The FIS Digital Business Roadmap

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The FIS Digital BusinessBanking RoadmapsDigital Banking Product ManagementMay 24, 2017

Agenda Introductions Key Business Drivers Mobile Token Updated User Experience Business Mobile Roadmap Online Banking (OLB) Roadmap Business eBanking (BeB) Roadmap Questions2

Expectations are risingThe CompetitiveLandscape is ChangingInstitutions are challenged with: Protecting customers from theemerging threat landscape Providing tailored, personalized experiences Delivering on expectations for real-time Creating data-driven connections andvalue across converged channels Driving new revenue streams Increasing engagement and loyalty3

Our VisionProvide industry-leading digital solutions that keep our clientscompetitive and relevant with the top financial institutionsDrive Innovation and Expand Digital CapabilitiesGrow Sales and Increase EngagementEnhance Security and Reduce FraudExpand Real-time OfferingsEnable Data-driven Marketing and AnalyticsCreate Operational Efficiencies4

FIS Digital Drives GrowthAnnual Grow th102%CA RDL E S S CA S H136%80M DIGITAL USERS *PEOPLE PAY (P2P)28%CHE CK DE P O S I T*Includes Mobile, Online and ePayments Clients (Q3 2016)5

Mobile Tokens

Mobile Token Use – RSA Phone Experience7

Mobile Token Activation – RSA1. Download app, select mobile operating system, andenter device ID The user is instructed to download the RSA SecurID mobileapp. Once opened, the application presents the user’s unique24-character device ID. The user selects their mobile device’s operating system andenters the device ID to continue.2. Scan QR code The user scans the QR code using theRSA SecurID mobile app.8

Mobile Token Activation – RSA (continued)3. Set up PIN The user establishes a unique PIN.4. Passcode validation The user validates their passcodeand continues to the welcomepage upon successful activation.9

Digital Banking Updated User Experience (BeB and OLB)

Updated User ExperiencePhased delivery(Concept Prototype)11

NavigationNew BeB(Concept Prototype)Current BeB12

Business Mobile Banking

Single Digital Finance Experience2016 year in review– Business Mobile Approvals– Business Mobile Positive Pay– Company ID Refactor (v3.5)– Out of Band Authentication at Logon (v3.5)– Business Mobile v4.1 (Pilot)14

Changing User Expectations in Competitive MarketTop of mind issues for corporate treasurers (269 surveyed) and bank service providers (515 surveyed)Understanding and mitigatingcybersecurity/cyber risks, etc.Implementation of NewTechnologyTalent Acquisition andDevelopment64%64%62%Education, increased pressureon investments in securityComplex sales, demand forhigher end solutions; integrationChanging user expectationsand experienceSource: AFP 2016 Outlook15

Changing Workforce in Corporate Financeand TreasuryEmployment of financial managers is projected to grow 7 percentfrom 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupationsEmployment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 11percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for alloccupations.U.S. Bureau Labor of StatisticsWhen asked which technologies they would like to seeemployers incorporate into their organizations, Millennial andGen Z respondents said social media (41.4%), wearables(26.5%), virtual reality (26.1%), and robotics (20%).Forbes, September 13,201616

FIS Digital SolutionsQ1 2017 Hero images– Highlight your brand– Express a mood or tell a story Walk-throughs– Users will be introduced to 4.1’s navigation andaccounts Locations– Locations search automatically populates the mapusing the customer’s locations Faster performance through quickerfunctioning that provides greater ease-of-use Positive user experience drives engagementand builds customer loyalty17

FIS Digital SolutionsPlanned projects – Q2 2017 Business Mobile– Transaction OOBA Approvals (pilot)– Large # of accounts (pilot)– RDC: display deposit limit (pilot)– App Store feedback (pilot)– Bill Payment manage payees (pilot)Note: Some features listed are future candidates18

FIS Digital SolutionsCandidate projects – Q3 2017 Business Mobile– Digital Marketing Platform (pilot) Hero Image Self-Service Tool OLB– Mobile support for BusinessTransaction Approvals19

FIS Digital SolutionsCandidate projects – Q4 2017 Business Mobile- Business calculators (pilot)- Digital Receipts (pilot)- Digital Marketing Platform (pilot)-mPromote20

Digital Finance Business User ExperienceInitiate and Manage Payments ACH and Wire Templates P2P Payments Business Bill Pay support for OLBNotifications and Push Alerts Support of Premium Alerts that are actionableUser and Admin Self-Service Password Reset Admin Enable / Disable UserClient Input driving roadmap forward21


Online Banking 2017 Roadmap

Completed ProjectsQ1 2017 BancPac integration improvements– Integrated Statement Enrollment– External accounts– Running balance display for batch load banks Separate Token at login from Token at Transaction– Ability to offer token at transaction without token at login Same Day ACH enhancements– New window for same day ACH cut off– Limit checking for transactions above 25K– Removal of support for External Transfers Digital Administration Tool– SSO from DAT to Web Admin24

Planned ProjectsQ4 2017 ACH Enhancements– Usability enhancements for ACH origination and template setup– Support for IAT Transfer Enhancements– Additional setup options for recurring and scheduled transactions Company Administration UI– Usability enhancements for Company Administration Demo improvements– Support for HTML demo Statement enrollment enhancements (pilot)– New landing page for statement enrollment and viewing Device ID improvements (pilot)25

Planned ProjectsQ4 2017 Banker Alerts– Additional alerts within Web Admin for OLB andBank activity Premium Alerts (pilot) Positive Pay Enhancements– Dual control for Positive Pay– Emulation for Positive Pay file formats– Integration to Bankway Positive Pay (pilot)– Integration to EAS for alerting– Support for SMS and additional branding in alerts SSO to Direct Link Merchant (pilot) HORIZON XAA Statements (pilot)26

Business eBanking 2017 Roadmap

Completed ProjectsQ1 2017 ACH Prenote effective date Large statement– Make performance improvements to allow for customerswith 100 accounts have access list most recentstatement by account type DirectLink Merchant SSO (pilot)– General availability expected in Q2 201728

Scheduled ProjectsQ2 2017 Soft/mobile tokens Vasco (Pilot) Same Day ACH External Transfers Q2 2017 MKE ACH – ACH reporting NOC complianceenhancement ACBS Weblink SSO (Pilot) Miser Core – Loan Principal Only Payments Multi ABA support (AKA controlleddisbursement improvements) Bankway Core Improvements DirectLink Merchant SSO– General availability DAT user ID improvements – non-emailaddresses user ID support Multi transfer improvements– Update the user experience to NOT allow for thecreation of a transfer with more than 19 transfers HORIZON Core Integration Upgrade ARPPA improvements– Allow approver to see the details of the positive payissue file before approving– Payee Positive Pay software upgrade– Payee Positive Pay desktop check analyzer tool support29

Planned ProjectsQ4 2017 ACBS Weblink SSO (general availability) “Print all” statement feature Soft/mobile tokens Vasco (generalavailability) & RSA (pilot) Wire improvements ImageCentre Remittance Lockbox SSO (pilot)– Set default page views for approve wires– Sequential wire confirmation numbers Same Day ACH phase 2– Debit support– ACH Positive Pay for MKE ACH ARPPA improvements– Enhance the “reversal & post” function in BST toprompt user that a correction cannot be made when acheck cannot be reversed due to statement cycle.30

Roadmaps Roadmaps are updated quarterly and can be found on the client LogOn OLB path– Product Information Product Management Online Banking Product Roadmaps BeB path– Product Information Product Management Business eBanking Product Roadmaps Business Mobile path– Product Information Documentation FIS Mobile Banking Services FIS Mobile Banking Roadmap Documentation31

THANK YOUDigital Banking Product Management

2017 FIS and/or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. FIS confidential and proprietary information.

–Usability enhancements for ACH origination and template setup . –Product Information Product Management Online Banking Product Roadmaps . Business Mobile path –Product Information Documentation FIS Mobile Banking Services FIS Mobile Banking Roadmap Documentation. THANK YOU Digital Banking

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