a number lineDecimals up to 2 d.p.WedDivide 1-digit by 10Decimals as fractions (1)ThuDivide 2-digits by 10Decimals as fractions (2)FriHundredthsUnderstand thousandthsMonHundredths as decimalsThousandths as decimalsTueHundredths on a place value gridUnderstand percentagesWedDivide 1 or 2-digits by 100Percentages as fractions and decimalsThuConsolidation of decimalsEquivalent F.D.PFriMini-assessmentMini-assessmentTenths and hundredths activity(Use Y4)Recognise tenths and hundredths(Use Y4)Activity week. This week we will be providing some themed activities linkingto the learning from this term. Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Summer TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21WeekDayY4 TopicY5 TopicMonBonds to 10 and 100Bonds to 10 and 100 (Use Y4)1TueMake a wholeComplements to 1WedWrite decimals activityAdding decimals within 112/04/21ThuWrite decimalsSubtracting decimals within 1FriCompare decimalsCompare decimals (Use Y4)MonOrder decimalsOrder and compare decimalsTueRound decimals activityRound decimalsWedRound decimalsAdding decimals – crossing the wholeThuHalves and quartersFriMini-assessmentMonPounds and penceTueOrdering moneyWedEstimating moneyThuConvert pounds and penceFriAdd moneyMonBank holidayBank holidayTueSubtract moneyDecimal sequences4WedFind changeMultiplying decimals by 10, 100 and1,00003/05/21ThuFour operationsDividing decimals by 10, 100 and /04/21Adding decimals with the same numberof decimal placesSubtracting decimals with thesame number of decimal placesAdd & subtract decimals, same numberof decimal places – problem solvingAdding decimals with a differentnumber of decimal placesSubtracting decimals with a differentnumber of decimal placesAdding and subtracting decimals withdifferent number of decimal placesAdding and subtracting wholes anddecimals Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Summer TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21WeekDayY4 TopicY5 TopicMonInterpret chartsInterpret charts5TueComparison, sum and differenceComparison, sum and differenceWedIntroducing line graphsIntroducing line graphs10/05/21ThuLine graphsRead and interpret line graphsFriMini-assessmentDraw line graphsMonTelling the time to 5 minutesUse line graphs to solve problems6TueTelling the time to the minuteRead and interpret tablesWedUsing a.m. and p.m.Two-way tables17/05/21Thu24-hour clockTimetablesFriHours, minutes and secondsMini-assessmentMonYears, months, weeks and daysConverting units of time7TueAnalogue to digital - activityTimetablesWedAnalogue to digital - 12 hourKilograms and kilometres24/05/21ThuAnalogue to digital - 24 hourMillimetres and millilitresFriConsolidation of timeMetric unitsMonMini-assessmentImperial unitsTueIdentify anglesIdentify anglesWedCompare and order anglesCompare and order anglesThuTurns and anglesMeasuring angles in degreesFriRight angles in shapesMeasuring with a protractor (1)MonRecognise & describe 2-D shapesMeasuring with a protractor (2)TueRecognise & describe 3-D shapesDrawing lines and angles accuratelyactivityWedDraw accuratelyDrawing lines and angles accuratelyThuTriangles activityCalculating angles on a straight lineFriQuadrilaterals activityCalculating angles around a point807/06/21914/06/21 Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

Year 4/5 – Summer TermLesson by lesson overview 2020/21Week1021/06/21DayY4 ateralsWedThuCalculating lengths & angles in shapesConsolidation of anglesFri1128/06/211205/07/21Regular and irregular polygonsReasoning about 3-D shapesMonDescribe positionDescribe positionTueDraw on a gridDraw on a gridWedMove on a gridPosition in the first quadrantThuDescribe movement on a gridTranslationFriMini-assessmentTranslation with coordinatesMonLines of symmetryLines of symmetryTueComplete a symmetric figureComplete a symmetric figureWedSymmetry activityReflectionThuHorizontal and verticalReflection with 1312/07/21Y5 TopicWedThuFriWhat is volume?Activity week. This week we will beproviding some themed activitieslinking to the learningfrom this term.Compare volumeEstimate volumeEstimate capacityMini-assessment Copyright White Rose Maths 2020

worksheets will be available for premium subscribers. If a video is available for one year group but not the other, this will be indicated on the mixed . Wed Efficient multiplication Multiply 4-digits by 1 digit Thu Written methods Multiply 2-digits (area m

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