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SmoothcubePresents:BusinessArchitectureTuesday, October 10, 2017IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais ChapterSean be-learning/

Someone forgot to ask the right question 150 miles ago?A fishing storyBoat? CheckOars? CheckBait? CheckTackle box? CheckBuddy all set? CheckFishing Rods? arning/2

Business ArchitectureAccording to Gartner, business architecture isdefined as “the (enterprise architecture) activitiesthat create deliverables to guide people, processand organizational change in response todisruptive forces and toward desired businessoutcomes.”This about business architecture, from the OpenGroup: “A description of the structure andinteraction between the business strategy,organization, functions, business processes, andinformation needs.”PeopleCapabilities&ProcessesInformationWe need to understand how people, processes, capabilities andinformation in the current state fit together and support one another.Without this understanding, business analysis will struggle to recommendchanges that will be effective for the earning/3

Business Architecture - ExampleGoal - Achieve a solidmaintenance recordProcess - Using thefollowing tools .”Organization - Train and supportmaintenance CrewInformation - Registry ofmaintained parts andcomponentsCapability- Maintain AircraftService- Aircrew can use planefor earning/4

Business Architecture - 5 key viewsStrategyBusiness Capabilities (Products and Services)Supply / Value ChainBusiness Knowledge (What information do weneed to measure our performance?)Organizational view and how roles andresponsibilities are identified, defined ube-learning/5

Strategy InfluencersNew business opportunityNew market (niche identification)New product or service (research, innovation)Legacy modernization (old apps, databases)Reshape a federal program (Service orientedapproach)Restructure a business ning/6

Common drivers of change Increase business efficiencyIdentify areas of opportunityAlign human resources and whole organizationwith business processes and business capabilitiesGain a better understanding of work being doneChange in leadershipMerger and/or be-learning/7

Business CapabilitiesCapabilitiesUsing capabilitiesPerformance expectationsRisk model (Financials,Econometrics)Strategic PlanningCapability ning/8

The Value ChainAre the organizations making up the valuechain continuing to provide:Knowledge and expertiseEffective licensing and pricing modelsVendor market positionTerms and conditionsVendor experience, reputation and -learning/9

What information do we need?The types of information to gather is important to allow for measurementagainst KPI’s and other SMART objectives.Information is outside the scope of data analysis, data modelling, data flows,data mining and data dictionaries.Capability: to provide Product X to our customers Y in Country ZStrategy: Grow the business in country ZObjective: Increase sales in country Z for customer segment A by 10%Information: Data about product X (name, category)Customer Y (location, name, address, segment)Country Z (name, geo-coordinates)What is missing, business -learning/10

The view from up here is fantastic!The organizational view and modelling willdepend on previous inputsWill the new organizational view be based on: FunctionMarket (Geographical areas, projects,customer

Business Analysis TechniquesKnowledge AreasStrategy AnalysisRequirements Analysis and Design DefinitionTechniquesProcess AnalysisOrganizational ModellingBusiness Model CanvasBusiness Capability /smoothcube-learning/“A model should be as simpleas it can be but no simpler.”-Einstein12

ArchitecturesThe Open Group (TOGAF)Zachman FrameworkObject Management GroupBusiness Architecture GuildBusiness Architecture be-learning/13

In the’s just the beginning!Business architecture is meant to convey simpleinformation to those who needs to make decisions.Trickle effect: where strategy is set, CEO is givendirectives and operational lines of business set theirobjectives in line with those of the CEO.Effort can be tricky and is hard rning/14

Question and Answer SessionPresentation will be made available on both IIBA-OOand Smoothcube web sites.We hope that today’s presentation has done one ofthe following: Innovate. Implement. Inspire.Smoothcube is very please to have sponsoredtonight’s event on Business cube-learning/15

Business Architecture According to Gartner, business architecture is defined as “the (enterprise architecture) activities that create deliverables to guide people, process and organizational change in response to disruptive forces and toward desired business outcomes.” This about business architecture, from the Open Group: “A description of the structure and interaction between the .

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Business Architecture Information Architecture Application Architecture Technology Architecture Integration Architecture Security Architecture In order to develop a roadmap for implementing the DOSA, the current C-BRTA architecture was mapped onto various architectures in the form of heat maps.

In Architecture Methodology, we discuss our choice for an architecture methodol-ogy, the Domain Specific Software Architecture (DSSA), and the DSSA approach to developing a system architecture. The next section, ASAC EA Domain Model (Architecture), includes the devel-opment process and the ASAC EA system architecture description. This section

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This Business Architecture document follows the approach and principles set out in the ESS Enterprise Architecture Reference Framework (ESS EARF). When relevant, special attention has been given to ensure that the content of the Business Architecture is aligned with widely used reference standards such as GSBPM and GSIM. 1.2 Reader The current Business Architecture document is designed to be a .

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