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Language assessment resourcesA toolkit for teacher development

OverviewThe resources suggested in these materials comefrom a range of sources including: free websitesbookssubscription-based journalsexamination boardsorganisations and networks.Copyright: Matt Wright2

Learning objectivesBy the end of the materials you will be able to: find key sources of information on the topicof language testing and assessment.Copyright: Matt Wright3

Websites The first section of these materials provides detailsof websites dedicated to language assessment. The websites are free to use and no subscription isrequired.Copyright: Matt Wright4

The British Council The British Council’s Language Assessment Literacy projectprovides information and training for anyone who is interested inissues of language assessment. Their resources include animated introductions which give you aninsight in to the main topics in Language Assessment. The animations are quick and easy to follow and cover a range oftopics including: test development, validity, assessing each of theskills and assessing young learners. You can access the materials on the project web pages.5

Language Testing Resources websiteCopyright: Matt Wright The Language Testing Resources website isdesigned and maintained by ProfessorGlenn Fulcher from the University ofLeicester. The site contains a huge range of resourceson language assessment and includes video,podcasts, reading lists, information aboutrelevant journals and links to many onlinearticles. This site is particularly useful for thoseundertaking an academic course of study. Visit the Language Testing Resourceswebsite.6

CEFTrain project The CEFTrain Project is an excellent site for those interested in theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR). It provides an overview of the CEFR and a training area in whichyou can look at samples of students’ work and try to assess themagainst CEFR levels. A commentary is then provided by theCEFTrain team.7

Books In the next few slides we recommend some usefulbooks on testing and assessment.Copyright: Matt Wright8

Practical Language TestingPractical Language Testing by Glenn FulcherThis book provides both a practical and theoretical introduction to keyissues in language assessment. Its aim is to provide teachers with theknowledge, skills and understanding they need to design and usetests effectively. Fulcher provides readers with a practical guide forboth designing classroom assessments, and evaluating and improvingexisting assessments.It is likely to be of interest to teachers seeking to develop theirpractice, as well as those studying for academic qualifications.9

The Cambridge Guide to SecondLanguage AssessmentThe Cambridge Guide to Second Language AssessmentEdited by Coombe, C., Davidson, P., O’Sullivan, B., and Stoynoff, S.This book focuses on ‘current approachesand practices in the assessment offoreign/second language performance’. Itcovers a wide range of topics and helpfullyincludes a list of suggestedreading/resources at the end of eachchapter, making it ideal for those who wantto research a specific topic in more detail.10

Assessing Young LearnersAssessing Young LearnersBy Sophie Ioannou-GeorgiouIf you teach young learners, this book isessential reading as it focuses on helpingteachers to engage with assessment in away which is age-appropriate for learners.This book has a practical focus and comescomplete with photocopiable resourceswhich can be used to support yourassessment practices.Copyrigh: Matt Wright11

Assessing Young Language LearnersAssessing Young Language Learnersby Penny McKayThis book deals with the assessment ofyoung learners in both second and foreignlanguage contexts. As well as practicalguidelines, this book also discusses relevanttheoretical perspectives in some detail.This is part of the Cambridge LanguageAssessment series of books which containsmultiple titles related to assessment.12

Journals Journals are an excellent source of up-to-date information andresearch. In the next section, we list key journals in the field oflanguage teaching and assessment.13

Language TestingLanguage Testing is an international, peerreviewed journal which is published fourtimes a year.The journal includes research onassessment in both first and secondlanguage contexts. It features researchrelated not just to classroom practice, butalso to wider issues such as testing theory,policy and ethical issues in testing.14

Language Testing in AsiaLanguage Testing in Asia is an online, peerreviewed journal which focuses specificallyon language testing and assessment in Asia.Copyright: Matt Wright15

English Language Teaching JournalThe ELT Journal is a peer-reviewed journalwhich is published quarterly. Unlike theother journals listed here, the ELT Journaldoes not focus solely on assessment, but onall aspects of English languageteaching. However, it is a popularpublication which regularly features articlesrelated to assessment and testing andtherefore warrants inclusion.Copyright: Matt Wright16

Organisations and networksThe following pages provide details of organisationsand networks.Copyright: Matt Wright17

ILTA The International Language Testing Association (ILTA) is aninternational group of language testing and assessment scholarsand practitioners. The organisation aims to stimulate professional growth throughworkshops and conferences and to promote dissemination ofinformation about language testing and related fields. The annualconference draws practitioners and researchers from across theglobe.18

The European Association for LanguageTesting and Assessment (EALTA) The purpose of EALTA is to promote theunderstanding of theoretical principles oflanguage testing and assessment, andthe improvement and sharing of testingand assessment practices throughoutEurope. EALTA holds an annual conference andorganises training in language testingthrough regional workshops; the creationof reading lists and the development ofweb-based distance courses.Copyright: Matt Wright19

The International Association for Teachersof English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) IATEFL is one of the largest English languageteaching (ELT) organisations in the world. Its workdoes not focus specifically on assessment butencompasses all aspects of ELT. IATEFL has 15 special interest groups, including‘Testing, Evaluation and Assessment’ which allowsits members to connect with others who share aninterest in this field. Visit the TEASIG website.20

EAQUALS EAQUALS is an international, independent, nonprofit membership association which serves theinterests of language learners and the languageeducation profession. The EAQUALS website has a useful section on thethe CEFR which includes the Core Inventory,background resources, and training andstandardisation materials.21

The Council of Europe The Council of Europe promotes linguisticdiversity and language learning in the field ofeducation. Its Language Policy Unit website has a rangeof resources which are likely to be of interestto teachers of all languages. The section onthe CEFR includes a range of resourcesincluding a toolkit and a list of relatedpublications.Copyright: Matt Wright Visit the web pages.22

ALTE The Association of Language Testers in Europeworks to promote multilingualism across Europe,and the globe. It supports organisations whichproduce examinations and certification forlanguage learners and sets quality standards forlanguage assessment. The website includes details of its annualconference and a wide range of testing andassessment related resources.23

Examination boardsThe following organisations offer Englishlanguage exams. Their websites containinformation about the exams, as well asresources for learners and teachers. Cambridge AssessmentIELTSPearson English AssessmentTOEIC ETSTrinity College LondonCopyright: Matt Wright24

What next?You have now finished these materials onlanguage assessment resources. We hope youhave found them useful and enjoyable. If youare interested in learning more aboutassessment, please look at our other materialson: Assessing young learnersLanguage assessment for teachersAssessment for LearningAssessing level and CEFRCopyright: Matt Wright25

The Cambridge Guide to Second Language Assessment Edited by Coombe, C., Davidson, P., O’Sullivan, B., and Stoynoff, S. Assessing Young Learners 11 Assessing Young Learners By Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou If you teach young learners, this book is essential reading as it focuses on helping teachers to engage with assessment in a way which is age-appropriate for learners. This book has a practical .

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