STT/DCIPDMEISpec,/6 Rcquirement(STR) Multiplever No,

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No. STT/DCIPDMEISpec,/6 17-- --Sub. STR for Primary Digital Multiplexer as per specificat s on no. 1RS.K-68/047Schedule of technical rcquirement(STR) for Primary Digital Multiplever ns pcrsl ecificritjonno, 1RS:'TC-63/04 is enclosed( hjlK Y FIARV)91

QUALITY ASSUaANCE FLOW CHARTPRIMARY DJGITAL MULTIPLEXING EQUIPMENT (1RS:TC 68-2004)TESTPROCESSMATERIALCL.NO.P VenderManufactuser nameB Batch ,no. of venderNanufacturer3 Certificateofcomponenttesting INSPECTIONCARDASSEMBLY'Component Inspection as per sampling plani. PCB inspectionb Baking ofPCBP Bare Board Testing(BBTl certificate of PCBs'r Component assembly on the Board Wavc soldering Post soldering cIeaning and inspection3. Calibration certificate of test instrument Testprwedure3 Test report3 All Test to be done by manufacturer a s permentioned in relevant clauses. Routine test report Bum-in Test of 96 hourP Bum-in Test certificateP Vimal TestP SystemTestP Test forframe structureP Test for timing signal and priority of clock Test for loss and recovery of h m eAlignmentP Test for alarmP Test for NMS, maintenance portableterminal and programmable features. Test for Dropnnsert Requirements Test for conference facilityP Test for Power supply9 TmforEMC

TESTPROCESSforInterfaceTest1.vEnvironmentalTest3 Test for voice Enterfacei;. Test for lowspeed data InterfaceP Test for 64Kbps data Interfacei; Test for Nx64 Kbps lnterFace'r Test for El branching Interface3 Test for IDSL Test for NTU Environmental as per QM333 of DOTSpecification Cat. B2SystemTest iField trialTest for data lnresfaceTest for voice Jrtterfacei. Two or three equipment for field trail (4 Week) Pre field trail testStability test"r Traffic loadingi Pest field trial test Acceptancetestingsptemtests3 Voice Interface tests Data Jnterfacetests DropAnsert Requirement "r"?InformationBy purchaser .Requirement for Conference FacilityPower supply Test Information given by purchaser9 Information given by supplierBy supplierP Manuals5.17

BT-GLTaPLEXING EQUIPMENT (IRS:TC 68/2004)ESSENTIAL MACHINERY A N D PLANTS REQUIRED FOR PRODUCTION1. DC Power supply/ Power source2. Precision Digital rnulti meter3. CRO (500 MHz Digital phosphor oscilloscope or Digital storage oscilloscope)4. Digiza! Million meg- ohm meter5 . Break down tester6. Rheostat7 . Soldering & De-soldering station8. Wave soldering machine9 . PCB oven10. Crimping tools1 1. Automatic component inser ingmachiner.12. In-circuit tester13. Test jigs14. Data Analyser15. Variac16. Ultrasonic cleaning stationOPTIONAI, EQUIPMENT:1. Envjranmental Chamber2. Vibration table3 Surge & Transient test equipment

E.SSENTIAL TESTING EQU! YJMEYTS REQUIRED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCEDC Power Supply I' Power Source (0 V to -100 V DC)Precision nigital MultimeterCRO (500 MHz Digital phosphor oscilloscope ar Digital st orag'e osci ilascope)Digital hrfillion Meg- Ohm meterBreakdown TesterRheostatPCM Channel Analyser or Primary Digital MuItiplexer AnalyserDigital Transmission Analyser or SDHlPDH /ATM AnalyserDigital Selective Level MetesDigital Signal Generatornest OscillatorReturn Lass BridgeComputer with PrinterData Analy ser or Telecom / Datacom Analyser (3 Nos.)Advanced Network TesterFrequency CounterVariac /Auto TransformerAltenuatorDecadic TelephonePulse Test Set24 AWGI.05 m m Cable Drum (more than 4 Kms.)Burn- TN- ChamberNote: All the measuring and testing equipment shall have valid calibration report from NABLaccredited calibration laboratory/ testing house.

E.SSENTIAL TESTING EQU! YJMEYTS REQUIRED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE DC Power Supply I' Power Source (0 V to -100 V DC) Precision nigital Multimeter CRO (500 MHz Digital phosphor oscilloscope ar Digital st orag'e osci ilascope) Digital hrfillion Meg- Ohm meter Breakdown Tester Rheostat PCM Channel Analyser or Primary Digital MuItiplexer Analyser Digital Transmission Analyser or SDHlPDH /ATM Analyser

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