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BOO, THE GHOSTLY GHOSTDOOR HANGERWelcome trick-or-treaters with “Boo”, our happy Ghostly Ghost door hanger! Not only is he a super quick and easy projectfor beginning crafters, but he’s sure to delight trick-or-treaters of all ages.Cut all parts of Boo with the Brother ScanNCut CM650W and use the Brother Q-Series sewing machine to assemble.You’ll notice how the longer feed dogs and extended pressure foot make stitching around Boo’s ghostly curves a breeze.Skill Level: BeginnerFinished Size: 16” x 11”Time Required: 1 hour approx.SUPPLIES Brother NQ700 Sewing Machine Brother ScanNCut CM650W Brother Scanning Mat CAMATS12 Brother Medium Tack Mat CAMATM12 ½ yard of felted wool or canvas weight fabric (white) ¼ yard of black fabric (cotton or felt) Strip of Halloween print fabric 36” by 2” ScanNCut High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet CASTBL2 Stuffing (polyester stuffing) White and Black thread 1” plastic ring1

BOO, THE GHOSTLY GHOSTDOOR HANGERStep onePrint and enlarge the ghost template in your Brother ScanNCut1.Download and print Ghost template.2.Place template on Scanning Mat. (see figure 1)3.Press ‘Scan to Cut Data’ .4.Save scanned design. (see figure 2)5.In the settings screen, change mat size to 12” x 24” mat.6.Recall saved design.7.Enlarge ghost to 16” x 11” .8.Save enlarged ghost design in machine.Figure 2Figure 12

BOO, THE GHOSTLY GHOSTDOOR HANGERStep twoCutting1.Recall enlarged Ghost design.2.Using medium tack mat, position your white fabric (prepared with fusible appliqué on the back). (see figure 3)3.Press Cut to cut front of Ghost.4.Repeat steps 2 to 3 to cut back of Ghost.5.Position black fabric (prepared with fusible appliqué on medium tack mat.)6.Select block font (FO A001). (see figure 4)7.Enter letters B O O and set number at 2.8.Size each letter to 4” high by 2” wide.9.Select an oval shape for the eyes. Hint: you may want to use the middles of the letter O of ‘Boo’!10. Size to 1.5” x 1” and set number at 2.11.Select desired shape for mouth and change to desired size.12. Press Cut.13. Set all cut shapes aside. (see figure 5)Figure 3Figure 4Figure 53

BOO, THE GHOSTLY GHOSTDOOR HANGERAssembly1.With right sides together, stitch Ghost front to Ghost back.2.Use a ¼ ” seam allowance. (Notice how the longer feed dogs on the Brother NQ700 and extended pressure foot assist youwhen you stitch around the ghostly curves!)3.Position eyes and mouth on Ghost’s face (front of Ghost) and press in place.4.Leave an opening at the bottom of the ghost in order to turn and to insert stuffing.5.Stuff Ghost! HINT: A chopstick helps to push the stuffing into all of his bumps and curves. (see figure 6)6.When the ghost is stuffed to your desired stuffiness, fold the open edges to the inside and hand stitch the opening closed.7.Layer the BOO letters with wrong sides together.8.Stitch around the letters to hold in place.9.From the Halloween fabric, cut a piece of fabric 36” x 2” long.10. Fold in half longwise, and fold each folded edge into the middle fold.11.Stitch together along the long edge of fabric.12. Determine where to place BOO on the long strip of fabric. (see figure 7)13. Stitch BOO to long strip of fabric.A14. Loop fabric around Ghost’s neck and position BOO to the front.15. Hand stitch a plastic ring to the back of Ghost for hanging.CFigure 6Figure 74

BOO, THE GHOSTLY GHOSTDOOR HANGERBoo, the Ghostly Ghost is ready to hangon your door and greet your Halloweenghosts and goblins!By Lynn Swanson,Brother Canada Educator.Designed exclusively for you by the Brother Education CREATIVITY FOR GENERATIONS.68104 HAD July2016 Crafting Project5

Print and enlarge the ghost template in your Brother ScanNCut 1. Download and print Ghost template. 2. Place template on Scanning Mat. (see figure 1) 3. Press ‘Scan to Cut Data’ . 4. Save scanned design. (see figure 2) 5. In the settings screen, change mat size to 12” x 24” mat. 6. Recall saved design. 7. Enlarge ghost to 16” x 11” . 8.