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power up your businessEMAILMARKETING

BUSINESS GATEWAYDIGITALBOOSTDigitalBoost is delivered by Business Gateway in partnershipwith Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterpriseon behalf of Digital Scotland. DigitalBoost is designed to helpScottish businesses:1. Understand the benefits of using Digital Technologies2. Introduce, or improve their use of, DigitalTechnologies to help grow their businessVisit forinformation on other services and a Digital ‘Health Check’for your business. This will gauge your strengths andopportunities, and recommend services we can offer to help.2 – Email Marketingpower up your business

TABLE OF CONTENTS1Introduction2The Role of Email within a DigitalMarketing Strategy3Email Marketing StrategyYour audienceYour goalsYour email content4Email Marketing Tools4.15In-house vs OutsourcingIntegrating EmailYour BlogSocial Media67Database Growth & Management6.1Capturing Quality Data6.2SegmentationDeveloping an Effective Campaign7.1Types of Email7.2Image Design Tools7.3Email Design Tools7.4Composing Effective Emails & Case Study7.5Maximising Click-through Rates7.6Automated Email Campaigns7.7Best Times to Send an Email3 – Email Marketingpower up your business

8910Database Growth & Management8.1Optimisation Checklist8.2A/B Testing8.3Preview TestingMonitoring Campaigns9.1Tracking Email Campaignst9.2Key Performance Metrics9.3Analysing Results & Testing9.4Industry BenchmarksNext Steps10.211Follow-up CampaignsLegal Requirements4 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 1 – IntroductionSECTION 1INTRODUCTIONThis guide will provide a comprehensive overview of EmailMarketing, and guidance on how you can successfully utiliseEmail Marketing to achieve your business objectives. Thekey stages in executing Email Marketing Campaigns willbe covered, with advice on how to complete each stageeffectively.The content of this guide will help you: Understand the role email has in your overall DigitalMarketing Strategy, and the essential components ofan Email Marketing Strategy Identify the most suitable Email Marketing platformand tools to run an Email Marketing Campaign Integrate Email Campaigns with other marketingactivities Learn how to grow and manage a database ofrelevant, high quality subscribers that are likelyto engage and take action as a result of your EmailCampaigns Develop effective Email Campaigns, and get morefamiliar with the planning and delivery process Measure and analyse results in order to improve futurecampaigns Understand the legal requirements of Email Marketing5 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 2 – The Role of Email within a Digital Marketing StrategySECTION 2THE ROLE OF EMAILWITHIN A DIGITALMARKETING STRATEGYEmail Marketing can play a vital role within your overallmarketing strategy.At its core, Email Marketing allows you to target differentsegments of your audience on a 1-to-1 basis, with carefullytailored and personalised messaging.Until more ephemeral media, such as Social newsfeedwhere content is only visible for short periods, Emailsexist in recipients’ inboxes until they take an action on it;hopefully by reading it, click the link(s) within the email, andproceeding to your chosen website or webpage.Key differentiators/advantages of Email as a marketingchannel are: Emails directly communicate with audiences on a1-2-1 basis Emails are permanent until acted upon, and so theycan be used to amplify and prolong social media &website content Email campaigns can target various audiences,effectively & efficiently, with personalisedmessaging Analytical data on Email performance can be usedacross all marketing efforts6 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 3 – Email Marketing StrategySECTION 3EMAIL MARKETINGSTRATEGYWhen developing an Email Marketing Strategy, it isimportant to spend a good amount of time giving carefulthought and consideration to 3 crucial areas:1. Your Audience(s) – who are they, and what do theywant to know?2. Your Goals – what do you want from youraudience(s)? what would benefit your business?3. Your Email Content – what content tells youraudience what they want to know, and sets themon a journey towards completing one (or more) ofyour goalsThe keys to success in Email Marketing are similar to thoseof most other online marketing mediums. It is vital tounderstand 1) who you are trying to reach and their needs,2) how you want them to interact with your business,and 3) what content will both meet their needs whilstencouraging your desired interactions.YOUR AUDIENCEFirstly, when planning your Email Marketing Campaigns,establish who your recipients should be.Basis differentiating characteristics can be simpledemographic information like age, gender, geographiclocation, and interests.On a more detailed level, advanced demographicinformation such as purchasing habits, or an individual’sstage in the buying cycle can significantly impact whocompanies choose market to.7 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 3 – Email Marketing StrategyFor example:Online retailers such as eBay often select audiences based ontheir purchasing habits. i.e. emailing promotions on car careproducts to individuals who have previously purchased carcare products on their site.Insurers often select audiences for their Email Marketing basedon their stage in the buying cycle. i.e. focusing on Emailingpeople whose insurance renewal dates are coming up shortly,rather than people 4 months into a 12 month policy, becausethe former are likely to be considering purchasing a policy inthe near future and the latter are not.YOUR GOALSSecondly, you need to ask “What action(s) do I want my EmailMarketing activity inspire from my audience?”Immediate actions will typically be visiting your website.However, the eventual goal is generating something that is ofbenefit to your business.For example: Product sales Service subscriptions or renewals Phonecalls Event or webinar attendance Contact form submissions8 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 3 – Email Marketing StrategyYOUR EMAIL CONTENTOnce you understand who your audience are, and whatactions you hope to generate as a result of your emailmarketing, you need to make an informed choice as to thecontent they may want to receive.Consider what content your audience is likely to take aninterest in, and how that content can be leveraged to set youraudience on a path towards your website, and eventuallytowards completing one of your chosen goals.This will be something you that becomes clearer over timeonce you have tested a variety of content with your audience.Campaigns are likely to take place over more than 1 email,with a mix of different content and visuals etc.Create Email Marketing Goals & Objectives1. Outline your email marketing goals, what doyou want to achieve? (increase sales by %,gain % more subscribers by a specific date e.g.)2. Outline any new products/services to promote3. Outline any upcoming events you haveplanned to promote9 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 4 – Email Marketing ToolsSECTION 4EMAIL MARKETINGTOOLS4.1IN-HOUSE VS OUTSOURCINGIN-HOUSE VS OUTSOURCINGPros Cost effective Control Team that knows thecompany’s values & brand Full time teamPros Access to a wide range ofmarketing experts Fixed monthly cost Reliable platform Less expensive thanbuilding an email marketingteamCons Time Costly to hire marketingexpertsCons Lack of control Risk of choosing a companywhich isn’t a great fitThere are numerous benefits in using an in-house team, andthere are also benefits to the alternative of outsourcing youremail marketing.In-house means having your company manage your emailmarketing efforts from within your organisation.Outsourcing, means to have your email marketing effortsmanaged by a third party sender.Third party senders can develop your email marketing strategyto suit your goals, create and design the emails, includetechniques and analyse your emails to improve your reach,engagement and return on investment.By managing your email marketing in house, it’s cost effectiveand your organisation has absolute control over what emailsare created and to who. As your organisation knows your10 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 4 – Email Marketing Toolsvalues and brand more than an outsourced team, having anin-house team creating emails increases the likelihood that thecorrect brand voice and values will be used. Your employeescan also use email marketing to cohere with the rest of theirmarketing efforts.A downfall of using your in-house team for email marketingis that is can be extremely time consuming and costly to hiremarketing experts to carry out your email marketing efforts.Outsourcing your email marketing efforts often results in toongoing fees, or a fixed monthly cost, being incurred. It’s lessexpensive than building an email marketing team, but usuallymeans you have less control over your email marketingcontent, and you risk choosing a company which isn’t a greatfit your brand.4.2EMAIL CLIENTS & KEY FEATURESFeatures Lists Schedule campaigns Connect your store Email Campaign Templates Automation Advanced segmentationPrice Starting Up - Free Plan Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month11 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 4 – Email Marketing ToolsFeatures Infinite lists Postcode Plotter Subscriber management systems Free web formsPrice Unlimited free support Unlimited lists/contacts Pay for the amount of emails per monthFeatures Dedicated account manager best-of-breed platforms Training webinars Surveys & FormsPrice Start at 250 p/mFeatures Marketing automation tool Personalize each email using rich data Test, track & optimise toolsPrice Start at 9 p/m12 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 4 – Email Marketing ToolsFeatures Customisable templates Email Tracking Image Library List Building ToolsPrice Start at 20 p/mThere are lots of different Email Marketing platforms. Each hasdifferent features for various needs, as well as multiple priceranges.MailChimp is simple to use, has hundreds of email campaigntemplates, flexible design features, advanced analytics,A/B testing and automation options, as well as hundredsof integrations with popular CRM systems like Facebookand Capsule. MailChimp also provides various features foreCommerce businesses, like the ability to ‘connect your store’,as well as multi user accounts to ensure your team can workseamlessly through your email marketing efforts. MailChimpprovides a free plan with a limit of Up to 2,000 subscribers and12,000 emails per month. Pricing can alter if your subscribersgrow and the number of emails you send monthly increases.These packages start at 25 per month.Little Green Plane is also relatively easy to use. With LittleGreen Plane you can have an infinite lists of subscribers, andother useful features including, do not mail lists, free webforms, export inactive and active contacts, as well as a postcode plotter. Little Green Plane accounts include free support,and unlimited lists and contacts, but the cost of the platformvaries as it is based on the number of emails you send permonth. For example: 1,000 emails would cost 12.95 p/m,2,500 emails would cost 19.95 p/m, 25,000 emails wouldcost 115.00 p/m.13 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 4 – Email Marketing ToolsdotMailer provides you with a dedicated account manager tosupport you through the creation of your campaigns, and haslots of toolkits and templates. Further benefits include trainingwebinars and high ease-of-use. The cost to use dotMailervaries, but it starts at 250 p/m.Campaign Monitor focuses more on the customer journey,and optimising emails to each customer type. Variousfeatures like a marketing automation tool to trigger differentemails depending on customer spend, and the productsthey purchase can be highly effective. Testing, tracking andoptimising tools to measure your emails success and improveperformance over time are also available. Prices range from 9p/m for their basic package to 129p/m for their premiumpackage.Constant Contact is simple to use, and has lots of featuressimilar to the other email tools available. One of the greatfeatures of Constant Contact is that it has a free image library,as well as list building tools and customisable tools. ConstantContact starts at 20p/m.Which of the 5 tools best suits your businessat this stage?14 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 5 – Integrating EmailSECTION 5INTEGRATING EMAILYOUR BLOGPeople like to consume content in various ways; some liketo read blogs directly from a website, some prefer to be senta roundup of content directly to their email account, andothers stumble across content on social media channels. It’sextremely important to make sure you have the capability tomeet all of your readers (and potential readers’) requirements.Your job is to make it as easy as possible for your audienceto read your blogs and engage with you. Email marketingcan play a major part in this, as part of an overall marketingstrategy, which would also include sharing of the samecontent across social channels.There are various ways to do this including setting up an RSSfeed, to automatically send your blogs via an email campaignto your subscribers who have opted in.What content could you send out throughan automated RSS campaign?15 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 5 – Integrating EmailSOCIAL MEDIA Add share/follow buttons to Email Campaigns Add a Subscription call-to-action to your website pages andon branded Facebook Pages Add ‘Retweet this’ options in Email Campaigns to allowrecipients to easily share content on Twitter16 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 6 – Database Growth & ManagementSECTION 6DATABASE GROWTH &MANAGEMENT6.1 CAPTURING QUALITY DATAOpt- InTailored informationRegularly update & clean your dataEU Data ComplianceQuality email marketing lists are businesses no.1 asset. Whencustomers sign up to receive emails they have demonstrated acommitment to your brand and a level of trust.However, building quality lists takes time. You need to providetailored information for each list you have. What did they signup to? What do they want to receive? Make sure you stickby what you promised to deliver to ensure your customerscontinue to engage with your emails.The most common consequences of poor email deliverabilityare the inability to communicate with subscribers (41 percent)and poor customer service (24 percent). However, poor emaildeliverability also results in missed opportunities from lostopens and impressions, as well as cascading negative effectson sender reputation, list health and ultimately sales. Thesedeliverability issues can indicate that an organization is havingtrouble fulfilling consumer expectations.17 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 6 – Database Growth & ManagementTo maintain a healthy list and optimize deliverability, you mustcontinually manage your email database. Effective databasemanagement can be achieved by:1. Validating new email addresses2. Regularly removing hard bounces, along with checksfor duplications and honor opt-outs3. Monitoring and tracking deliverability metrics to addressany ISP or database issues proactively4. Developing a strategy for contacting inactive subscribersthat includes data-driven reactivation campaigns.5. Following all local laws and governances as well as CANSPAM best practices.The emails you collect during the holiday rush and throughoutthe year represent new opportunities to engage and connectwith consumers. A healthy, well-managed email database willboost deliverability and the subsequent profitability of all ofyour email marketing efforts. However, following laws aroundthe data collected is essential, knowing what data you cancollect and what is not within the EU is vital. MailChimp is USbased, you must check the legalities around this.6.2SEGMENTATIONBy narrowing your focus and sending messages to targetedgroups within your lists, your recipients will find yourcampaigns more relevant — and relevant campaigns get betterresults.Divide your email lists into categories to easily create engagingcontent that is most relevant to them, to achieve the outcomeand goals of your email marketing efforts. For example,categorising your lists by location, business type, industry, jobtitle, past purchases etc. will ensure your content is specificallyaimed at those audiences.18 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 6 – Database Growth & ManagementCreate Email Marketing Goals & Objectives1. Define who your customers are - what dothey want to know?2. Categorise your lists depending on yourcustomers needs3. How will you encourage your audience tosubscribe to your lists?19 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignSECTION 7DEVELOPING ANEFFECTIVE CAMPAIGNChoosing the right format & design tools7.1TYPES OF EMAILPLAIN TEXT & RICH TEXT EMAILSPlain text emails have just text, they have no formatting, nohyperlinks and if you want to include images they need tobe sent as attachments. One of the great benefits of sendingplain text emails is that they are unlikely to get picked up mySPAM detectors, unlike HTML emails. Another reason whypeople send plain text emails is that some email clients donot support or display HTML properly, but plain text emailswill display correctly. You will also find some people justprefer receiving plain text emails. By sending plain text emailswithin MailChimp, you can send a personal email to look likean everyday email to mass marketing. It has functionality ofMailChimp, familiarity of a normal day to day email. To makeplain text emails easier to read, use lots of whitespace toavoid having a huge grey blob of text. Leave space betweenparagraphs and after headings, and aim for paragraphs of fourto five lines. Use short URLs wherever possible. Again, longerURLs can break up and become hard to click on, or copy andpaste. Make your copy easy to scan by dividing it with clearheadings. Sometimes though a plain-text style* email canactually perform better. If you have a very specific audienceand a short, highly targeted message with a clear call to actionthen a simple email which focusses the reader on the message(rather than the branding) and emphasises the call to actioncan have dramatic results.Rich text emails give you more flexibility than plain text emails,you can change the colour of text, make it bold, italic andchange the size and font. But there are a few limitations, URL20 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignLinks need to be inserted fully into the content, and images need tobe sent as attachments. Rich text emails lifts restrictions of plain textemails, to allow you to be more creative with your es/design/HTML EMAILSHTML emails are the most creative and flexible email types, every partof the email can be designed to a style that suits your brand, you canhave a header, footer, logos, background colours and images can bedisplayed within your emails rather than attachments. HTML emailsrequire lots of coding, but MailChimp provides templates that arealready coded which you can edit. HTML emails are not a good ideafor conversational emails as it can be difficult to get the formattingwithin your email server and the conversation gets extremely messyonce the email is replied to. The best use of using HTML emails issingle use emails. You can create strong marketing emails, that includecall to action buttons, straplines, footers with your details in and it canbe branded.21 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignModern Henchman created a HTML newsletter which looksengaging and is easy to navigate.22 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignRip Curl drives sales with emails that show surf lovingcustomers the content they want. This Bombshell Series emailcampaign showcases Rip Curl’s incredible surfers, as wellas the must-have styles from their Bombshell wetsuit line,encouraging subscribers to “shop now”.23 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignBirchbox uses HTML campaigns to showcase their monthlybeauty box, engage with subscribers and promote their onlineshop.24 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignJaybird creates email campaigns with vibrant, edge-to-edgeimagery to help Jaybird showcase the differentiating design oftheir earbuds, giving subscribers a larger-than-life look at howthe products work in action.25 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignBuzzFeed has developed over 20 email newsletters thatare catered to subscribers’ specific interests, like Health andBeauty. Email is one of the top 5 referrers of website traffic andvisitors from email spend 3 minutes longer on their websitethan visitors from other channels.HTML emails are very popular with big brands and businessesthat need to visually engage their audience to tell a story. But,a lot of professional individuals use plain-text emails becausethey believe that text, not images, get straight to the pointon the issue that they are addressing and send their ketingcampaigns/26 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignBest Uses of HTML Emails:Single use emails; Group emails; Marketing Emails;Newsletters; Track opens/clicks; Clickable linksMIMEMulti- part MIME is emails that send both HTML and plain textversions, once the email client receive the MIME it renders theHTML version but if it can’t it will display the plain text version.Sending both types of emails suggests you will reach yourmaximum audience, by giving the email client receiver analternative if it cannot render HTML.7.2IMAGE DESIGN TOOLSThere are lots of tools available to help you create and designprofessional emails.Canva: Canva is a free design tool, with various templatesincluding social media header’s. Simply edit a template withinCanva or upload your own images, the tool also allows you touse your own brand colours. You can also use Canva to createimages to add into your campaigns too and throughout therest of your marketing efforts.27 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective Place It, allows you to upload your own images onto mobile phones, desktop computers for example, it’s free andwill make a big difference in the design of your emails.28 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective It’s against the law to use images without yourpermission, including within your emails, but by using Pixabay,they provide royalty free images which you can include withinyour email campaigns MailChimp provides hundreds of emailtemplates for you to use for various types of businesses andevents that you can edit and personalise29 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective Campaign7.3 EMAIL DESIGN TOOLSTemplates: Email marketing tools have various options ofemail templates for you to customise for the different typesof emails you could send, from events to newsletters. Thesetemplates are usually very simple to customise and use a dragand drop format, using these templates will ensure your emailcampaigns are structured in the right way and they are verysimple to customise. Alternatively, most platforms have theopportunity to add your own coded web page which you maybe able to get help from a web developer.30 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignCall to Action: keep the Call To Action above the fold. Yoursubscriber shouldn’t have to scroll to see it. Use a differentcolour to draw attention to it.31 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective Campaign32 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective Campaign7.4 COMPOSING EFFECTIVE EMAILS & CASE STUDYOnce you begin sending email campaigns, you will understandwhat works and what doesn’t depending on your audience.An email may be extremely successful for one type of industry,but it might completely fail for another. However, there are afew pointers to follow. People are extremely busy; whetherit’s a B2B or B2C email, people want to know what the emailentails quickly. They need to absorb the information as quicklyas possible and to do this emails should have light content,your subject line must align with your email content and youremail needs to be straight to the point.So, three top tips for composing effective emails are:1. Get straight to the point – keep messagingconcise and direct. Avoid lengthy messaging and unclearmessaging that may leave the recipient trying to work outwhat the point of the email is and what to do next.2. Use light content – limit the number of words use.Generally speaking, the less words used the better,and as a rough guide anything 400 words is likely toolengthy and few recipients will read the entire email.Using too many calls-to-action (buttons or links) inan email, often referred to in Email Marketing as ‘clickopportunities’, can reduce the effectiveness of anemail too. As with the word count, the fewer clickopportunities there is in an email, the more you are givingthe recipient a clear indication of what they should donext i.e. one choice of button to click, rather than ten thateach link to different places.3. Align subject line & content – Get off on the rightfoot with your recipients. Make sure the messaging andexpectations set by your email subject line matchesup with the contents of the email. Subject lines thatdeceptive, or only relate very loosely to the content of theemail are likely to confuse or even irritate recipients.33 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignCase Study:Hammock is a creative agency serving mainly B2B audience,which means they have their work cut out for them if theywant to connect with subscribers via email. B2B clients alreadyget a plethora of inbox-stuffing material from other creatives,account managers, project managers, etc. Such targets need apretty compelling reason to read more.Despite that barrier, Hammock managed to increase openrates by 48%.Traditionally, Hammock focused on providing helpful valuedriven content to their audience. They asked themselvesevery day, “is our email content authentically helping ourcustomers?”They wanted to show clients and prospects how to use thingsto solve problems and then present them with the solution todo that. I 100% agree that’s the right approach.However, Hammock admits that their newsletters werecontent heavy, and regular content-heavy emails will fatigueyour contacts.The team at Hammock wanted to continue that focus onhelping subscribers solve problems while starting discussions,so they turned that content-heavy newsletter into what theycalled an “un-newsletter” and coined it their “!dea Email.”It would be super light on content with just one helpfulmarketing idea featuring suggestions on how to best utilizethat idea.The team simplified design and content and customized thepreheader to make everything less crowded.Additionally, the team at Hammock wrote 3 headlines for eachnewsletter and conducted A/B testing. Whichever headlinehad the highest open rate in the first hour was used for theremainder of their subscriber list.34 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignThe result was that 48% increase in open rates.Giving people too much info can be a disservice, especiallyin an email. You’re almost drowning the prospect if you feedthem 20 ideas with links to take action.Instead, cut it down. Reduce it to 1 or 3 ideas they can dosomething with. That makes it memorable, valuable and king-email-case-studies/To help subscribers to solve problems while startingdiscussions, the team turned their traditional, content-heavyemail newsletter into what they refer to as an “un-newsletter.”This provides subscribers with just one helpful marketing idea,alongside suggestions of how to best utilize that idea.The team simplified email content and design, and customizedthe email preheader text in order to meet their goal of a morehelpful, less crowded newsletter. To bring focus to thesechanges, they decided to rename it “The Idea y/simplifyingemail-content-increase-opens35 – Email Marketingpower up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective CampaignIn the previous newsletter, the standardwas five to seven articles, a blurb anda small thumbnail image encouragingpeople to click to see more information.36 – Email MarketingThe current version of the newsletterprominently features the new name,“The Idea Email,” and is made up of onelandscaped image, a headline and the350 words of copy.power up your business

Section 7 – Developing an Effective Campaign7.5MAXIMISING CLICK-THROUGH RATESAltering your email campaigns to maximise click throughrates is a must, always create clear and relevant headlines tograb the reader’s attention, grabbing their attention as soon aspossible is absolutely critical to ensure your reader keeps onreading your email.To keep your reader focused, paragraphs should be kept shortto keep them interested but make sure you have includedall the relevant information that they require. Try adding adeadline to your email. This will hurry your customers intobuying and clicking through

Marketing Strategy 3 Email Marketing Strategy Your audience Your goals Your email content 4 Email Marketing Tools 4.1 In-house vs Outsourcing 5 Integrating Email Your Blog Social Media 6 Database Growth & Management 6.1 Capturing Quality Data 6.2 Segmentation 7 Developing an E!

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