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august 27, 2010 DRAFTi n los a n g e l es co u n ty marketing andcommunications plan

table of contentsSummary Overview .3Proposed.Implementation.Plan.10Introduction .11Program Goals and Objectives .13Marketing and Outreach Goals and Structure . .14Strategy . g. .304.City.and.COG.Outreach. .305.Contractor.Marketing.316.Realtor.Marketing. n .37Descriptions of Marketing/Communications Tools . . 38Descriptions of Key Messages .43Aug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 1

summary overview The Statewide rovided. iciency.upgrades.Energy Upgrade and.counties.throughout.the.nation.Energy Upgrade California in LosAngeles perty.owner.investment.of. 5, n.overview.of.schedule.and.timing.Marketing rts.include:1. Countywide Marketing(and Media Relations)2. Pilot Marketing Areas3. Trigger-Event MarketingAug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 3

1. Countywide Marketing andOutreach4. City Outreach5. Contractor Marketing6. Realtor Marketing7. Retail Partner Marketing8. Multi-Family Marketing9. Whole Neighborhood marketing/outreach tacticsCity InformationCable TVLocalMediaLocalEventsCommunityof InterestCounty Newsletters CommunityNewslettersEventsOut nceTheatersSocialMediaSiteSignageDirect Mailto Hot SpotsRetailPartnersBillboardsCity TV4 e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles CcountyTransitSheltersMassMedia

“Early program.and.rebates. and.“do.the.right.thing”.for.the.environment. utilities,.the.County.or.cities.will.attend. Social gram. Countywide tractors. Countywide Media n-language.publications. Home Energy Makeover Media nclude: Direct ome.and.household.income.County usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 5

Identifying Locations of lysis.efforts: Parcel-Based Market Analysis. Marketing de: High.percentage.of.houses.built.before.1978 High.percentage.of.homeownership Demographics:.–.Income. 60,000- .percentage.of.households.with.4 .peopleAdditional.considerations.include: and.multicultural) Pilot Area e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty h.will.include: Intense Grassroots d.throughout.their.communities. Saturation dena marketing targetKPCC PasadenaPasadenaStar ltadena Town& Country ClubKROQPasadenaPasadenaWeeklyArt BreakHome DepotChurchBulletinsGreat IndoorsSantaComing kHistoryParadeSentinelSheriff SupportGroupAltadena TownCouncilHome ExpoAltadenaHeadlinesExaminerAltadena ArtsCouncilAltadenaChamber ofCommerceFourth of JulyFireworks atTown & Country ClubMaster BuildersAltadenaConnectionHauntedHouse atAltadena ena CommunityLeague ofImprovement CenterWomen VotersKCBSKLVESummer ConcertSeries at Farnsworth ParkWorld MusicFestival ce HardwareAug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 7 Energy Champion Awards proposal.for.innovative.incentive.approaches. . .City.Hall.lobbies. ations. itle.companies/.mortgage.brokers).3. Trigger Event water.heaters. se. ouse.4. City and COG Contractor Talking.points; e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty

ouse.approach.8. Multi-Family Outreach eing.developed.through.a.statewide.consortium. m.their.own.websites9. Whole Neighborhood,.for.example.6. Realtor lanning.phases.Incentives and .offer. 1, 3,, .to. ing.all.other.required.forms.7. Retail Partner e.provided: Information.centers Program.collateral Table.tents Window.clingsAug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 9

Proposed Implementation Plan10 e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty

introductionThe Statewide 0. n.keeping.with.climate.change.mitigation.Energy Upgrade Market .emission.reduction.implementation.strategy.Energy Upgrade Californiain Los Angeles ug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 11

roperty.owner.investment.of. 5, iming.12 e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty

programs goals and objectives rough.three.funding.sources:1. pleted.retrofits: . us.2,;2. ding . 4.million.per.year;3. California.Energy.Commission.Discretionary.grant . Create.3,;.and . rofit objectives by funding sourceEECBGRRUCECTOTALsingle-family Homes15,0004,2008,06027,260multi-family Homes01,4001,2402,64029,900Aug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 13

marketing and outreach programgoals and structure1. Goals2. achieve.these.major.objectives:1. Program goals met: forts .this.Plan) erials.developed.through.this.Plan)1. Build broad, positive awareness ofthe Program2. Educate property owners toovercome barriers to participation3. Target marketing efforts to driveparticipation by key audiences,identified in surveys4. Align and coordinate othermarketing efforts by utilities andother partners2. 300,000 unique hits on a robustwebsite (or calls to the call center)5. Create a sustained market for awhole-house performance approach,leading to long-term behavioralchange3. Virtual “word-of-mouth” buzzcreated through social media,resulting in click throughs to thewebsite14 e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty

4. Communications kits available forcounty, COG, cities, communityleaders and environmental groups5. Marketing kits available for partners(contractors, realtors)6. Informational materials placed withretailers, cities, county offices7. 50,000,000 media/advertising/inperson impressions through: s.placed ries.placed Radio/TV.PSAs.placed City.TV.programs.placed,.TV.promos,.ads Community.meetings Consolidated information in a“one-stop shop” approach3. Incentives and .offer. 1, 3,,. .to. d.forms.rebate structureELEMENTCOUNTyFEd. TAx CREdITHOME STARUTILITIESFUNdEdBasic pathtBDadvanced pathtBDsilver stargold star 1,00030% of eligibleimprovements, up to 1,500 (expires Dec. 31) 2,500 for 20%tBDtBD 500 for 5% 500 for 5%Aug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 15

4. Coordination Between LocalGovernment and sponsibilities.( e n e rgy u pg ra d e ca l i fo r n i a in Los Angeles Ccounty

marketing/outreach coordinationPROGRAM ELEMENTLEAdCOUNTymarket researchUTILITIESprogram name/logoWebsite portaladvertising campaign/principlesdevelopmentservice territorymedia Buys (regional)this document will direct all marketingactivitiesXcec will own the brand and has finalvote on statewide name; tagline can becustomized for la countyXstatewide portal linked to utility pages orsites–main info and materials on thisone sitePrint and online, available for cities tocustomize as neededXretail outlet materialsXdirect mail (e.g., billinserts, other mailers)Mainstream and ethnic media buysBoth mainstream and ethnic media inhotspots and la countyXcall centercontractormarketing toolkitXXXlocal media Buys(la county)COMMENTStelephone surveys, focus groups andmarket analysisXmarketing/communications planmarketingtemplatesjOINTXone phone number managed by utilities;county to help produce scriptXMay include kiosks, short videostBDcounty will develop marketing materialsfor contractorsXcounty assessormaterialsXMaterials included in water bills,property tax billscommunity-BasedoutreachXtargeted grassroots marketing(includes local events)community eventspublic relationsHome energymakeover contestXXutilities attend countywide events;county attends local eventsXXutilities take lead for service territory;county for local or supervisor-initiatedPRXAug usT 27, 2010 DRAFT marketing and communications plan 17

strategy .efforts.include:1. Early Adopters:.Tho

marketing and communications plan 3. 4. City Outreach 5. Contractor Marketing 6. Realtor Marketing 7. Retail Partner Marketing 8. Multi-Family Marketing 9. Whole Neighborhood Marketing . Social Media Community Newsletters Lo

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