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Drexel MetalsClips and AccessoriesYour machine makes one component of the total metal roof system. Drexel Metalshas invested millions of dollars to ensure our metal roof system meet the requiredbuilding codes. Together with our QA program, DM-ARM Authorized Fabricator andCertified Installer program you can install the total Drexel Metals system with thepeace of mind that Drexel metals will stand behind our products 100%. Enroll in ourGold Standard Paint Warranty program, and you will have a competitive advantageto compete with anyone! Our Gold Standard Paint Warranty is the strongestwarranty in the industry covering labor and materials and is also transferrable for thelife of the warranty.S i m p l i f y i n gArchitectural M e t a lR o o f i n gCommercial S y s t e m sRestoration/Custom

Snap Lock ClipsPanel: DMC 175Panel: DMC 175Panel: DMC 150SLClip: DMC 175S ULPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2002HD Galv.250In stock2007Stainless250In stockClip: DMC 175S Non ULPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2014HD Galv.400In stock2037Stainless4003-5 daysClip: DMC 150SLPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2000HD Galv.800In stockPage 2

Snap Lock ClipsPanel: DMC 450Panel: DMC 450SLPanel: DMC 550Clip: DMC 450Part No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2058HD Galv.800In stockClip: DMC 450SLPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2060HD Galv.250In stockClip: DMC 550Part No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2051HD Galv.400In stockPage 3

Standing Seam ClipsPanel: DMC 200SSPanel: DMC 200SSPanel: DMC 200SSClip: DMC 200S FloatingPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2062HD Galv.110In stockClip: DMC 200S ButterflyPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2003HD Galv. Top150In stock2005HD Galv. Base150In stock2024Stainless Top1503-4 weeks2025Stainless Base1503-4 weeks2026HD Galv. 10’1In stockClip: DMC 200SPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStockGauge2038HD Galv600In stock222039Stainless6003-5 days222013HD Galv.6003-5 days24Page 4

Standing Seam ClipsPanel: DMC 150SSPanel: DMC 150SSPanel: DMC 150SSClip: DMC 150SS ButterflyPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2008HD Galv. Top200In stock2006HD Galv. Base200In stock2035Stainless Top2003-4 weeks2036Stainless Base2003-4 weeks2030HD Galv. 10’1In stockClip: DMC 150SSPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStockGauge2004HD Galv.800In stock242053Stainless10003-5 days242012HD Galv.800In stock26Clip: DMC 150SSPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2056HD Galv.250In stockPage 5

Standing Seam ClipsPanel: DMC 100SSClip: DMC 100SSPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStockGauge2019HD Galv.800In stock242034Stainless10003-5 days242001HD Galv.800In stock26Batten ClipsPanel: DMC Cap SeamPanel: DMC Cap SeamClip: DMC Cap Seam 1-1/2 in.Part No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2047HD Galv.5003-5 days2048Stainless5003-5 daysClip: DMC Cap Seam 1 in.Part No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2047HD Galv.5003-5 days2048Stainless5003-5 daysPage 6

Batten ClipsPanel: Snap-On BattenClip: Snap-On BattenPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2049HD Galv.10003-5 days2050Stainless10003-5 daysBermuda ClipsPanel: Bermuda HorizonClip: Bermuda HorizonPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock2068HD Galv.10003-5 days2069Stainless10003-5 daysPart No.ProductPCS/BoxStock12005Aluminum12In stockGutter HangersGD-1 Hangers for 7-inch Box GutterPage 7

FastenersProductProduct NameDMC Part No.For use with anyDrexel Metals metalroofing systeminstalled overplywood or woodtrusses. Stainless isrequired when installingover any pressure treatedor marine grade plywood.#10-13Pancake ScrewA pointFor use with anyDrexel Metals metalroofing productinstalled over steeldecking or metaltrusses. Perfect formetal to metalapplications!#10-16Pancake ScrewSelf Driller#3017For use with anyDrexel Metals metalroofing systeminstalled overplywood decks orwood trusses.#10-9Low Profile ClipScrew#3001For use with anyDrexel Metals metalroofing systeminstalled over rigidinsulationFor use with anyDrexel Metalsmetal roofingsystem installedwith an exposedfastener into wood.For use with anyDrexel Metalsmetal roofingsystem wheremetal to metalneeds to besealed. Perfect forfloating panels.#14-13Pancake ScrewCarbon:1” – #30021.5” – #3003Stainless:1” – #30041.5” – #3011Available LengthsCarton Quantity1”1.5”Drexel Metalsstocks Part No. 3002,3003 and 30045K Screws – 1”3K Screws – 1.5”1”Carbon:2” – #30243” – #30268” – #3032Stainless:1.5” – #30233” – #3027 (Up to 9”)9” – #3034”Drexel Metalsstocks Part No.30175K Screws1.125”Drexel Metalsstocks Part No.30015K Screws – 1.125”1.5”, 2”, 3”,4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6”,7”, 8” and 9”(3 day lead-time)2,5K Screws – 1.5”1K Screws – 2” and 3”1K Screws – 4” to 8”500 Screws – 9”3K Screws – 1”2,5K Screws – 1.5”2K Screws – 2”1,5K Screws – 2.5”1K Screws – 3”2,5K Screws – 1”2K Screws – 1.25”1,5K Screws – 1.5” and 2”#10-14Panel TiteWOOD Screws3000-Color1”, 1.5”, 2”,2.5” and 3”Drexel Metals stocks1.5” painted in ourstandard colors#12-14ZincCap Head3300-Color1”, 1.25”,1.5” and 2”(5-7 day lead-time)Drexel Metals has access to additional fasteners to fit your needs (self drillers, stitch screws, etc.).Please call your local sales representative or our technical office.Page 8

Drexel Metals UnderlaymentMetShield High-Temp UnderlaymentDMPart No.ProductSq FtPer RollRollsPer PalletStock13000MetShieldPeel and Stick198 SF25In stock13002MetShieldPeel and StickLOW TEMP195 SF25In stockHigh-Temp UnderlaymentMetShield Synthetic UnderlaymentDMPart No.ProductSq FtPer RollRollsPer PalletStock13001MetShieldPeel and Stick1000 SF931 SF Area36In stockSynthetic UnderlaymentPainted and Mill-Finished RivetsDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock4000 Color#43 Painted Rivet250In stock4000 MF#43 Mill-FinishedRivet250In stockThe Original Kynar Air-Dry Paint PenDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock1000 ColorPaint Pen1In stockPage 9

S-5! ColorGard Snow RetentionS-5-U ClampsS-5-U Clamps work with theseDrexel Metals Panel Seam Profiles:DMC 200S90º SeamDMC550SDMC 200S180º SeamDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock7001S-5-U30 units per boxIn stockS-5-E ClampsS-5-E Clamps work with theseDrexel Metals Panel Seam Profiles:DMC100SS90º SeamDMC150SS90º SeamDMC100SS180º SeamDMC150SS180º SeamDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock7004S-5-E60 units per boxIn stockS-5-S ClampsS-5-S Clamps work with theseDrexel Metals Panel Seam Profiles:DMC100SS – 90º SDMC150SS – 90º SDMC150SLDMC175SDMC Cap SeamDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock7006S-5-S30 units per boxIn stockPage 10

ColorGard Snow Retention SystemDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock7003Colorgard Unpunched12 unitsper boxIn stock7000VersaClip150 unitsper boxIn stock7002SnoClip II66 unitsper boxIn stock7005SnoClip III40 unitsper boxIn stockDrexel Metals Butyl TapeDMPart No.ProductDimensionsRollsPer BoxStock8000Double BeadButyl Tape3/16” x 7/8” x40ʼ10In stockDrexel Metals SealantDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock5000Urethane Sealant24In stock5005-CCColor UrethaneSealant123-5 days5004Seam Adhesive91513-5 days5003Seam Adhesive70-05A13-5 daysPage 11

Drexel Metals Pipe BootsDM Part No.ProductSize RangeStock6000#21¾” to 3¼” PipeIn stock6001#3¼” to 4” PipeIn stock6002#43” to 6” PipeIn stockDrexel Metals has access to larger pipe boots as well high temp boots, color boots, retro-fitand square base with a 3 to 5 day lead-time. Please call your local sales representative or ourtechnical office.Hemming ToolsDM Part No.ProductQty Per BoxStock901812” Hemming Tool1In stock902816” Hemming Tool1In stock904118” Hemming Tool1In stock905020” Hemming Tool1In stock900415.25” Combo Tool1In stockHand SeamersDM Part No.ProductDM PanelStock900590 Hand Seamer100SS / 150SSIn stock901090 Hand Seamer200SIn stock9000180 Hand Seamer100SS / 150SSIn stock9015180 Hand Seamer200SIn stockPage 12

Metal Stock OptionsStock Options:Flat Sheet – For all trim and fabrication applications.Slit Coil – For field-rolled, site-formed panels.Standard Substrate Options:Aluminum – High-performance painted metal roofingproduct, tension leveled for superior flatness.Galvalume – High-performance painted metal roofingproduct, tension leveled for superior flatness.Drexlume – Mill-finished Galvalume with a two-sided,clear acrylic finish.Specialty MetalsThere’s an art to working with specialtymetals – and in our skilled hands your conceptsand design challenges will be clearly definedand meticulously achieved. Specialty metalscan be fabricated into a host of panels andshapes to your exact specifications.Natural Metals: Copper Zinc Terne-CoatedStainless Steel A606 NaturalWeathering Steel Nordic andPre-Patinated CopperPage 13

On Demand Delivery and Exceptional ResultsYou can depend on Drexel Metals’ quality materialsand excellent service for your entire sheet and slitcoil needs. We stock coil for your site-formedpanels, and flat material for all trim and fabricationapplications. With our cut-to-length and recoilsystem each order is fulfilled quickly andaccurately.Page 14

Since 1985, Drexel Metals has provided a full range ofsuperior-quality engineered metal roofing systems,equipment and custom fabrication services. Drexel Metalsoperates several sales, fabrication and distributionlocations throughout the US. In addition to our ownmanufacturing abilities we extend our fabricationcapacities to our local DM-ARM members, who areauthorized fabricators, certified Installers and distributorsthat further market Drexel Metals proven-brand products,all site-certified by Drexel Metals’ industry-leadingwarranty programs. It's what we like to call Metal Roofing“On Demand”!Driven by the tenets of customer service and integrity,Drexel Metals on demand approach, premium qualityfabrications and cost efficiency have landed our company,in terms of industry prestige, in the same place where ourstate-of-the-art roofs sit on a building-at the top. Usinglocal empowerment, made-in-America sensibilities, andcrafting a safe, attractive and endlessly reliable product,Drexel Metals looks to remain in our deservedly loftyperch. Thanks for your business!Please call us if your product is not listed . . . we willuse our experience to ensure we supply with the rightproduct to make your projects more profitable andmore efficient.Page 15

Sales and DistributionLocationsCorporate Office andMidWest Sales Region:1234 Gardiner LaneLouisville, KY 40213888-321-9630 toll free502-690-6174 faxNortheast / MidAtlanticSales Region:2101 Green Lane, Suite CLevittown, PA 19057888-321-9630 toll free877-321-9638 faxMidAtlantic Sales Region:7450 Montevideo RoadJessup, MD 20794800-863-8322 toll free410-799-9913 faxSoutheastern Sales Region:3360 Scherer Drive N., Suite ASt. Petersburg, FL 33716888-321-9630 toll free727-572-7910 faxWestern Sales Region:5981 BroadwayDenver, CO 80216888-321-9630 toll free303-340-0982 fax1234 Gardiner Lane Louisville, KY 40213888-321-9630 toll-free 502-690-6174 fax www.drexelmetals.com 2014 Drexel Metals, Inc. All rights reserved. Galvalume is a registered trademark of BEIC International, Inc. Trinar is a registered trademark of Akzo Nobel. S-5! and ColorGard are registered trademarks of Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd.Drexlume is a trademark of Drexel Metals, Inc. ENERGY STAR name and logo are registered U.S. marks and are owned by the U.S. government. Colors shown represent the actual color as closely as possible. To ensure exact color for final approval,a metal color chip is available. Warranty statements mentioned are outlines: complete Limited Warranty information is available on request. No other warranty expressed or implied is applicable. Printed in USA

Panel: DMC 450SL Clip: DMC 450SL Panel: DMC 550 Clip: DMC 550 Page 3. Part No. Product PCS/Box Stock 2062 HD Galv. 110 In stock Part No. Product PCS/Box Stock 2003 HD Galv. Top 150 In stock 2005 HD Galv. Base 150 In stock 2024 Stainless Top 150 3-4 weeks 2025 Stainless Base 150 3-4 weeks

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ACADEMIC ADVISOR, ACE/NACT BSN PROGRAM Margaret Breslin, BSN, RN (267) 359-5794 or mmb55@drexel.edu Andrea Perry, MS (267) 359-5795 or amm26@drexel.edu ACADEMIC ADVISORS, BSN CO-OP PROGRAM Shannon Edwards (267) 359-5659 or sle63@drexel.edu Jayme Lloyd (267) 359-5779 or jll374@drexel.edu

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Drexel Magazine, Vol. 26, Edition 3 Drexel Magazine is published three times yearly by the Office of University Communications, 3141 Chestnut St., Suite 309 Philadelphia, PA 19104. CHANGE OF ADDRESS Drexel University Records, Gifts and Stewardship 3141 Chestnut St., Room 310 Philadelphia, PA 19104 Tel: 215.895.1694 Fax: 215.895.4966

the valance. o There are at least two clips per valance. For valances narrower than 36", position clips 5-1/2" in from the ends of the valance. For valances 36" or wider, position the clips 10" in from the ends of the valance. Additional clips should be spaced evenly between the two end clips. Valance Width

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