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WILLIAM梁景威K W律LEUNG師事&務CO所LEUNG King Wai William (梁景威)Solicitor AdvocateLL.M (Lond), MBA (HKU), LL.M (Peking U)FHKSI; FCIArb.; FHKIoD; FHKSIPrincipal of William KW Leung & Co., Solicitors of Hong Kong SAR, China whose experienceincludes being the followings:(i) an arbitrator dealing with arbitration Rules of various arbitral institutions including HKIAC,LMAA, ICC, SIAC, CIETAC, CMAC, KCAB, KLRCA, WIPO and UNCITRAL; and(ii) a solicitor advocate dealing with the aforesaid arbitration Rules.Area of ExpertiseEnglish common laws and Hong Kong laws, in particular the following areas of laws:(1) international litigation;(2) international (commercial) arbitration;(3) maritime and admiralty (including ship sale/purchase, collision, charter party, pollution, casualty,arrest and transport);(4) international trade and investment;(5) mergers and acquisition and due diligence;(6) capital market;(7) corporate (-related) disputes (including shareholders’ and directorship disputes);(8) corporate insolvency & restructuring;(9) constructions and project development;(10) intellectual property.Legal Qualification(1) Solicitor of England & Wales, United Kingdom(2) Solicitor of Hong Kong SAR, China(3) Solicitor of Australian Capital Territory, Australia(4) Barrister of High Court of Australia(5) Solicitor of New South Wales, Australia(6) Solicitor of British Virgin Islands, Caribbean (Central America)(7) Solicitor Advocate of Hong Kong SAR, China- 1 -Year1988198819901990199620142016

WILLIAM梁景威K W律LEUNG師事&務CO所Education QualificationsQualification(1) Bachelor in English Law(2) Solicitors Final InstitutionCardiff University, United KingdomCollege of Law, Guildford, England, UnitedKingdomMaster in LawUniversity of London, United KingdomMBAUniversity of Hong Kong, Hong KongDiploma in Advanced Security Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Chinese UniversityMarket Analysisof Hong KongBachelor in Chinese LawChina University of Politics and Law, People’sRepublic of ChinaMaster in Chinese Economic Peking University, People’s Republic of ChinaLawPast Employment(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)19972001YearArticleship with Isadore Goldman, a top City of London firm specializing in1986 – 1988insolvency (corporate); recovery; commercial and international litigation.Assistant Solicitor with Wilkinson & Grist, a reputable local solicitor firm1990Corporate Finance Associate with CEF Capital Limited, a local finance house1991Setting up of William KW Leung & Co., Solicitors of Hong Kong SAR, China1992 – nowAppointed by the Hong Kong Insolvency Office as Provisional Liquidators and 2003 – nowOfficial Liquidators of more than 100 companies in Hong KongProfessional QualificationCourse(1) “Maritime Arbitration in New York”by Society of Maritime Arbitrators Inc., New York, USA(2) Fellowship examination by Hong Kong Institute ofArbitrators, Hong Kong(3) Fellowship examination by Singapore Institute ofArbitrators, Singapore(4) Fellowship examination by Chartered Institute ofArbitrators, U.K.Award ObtainedCertificateDate ObtainedFebruary 2006FHKIArb.December 2006FSIArb.August 2007FCIArb.July 2009Panel of Arbitrators of and Membership of Arbitral Institution(s)- 2 -

WILLIAM梁景威K WLEUNG律師(6)OrganizationHong Kong International Arbitration Centre(“HKIAC”)Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (“SIArb.”)China Maritime Arbitration Commission(“CMAC”)China Academy of Arbitration LawLondon Maritime Arbitrators Association(“LMAA”)Hong Kong Shipowners Association(7)Liaocheng City Arbitration Commission,(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)事&務CO所Panel/ ListPanel of ArbitratorsDate2015 to presentSecondary Panel of ArbitratorsPanel Arbitrator2008 to present2008 to presentStanding CommitteeSupporting Member2009 to present2010 to presentHong Kong MaritimeArbitration Group MemberPanel Arbitrator2010 to presentMember of ICC Commissionon Arbitration;Institute Members2011 to presentEditorial Board Member on“Asian Dispute Review”Panel Arbitrator2011 to presentPanel Arbitrator2011 to presentPanel of Maritime Arbitrator2011 to presentPanel Arbitrator2012 to presentPanel Arbitrator2013 to presentPanel Arbitrator2013 to present2010 to presentShandong Province, China al Chamber of Commerce, Paris,France (“ICC”)(9)Chartered Institute of Arbitrators East AsiaBranch (“CIArb, East Asia”)(10) China International Economic and TradeArbitration Commission (“CIETAC”)(11) Huizhou City Arbitration Commission,20132011 to presentGuangdong Province, China (廣東省惠州市仲裁委員會)(12) Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre forArbitration (“KLRCA”)(13) Asian Domain Name Dispute ResolutionCentre (“ADNDRC”)(14) Singapore International Arbitration Centre(“SIAC”)(15) Korean Commercial Arbitration Board- 3 -

WILLIAM梁景K W威LEUNG律師事&務CO所(“KCAB”)(16) Qingdao Arbitration Commission (“QAC”)Panel Arbitrator2014 to present(17) Wuhan Arbitration Commission (“WAC”)Panel Arbitrator2014 to present(18) China Academy of Arbitration LawExecutive Committee2010 to present(19) WIPOPanel Arbitrator2015 to present(20) Langfang Arbitration Commission, ChinaPanel Arbitrator2015 to presentPanel Arbitrator2018 to present(廊坊仲裁委員會)(21) Singapore MaritimeMembership of other Professional Institution(s)OrganizationMembership(1) International Chamber of Commerce, Member of Task Force on “Revisions ofParis, FranceICC Rules of Arbitration” and“Arbitration involving states or stateentities”(2) Hong Kong Securities andFellow, HKSI (FHKSI)Investment Institute (HKSI)(3)Hong Kong Institute of DirectorsFellow (FHKIOD)Date2009 topresentDecember,2014April 2015Reported DecisionsShipping Transport and International Trade(1) Center Optical (Hong Kong) Limited v Jardine Transport Services (China) Limited and ProntoCargo Corporation (Third Party) Lloyd’s Law Report [2001] Volume 2 678-690, 750-752(2) Vastfame Camera Limited v Birkart Globistics Limited; and Birkart East-West Freight LimitedHKLRD [2005] 4 117(3) Vastfame Camera Limited v Birkart Globistics Limited; and Birkart East-West Freight Limited2005 AMC No.10 2705-3000(4) NEC v Industrial and Commercial Bank of China [2006] 2 HKLRD 645-673- 4 -

WILLIAM梁景威K W律LEUNG師事&務CO所Employment(5)Tadjudin v Bank of America National Association [2010] 3 HKLRD page 417-430LanguageFluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and EnglishPublicationsName of the Journal / BooksPublishing Date(1) (U.S.A.) The Arbitrator – Society OfOctober 2002Maritime Arbitrations, Inc. Volume 34Number 1 Page 6 to Page 9(2)(U.K.) P&I International Volume 16Issue 12 Page 5 (ISBN 0950 4044)December 2002(3)China Maritime Law AssociationMarch 2003Title of Articles“Misdelivery In The Absence OfOriginal Bills And ExemptionClauses”“Investigating 貨及Newsletter (中國海商法協會通訊)其免責」 (“Misdelivery In The(2003/1) Page 18 to Page 24Absence Of Original Bills AndExemption Clauses”)(4)(Italian) I1 Diritto Marittimo Page 918to Page 920 (ISBN 0012-348x)2006“Dual Role Of FreightForwarder In Misdelivery OfCargo: Contracting In TheCapacity As Both Agent AndPrincipal?”(5)(U.S.A.) Journal of Maritime Lawand Commerce Volume 38 No. 1 Page97 to Page 109 (ISBN 0022-2410)January 2007“The Dual Role Of The FreightForwarder: Vastfame CameraLtd. v. Birkart Globistics Ltd.,2005 High Court of Hong Kong117, Stone J, 5 October 2005;2005AMC 2864 (High Court ofHong Kong, 2005)”- 5 -

WILLIAM梁景威K W律LEUNG師事&務CO所Name of the Journal / BooksPublishing DateTitle of Articles(6)(British) Maritime Risk InternationalVolume 21 Issue 2 Page 18 to Page 20(ISBN 1742-9404)March 2007“Labour Threat In China”(7)(U.S.A.) Journal of Maritime Lawand Commerce Volume 39 No. 2 Page205 to Page 227 (ISBN 0022-2410)April 2008“Misdelivery of Cargo withoutProduction of Original Bill ofLading: Applicability of theMandatory Legal Regime ofHague-Visby and the One YearTime Bar” hina) 「海商法論叢 2008」第December ��地海商法研討交流會 (中國政法大學海商法研究中心) Page 277to Page 287 (ISBN 978-7-5103-0022-6)(9)(China) Annual of China MaritimeJanuary 2009「海牙 – 維斯比規則的一年訴Law (中國海商法年刊) Page 145 to訟時效是否適用無單放貨」Page 160 (ISSN 1003-7659)“One-year time bar in Hague /Hague-Visby Rules: whetherapplicable to misdelivery ofgoods without production oforiginal bill of lading?”- 6 -

WILLIAM梁景威K W律LEUNG師事&務CO所Name of the Journal / BooksPublishing Date(10) (U.K.) CIArb The InternationalApril 2013Journal of Arbitration, Mediation andDispute Management Volume 79 No.2Page 171 to Page 184 (ISSN 00037877)Title of Articles“China’s Arbitration System:Changes in Light of the CIETACArbitration Rules 2012 and theCivil Procedure Law 2012”(11) Dispute Resolution International(International Bar Association’s officialpublication) Volume 7 No. 1May 2013“Enforcement of Arbitral AwardMade by China’s NewlyProclaimed Foreign-RelatedArbitration Commissions – aTale of Two Cities”(12) The Oxford Handbook of ASIANBUSINESS SYSTEMSOxford University PressMay 2014“Hong Kong: Hybrid Capitalismas Catalyst” by Gordon Redding,Gilbert Wong and William LeungHonorary Services(1)Standing CommitteeFoshan Overseas Friendship Association (佛山海2000 to present外聯誼會)(2)Hong Kong Overseas Chinese GeneralHonorary Legal Adviser2001 to presentHonorary Legal Adviser2002 to presentHonorary Legal Adviser2006 to presentDirector and Member2007 to presentAssociation (香港華僑華人總會)(3)Hong Kong Exporters Association (香港出口商會)(4)San Wui Commercial Association of Hong Kong(僑港新會商會)(5)Hong Kong Sze Yup Club(香港四邑會所)- 7 -

WILLIAM梁(6)景威K WLEUNG律師Shi Chin Natives’ ry Legal Adviser2007 to presentIndependent ManagerHonorary Legal Adviser2008 to present2009 to presentHonorary Legal Adviser2009 to present會)(7)(8)(9)San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School香港江門(五邑)僑聯聯誼會Ng Yeup Countryman Federation tion of Hong Kong GuangdongDirector (會董)2011 to presentCommunity Organisations(香港廣東社團總會)(11)The Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Exporters’ Director2013 to �(12)Hong Kong Federation of Overseas ChineseDirector2013 to presentDirector2016 to 2018Associations (香港僑界社團聯會)(13)Hong Kong Foshan Trader Association Ltd.(香港佛山工商聯會)Contact DetailsTelephoneFacsimileMobile (24 hours)AddressWebsiteEmail: (852) 2810 6199: (852) 2810 1055(852) 9482 1209 (Hong Kong);:(86) 13428990777 (China): 1101, Beautiful Group Tower,77 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong: www.jwlw.com: leung@jwlw.comDated : 29th January, 2018\\server\ada\wlc-office administration\wl -resume\wl cv (latest)\long form\english\20180129 wl cv eng(long-form).doc- 8 -

Articleship with : Isadore Goldman, a top City of London firm specializing in insolvency (corporate); recovery; commercial and international litigation. 1986 – 1988 (2) Assistant Solicitor with . Wilkinson & Grist, a reputable local solicitor firm . 1990 (3) Corporate Finance Associate wit

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{Wang and Schmid} 2013 {Karpathy, Toderici, Shetty, Leung, Sukthankar, and Fei-Fei} 2014 {Simonyan and Zisserman} 2014 {Brendel and Todorovic} 2011