Case 721E XT Loadlog 800/8000 Installation Supplement

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Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementThis supplement will show some of the locations for mounting the equipment included in this scale system.The installations shown are not required locations they are only intended as a guide.Head Unit MountingThe Head Unit is mounted to a brace that extends between the two mounting studs on the ROPS.This location provides easy access by the operator. Never drill into a ROPS.

Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementLoad Sensor InstallationThis installation is done by removing the T-fitting and using the drill and tap providedin the kit to create a port for the load sensors. One in the pressure and one in the Return.Load Sensor MountingThe sensor mount is to the plate close to the tee fittings using the brackets suppliedby drilling a hole or using an existing stud or bracket.

Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementReference/Direction SensorThe Ref/Dir sensor is mounted to the bracket on the XL Series. The 721E Series wouldhave used the long bracket and been mounted in the same location.Reference/Direction SensorThe magnet is mounted to the arm with the existing bolt. On the 721E there is a clampbracket available from Loup Electronics that clamps over the lift arm and holds the magnet.Normal weighing height is bottom of bucket about 6 feet off the ground.

Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementJuncton Box MountingThe junction box is loacated behind the right side access panel and the sensor cables arerouted through the gromet with the hoses.Remote Enter SwitchThe remote enter switch needs to be allow easy access by the operator.The Cable end is routed under the console and back to the junction box.

Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementWiring and ConnectionsThe head unit cable is routed down the post and under the right hand console back to the junction box.If a printer is being installed this cable would be routed at the same time in the split loom.Wiring and ConnectionsThe cables were routed in beside the hoses to the junction box.Use the black loom to cover the cables to help prevent premature failure. Use caution when routing cablesthrough the center piviot of the machine.

Case 721E XTLoadlog 800/8000 InstallationSupplementWiring and ConnectionsPower connections will be found behind the right hand access panel where the junctionbox will be located. Find a keyed 12 or 24 volt supply. The printer power is made here as well.

Case 721E XT Reference/Direction Sensor The magnet is mounted to the arm with the existing bolt. On the 721E there is a clamp bracket available from Loup Electronics that clamps over the lift arm and holds the magnet. Normal weighing height is bottom of bucket about 6 feet off the ground. Reference/Direction Sensor . Loadlog 800/8000 Installation Supplement Case 721E XT Remote Enter Switch The .

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