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Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 1ZIMBABWEMiniSTrY OF PriMArY AnD SeCOnDArY eDUCATiOnCOMMerCeSYLLABUSFOrM 1 - 42015-2022Curriculum Development and Technical Services,P.O. Box MP 133, Mount Pleasant, Harare All Rights ReservedRevised 2015

Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page iiCommerce (Form 1 - 4) SyllabusACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to acknowledge the following:l The National Commerce Syllabus Panell Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC)l Polytechnic and Teacher Training Institutions Representativesl Universities Representativesl United Nations Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF)ii


Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 1Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus1

Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 2Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus1.0 PREAMBLE1.1 IntroductionThe Commerce syllabus is a four year learning areacovering Forms 1–4. The syllabus prepareslearners for life through provision of knowledge,skills, values and understanding ownership ofmeans of production in the commercial world withina Zimbabwean context. It lays the foundation forcareers in the business field and provides the basisfor further studies in related disciplines. Thesyllabus intends to develop in learners self-reliance,enterprise, critical thinking, problem solving,resource management and leadership skills.Learner centered approach to the learning andteaching process should be adopted.1.2 RationaleThe study of commerce equips learners withpractical enterprise skills, value addition skills andbusiness related competences .This will enablethem to function properly in the prevailing socio–economic, cultural, political and technologicalenvironment. It promotes self-reliance for theenhancement of economic growth through theownership and exploitation of the means ofproduction such as land, and capital.The Commerce syllabus enables learners to develop thefollowing skills:lProblem solvinglDecision makinglllllll2Critical thinkingConflict chnical and innovativeEnterprise development1.3 Summary of ContentThis syllabus intends to provide a theoretical andpractical knowledge base for students in thecommercial world such as production, consumerprotection, business organization, financialmanagement, trade and aids to trade.1.4 Methodology and time allocation1.41 MethodologyIn this syllabus, learner centered methods andapproaches are encouraged.The principles of inclusivity, relevance,individualization and concreteness shouldinfluence the choice of teaching methods so thatlearning of Commerce embrace the diversity ofall learners.The methods are not mutually exclusive andmay be used in combination. The followingmethods are suggested:lGroup worklEducational tourslllllllllllllResearchSimulations/ Role playQuestions and answersCase studyMini enterprise approachDiscoveryProblem ct work

Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 3Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus1.42 Time AllocationIn order to cover the content adequately, Form 1to 4 Commerce should be allocated at least 4 fortyminute lessons per week, at least 1 Educationaltour and at least 2 Seminars per year. Educationaltours should be allocated 1 working day per term.1.5 AssumptionsIt is assumed that all learners:l are constantly participating in and interactingwith commercial activities like buying andselling.l have access to some means of production.l desire to contribute meaningfully to thecommunity and nation at large.l have a desire for self-reliance through runningtheir own enterprises.l are aware of the prevailing commercialenvironment.1.6 Cross-Cutting ThemesThe Commerce learning area will encompass thefollowing cross cutting themes:lInformation Communication Technology (ICT)lFinancial literacylllllllRisk and Disaster managementThe syllabus enables learners to:3.1 develop an appreciation of the environment withinwhich commercial activities take place.3.2 acquire knowledge and understanding of thelanguage, concepts and decision-making proceduresof commercial activities.3.3 develop knowledge and understanding of the impactof information technology in commercial activities.3.4 develop knowledge and understanding of the natureand significance of innovation and change oncommercial activities.3.5 prepare for life and work in an indigenised economyand increasingly globalised and competitiveenvironment.3.6 demonstrate desirable financial literacy andnumeracy skills including practical competenciesnecessary to run a business.3.7 acquire lifelong business management skills in linewith emerging opportunities and challenges of thelocal, national and global society.3.8 Participate in voluntary service and leadership aswell as contribute meaningfully to the developmentof the country.Human Rights and responsibilitiesCollaborationEnvironmental issuesEnterprise skillsGenderHeritage2.0 PRESENTATION OF THE SYLLABUSThe syllabus is presented as a single documentcatering for Forms 1 – 4.3.0 Aims3

Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 4Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus5.0 TOPICS4.0SYLLABUS OBJECTIVES4.1demonstrate knowledge and understanding of thepurposes and functions of commercial activitiesand commercial institutions.l Production4.2describe the environment in which commercialactivities take place.l Enterprise4.3explain relevant terms used in business.4.4interpret information from graphs, charts andtables.4.5analyse significant factors to consider in acommercial situation.4.6present and interpret information in the form ofgraphs, diagrams and tables4.7apply knowledge and skills to solve problems incommercial situations.4.8make accurate judgments on commercial issues.4.9assess the impact of ICTs on commercialactivities.4.10communicate commercial information in writing,verbally, diagrammatically and graphically in acoherent and logical manner.4.11carry out self-reliance project.By the end of four years of secondary education, learnersshould be able to:4The syllabus topics are as follows:l Tradel Consumer protectionl Business Organisationsl Finance and Bankingl Insurance and Assurancel Business Communicationl Transportl Warehousingl Marketing

(( ((((((!(Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus(((((*)&!(5(x Introduction to tradex Wholesale trade(6.2 TRADE((((x Stages of Productionx Factors of productionx Ownership of means of production(*)&!(5(((6.1 TOPIC 1: PRODUCTION(5*)&!(3(x Retail tradex Hire purchase and deferred paymentsx Discountsx Documents used in home tradex Forms of productionx Division of labour andspecialisationx Mass productionx Chain of distribution*)&!(3(6.0 SCOPE AND SEQUENCE*)&!(J(x Foreign tradex Value addition and beneficiationof resources*)&!(J(*)&!(K(x Balance of paymentsx Business environment*)&!(K(!Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 5

(( (((((( (!!!!!!!!!!!!!Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus(x Importance of Business Organisationsx Business sectors(*)&!(5(((x Unincorporated business units*)&!(3((*)&!(3(x Consumer Protection Boards such as:- Consumer Council of Zimbabwe(CCZ)- Standards Association ofZimbabwe (SAZ)6.4 TOPIC4:BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS*)&!(5(x reasons for consumer protectionx Consumer rights and responsiblebehaviour(6.3 TOPIC 3: CONSUMER PROTECTION6x Public sector businessx Incorporated business unitsx Multi-national companies*)&!(J(*)&!(J(x Consumer Protection- Methods of protectingconsumers- Role of Governmentx Traders associationx Business MembershipOrganisations (BMO)x Small to Medium Enterprises(SMEs)x Public sector reforms*)&!(K(*)&!(K(!Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 6

!((xx!( (Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabusx Moneyx Personal finance*)&!(5((((xxxx(Managing Personal financesTaxationBanking systemFinancial institutions:- Commercial Banks*)&!(3((Management functionsBusiness ethics*)&!(3((6.6 TOPIC 6: FINANCE AND BANKINGx Introduction to Enterprise*)&!(5(((6.5 TOPIC5: ENTERPRISE7Business planIntellectual propertyx Business Financex Other Financial Institutionsx The Reserve Bank ofZimbabwe*)&!(J(xx*)&!(J(xxxxBusiness CalculationsZimbabwe Stock ExchangeTrends in BankingInternational FinancialInstitutions*)&!(K(*)&!(K(!Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 7

Nature and purpose of insuranceand assuranceCommunal systems of insuranceand assurance( ((xxx!Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus(((Postal servicesEffective communicationxxImportance of CommunicationTelecommunicationService providersxxx(*)&!(3(( (*)&!(5((((Principles of insuranceDocuments used in insurance andassuranceInsurance procedures*)&!(3((6.8 TOPIC 8: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONxx*)&!(5((6.7 TOPIC 7: INSURANCE AND ASSURANCE8Types of insurance policiesTypes of assurance policiesExport Credit GuaranteeCorporation (ECGC)xxxFactors to consider inchoosing mode ofcommunicationFormal and informal businesscommunicationTrends in businesscommunication*)&!(J(xxx*)&!(J(!Impact of ICT on insurance andassurance*)&!(K(x*)&!(K(Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 8

Importance of transportModes of transport( (!xx((Commerce (Form 1 - 4) SyllabusIntroduction to warehousingIndigenous storage systems*)&!(5(!(xxx(x Warehousing functions andimportanceFactors influencing choice oftransportDocuments used in transportPort authorities*)&!(3((*)&!(3(6.10 TOPIC 10: WAREHOUSINGxx*)&!(5((6.9 TOPIC 9: TRANSPORT9Trends in transportx Types of warehousesx Location of a warehouse*)&!(J(x*)&!(J(*)&!(K(*)&!(K(!Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 9

!((((((((((((((((((((((xx(((Commerce (Form 1 - 4) SyllabusMarketing conceptsTypes of markets(*)&!(5(6.11 TOPIC 11: MARKETINGxxMarket segmentationMarketing approaches*)&!(3((10xMarketing mix (Product,place, promotion and price)*)&!(J(*)&!(K(!Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 10

(x Explain why it is important for indigenouspeople to own means of productionx Identify land as our heritagex Describe the importance of land reformand indigenisation of our economyCommerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus!Ownership of themeans of productionFactors of productionxxxxxxxx Explain the need for productionx Classify goods and servicesx Explain primary, secondary and tertiaryproductionx Describe factors of productionx Explain the relationship betweencommerce and productionStages of production11Means of production asour heritageRole of Government inindigenising our economyThe need for productionGoods and servicesChain of production fromprimary to tertiaryFactors of productionRelationship betweencommerce and production/)#%.#%((1.,&#"#:()2N./%"O. X(R @B B?(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X(((%) "/(((7.1 PRODUCTION((7 COMPETENCYMATRIX(( ((FORM 1 SYLLABUSOutlining the need for productionCategorizing goods and servicesRole playing production activitiesVisiting production sites in thecommunityDiscussing production activities inthe communityDescribing each stage of productionDiscussing factors of productionDemonstrating the relationship betweencommerce and productionDiscussing importance of indigenouspeople owning means of productionx Debating on why land is our Heritagex Explaining the importance of land reformand indigenousxxxxxxxxx 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". ((,#-(#)%. (!x Chartsx Recommendedtextbooksx Samples of goodsx ICT toolsx Newspaper cuttingsx Literature on ourheritagex Resource personsx Indigenisation Actx Land Reform Act 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 11

!(((((((((((((x Explain the services of wholesalersx Describe the different types ofwholesalersx Explain why a wholesaler is by-passed inthe distribution chainx Identify marketing boardsx Describe the functions of commoditymarkets1.,&#"#:()2N./%"O.((R @B B?(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X(x Explain the need for tradex Describe barter and monetary tradex Compare home trade and foreign trade(((Commerce (Form 1 - 4) SyllabusWholesaleTradeIntroduction totrade%) "/(7.2 TRADEx Discussing the need for tradex Distinguishing between monetary tradeand barterx Dramatizing exchange of goodsx Illustrating diagrammatically branches oftradex Identifying similarities and differencebetween home trade and foreign tradex Discussing services of wholesalersx Visiting wholesalersx Writing notes on findings from visitsx Interviewing customers on servicesprovided by the wholesalerx Researching on the types of wholesalersx Outlining reasons for by passing awholesalerx Listing the purpose of Marketing Boardsx Describing the functions of MarketingBoardsx Explaining functions of commoditymarketsx Reasons for tradex Forms of tradex Branches of trade12x Services of wholesalers tomanufacturers, retailers andconsumersx Types of wholesalers:- cash and carry- general- specialist- co-operativewholesale societiesx Reasons for by-passing awholesalex Marketing boards such asGrain MarketingBoard (GMB)x Commodity markets 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". (,#-(#)%. (/)#%.#%(!x Recommended textbooksx Resource personsx ICT toolsx Samples of moneyx Samples of goods 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (x Recommended textbooksx Chartsx ICT toolsCommerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 12

((((1.,&#"#:()2N./%"O. (1 @B B?(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X(x Identify areas where consumers needprotectionx Identify ways in which consumers canbe exploitedx Explain consumer rightsx Discuss their responsibilities asconsumers((((((7.4BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS((((((((((1.,&#"#:()2N./%"O. ((%) "/1 @B B?(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X((x Justify the importance of business(Importance oforganisations(Business(Organisations(Businessx Describe private and public sectors(sectorsx Identify types of business units under(private and public sectors((((((((((((( Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus(!((((Consumerrights and theirresponsibilitiesReasons forconsumerprotection%) "/(7.3 CONSUMER PROTECTION13x Private and public sectorsx Types of business unitsx Importance of businessorganisations/)#%.#%(x Reasons for consumerprotectionx Consumer rightsx Responsible consumerbehaviour/)#%.#%(x Tabulating the differences betweenprivate and public sectorsx Classifying business units into privateand public sectors 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". (,#-(#)%. (x Discussing the importance ofbusiness organisations!x Flow chart of businessin the private and publicsectorsx Local business centres 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (x Recommended textbooks 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". (,#-(#)%. ( 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (x Discussing areas where consumersx Recommendedneed protectiontextbooksx Explaining ways in which consumersx ICT toolscan be exploitedx Resource personsx Debating consumer rightsx Consumer Council ActOutlining their responsibilities asx Pamphlets fromconsumersConsumer CouncilCommerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 13

(()2N./%"O. (1 @B B?(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X(x Identify the qualities of anentrepreneurx Explain the advantages anddisadvantages of being anentrepreneurx Evaluate the importance ofenterprise skills to the economyCommerce(Form 1 - 4) Syllabus!((Introduction toEnterprise%) "/(((7.5 ENTERPRISExxx14Characteristics of anentrepreneurAdvantages anddisadvantages of being anentrepreneurImportance of enterpriseskills to the economy/)#%.#%(x Stating characteristics of anentrepreneurx Analysing advantages anddisadvantages of being anentrepreneurx Visiting nearby entrepreneursx Discussing importance of enterpriseskillsx Assessing the importance ofenterprise skills to the economy 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". (,#-(#)%. (! 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (x Recommendedtextbooksx Resource personsx ICT toolsCommerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 14

!xxxxxCommerce (Form 1 - 4) SyllabusMoneyxxx(Explain the different sources ofincomeState methods of saving incomeJustify the need to save incomeIdentify methods for personalinvestmentAnalyse reasons for investingTrace the origins of moneyDescribe the characteristics ofmoneyOutline the functions of moneyDiscuss the causes and effects ofinflationxPersonal Finance((1.,&#"#:()2N./%"O. X(R @B B(?P;TRF(S (@SR ( ;X((%) "/((((7.6 FINANCE AND BANKINGxxxxxxx15Origins of moneyCharacteristics of moneyFunctions of moneyinflationSources of incomeSaving incomePersonal investments/)#%.#%(Explaining the functions of moneyDebating on causes and effects ofinflationxDebating on the advantages anddisadvantages of barterRole playing on barter tradeDiscussing the characteristics ofmoneyListing sources of incomeDescribing methods of saving incomeDebating on the need to save incomeDiscussing methods of personalinvestmentsEvaluating the reasons for investingxxxxxxxxx 0::. %.-(,/%"O"%". ((,#-(#)%. (xxxxxxx!Recommended textbooksICT toolsChartsNewspaper cuttingsRecommended textbooksBrochures on savingportfoliosICT tools 0::. %.-(&. )0&/. (Commerce Form 1-4.qxp Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page 15

Identify communal systems ofinsurance and assuranceState importance of communalsystems of insurance and assurance(Commerce (Form 1 - 4) Syllabus!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxCommunal systems ofInsurance andassurancexxxxxxx16Communal systems ofinsurance such as zunderamambo/ Isiphala seNkosi,Contributions towards burialof deceasedInsurance and assurancePurposes of insurance andassuranceInsurable and non-insurablerisksPooling of risksImportance of statistics ininsurancexxExplain features of insurance andassuranceOutline purposes of insurance andassuranceIdentify business risks and life risksDistinguish assurance frominsuranceExplain

l The National Commerce Syllabus Panel l Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) l Polytechnic and Teacher Training Institutions Representatives l Universities Representatives l United Nations Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF) Commerce Form 1-4.qxp_Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page ii

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l The National Commerce Syllabus Panel l Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) l Polytechnic and Teacher Training Institutions Representatives l Universities Representatives l United Nations Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF) Commerce Form 1-4.qxp_Layout 1 26/10/2016 12:01 PM Page ii

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