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ITSD Project Status ReportVendor:[Enter Vendor Name] Project: [Enter Project Name] Reporting Period: [Enter Date]ContractorProjectStatus Entry.GBudgetGScheduleGResourcesStatus Summary – If a status is not green, please provideadditional detail.Original Project End DateCurrent Project End DateOriginal PAQ AmountCurrent PAQ AmountIssues/Risks for Management AttentionOverall % CompleteOn Time Completion?Yes/NoOut of Scope Work Identified ? (Please Explain)Current Resources w/AllocationDeliverable / Payment Milestone Status%%Vendor hrs this reportDeliverableGEstimated Actual Estimated Actual%Complete Start Date Start Date End Date End DateXXX% 99/99/99 99/99/99 99/99/99 99/99/99PDAFApprovalDate%Status%Late/Early inDays%DeliverableCostCostComparison99 99/99/99 999,999.99 999,999.99YRPending ChangeRequest Amount 0.00Change RequestInitiated0Under Review0Approved0Denied0Total CRs0Note: Cost Comparison is (Deliverable Cost / Percent Complete)Total .

ITSD Project Status ReportProject UpdateTasks Planned for Next Period (Enter Period Beginning and Ending Dates)1/8/20202

ITSD Project Status ReportOpen IssuesIDStatusDescriptionTypePriority Assigned ToCreateCloseDue DateDateDateProblem ResolutionCommentsOpen ityAssigned ToCreateDateCloseDateMitigation PlanComments3

ITSD Project Status ReportChange Request LogCR No.ChangeTypeReasonPriority Submit Date Submitted ByStatusDue DateClose DateImpactAction Item LogAI No.1/8/2020TitleDescriptionITSD Project Status Report (Rev 8-2016)CommentsSourceAssigned To Date Due4

ITSD Project Status ReportVendor:[Enter Vendor Name] Project: [Enter Project Name] Reporting Period: [Enter Date]Testing StatusOverall Test % CompleteG%Outstanding IssuesMandatory Testing StatusStatusTest Type%CompleteTest CasesTotalCompleted sting ResourcesITSDVendorBusinessStatus of Other Testing Defined in Test PlanStatusOther Test% CompleteScoreTimesExecutedCriticalOther InformationGYR–1/8/2020–5

ITSD Project Status ReportInstructionsPlease delete these pages when creating an actual status report. Deliverable and Testing IndicatorsG Green - Expected to complete by Estimated End DateY Yellow - May not be possible to complete by Estimated End DateCJ R Red - Will not complete by Estimated End Date and decisions are needed Budget IndicatorsG Green - Expected to complete within budget0Y Yellow - Additional funding may be requiredR Red - Funding decisions are required Schedule IndicatorsG Green – Project completion is expected within the planned schedule0Y Yellow – Project completion may not be possible within the planned scheduleR Red – Scheduling decisions are required Resources IndicatorsG Green - Acceptable involvement and participation of assigned project resources0Y Yellow – Project may be impaired due to limited availability of key staff or skillsets are not adequate R Red – Project completion may not be possible due to absent key staff, changes in key staff,unresponsive staff or lack of required skills.–1/8/2020–6

ITSD Project Status ReportITSD Project Status Report Project Update . Tasks Planned for Next Period (Enter Period Beginning and Ending Dates) 1/8/2020 2 . ITSD Project Status ReportITSD Project Status Report Open Issues . ID Status . Descrip

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