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Medway Adult Educationdiscover learn achieveDirectory 2020/21

discover learn achieveKEEPING YOU SAFEOur buildings have increased measures to keep you safe,including hand sanitiser in each classroom and screens inthe reception and café There is clear signage to help you move around thecentres safely New layouts in classrooms and workshops to keep yousocially distancedKEEPING YOU SAFE We request you wear a mask when moving around thebuilding We will send you full details of measures taken before youattend the centresHow to enrolOnline phone201634 338400In personCome to our Rochester Centre,Eastgate, Rochester ME1 1EWHow to payWe welcome cards or chequesEasy pay plan - Spread outthe cost of your course, seepage 31 for details

Family learning8Partnership working9Special interests10Health and wellbeing12Languages14Digital skills16Supported learning18Career courses and work skills22English and maths28Volunteering30Centre information and small print31Your questions answered34We look forward to helping youto discover, learn and achievesomething new.Index35Cllr Howard Doe, Deputy Leader andPortfolio Holder for Adult LearningTerm datesThis directory covers a selection ofthe wide variety of classes runningfrom September 2020 until December2020. In addition to the centre-basedsessions, we have a range of onlinesessions that have flexible start datesand times. There will be additionalcourses added throughout the year.We hope you will discover somethingof interest in our programme.Our tutors are experiencedand knowledgeable, dedicatedand friendly. We can promise athoroughly enjoyable time with them,and with your fellow learners, withcontent delivered at a pace suitedto each learner in a supportiveenvironment where great friendshipsare made.Back coverdiscover learn achieveKeeping your mind and body activeis important for general health andwellbeing. Discovering somethingnew, developing a skill or simplymeeting new people and socialisingare perfect for keeping the mindalert, relaxing and for creatingnew opportunities for personaldevelopment, improving careerprospects, making new friends, andenjoying your precious leisure time.Everyone can benefit from updatingtheir skills or trying something new.It’s never too late, even if you haven’tbeen in a classroom for some time,you’ll be in good to our Contents2020 directory Be creative3

Be creative“I find it therapeutic. I enjoy learning about thedifferent forms of clay and enjoy being with people”MAE Learner4

Pottery, sculpture and ceramicsWe are excited to be able to offer an exciting new range of e-learning courses led by our dedicated teamof experienced potters and ceramicists. You will learn traditional and modern techniques to a professionalstandard through our live, online sessions. For most online courses clay and decorating slip will be includedin the course fee and for these courses you will be able to arrange for your work to be fired by our experttechnician at our Rochester centre.DayTimeDateSessionsCentreCodeFee AFee B 75 65 75 65Q000708A 75 65ONLINEQ000694A 75 65ONLINEQ000624A 75 65ONLINEQ000695A 49 41ONLINEQ000626A 75 65Pottery: bright and beautiful tapas bowls hand building ery: throwing - bright and beautiful tapas bowls projectMonday6-8pm14/9/204ONLINEQ000707APottery: be creative with clay, modelling, hand-building or throwingWednesday10am-12noon16/9/204ONLINEPottery: make a Grayson Perry inspired coil pot projectWednesday6.30-8.30pm16/9/204Pottery: nesting dolls hand-building projectThursday10am-12noon17/9/204Pottery: throwing for advanced beginnersThursday1-3pm17/9/204Pottery: water feature hand building projectThursday7-9pm17/9/204discover learn achieveWe aim to inspire everyone to be creative – bringing personal enrichment and developing skills. Ourexperienced tutors will help you to engage with a wide range of subjects from drawing to dressmakingthrough our enjoyable, stimulating and challenging courses. With dedicated studio facilities andprofessional equipment, we provide the space and environment for you to get creative. There are onlinecourses available for most subjects and Saturday workshops are added throughout the year – keep an eyeon our social media and website to view our latest offer and new online courses.Our fashion studio is equipped with up to date sewing machines and over-lockers so that you can makethe most of learning supported by our talented team of tutors who each have a wealth of knowledgeand inspiration to share. If you enjoy sewing but do not want to dress-make try one of the new machineconfidence workshops working on short projects or try our new free-machine embroidery and appliquecourse. We have added several online learning courses for dress making and crafts.Sewing: beginners guide to the sewing machineMonday6.30-8.30pm7/9/205ONLINEQ000696A 86 69Monday9.30-11.30am7/9/205ONLINEQ000700A 86 69Q000046A 43 36Sewing: fabric storage project - machine confidenceWednesday9-11am9/9/202ONLINESewing: machine confidence, getting to know your machineWednesday12.45-2.45pm16/9/201ONLINEQ000628A 20 17Wednesday6.30-8.30pm16/9/201ONLINEQ000629A 20, textiles and needlecraft5

discover learn achieveDayTimeDateSessionsCentreSewing: free machine embroidery and appliqueMonday6.45-8.45pm21/9/2010ONLINECodeFee AFee BQ000037A 123 99Sewing: dressmaking samples to develop skills with Val WoodTuesday9.30-11.30am22/9/205RSGQ000703A 86 69Thursday9.30-11.30am24/9/205RochesterQ000704A 86 69Sewing: dressmaking and machine skills 38A 150 120Wednesday6.30-9pm23/9/2010ONLINEQ000040A 150 120Q000034A 69 56Sewing: make your own skirt block - e-learningMonday10am-12.30pm2/11/203ONLINESewing: Christmas stocking project - machine 42A 43 36Wednesday6.30-8.30pm9/12/202ONLINEQ000043A 43 36Q000600A 5 4Sewing: spooky crafts for families - e-learningSaturday10.30am-12.30pm 24/10/201ONLINEJewellery makingLearn to create unique jewellery with our tutor who is an accomplished practising jewellery designer. Allcourses are suitable for all abilities. You will learn skills from developing an initial concept, soldering, stonesetting and creating textures from metal to create professional finished pieces.Jewellery design and making - mixed 49A 215 171Wednesday7-9pm16/9/2015RochesterQ000051A 215 171Thursday4.30-6.30pm17/9/2015RochesterQ000053A 215 171Thursday7-9pm17/9/2015RochesterQ000055A 215 how to write beautifully and develop your creativity with calligraphy. You will learn fundamentalapproaches, letterforms, layout and design. Calligraphy can be used to enhance artwork, illustrate writing,create invitations or as a stand-alone art form.6Calligraphy - beginners and progression to y - progression to 0058A 144 115RochesterQ000060A 144 115Late enrolment? If a course you are interested in has already started, don’t worry,you might still be able to enrol. Have a look at the course online, email phone 01634 338400 and we will be able to tell you if enrolments are still available.

discover learn achieveDrawing and paintingWe offer a wide range of drawing and painting coursesto suit all abilities and interests. Our professional tutorswill develop your skills and work with you to provide aprogramme of study to inspire and develop both yourtechnical ability and individual style. As well as longer,general art courses we offer specialist workshops, shortcourses, opportunities to exhibit and participation inenrichment activities throughout the year. Online optionsare available for regular daytime and evenings andoccasional Saturdays.DayTimeDateSessionsCentreCodeFee AFee BQ000066A 169 134Q000071A 105 85Q000077A 150 120 134Drawing and painting - beginners to intermediate - e-learningMonday9.30am-12noon7/9/2014ONLINEDrawing and painting - beginners to g and painting - beginners to wing and painting - intermediate to 0081A 169Wednesday12.30-3pm9/9/2014RochesterQ000073A 169 134Thursday1-3pm17/9/2015RochesterQ000083A 150 120Q000079A 150 120Q000075A 142 114Drawing and painting - intermediate and advancedMonday1-3pm14/9/2015RochesterDrawing and painting - mixed ability - e-learningThursday7-9pm10/9/2014ONLINEDrawing & painting: watercolour - beginners to intermediateTuesday12.30-3pm8/9/20Art: pastel painting taster - e-learningThursday10am-12noon10/9/20Art: pastel painting - 0085A 169 1341ONLINEQ000705A 20 175ONLINEQ000706A 69 57Can’t find the course you want?With hundreds of courses to choose from we are confident we will have something for you.But if there is a course that you think we could add to our schedule, please let us know.We are also able to offer bespoke courses for groups, businesses or other organisations.To arrange for someone to speak to you about what we can offer please

discover learn achieveDayTimeDateSessionsCentreCodeFee AFee BStained glassOur stained glass courses will teach you everything from initial design development through to glass cuttingand assembly processes, to create beautiful glass designs. Suitable for all levels from complete beginnersto practiced artists you will work with our expert tutor to realise their ideas.Stained glass - mixed abilityTuesday7-9pm15/9/2015RochesterQ000094A 237 187Wednesday1-3pm16/9/2015RochesterQ000096A 237 187PhotographyLearners may wish to study for pleasure, as a hobby or to developprofessional skills. From learning to master your own camerasettings to using creative approaches, you’ll get practical guidanceto help you get the most from your camera.Digital photography for beginnersMonday7-9pm14/9/20Photography project - e-learningSaturday1-3pm26/9/2010RSGQ000099A 117 936ONLINEQ000717A 62 learningIn addition to our arts andcrafts for families, we arealso focussed on providingsubjects across a widerrange to appeal to moreinterests and tastes. Wehave face-to-face and onlineoptions, which will be addedto throughout the year.Coming soonseasonal themedprojects andgardeningThe online music sessionsare a great way for sensorydevelopment, through singingand dancing - and bypassingthe difficulties of getting preschool children out the doorin time for a physical lesson.Visit: or8RSG Rainham School for Girls#medwayadulted, for new courses added throughout the year.

Partnership workingMAE work in partnership with Rochester andStrood Dementia Friendly Community groupto raise awareness of dementia, including theservices available to local residents. The trainingis suitable for all individuals who would like tocontribute to helping create a really DementiaFriendly community.They also provide support to organisations andservices to ensure that the experience is asDementia Friendly as possible. The group offer freebespoke training to local businesses to help theirstaff be more mindful of interacting with customerswho may be living with dementia. Lots of shopsand organisations in Medway have receivedthis support. Visit: for details. To enquire about arranginga session for your business or organisation orfor further information contact John Portman or 07989 783447.Medway Adult Education plays an active role inhelping make Medway a more Dementia Friendlyplace. We provide bespoke Dementia Friendlycourses, such as a free regular weekly Tai Chiclass, designed specifically for those living withdementia and their loved ones. These are heldon Fridays, during term-time, at 10.30am at theRochester Community Hub. If you or someoneyou know is living with dementia and would liketo know what support is available when attendingclasses or for more details please visit the hub orphone 01634 338400.The Sunlight CentreMAE offers drop-in drawing and painting classes,which promote the social and mental healthbenefits of creative arts, as well as leadingparticipants to gain confidence to exhibit their workand take part in community projects.The Net Community HubMAE deliver arts and crafts sessions in the hub,to contribute to the aims of providing inspiringand accessible learning opportunities to alllocal residents.The Net Community Hub is a small communityspace in Weedswood, offering a range of sessionsand access to local agencies, and is home to theWalderslade Together group.Our aim is to benefit vulnerable Waldersladeresidents, with a particular emphasis on the elderlyand isolated, by providing inclusive recreationalopportunities to improve their health and wellbeingand reduce social isolation.Fort AmherstWe offer a programme of family learning at FortAmherst.Discover your history at Fort Amherst. FortAmherst is a fascinating part of Medway’s defencehistory. Visitors can enjoy 300 years of militaryhistory with an amazing network of undergroundtunnels. All set in 20 acres of beautiful parkland(open daily free of charge).Medway Adult Education is running one of theVictorian Allotments at Fort Amherst and will beoffering a range of planting and growing courses,as well as other subjects in partnership, such aslandscape painting and photography.Huguenot MuseumMAE work with The Huguenot Museum to offerfamily learning opportunities such as learningFrench through storytelling and exploring history.The Huguenot run a diverse programme of adultworkshops, family activities, school sessions,temporary exhibitions and talks. Working with agreat range of artists, you can learn somethingnew, or develop existing skills inspired by thestories and objects in the museum.Explore the programme through the or pop in duringour opening hours Weds-Sat 10am-5pm, lastadmission 4.15pm. The museum is above theVisitor Information Centre in Rochester High to become Dementia Friendly9

Special interests“I enjoyed the varietyof topics covered andlearning about aspectsof art I know little ornothing about”MAE Learner10

DayTimeDateSessionsCentreCodeFee AFee BArt appreciationIf you are a practicing artist or simply enjoy the arts you will love our online art appreciation classes. You willexamine both the artists and concepts behind traditional and contemporary art and learn what influencesmovements and trends in the visual arts field. An ideal complimentary course for those studying on ourpractical drawing and painting courses.Advanced art appreciation and art history - e-learningWednesday10am-12noon16/9/2016Art history and art appreciation - e-learningWednesday1-3pm16/9/2016RochesterQ000106A 154RochesterQ000108A 154discover learn achieveLooking for a new interest or challenge to help keep the mind active and the brain healthy? This sectionlists a selection of courses designed to contribute to your lifelong learning plans. Suitable for all abilities new learners are always very welcome. The social element is a key part of why many learners come along.Creative writingDevelop your creative writing skills and start to work on that short story or novel you have been longing towrite. Your tutor will show you how to enhance your abilities and turn your ideas into written reality.Creative writing 1Monday7-9pm14/9/2011RochesterQ000110A 113HistoryWith a variety of subjects our history courses take an in-depth look at a range of era’s and people fromhistory. A sociable and friendly course.Historically A 292Thursday10am-12noon5/11/2027RochesterQ000114A 292Group learning provides a more affordable option to learn a musicalinstrument for the first time. Our tutors engage with learners to helpthem progress at a pace that suits them and will help you createmanageable goals that keep the learning fun.Guitar for beginnersWednesday10am-12noon16/9/20Ukulele for beginners and improvers15RochesterQ000115A 164Wednesday12.30-2.30pm16/9/2015RochesterQ000117A 164Wednesday6.45-8.45pm16/9/2015RochesterQ000118A

Health and wellbeing“I enjoyed the comfortableenvironment. Everyone wasfriendly and inclusive”MAE Learner12

DayTimeDateSessionsCentreCodeFee AYogaSuitable for all abilities, our yoga courses will promote suppleness, mobility and mental health as well ashelping you to relax and achieve a sense of wellbeing. You will learn at an appropriate pace, includingpostures, breathing and relaxation.Yoga for beginners - e-learningMonday7.30-9pmYoga - all abilities14/9/2012ONLINEQ000119A 107 85Monday7.30-9pm14/9/2034RSGQ000120A 226 178Tuesday1.30-3pm15/9/2034RochesterQ000121A 226 A 226 178Wednesday7-9pm16/9/2034RochesterQ000123A 226 178Friday11-12.30pm18/9/2034URCQ000124A 226 1781.30-3pm17/9/2034RochesterQ000126A 226 178Gentle yogaThursdaydiscover learn achieveOur well-being programme uses a holistic approach to help people lead fuller lives - by increasing mentalhealth, energy, focus, mobility and movement. This is provided in our modernised well-being studio in theRochester Centre - a really calming and positive space - as well as out in the community. New this year well-being for families - which includes parent and child yoga, mindfulness and post-natal yoga - for thelatest news on new courses follow visit our social media pages.Tai ChiTai chi - dementia friendlyFriday10.30am-12.30pm 11/9/2017Active Life - Tai chi for health - pay as you goWednesday12noon-1pmTai chi - all 0134N 5 per sessionTuesday10-11.30am8/9/2017RochesterQ000139A 128 102Tuesday6.45-8.15pm8/9/2017RochesterQ000132A 128 102Meditation and mindfulnessA mindfulness programme will help you adapt a new mind set, with a proven, lasting impact on the selfmanagement of anxiety and stress. A great way to maximise relaxation and de-stress.Mindfulness - stage 1Monday1-3pm14/9/208RochesterQ000136A 99 80Monday7-9pm14/9/208RochesterQ000135A 99 moving meditation suitable for everyone. You will leave classes feeling more relaxed physically as wellas with a clearer, calmer mind - which can lead to greater clarity and focus. You will feel so much positiveenergy just from being in the room during classes.13

Languages“A good mix ofconversation, newvocabulary and grammar,as well as French culture”MAE Learner14

DayTimeDateSessionsCentre22/9/2015French - conversation advancedTuesday10am-12noonItalian - stage 1 module 1CodeFee AFee BRochesterQ000146A 166 131Wednesday10am-12noon16/9/2015RochesterQ000147A 166 131Wednesday7-9pm16/9/2015RochesterQ000603A 166 13116/9/2015RochesterQ000441A 166 13115/9/2015ONLINEQ000152A 166 13116/9/2015RochesterQ000151A 166 13115ONLINEQ000154A 166 131Spanish - stage 1 module 1Wednesday1-3pmSpanish - stage 1 module 2 - e-learningTuesday1-3pmSpanish - stage 2 module 1Wednesday10am-12noonSpanish - stage 3 module 2 - e-learningMonday10am-12noon14/9/20discover learn achieveWe offer a range of languages at different levels. Whether you wish to learn the basics for your holiday orprogress to chatting with a native speaker, we have a programme suitable for you. All our courses coverspeaking, writing and listening skills as well as an insight into the culture and traditions of the region.Please see the accompanying table to help you ascertain your starting level. Coming in 2020/21 try Frenchconversation for advanced learners.What course is right for you?LevelThis course is suitable for:Stage 1Absolut

Calligraphy Learn how to write beautifully and develop your creativity with calligraphy. You will learn fundamental approaches, letterforms, layout and design. Calligraphy can be used to enhance artwork, illustrate writing, create invitations or as a stand-alone art form. Calligraphy - beginners and progression to intermediate

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Plans Under the CRoW Act, Highway Authorities have a duty to develop a Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP). Known in Kent as the Countryside Access Improvement Plan (CAIP) and in Medway as the Medway Rights of Way Improvement Plan. Kent’s ROWIP was adopted as county policy in February 2008. Its revision was completed in 2013.

Out of area - number of children who sat the Test. 1,755. 1,638: Number of children assessed as grammar via the Test. 2,156: 1,922. Number of children assessed as grammar via the Test - Medway . 854. 833: Number of children assessed as grammar via the Test - Out of area. 1302: 1,089. Minimum score required to be assessed as grammar. 488. 487

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CERVICAL SCREENING NEWSLETTER July 2018 The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information and updates in relation to staff involved in the National Cervical Screening programme across Kent and Medway. In This Issue: High -Risk HPV Primary Testing Result Letters Extended H ours? Contacting N on -R esponders :

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The Alchemist Jonson, Ben English Project Gutenberg Ebook 4/08/2010 Adult, Juvenile, Young adult Alchemy Mahy, Margaret 9780007406760 English HarperCollins Publishers Young Adult Fiction Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction Ebook 27/03/2014 Adult, Young adult Alexander Altmann A10567 Zail, Suzy 9781925081169 English Walker Books Australia Young Adult .