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CrystalfontzOLED DISPLAY MODULE DATASHEETDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-11forCFAL12836A0-088Crystalfontz America, Inc.12412 East Saltese AvenueSpokane Valley, WA 99216-0357Phone: 888-206-9720Fax: 509-892-1203Email: support@crystalfontz.comURL: www.crystalfontz.com

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-11CONTENTS1. General Information . 32. Module Description . 43. Features . 44. Mechanical Data . 45. Mechanical Drawings . 56. Interface Pin Function . 67. System Block Diagram . 78. Absolute Maximum Ratings . 79. Electrical Characteristics . 710. Optical Characteristics . 811. OLED Lifetime . 812. OLED Module Precautions. 9Page 2

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-111. General InformationDatasheet Revision HistoryDatasheet Release: 2017-08-11Datasheet for the CFAL12836A0-088 OLED graphic display module.Product Change NotificationsYou can check for or subscribe to Part Change Notices for this display module on our website.VariationsSlight variations between lots are normal (e.g., contrast, color, or intensity).VolatilityThis display module has volatile memory.DisclaimerCertain applications using Crystalfontz America, Inc. products may involve potential risks of death, personalinjury, or severe property or environmental damage (“Critical Applications”). CRYSTALFONTZ AMERICA, INC.PRODUCTS ARE NOT DESIGNED, INTENDED, AUTHORIZED, OR WARRANTED TO BE SUITABLE FORUSE IN LIFE-SUPPORT APPLICATIONS, DEVICES OR SYSTEMS OR OTHER CRITICAL APPLICATIONS.Inclusion of Crystalfontz America, Inc. products in such applications is understood to be fully at the risk of thecustomer. In order to minimize risks associated with customer applications, adequate design and operatingsafeguards should be provided by the customer to minimize inherent or procedural hazard. Please contact usif you have any questions concerning potential risk applications.Crystalfontz America, Inc. assumes no liability for applications assistance, customer product design, softwareperformance, or infringements of patents or services described herein. Nor does Crystalfontz America, Inc.warrant or represent that any license, either express or implied, is granted under any patent right, copyright, orother intellectual property right of Crystalfontz America, Inc. covering or relating to any combination, machine,or process in which our products or services might be or are used.All specifications in datasheets on our website are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate but not guaranteed.Corrections to specifications are made as any inaccuracies are discovered.Company and product names mentioned in this publication are trademarks or registered trademarks of theirrespective owners.Copyright 2017 by Crystalfontz America, Inc.,12412 East Saltese Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216U.S.A.Page 3

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-112. Module DescriptionThis is a small, full color OLED display module with high resolution and low power consumption. Thisdisplay has a built-in SP9230/LDT LD7138 controller.Please see LDT LD7138 LCD Controller Datasheet for further reference.3. Features 128*36 Dot MatrixBuilt-in Controller: SP9230 (or equivalent LD7138)3V Power Supply1/64 DutyWide Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 CInterface: 80804. Mechanical DataItemSpecification(mm)Specification(inches, reference)Module Dimension26.59 (W) x 13.0 (H) x 1.285 (D)1.047 (W) x 0.512 (H) x 0.051 (D)Viewing Area22.88 (W) x 7.428 (H)0.901 (W) x 0.292 (H)Active Area21.48 (W) x 6.028 (H)0.846 (W) x 0.237 (H)Dot Pitch0.056 (W) x 0.168 (H)0.007 (W) x 0.007 (H)Dot Size0.032 (W) x 0.148 (H)0.001 (W) x 0.006 (H)Weight (Typical)0.9 grams0.032 ouncesPage 4

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-116. Interface Pin FunctionPin No.Symbol1VSS2VCC-CColumn Driver Power3PREColumn Driver Pre-Charge Power4VCC-RThis pin is the power output pin of the inter row power regulator. A 4.7uFcapacitor is recommended to connect between VCC R and GND. If internal rowpower regulator is disabled, it must be connected to the external high voltagesource.5VDD6PSEL7VSS8VDDIOInterface Logic Level9RSTBReset, Active Low10WRBWrite, Active Low11RDBRead, Active Low12CSBChip Select, Active e Power and Analog PowerThis pin is the enable/disable for the internal logic power regulator. When this pinis tied with VDD pin, the internal logic power regulator is enabled.GroundAddress; L Command, H ParameterThese are bi-directional data bus to be connected to the microprocessor’s databus. When serial interface mode is selected, D1 will be the serial data input(SDIN), D0 will be the serial clock input (SCLK), and D2-D7 should be tied VDDor VSS or floating.H ParallelL SerialInterface Logic Level24IREF (NC)No Connection25OSCI (NC)No Connection26OSC2 (NC)No Connection27VSSGround28VDDInterface Power and Analog Power29VDDLInternal Logical Power. Capacitor is connected between VDDL and VSS.30VCC-RThis pin is the power output pin of the inter row power regulator. A 4.7uFcapacitor is recommended to connect between VCC R and GND. If internal rowpower regulator is disabled, it must be connected to the external high voltagesource.31PREColumn Driver Pre-Charge Power32VCC-CColumn Driver Power33VSSGroundPage 6

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-117. System Block Diagram8. Absolute Maximum RatingsParameterSupply Voltage for ce PowerVDDIO-0.33.6V-Supply Voltage for DisplayVCC-C-0.320V(1)(2)Internal Logical PowerVDDL-0.32.4V(1)(2)Operating TemperatureTOP-40 70 C-Storage TemperatureTSTG-40 85 C-Notes:(1) These are stress ratings only. Extended exposure to the absolute maximum ratings listed abovemay affect device reliability or cause permanent damage.(2) Functional operation should be restricted to the limits in the Electrical Characteristics table below.9. Electrical ply Voltage for LogicVDD-1.652.83.3VSupply Voltage for DisplayVCC-C-13.51414.5VInterface PowerVDDIO-1.653.03.3VHigh-level InputVIH-0.8 x VDDIO-VDDIOVLow-level InputVIL-0v-0.2 x VDDIOVHigh-level OutputVOH-0.9 x VDDIO-VDDIOVLow-level OutputVOL-0v-0.1 x VDDIOVIMPORTANT: The VCC-C input must be kept in a stable value with no ripples and/or noises.Page 7

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-1110. Optical All Pixels On150180-cd/m2IDD1---60uAICC1---10uAPTAll Pixels On-266322mWNormal ModeBrightnessStand-by CurrentNormal Mode PowerConsumptionResponse TimeDark Room ContrastView AngleCIE (White)CIE (Red)CIE (Green)CIE (Blue)---10-μsCR- 2000:1---xyxyxyxy- 40.290.580.140.160.340.370.690.380.330.620.180.20 CIE1931CIE1931CIE1931CIE1931-11. OLED LifetimeItemConditionsMinTypNotesOperating Lifetime180 cd/m2,50% AlternatingCheckerboard,22 3 C, 55 15% RH10,000 Hrs-(1)(2)(3)Notes:(1) Lifetime is defined as the amount of time when the luminance has decayed to 50% of the initial value.(2) This analysis method uses life data obtained under accelerated conditions to extrapolate an estimated ProbabilityDensity Function (PDF) for the product under normal use conditions.(3) Screen saving mode will extend OLED lifetime.Page 8

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-1112. OLED Module PrecautionsThe precautions below should be followed when using OLED modules to help ensure personal safety,module performance, and compliance of environmental regulations.12.1. Modules Avoid applying excessive shocks to module or making any alterations or modifications to it. Do not make extra holes on the printed circuit board, modify its shape or change thecomponents of OLED display module. Do not disassemble the OLED display module. Do not operate the OLED display module above the absolute maximum rating. Do not drop, bend or twist the OLED display module. Soldering: only to the I/O terminals. Store in an anti-static electricity container and clean environment. It is common to use the "screen saver" to extend the lifetime of the OLED display module.o Do not use the fixed information for long periods of time in real application.o Do not use fixed information in OLED panel for long periods of time to extend "screenburn" effect time. Crystalfontz has the right to change the passive components, including R2 and R3 adjustresistors. (Resistors, capacitors and other passive components will have different appearanceand color caused by the different supplier.) Crystalfontz have the right to change the PCB Rev. (In order to satisfy the supplying stability,management optimization and the best product performance, etc., under the premise of notaffecting the electrical characteristics and external dimensions, Crystalfontz has the right tomodify the version.).12.2. Handling Precautions Since the display panel is made of glass, do not apply mechanical impacts such as droppingfrom a high position. If the display panel is accidently broken, and the internal organic substance leaks out, becareful not to inhale or touch the organic substance. If pressure is applied to the display surface or its neighborhood of the OLED display module,the cell structure may be damaged, so be careful not to apply pressure to these sections. The polarizer covering the surface of the OLED display module is soft and can be easilyscratched. Please be careful when handling the OLED display module. Clean the surface of the polarizer covering the OLED display module if it becomes soiled usingfollowing adhesion tape.o Scotch Mending Tape No. 810 or an equivalento Never breathe the soiled surface or wipe the surface using a cloth containing solventsuch as ethyl alcohol, since the surface of the polarizer will become cloudy.o The following liquids/solvents may spoil the polarizer:-WaterKetoneAromatic Solvents Hold the OLED display module very carefully when placing the OLED display module into thesystem housing. Do not apply excessive stress or pressure to the OLED display module. And, do not over bendthe film with electrode pattern layouts. These stresses will influence the display performance.Also, be sure to secure the sufficient rigidity for the outer cases.Page 9

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-11 Do not apply stress to the LSI chips and the surrounding molded sections.Do not disassemble or modify the OLED display module.Do not apply input signals while the logic power is off.Pay sufficient attention to the working environments when handing the OLED display moduleto prevent occurrence of element breakage accidents by static electricity.o Be sure to make human body grounding when handling OLED display modules.o Be sure to ground tools to use for assembly such as soldering irons.o To suppress generation of static electricity, avoid carrying out assembly work under dryenvironments.o Protective film is being applied to the surface of the display panel of the OLED displaymodule. Be careful since static electricity may be generated when exfoliating theprotective film. Protection film is being applied to the surface of the display panel and removes the protectionfilm before assembling it. At this time, if the OLED display module has been stored for a longperiod of time, residue adhesive material of the protection film may remain on the surface ofthe display panel after the film has been removed. In such a case, remove the residue materialby the method discussed above. If electric current is applied when the OLED display module is being dewed or when it is placedunder high humidity environments, the electrodes may become corroded. If this happensproceed with caution when handling the OLED display module.12.3. Storage Precautions When storing the OLED display modules put them in static electricity preventive bags to avoidexposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps. Also avoid high temperature and highhumidity environments and low temperatures (less than 0 C) environments. (We recommendyou store these modules in the packaged state when they were shipped from Crystalfontz). Becareful not to let water drops adhere to the packages or bags, and do not let dew gather onthem. If electric current is applied when water drops are adhering to the surface of the OLED displaymodule the OLED display module may have become dewed. If a dewed OLED display moduleis placed under high humidity environments it may cause the electrodes to become corroded. Ifthis happens proceed with caution when handling the OLED display module.12.4. Designing Precautions The absolute maximum ratings are the ratings that cannot be exceeded for OLED displaymodule. If these values are exceeded, panel damage may happen. To prevent occurrence of malfunctioning by noise pay attention to satisfy the VIL and VIHspecifications and, at the same time, to make the signal line cable as short as possible. We recommend that you install excess current preventive unit (fuses, etc.) to the power circuit(VDD). (Recommend value: 0.5A) Pay sufficient attention to avoid occurrence of mutual noise interference with the neighboringdevices. As for EMI, take necessary measures on the equipment side. When fastening the OLED display module, fasten the external plastic housing section. If the power supply to the OLED display module is forcibly shut down, by such errors as takingout the main battery while the OLED display panel is in operation, we cannot guarantee thequality of this OLED display module.o Connection (contact) to any other potential than the above may lead to rupture of the IC.12.5. Disposing Precautions Request the qualified companies to handle the industrial wastes when disposing of the OLEDdisplay modules. Or, when burning them, be sure to observe the environmental and hygieniclaws and regulations.12.6. Other Precautions When an OLED display module is operated for a long period of time with a fixed pattern, thefixed pattern may remain as an after image or a slight contrast deviation may occur.o If the operation is interrupted and left unused for a while, normal state can be restored.o This will not cause a problem in the reliability of the module.Page 10

Crystalfontzwww.crystalfontz.comCFAL12836A0-088 OLED Display ModuleDatasheet Release Date 2017-08-11 To protect the OLED display module from performance drops by static electricity rapture, etc.,do not touch the following sections whenever possible while handling the OLED displaymodules.o Pins and electrodeso Pattern layouts such as the TCP & FPC With this OLED display module, the OLED driver is being exposed. Generally speaking,semiconductor elements change their characteristics when light is radiated according to theprinciple of the solar battery. Consequently, if this OLED driver is exposed to light,malfunctioning may occur.o Design the product and installation method so that the OLED driver may be shielded fromlight in actual usage.o Design the product and installation method so that the OLED driver may be shielded fromlight during the inspection processes. Although this OLED display module stores the operation state data by the commands and theindication data, when excessive external noise, etc. enters into the module, the internal statusmay be changed. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to suppress noisegeneration or to protect from influences of noise on the system design. We recommend that you construct its software to make periodical refreshment of the operationstatuses (re-setting of the commands and re-transference of the display data), to cope withcatastrophic noise. Resistors, capacitors, and other passive components will have different appearance and colorcaused by the different supplier. Crystalfontz has the right to upgrade and modify the product function. The limitation of FPC bending:Page 11

25 OSCI (NC) No Connection 26 . OSC2 (NC) No Connection . 27 : V. SS. Ground . 28 . V. DD. Interface Power and Analog Power . 29 : V. DDL. Internal Logical Power. Capacitor is connected between VDDL and VSS. 30 . V. CC-R. This pin is the power output pin of the inter row power regulator. A 4.7uF capacitor is recommended to connect between VCC_R and GND. If internal row power regulator is .

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