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Kings’ School Al BarshaSUMMER2017- t timeFinishing /12Paper 1 GeographicalThemesPM4:00 PM5:45 pm1 Hour 45MinWednesday03/05/17Islamiyat P1CIEIGCSE0493/12Paper 1AM11:30AM1:00PM1Hour 30MinMonday08/05/17Islamiyat P2CIEIGCSE0493/22Paper 2AM11:30AM1:00PM1 Hour per 2 GeographicalSkillsPM4:00PM5:30PM1 Hour 30MinTuesday16/05/17French P1EdexcelIGCSE4FR0/01Paper 1 ListeningAM11:30AM12:10PM40 MInFrench P2EdexcelIGCSE4FR0/02Paper 2 Reading & WritingPM12:30 PM2:00PM1 Hour 30MinBiology P1EdexcelGCSE2SC01Unit 5BI1H 01Unit - 5BI1H 01Influences on Life HigherTierPM4:30 PM5:30 PM1 Hour

Kings’ School Al BarshaArabic ACIEIGCSE0508P1First Language ArabicReadingPM4:00 PM–6:00 PM2 e Mathematics 1AM11:3 0AM1:00PM1 Hour 30MinutesThursday18/05/17Chemistry P1EdexcelGCSE2SC01Chemistry in Our WorldUnit 5CH1H 01 Higher TierAM12:00 PM1:00PM1 HourArabic A P2CIEIGCSE0508First Language ArabicWritingPM4:00PM –6:00PM2 HoursSpanish M40 MinSpanish P2(R & W)EdexcelIGCSE4SP02Reading and WritingPM12:30 PM2:00PM1 Hour 30MinPEEdexcelGCSE2PE01Unit 5PE01PM4:00PM5:30PM1 Hour EdexcelIGCSE4ET0 (BR)English LiteratureAM09:00AM10:45PM1 Hour 45MinWednesday24/05/17Physics P1EdexcelIGCSE2SC01Unit 5PH1HP1 Universal PhysicsHigher Tier (EdexcelGCSE)PM4:30 PM–5:30PM1 HourMathematicsEdexcelGCE6664Core Mathematics 2AM11:30 AM1:00PM1 Hour 30Minutes

Kings’ School Al BarshaThursday25/05/17MathematicsPaper 1EdexcelGCSE1MA1 Unit 1MA1HMonday5/06/17History P1EdexcelIGCSE4HI0 01AS FrenchP1 Listening,Reading xcelIGCSE4EA0 (BR)GeographyP4CIEIGCSE0460/42German P1(L)EdexcelIGCSE4GN0Unit4GN0 01German P2EdexcelIGCSE4GN0Unit 4GN0 02Paper 2 Reading r ScienceAMTuesdayWednesday06/06/1707/06/17Paper 1 Non CalculatorHigher TierAM11:30AM1:00PMAM11:30 AM1:00PMListening, Reading &WritingAM11:30 AM1:15PM1 Hour 45MinEnglish LanguageAM09:00AM11:15PM2 Hour15Minpm4:00 PM5:30PM1 Hour 30MinAM11:30AM12:10PM40 Min12:30 PM2:00PM1 Hour 30Min11:30 AM–1:30PM2 HoursPaper 1Alternative to coursework42Paper 1 Listening1 Hour 30Min1 Hour 30Min

Kings’ School Al BarshaMathematicsEdexcelGCE6683Core Statistics S1AM11:30 AM1:00PM1 Hour 30MInThursday08/06/17MathematicsP2 CalculatorTierEdexcelGCSE1MA1Unit -1MA1 2HP2 Calculator TierAM11:30 AM-1:00PM1 Hour 30MInFriday09/06/17MusicEdexcelGCSE2MU01Unit -5MU03 01Listening and AppraisingPM4:00PM5:30PM1 Hour 30MInBiology P2EdexcelGCSE2SA01Unit -5BI2HP2 The Components ofLife Higher TierPM12:00PM1:00PM1 HourAS FrenchP2 – WritingEdexcelGCSE7651Unit -7651/2P2 – WritingAM11:30 AM–1:00 PM1 Hour 30MinRussian P1EdexcelGCSE2RU01Unit-5RU01P1 ListeningPM4:00 PM-4:45PM45 MinRussian P3(R) (EdexcelGCSE)EdexcelGCSE2RU01Unit-5RU03P3 Reading5:00 PM5:55PM55 GCSE1MA1Unit-1MA1 3HP3 Calculator Higher TierAM11:30AM-1:00PM1 Hour 30MInWednesday14/06/17History P2EdexcelIGCSE4HI0Unit-4HI0 02Paper 2PM4:00 PM5:30PM1 Hour 30MInChemistry P2EdexcelGCSE2SA01Unit 5CH2H 01P2 Discovering ChemistryHigher TierPM12:00 PM–1:00PM1 Hour

Kings’ School Al BarshaFriday16/06/17Physics P2EdexcelGCSE2SA01Unit - 5PH2H 01P2(Edexcel GCSE) Physicsfor your Future Higher TierPM12:00 PM–1:00PM1 HourMonday19/06/17Biology P3EdexcelGCSE2SF01Unit- 5BI3H 01P3 Using Biology HighertierPM12:00 PM1:00PM1 HourArabic B P1EdexcelGCSE2AR01Unit -5AR01 01P1 ListeningPM4:00 PM4:45PM45 MinArabic B P3EdexcelGCSE2AR01Unit -5AR01 03P3 ReadingPM5:00 PM–5:55PM55 MinRussianEdexcelGCSE2RU01Unit- 5RU04P4 WritingPM4:30PM5:30PM1 HourChemistry P3EdexcelGCSE2SF01Unit-5CH3H 01P3 Chemistry in ActionHigher TierPM12:00PM1:00PM1 HourWednesday21/06/17Thursday22/06/17Arabic BEdexcelGCSE2AR01Unit -5AR04 01P4 WritingPM4:30 PM5:30PM1 HourFriday23/06/17Physics P3EdexcelGCSE2SF01Unit-5PH3H 01P3 Applications of PhysicsHigher TierPM12:00 PM1:00PM1 HourMonday26/06/17ProductDesignAQAGCSE4557 Unit 45552Product DesignAM11:30AM1:30PM2 HoursEdexcelIGCSE4MG0Unit -4MG0 01GreekAM11:30 AM2:30PM3 HoursGreek

5PH1H P1 Universal Physics Higher Tier (Edexcel GCSE) . Friday 16/06/17 Physics P2 Edexcel GCSE 2SA01 Unit - 5PH2H 01 P2 (Edexcel GCSE) Physics for your Future Higher Tier PM 12:00 PM– 1:00PM 1 Hour Monday 19/06/17 Biology P3 Edexcel GCSE 2SF01 Unit- 5BI3H 01 P3 Using Biology Higher .

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