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UNITED INDIA INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITEDRegional Office:134,Silingi Building,Greams Road,Chennai–600006.Phone : 044 - 2824 2942,2824 2916Invitation of tenders for providing house keeping services and other relatedworks to United India Insurance Co. Ltd.,(UIIC), Regional Office – Chennaiand 25 other Operating Offices functioning under Regional Office – Chennai.Sealed offers are invited for providing house keeping services and other related works at RegionalOffice – Chennai and other Operating Offices functioning at various places of Chennai. There arearound 25 Operating Offices functioning under Regional Office Chennai at various places for whichhouse keeping services is to be provided.Interested Parties may submit offers in two bid system viz., “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” intwo separate sealed envelopes/covers superscribed as “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid”. Boththese sealed envelopes should be put in one envelope sealed and superscribed “tenders for providinghouse keeping services and other related works to United India Insurance Co. Ltd.,(UIIC),Regional Office – Chennai and 25 other Operating Offices functioning under Regional Office –Chennai”. This envelope should be addressed to (Regional Manager, General AdministrationDepartment, United India Insurance Company Limited, Regional Office, 134, Silingi Buildings,Greams Road, Chennai-06). The Technical bid contains details of the service provided, eligibilitycriteria, current works being carried out, materials to be used for house keeping etc. The Financialbid contains salary for the staffs deployed, rates for the materials used etc. Bids which are not inthe prescribed formats or incomplete bids shall be rejected.Completed bids should reach at Regional Office only at above address on or before 11.00 am on22.11.2018. The prescribed Technical and Financial bids forms can be obtained during Office workinghours from the General Administration Department at above mentioned address.These forms can bedownloaded from Company Website, please visit “Tenders / RFP” tab on our Company's Websitehttp://www.uiic.co.in.No Brokerage or Commission is payable. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject all orany of the offers without assigning any reason thereof.Technical Bid would be opened at the above address on 22.11.2018 at 12 noon in the presence ofthe bidders.DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER

UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO. LTD,REGIONAL OFFICE,134, Silingi Building, Greams Road, Chennai -600 006.Phone : 044 - 2824 2942, 2824 2916Email : abbhaskaran@uiic.co.in, venkateshk@uiic.co.inGST NO : 33AAACU5552C1ZQTENDER DOCUMENTFor providing House Keeping Services and other related works toUnited India Insurance Co.Ltd., (UIIC), Regional Office – Chennai and25 Other Operating Offices functioning under Regional Office –Chennai.1

CONTENTS OF TENDER DOCUMENTSectionDescription of contentsPage No.IInvitation for the bids3IIImportant information related to tender4IIIInstruction to the bidders5-15IVScope of Work of the House keeping16-18VTerms and Conditions19-25VIBidder Details Form26-28VIIPrice-Bid-Format29-34VIIISelf Declaration – No Black Listing35No.2

SECTION –IINVITATION FOR THE BIDSSub: Inviting Tenders for engagement of Housekeeping Agency for providing House keeping Services andother related works at United India Insurance Co. Ltd., (UIIC), Regional Office – Chennai and 25 OtherOperating Offices functioning under Regional Office – Chennai.1. United India Insurance Co.Ltd(UIIC) is a general insurance company wholly owned byGovernment of India with its Regd. & Head Office is located at 24, Whites Road, Chennai600014.2. The website of UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO.LTD is www.uiic.co.in .3. Sealed Bids are invited on behalf of UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO.LTD under two bidsystem ie, Technical Bid and Financial Bid from reputed, well established and financially soundservice providers to provide the House keeping services at UNITED INDIA INSURANCECO.LTD(UIIC), Regional Office – Chennai and Operating Offices functioning under RegionalOffice – Chennai.4. The bids duly filled in all respect enclosing necessary documents may be submitted toRegional Manager, General Administration Department, United India Insurance co. Ltd., RegionalOffice, No : 134, Silingi Buildings, Greamd Road, Chennai – 600 006 so as to reach on or beforethe scheduled time and date as mentioned in Section II5. The Technical bids will be opened on the scheduled time and date as mentioned in Section II atUNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO.LTD, REGIONAL OFFICE, CHENNAI - 600 006 in the presenceof bidders who may wish to be present, either by themselves or through their authorizedrepresentatives.6. Tenders should be accompanied by Bid Security for an amount of Rs.50,000/-(Rupees Fiftythousand only) submitted in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “ United India InsuranceCompany Limited” payable at Chennai.3

SECTION-IIIMPORTANT INFORMATION RELATED TO TENDER1Date of issue29/10/20182Earnest Money DepositRs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only)3Last date for submission of Pre-bid queries by E- 08/11/2018mail4Date of Pre-bid Meeting09/11/20185Last Date for Submission of bids22/11/2018 on or before 11.00 am6Bid Validity90 days7Address for Submission of bidsRegional Manager,General Administration Department,United India Insurance Co.Ltd, Regional Office,No : 134, Silingi Buildings, Greams Road,Chennai – 600 006.8Date of Opening of Technical bid24,Whites RoadChennai22/11/2018@ 12.00noon 600 014.9Date of Opening ofTo be notified at a later date after the Technicalevaluation is completed.Financial bidShortlisted Service Providers shall be notifiedthrough E-mail.10abbhaskaran@uiic.co.in, venkateshk@uiic.co.inContact for any queries4

SECTION-IIIINSTRUCTIONS TO THE BIDDERS1. Scope of Services: The Scope of Services is given in Section IV.2. Site Visit: : The bidder is advised to visit the premises to get the onsite assessment of thework on any working day (excluding Saturday, Sunday and any Government holiday(s) )between 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM by taking permission and acquaint himself with theoperational system prior to the submission of the tender documents. The costs of visiting shallbe borne by the bidder.3. Pre-bid Meeting and Clarifications:a) A pre-bid meeting shall be held in the Regional office of the UNITED INDIAINSURANCE CO.LTD(UIIC), No:134, Silingi Buildings, Greams Road,Chennai - 06 onthe date mentioned in Section II, to clarify any query of bidders regarding terms andconditions and scope of work. The time, date and venue is mentioned in Section – IIabove.b) Prospective bidders may send their queries, if any toabbhaskran@uiic.co.in,venkateshk@uiic.co.in latest by 5 days prior to pre-bid meeting. The same shall beclarified in the meeting and by issuance of corrigendum. Queries if any, received after thedue date and time shall not be entertained and no clarification shall be provided for thesame.4. Eligibility Criteria:CriteriaDocuments required in support of eligibilitycriteria and the same should submitted alongwith Technical Bida. The bidder should be located inSelfattestedcopyofTelephoneChennai for the past 3 yearsbill/Electricity Bill/Registered Lease g its location in the last 3 years.b.Should be either registered as cateofIncorporation in respect of the applicant1956/ 2013 or as a Partnershiporganization(includingCompanies or a partnership deed dulyLimitedLiabilityPartnership) under Partnership Act,issuedbyRegistrarregistered under the Partnership Act.1932 as the case may be and should5of

be in existence as such entity for notlessthanthreeyearsason31/03/2017 as a company or firm asthe case may be. Bids of soleproprietorshipfirmsshallnotbeconsidered at all.c.The Bidder should have minimumSelf attested copies of work orderthree years’ experience in doingsimilar nature of work.d.MusthaveachievedminimumStatement of annual turnover and profit ofannual turnover of Rs. 50 lakhthe last three completed financial yearseach(2015-16 , 2016-17 & 2017-18 ) from aduringthelastthreecompleted financial years (2015-registeredpracticing16 , 2016-17 & 2017-18 ) andAccountant of the entity.Charteredshould be a profit making entity.e.Bank account should be in the nameExtracts of the Bank Account duly certified byof the Bidding company / Firmthe bank containing transactions for threemonths i.e March 2018 to May 2018.f.Should have valid PAN and GSTI.Attested copy of PAN cardregistration ey should be registered istrationletter/certificate.ii.Employees State Insurance ActandAttestedAttested copy of the Employee StateInsurance registration letter/ certificateLabouriii.(Regulation and Abolition Act)Attested copy of the Labour Licenceunder the Contract Labour (Regulation& Abolition) Act.i.The Bidder should have satisfactorilyCopies of the work order/ agreement startingprovided during the last three yearsfrom 2015-2016, 2016-17 and 2017-18 g value and period of contract andcarpet area.carpet area ;a. One30000 sqft carpet area or6

b. Twocentresofminimum15000 sqft carpet areaj. Should not have been blacklisted.Declaration for not having been blacklisted byany State Government or by Government ofIndia as per the format in Section VIII of thistender document.k. Should have three Running ContractsCopies of the work order specifying value andof Public Sector Insurance Companyperiod of contract/ Public Sector Bank / Central orStateGovernmentUndertaking/Autonomous Institute / CorporateEstablishment of repute in CHENNAI.5. Inspection of premises where housekeeping service is being provided presently shall be carriedout by UIICL.6. Tender ValidityThe validity period of the bid will be 90 days from the date of opening of tender documents,7. Bid Security/Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)a) The interested bidders may submit the tender document complete in all respects alongwith Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 50000/-(Rupees Fifty thousand only) in the formof a Demand draft from a scheduled bank in favour of “ United India Insurance CompanyLimited” payable at Chennai.b) UIIC is governed by provisions of the Public Procurement Policy of Micro and Small Enterprises(MSMEs) as circulated by The Ministry of MSME, GOI. The policy details are available on thewebsite WWW.dcmsme.gov.inc) These provisions shall be applicable to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) registered with DistrictIndustries Centres or Khadi and Village Industries Commission or Khadi and Village IndustriesBoard or Coir Board or National Small Industries Corporation or Directorate of Handicrafts andHandloom or any other body specified by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs).7

d) Such MSMEs would be entitled for exemption from furnishing tender fee and earnest money deposit(EMD). In case of any issue on the subject matter, the MSMEs may approach the tender invitingauthority to resolve their grievances.e) Agencies / Bidders desirous of availing exemptions / preference under above provisions shouldsubmit a copy of proof of Registration as MSMEs / and ownership of the same by SC / ST along withthe tender / RFP.f)Any Tender not accompanied by EMD unless exempted as stated in the “ point b “ above,shall be summarily rejected and not considered at all.g) EMD amount of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to them without interest oncompletion of the bid process.h) The EMD of successful bidder will be converted as Security Deposit and will be returnedafter the completion of the contract period. The security deposit will be forfeited if any ofthe conditions of the contract are contravened besides any action taken against thecontractor or for breach of conditions of contract. The Security Deposit will not carry anyinterest.i)EMD amount submitted shall be forfeited if the bidder withdraws his bid during the validityperiod of Tender.j)Bid security of the successful bidder shall be forfeited if the successful bidder refuses orneglects to execute the contract within the time frame specified by the Department.8. Preparation and Submission of Bids:a. Tenders are to be submitted as per two bid system i.e.- Technical Bid and Financial Bid.b. All entries in the tender form should be legible and filled clearly.c. The tender should be typewritten and every correction and interlineations in the bid should beattested with full signature by the bidder, failing which the bid will be treated as ineligible.Corrections done with correction fluid should also be duly attested.d. All documents/papers should be numbered, signed and sealed by the Bidder on each page.e. Technical Bid should also contain all the documents required and EMD as specified .8

f.Financial Bid should only contain the Price Schedule duly filled as per format given inSection VII . No overwriting, corrections, interlineations etc. are permitted in the FinancialBid. If found, bid shall liable to be rejected.g. The rates should be quoted for the services to be provided as per instructions given in thetender document and should not be less than Minimum Central Wages Act as prescribedunder the notified Minimum Wages as per Central Government Guidelines applicable . Thebids which do not comply with this condition shall be rejected.h. Both the bids (Technical and Financial) separately sealed in envelopes super-scribing asTechnical Bid and Financial Bid, respectively, should be put in a third sealed envelopeand should be super scribed as “Tender for Housekeeping Services at UNITED INDIAINSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (UIIC), Chennai.i.Sealed Tenders with requisite documents should be addressed to R e g io n al Ma n ag er ,G e ner a lA dm i n is tr at i onD ep ar tm e nt ,UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO.LTD,

Regional Office – Chennai and 25 other Operating Offices functioning under Regional Office – Chennai”. This envelope should be addressed to (Regional Manager, General Administration Department, United India Insurance Company Limited, Regional Office, 134, Silingi Buildings, Greams Road, Chennai-06). The Technical bid contains details of the service provided, eligibility criteria, current .

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