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IN N OVAT ET R ANSFORMAdapt to the new business reality.Technology Strategy and OperationsEnterprise Application SolutionsCybersecurity and PrivacyEnterprise Data and AnalyticsCloud SolutionsSAP SolutionsSoftware ServicesSUCC EE D

ADAPT TO THE NEW BUSINESS REALITYSTAY AHEADOF THE RAPID PACE OF CHANGEPartnering with Protiviti for the FutureHow well is your organization adapting to the everchanging demands of today’s marketplace? Implementingthe right mix of technology and programs to innovate,protect margins and build shareholder value while keepingyour data assets safe requires a partner that can helpyou succeed. Trust Protiviti. We’ll help you find the rightsolutions to make your business excel.II2Technology changes constantly.Yesterday’s innovation is today’s status quo, andany business that doesn’t stay ahead of the curvefalls behind. But technology is rarely the solesolution to business challenges. Understandingthe business process you want to enable, thecustomer experience you want to create or thecritical information you need to protect is anecessary first step in making technology workfor you — not against you.Our consulting experts will become your trustedadvisors, providing insight, strategic vision andpractical experience. We collaborate with you todesign and implement advanced solutions thatadd value to your business.See why Protiviti is the right choice to innovate,transform and succeed.Protiviti & ArchitectureSAP Solutions 33Protiviti Technology Strategy

TODAY AND BEYONDWHY PARTNER WITH US?SAP SOLUTIONSSAP S/4HANA has the potential toprovide benefits such as improvedbusiness processes and enhancedperformance. However, the shift toSAP S/4HANA will be a significantchallenge for some companies asthey consider the technical aspectsof implementation, as well as theimpact on their compliance initiatives,organizational strategy and existingskillsets. For many companies, the pathto implementation is unclear.As a long-standing SAP Gold Partner and 7-Time Partner of the Year, we have earned the respect of the SAPcommunity by providing proven SAP solutions for business process optimization, data and analytics, securityand privacy, and risk and compliance.Finance organizations are expectedto be forward-looking, using real-timeanalytics to drive complex back-officedecisions, understand the challengeswith strategic mergers, and planfor the future. While S/4HANA is aclear enabler to companies, CentralFinance can be a stepping stone priorto adopting S/4HANA, particularlywhen combined with a processtransformation.As companies face the challenges ofdigital transformation, S/4HANA andCentral Finance products are powerfulplatforms that allow companies tofocus on their strategic initiatives.Organizations must evaluate thetotal landscape and determine theapproach for data management, processstreamlining and actionable insights, allwhile securing the environment in thecloud. How will you prepare for yourS/4HANA and Central Finance journey?HOW IS TECHNOLOGY TR ANSFORMING BUSINESSES?Our team of SAP-certified professionals can help you navigate the complex SAP landscape and define andexecute your roadmap with powerful business insights that drive enhanced performance and ensure youmaximize the value of your SAP investment.SAP PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTSONE-OF-A-KIND STAFFING SOLUTION PROVIDER SAP Full Services Implementations 2.5 million contractors available SAP Planning and Assessment Services SAP Managed Services SAP Licensed Reseller15 SAP deliverycenters globally7 – 12 monthsAverage S/4HANAimplementation time53% of leaders saybusiness transformationis a top driver of theirERP strategyFrom SAP S/4HANA: State of the Market 2019*A majority (69%) of leadersare deploying SAP S/4HANA in the cloud18 YearsSAP GoldPartnership7-time600 SAP HANASAP Gold PartnerSAP clientsCENTER OF EXCELLENCE INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER67% highlighted analyticsas receiving significant benefit from ERP85% report the move toSAP S/4HANA met or exceeded expectationsWHAT’S TRENDING IN THE MARKETPL ACE? * Ahmed, R. (2019). SAP S/4HANA: State of the Market. [online] SAP Insider.Available at /2019/April/SAP S4HANA-Migration-State-of-the-Market42Protiviti & ArchitectureSAP Solutions 53Protiviti Technology Strategy

WE UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSPECTIVESome companies choose to implement SAP S/4HANA using a greenfield approach, with a chance to rethink andAND DELIVER A CUSTOM ROADMAP FOR YOUR BUSINESSof SAP Model Company services can accelerate an SAP solution deployment, allowing access to leading practicesimprove processes, limit customization and correct past mistakes. Using the preconfigured leading processesand processes, accelerators, and business and implementation guides. Or, companies can follow a brownfieldapproach, which offers the least disruption and preserves existing investments and customizations. OtherCFOs and CIOs must transform traditional finance functions throughout their organization, adopting newconsiderations include deployment options such as cloud, on-premise or a combination.technologies and leveraging proven leading practices. This will allow them to drive more growth, profitability andscalability for their organizations. This challenge, coupled with support for SAP ECC ending in 2027, means theWhatever path you choose to follow in your SAP S/4HANA adoption journey, our team of SAP-certifiedtime to act is now. With average reported implementation times of 7 to 12 months, companies must takeprofessionals can help you navigate the complex adoption landscape, define and execute your roadmapa serious look at their SAP S/4HANA planning and implementation options. Whether you choose to start withwith powerful business insights that drive enhanced performance, and ensure you maximize the value ofCentral Finance or elect a full S/4HANA deployment, it is important to engage business leadership and makeyour SAP investment.critical decisions before starting your journey. Careful research and planning can ensure you avoid pitfalls andobstacles to successfully reach your destination.BEFORE IMPLEMENTATIONDURING IMPLEMENTATIONAFTER IMPLEMENTATIONPREPARE & MODERNIZECHANGE & ENABLEyour technical landscapeEXPLORE & JUSTIFYthe SAP S/4HANA valueto your organization EXPOSE & DEFINEyour complex andhidden processesyour project and SI,ensuring alignment withcoporate KPIsCONVERT & MIGRATEDESIGN & OPTIMIZEyour solution to meet yourunique business needs62your rollout, focusing onadoption and advocacyMANAGE & GOVERNUNDERSTAND& ORGANIZEyour corporate data assetsyour data, reducing implementationerrors and delaysTEST & VERIFYANALYZE & EMPOWERyour organization withactionable insightsyour new systemaligns with design anduser expectationsEXTEND & EVOLVESECURE & CONTROLyour business processes,maximizing automationduring complianceyour capabilities with SAPsolution extensionsProtiviti & ArchitectureSAP Solutions 73Protiviti Technology Strategy

WE’RE ONE OF A KINDMANAGED SOLUTIONS: OUR VALUE PROPOSITIONFLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS THAT ADJUST TO YOUR NEEDSPOWERED BY ROBERT HALF STAFFING SERVICESWe are the only organization that provides flexible delivery models to help you address short term skill gaps,OUR M ANAGED SOLUTIONS PROVIDE YOU WITHdeliver projects or transform your organization by creating the right team that can scale up or down, quicklyand cost-efficiently.Cost reductions by avoidingoverhiringWe have flexibility to tailor our delivery models to meet your organizational needs:BLENDED DELIVERYONSHORE DELIVERYOFFSHORE DELIVERYCONSULTING Local, specialized talentwith option to convertto permanent Experienced subject matterexperts, on demand, forunique and complex issuesMANAGED SOLUTIONS VALUE Solving complex programs with Agile methodologies and design thinking whilemanaging deliverables, milestones and outcomes Technology enablement through artificial intelligence, machine learning,process mining and robotic process automationFLEXIBLE STAFFINGProject leadership deliveredin collaboration with skilledresourcesAbility to scale up or downas neededADVISORYIdentify, anticipate and solve problems through transformation and implementationMANAGED SOLUTIONS Bandwidth to preventburdening full-time employeesto deliver on projectsDelivered in collaborationwith our consultingsolution centers Access to Robert Half’s24x7 Service Center withTier 1 and 2 technical andoperational support staff Delivered in collaborationwith our offshore solutioncentersTHE RIGHT TEAMAddress skillset gaps and hiring challengesMANAGEDSOLUTIONS Maintaining control and oversight of the resourcesGreater concentrationof resources Access to specific, specialized skills and expertise that cannot be foundon your internal teamReliable, optimized sourceof talent Time saved to upskill your existing teamSEAMLESS OPERATIONManage or fix functions, processes or data to free up your team towork on what mattersMore than 2.7 million experienced professionals at Robert Half support Protiviti’s core team of consultants, operating fromover 400 offices across 25 countries. We provide the specialized skills you need fast, and with minimal to no travel costs. Italso means we can ramp up or down depending on your needs.82 Cost efficiencies: Flexibility to scale up or down with the right resources at theright time (onshore or offshore) Reduced risk: Performance, productivity and service levels are our responsibilityProtiviti & ArchitectureSAP Solutions 93Protiviti Technology Strategy

WHERE WE EXCELinnovateSAP SOLUTIONSSAP SOLUTIONSProtiviti is a leader in finance transformation, analytics and risk management. As a long-standing SAPGold Partner, our expertise in SAP Solutions is unmatched in the industry. This expertise, combinedwith our focused commitment to business process optimization, data and analytics, and security and riskENVISION VALUEPROTECT VALUEindustries and throughout their systems and processes, using proven value-added SAP solutions. OurANAYTICSSECURITY AND GRC OPTIMIZATIONextended offerings provide powerful insights that can drive enhanced performance.BI assessments and roadmapsSecurity optimization and governanceData and analytics strategy andarchitectureSegregation of duties and sensitiveaccess managementEnterprise reporting and visualizationsAssessments, remediation and roadmapsEmbedded and operational analyticsSystem implementationsEnterprise performance managementIdentity and access managementBI and application managed servicesCybersecuritymanagement enables us to deliver unparalleled product strategy and solutions.We help companies around the globe identify, measure and navigate the challenges they face within theirREALIZE VALUEManaged servicesFINANCE TRANSFORMATIONDATA MANAGEMENTEnterprise planning, implementation, upgrades and supportFinancial planning, consolidation and report strategyProgram management and third-party oversightUser acceptance testingData management and migrationOrganizational change management readinessSecurity and complianceSolution design / phase zero assessmentsManaged servicesSAPS/4HANA102CONTROLS DESIGN AND AUTOMATIONHANA platform assessmentCompliance and readiness assessmentsData quality and standardizationProject risk managementData modeling and warehousingAutomation control reviewsData integration and migrationControls / Audit assessmentsData governance and managementGRC tool implementationsSystem tool evaluationsRobotic process automation (RPA)Key SAP ProductsKey SAP ProductsSAPCentralFinanceData readiness assessmentSAP BPCSAP IBPSAPProcessMiningSAPHANASAPAnalyticsCloudKey SAP ProductsSAPBW/4HANASAP MDGSAP DataServicesSAPInformationStewardGRC andIAGIdentityManagementEvent ThreatDetectionAVM byGreenlightProtiviti &SAPSolutions 11Protiviti Technology StrategyArchitecture 3

Protiviti’s Finance Transformation services help organizations transform and improve existing business andfinance processes to achieve business transformation goals. From developing a roadmap and business case to fullimplementation of SAP S/4HANA or Central Finance, our team of experts can help you derive more value fromyour SAP investment. We help clients with:FINANCE TRANSFORMATIONCLIENT PROBLEMS WE SOLVEBUSINESS OUTCOMEDeveloping a roadmap and business case to begin theSAP S/4HANA or Central Finance (CFIN) JourneyENVISIONImplementing SAP S/4HANA or CFIN to achievebusiness transformation goalstransformImproved business performance, streamlinedprocesses and better access to critical informationREALIZETransforming and improving existing business andfinance processes to help derive more value from anSAP investmentImproved profitability through lower total cost ofownership for software and reduced process overheadDesigning and implementing the latest SAPtechnologies to assist with all aspects of businessplanning, consolidations and financial planningand analysisA central repository of information, so that all userscan access and make decisions based on factPROTECT S/4HANA and CFIN planning,implementation and support Program management and thirdparty oversight SAP Analytics Cloud/BPC/IBP/Group reporting strategy andimplementation User acceptance testing Data management and migrationEstablish implementationroadmap and transformation goalsConduct workshops andassessmentsOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS1222Security and compliance Managed servicessucceedCLIENT CHALLENGESOLUTION DELIVEREDOne of the largest optical retailers in the U.S.was experiencing massive growth. Its datavolumes had ballooned beyond the abilityto manage on spreadsheets. The companycalled on Protiviti to help it transform itsfinancial processes, including developing atrusted business planning solution that wouldenable financial planning, forecasting, dataconsolidation and reporting, while keeping upwith changing business needs.Streamlined and simplified processes aroundconsolidation, planning and reporting, allowingthe company to keep pace with a rapidly changingbusiness environmen

SAP SAP Data HANA SAP BW/4HANA SAP MDG Services SAP Information Steward. Key SAP Products. Identity Management GRC and IAG Event Threat Detection AVM by . SAP . Greenlight. Central Finance SAP S/4HANA SAP BPC SAP IBP SAP Process Mining . WHERE WE EXCEL. Protiviti is a leader in finance transformation, analytics and risk management. As a long .

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