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2021 CANDIDATE GUIDENEONATAL NURSE PRACTITIONERNNP-BC Congratulations on taking the next step in your career – earning your NNP-BC certification!ABOUT THIS GUIDEFees & General Policies2-5About the Exam67-9Exam ContentStudy GuidesStudy Resources10-1718Scoring & Test Report1920-21Terms of Certification andCertification Maintenance22-23Sample QuestionsTHIS EXAM’S PURPOSEThe purpose of the NeonatalNurse Practitioner CoreCertification is to provide an entrylevel, competency-basedexamination that tests specialtyknowledge and the application ofthat knowledge for licensedregistered nurses in the US andCanada who have completed a USaccredited nurse practitionerprogram in the role of a NeonatalNurse Practitioner to provide careto acutely and critically ill neonatalpatients and their families withinhospitals or outpatient settings.IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ THEINFORMATION IN THIS GUIDE. ITWILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONSAND WILL EXPLAIN ALL POLICIESTO WHICH YOU WILL BE SUBJECT.This guide lists fees and provides information that will help you preparefor the examination. It includes the exam content in outline form,competency statements and study guide. It also provides sample examquestions to familiarize you with question format, study resources andlists some of NCC administrative policies & procedures. It is recommendedthat you familiarize yourself with the information in this guide.NCC examinations are offered in several different test administrationsoptions. The NCC publication Guide to Testing Methods will explain thedifferent rules and policies based on how you are taking the examination.Please download this publication from the NCC website and review theexam administration options. It should answer your questions about theNCC examination process.If you have other questions, please feel free to contact NCC through theNCC website at NCCwebsite.org.NCC’S PHILOSOPHY OF TESTINGCertification is an evaluative process that provides the opportunity foradvanced practice nurses in the obstetric, gynecologic and/or neonatalspecialty to demonstrate publicly what they know and to be recognizedfor the special knowledge they possess. The NCC certification carries nolicensing authority. The ability to practice as an advanced practice nurse isregulated by the state boards of nursing, and while certification may berequired in some states for advanced practice roles, NCC has noregulatory power to require states to recognize NCC certification for thispurpose. Practice and educational standards are reflected in thecertification process, but the responsibility for development of suchstandards rests with the professional nursing specialty organizations andthe nursing educational community. NCC encourages individual advancedpractice nurses to seek out information about how certification relates tostate licensure requirements, program accreditation of the educationalinstitutions attended, the educational and practice standards of nationalnursing specialty organizations, and employment expectations.2021 Candidate Guide: Neonatal Nurse PractitionerINFORMATION INCLUDED:1NCC core and subspecialty programs are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies 2021 National Certification Corporation (NCC) All Rights Reserved 676 N Michigan Ave #3600 Chicago, IL 60611 312-951-0207 NCCwebsite.org

FEES & GENERAL POLICIESEXAMINATION AND RELATED FEESEXAMINATION FEES*Computer Exam Fees are 325 which includes the non-refundable 50application fee.*Examination fees are subject to change.CHANGE REQUESTCandidates who cannot take their currently scheduled examination, havemissed their testing date or need to take a different exam - can request achange for a fee of 125. Details are on the NCC website.Computer exam candidatescan change their scheduledtesting date to another datewithin their window once forfree.WITHDRAWAL FEECandidates must handle thisdirectly with PSI/AMP.Retest candidates must pay full application and examination fees. There areno discounts and they must complete a 90-day wait period* beforeresubmitting an application for testing. (*see Retest Policy page 4).Certifications exams of the same specialty can only be taken TWICE in acalendar year for the same candidate.Refer to the NCC testingguide for details.A computer testing candidate who withdraws from testing is subject to a 165 withdrawal fee. The candidate will receive 160 of their 325payment, minus any outstanding charges. PEC candidates cannot withdraw.RETEST FEESUBSTITUTION FEECandidate substitutions are not allowed for any reason.Applicant fees paid by third parties will be refunded to the third party inaccordance with stated refund policies, in the event the applicant isdetermined ineligible or withdraws within the specified time.NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY CANDIDATE who has taken an examination who is not successful in achieving certification who failed to take the exam via computer within the 90-day testing window and did not submita change request within stated time frames who is beyond the first 30 days of their eligibility window and is unable to schedule their exam withintheir eligibility window.2021 Candidate Guide: Neonatal Nurse PractitionerTHIRD PARTY PAYMENTS2 2021 National Certification Corporation (NCC) All Rights Reserved 676 N Michigan Ave #3600 Chicago, IL 60611 312-951-0207 NCCwebsite.org

FEES & GENERAL POLICIESPAYMENT INFORMATIONOTHER NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT RELATED FEES All applications are subject to anonrefundable application fee.INCOMPLETE APPLICATION FEE Payments can be made bycredit card (Visa, AmericanExpress and MasterCard only). Payments can be made bycheck: bank routing number andaccount number required. For payments made by thirdparties, any refund will be issuedto the third party and not to theapplicant. All payments must be in USfunds. NCC does not accept debitcards or split payments (partcheck and part credit card). Exam fees can only besubmitted online at the NCCwebsite. Applications will not beaccepted by mail, phone or fax.RETURNED CHECKS AND CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK FEEA 30 fee will be assessed for any check or e-check returned or a credit cardpayment disputed for any reason. Remittance thereafter of all fees andapplications must be in the form requested by NCC.LICENSE VERIFICATIONIf licensure information is requested requiring an additional submission, thecandidate will have two weeks to provide the license with all the correctinformation and pay the non-refundable 30 reprocessing fee. If this is notprovided within the two weeks, the application will be marked ineligible.Ineligible applicants will receive a refund minus the 50.00 non-refundableapplication fee. There are no refunds or withdrawals for applications usinga bulk code.VERIFICATION OF CERTIFICATIONThird party notification of status will not be released without authorizationfrom the RNC. A 30 fee is required for any third party notification orissuance of duplicates of test results reports. Verification requests can onlybe submitted after official written results have been received in the mail.Verification requests can only be made via the online verification system onthe NCC website. NCC does not issue verifications via the mail or fax. NCC will accept grouppayments for certification examsfrom institutions. Details are onthe NCC website.Certification will be revoked or withheld if a returned check or achargeback request on a credit card payment results in loss ofincome to NCC and the monies are not recovered in an alternatepayment. Fees received at any time will first be applied to anyunpaid prior certification/special fees.2021 Candidate Guide: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner All fees are nonrefundableexcept where otherwise noted.All incomplete applications are subject to a non-refundable 30reprocessing fee upon the submission of proper documentation.Incomplete applications are those submitted with missing information, (e.g.required licensure information and corroborating uploaded documentation;containing incomplete or incorrect information; or do not include full feepayment).3 2021 National Certification Corporation (NCC) All Rights Reserved 676 N Michigan Ave #3600 Chicago, IL 60611 312-951-0207 NCCwebsite.org

FEES & GENERAL POLICIESGENERAL POLICIESUNSUCCESSFUL CANDIDATESEXAM CATEGORY CHANGESA candidate who sits for theexamination and does not receive apassing score is not eligible for anyrefund nor for any credit on anylater NCC exam.You can only request an exam category change by completing a ChangeRequest Form on the NCC website and submitting with non-refundablepayment of 125. Candidates are only allowed one change option (e.g. ifyou reschedule your exam date, you will not be able to change your examcategory). All change requests must be approved by NCC. There will be norefund of original or Change Request fees. Eligibility must be re-establishedfor the new exam category, and additional documentation and fees may berequired. The time to consider eligibility for the new category will counttoward the original assigned 90-day computer testing window.Examination category cannot be changed from a subspecialty or RN Coreapplication to a NNP or WHNP certification. Examinees must take theexam for which they have been determined eligible. No changes will bepermitted on examination day. If a candidate knowingly or unknowinglytakes an examination other than the one they were found eligible to take,the examination will not be scored. No refunds will be allowed, and all feepolicies will apply if the candidate reapplies for an examination. Seewebsite for complete details.It is the policy of NCC that noindividual will be excluded fromthe examinations as a result ofage, sex, race, religion, nationalorigin, ethnicity, disability,marital status, sexualorientation, military status orgender identity.AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIESACTSpecial testing accommodationswill be provided pursuant to theAmericans with Disabilities Act.Any requests for special testingaccommodations must be madein writing and submitted with theapplication. The accommodationrequest form can be downloadedfrom the NCC website. Uponreceipt of a request for specialaccommodations, NCC willcontact the applicant. Suchrequests must be signed by aclinician, physician, or otherqualified specialist with trainingand experience appropriate todiagnose and treat the specifieddisability.RETEST POLICYYou may retake the examination if you do not pass. You must reapply,submit all applicable fees and documentation, and re-establish eligibilityaccording to the appropriate deadlines. There is no limit to the number oftimes you may retake the examination. However, the maximum number oftimes a candidate can take the same NCC test in a calendar year is two.All retest candidates must wait 90 days from the date their exam wasscored before they can submit a new application to retest. this date is provided in the candidate's results notification this 90-day wait period affects all modes of testingAny loss of power or internet during an exam in which there was more than15 minutes of testing with exposure to more than 10% of the exam requiresa retest after 90-days. There is no need to complete a new application butyou will need to notify NCC to move your eligibility window so it begins 90days after the exam attempt. Please notify NCC immediately if this occursso that a new window can be set.If a retest application is submitted prior to the 90-day wait period, theapplication will be returned as ineligible. The applicant will be subject tothe 50 non-refundable application fee.2021 Candidate Guide: Neonatal Nurse PractitionerNONDISCRIMINATION4 2021 National Certification Corporation (NCC) All Rights Reserved 676 N Michigan Ave #3600 Chicago, IL 60611 312-951-0207 NCCwebsite.org

FEES & GENERAL POLICIESNCC does not offer or sponsorreview courses or reviewmaterials for its certificationexaminations. Examinationcandidates should view anycourse of study as beingindependent of NCC. You shouldcarefully examine the merits ofany individual exam preparationoffering before you participate.TEST DISCLOSURENCC does not make testquestions available for review.Because test questions may beused for more than oneexamination administration,distributing this informationwould compromise the securityof the test questions and wouldincrease the cost of certificationif the questions had to bereplaced each year.REVOCATIONYour certification may berevoked for falsifying anyinformation submitted todetermine eligibility to take thecertification examination or formaintaining certification, forlosing your license to practicenursing, or for failing to paydesignated certification ormaintenance fees.POLICIES ARE SUBJECTTO CHANGEGENERAL POLICIES (CONTINUED)INTERNET DISCONNECTIONSIf you start the exam and are disconnected please use the PSI tech lines ifyou are testing with LRP or if at a test center please discuss with theproctor to attempt to get reconnected and continue testing.If you are unable to get reconnected after starting the exam, the timing fora second attempt to take the exam will be based on how much time andhow many questions you were exposed to. If you are disconnected andcannot be reconnected and have tested for under 15 minutes and wereexposed to less than 10% of the exam you will be rescheduled within yourcurrent eligibility window. You must work directly with PSI that day toreschedule and if you run into any issues you must notify NCC within 3days of testing. If you tested for longer than 15 minutes and/or saw morethan 10% of the questions on the exam you will have to wait 90 days andwill be rescheduled. A decision on the timing of your second attempt will bemade after reviewing the test exposure. Please note, you will need to retestat a computer center. Please notify NCC of the internet disconnection issueas soon as you have convenient computer access.APPEALS PROCEDUREAny request to waive any policy of the NCC Board of

Nurse Practitioner Core Certification is to provide an entry level, competency-based . Canada who have completed a US accredited nurse practitioner program in the role of a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner to provide care to acutely and critically ill neonatal . competency statements and study guide. It also provides sample exam questions to .

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Fact Sheet; Neonatal Biology –An Overview Part 3. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 17(4), 128-131. Petty, J. (2011b). Fact Sheet; Neonatal Biology –An Overview Part 2. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 17(3), 89-91. Petty, J. D. (2011c). Fact Sheet; Neonatal Biology –An Overview Part 1. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 17(1), 8-10. For further detail and more resources, go to the online resource .

The minimum standards for nurse staffing levels for each category of neonatal care are (DH 2009, NICE 2010, BAPM 2010): neonatal intensive care: 1:1 nursing for all babies neonatal high dependency care: 2:1 nursing for all babies neonatal special care: 4:1 nursing for all babies.

nurse practitioner 1.0 fte nurse manager juvenile svcs 1.0 fte nurse manager main jail 1.0 fte nurse manager elmwood 1.0 fte assistant nurse manager 11.2fte clinical nurse 2.0 fte licensed vocational vocational nurse 2.5 fte medical unit clerk 1.0 fte medical social worker 3.0 fte administrative nurse ii 59.

Clinical Nurse Specialists34 . Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists35 . Nurse Anesthetists35 . Nurse Midwives36 . Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives36 . Non-White, Hispanic, or Latino Advanced Practice Nurses37 . REGISTERED NURSES IN THE WORKFORCE37 . Characteristics within Employment Setting39 . Registered Nurses in Nursing .

Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacist’s Group Standards for Neonatal Intensive Care Units and the recognition of the essential contribution of the pharmacist to caring for our youngest patients. We will continue to work with our members working in neonatal and paediatric care

6.23 Neonatal conditions See Background Paper 6.23 (BP6_23Neonatal.pdf) Background The neonatal period is only the first 28 days of life and yet accounts for 40% of all deaths in children under five.1 Even within the neonatal period there is wide variation in mortality rates, with 75% of all neonatal deaths occurring in the first week of life –

4.2 Neonatal Wound Care Principles 11-13 4.2.1 Neonatal Wounds 12 4.2.2 Neonatal Skin 12 4.2.3 Management Factors 13 4.2.4 Dressing Procedures 13 4.3 Wound Dressing Grid 11 - 14 4.4 Basic Wound Care Procedure - algorithm 17 4.5 Wound Assessment Action Plan 18 - 19 4.6 Neonatal Stoma Care Guideline 20-23

NMX-C181 Materiales termoaislantes. Transmisión Térmica (aparato de placa caliente aislada). Método de Prueba NMX-C-228 Materiales Termoaislantes. Adsorción de Humedad. Método de Prueba. NMX-C-238 Materiales Termoaislantes Terminología . REVISIÓN ESPECIFICACIÓ N SELLO FIDE No. 4129 3 30 SEP 2011 HOJA FIBRAS MINERALES PARA EDIFI CACIONES 8 de 8 12.2. Otros Documentos y Normas ASTM C-167 .