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International EngineeringSourcing Show VIPOST SHOW REPORT ON INNOVATION& TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI16-18 MARCH 2017, CHENNAI TRADE CENTRE, CHENNAIHOST STATESUPPORTED BYFOCUS REGIONDepartment of Heavy IndustryMinistry of Heavy Industries &Public EnterprisesGovernment of IndiaDepartment of Scientific& Industrial ResearchMinistry of Science & TechnologyGovernment of IndiaGovernment ofTamil Nadu

International EngineeringSourcing Show VIPOST SHOW REPORT ON INNOVATION& TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI16-18 MARCH 2017, CHENNAI TRADE CENTRE, CHENNAIHOST STATESUPPORTED BYFOCUS REGIONDepartment of Heavy IndustryMinistry of Heavy Industries &Public EnterprisesGovernment of IndiaDepartment of Scientific& Industrial ResearchMinistry of Science & TechnologyGovernment of IndiaGovernment ofTamil Nadu

CONTENTSIESS VI - Accomplishments at glance6Genesis of the innovation and technology vertical at IESS8How innovation and technologies complemented IESS VI9Exhibitors at the Innovation & Technology Pavilion in IESS VI10VIP visits to the Technology Pavilion11Major displays and highlights from India12Major international displays and highlights17Key takeaways from the Innovation & Technology showcase in IESS VI20The groundwork for innovation & technology at IESS21Creation of digital interface & promotion22Creation and publication of conference concept note24EEPC-DSIR one-day conference: ‘Global opportunities for technology25collaborations with India’ EEPC IndiaApril 2017Key takeaways from EEPC-DSIR one-day conference29Save the dates for IESS VII30Annexure31

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017IESS VI: ACCOMPLISHMENTS AT A GLANCEInauguration of IESS VI: (from left)Mr B Sarkar, Executive Director &Secretary, EEPC India; Dr. YaroslavTarasyuk, Trade Commissioner ofRussian Federation to India; Mr B SBhalla, Joint Secretary, Department ofCommerce, Government of India, MrGirish Shankar, Secretary, Departmentof Heavy Industry, Government ofIndia; Mr Denis Manturov, HonorableMinister of Industry & Trade, Russia;Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, HonorableCommerce and Industry Minister,India; Mr T S Bhasin, Chairman,EEPC India; Mr. Mangat RamSharma, Principal Secretary MSME,Government of Tamil Nadu; Mr PankajChadha, Senior Vice Chairman, EEPCIndia; Mr Rakesh Shah, Chairman-PED& Former Chairman EEPC India Visitor footfall: 10,000 Exhibitors: 336 Exhibition area: over 10,000 sqmExhibitor ProfilesIndustrial Supply &Subcontracting Metal & ShopFloor Industrial & ElectricalMachinery Automobiles AndAuto Components Innovation &Technology6Feedback and estimatesEstimates based on 181 respondents. Total feedback from 246 15 sessions 100 speakers 500 delegates from 100 nations two MOUs 10,436 business contacts Average 58 contacts per participants 83% new contacts Orders booked during show: US 684610 Total business enquiries: 20,652 totalling US 8.5 millionInternational delegation participationAlgeria, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt,Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast. Kenya, Malawi,Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania,Uganda, Zambia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore,Thailand, Vietnam, Armenia, Russian Federation,Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Czech Republic,Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Spain,United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala,Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE,Canada, USA, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and SriLanka.It was great for us toshare some part of whatIIT Madras partnership inIndustry has been and theheartening results we areseeing for the benefit ofIndustry. – IIT Madras7

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017GENESIS OF THE INNOVATION ANDTECHNOLOGY VERTICAL AT IESSTECHNOLOGY is the DNA of a successfulengineering industry, whose performancemirrors the industrial progress of the nation.Only 25% of Indian companies are capable of executingmanufacturing at Industry 2.0 and 3.0 (commonlyknown as the system of production and distribution)levels. Indian engineering needs to move up the valuechain by making a gradual shift to R&D, innovation,and development of new products and services.Over the years, the International EngineeringSourcing Show (IESS) has emerged as a global platformfor the Indian engineering sector to showcase itstechnological capabilities. The fifth edition of IESSmarked the beginning of discussions for technologyupgradation as a major area for ‘Intervention,Innovation and Upgradation’ in India to showcase andelevate its global manufacturing competitiveness.In the sixth edition of IESS, we introduced aseparate vertical on ‘Innovation and Technology’ inthe exhibition. The objective of this vertical was tocreate an international technology sourcing platformthrough which innovations and technologies related tothe Indian engineering sector would be showcased toHOW INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGIESCOMPLEMENTED IESS VIsensitize domestic industry and also promote India asa growing global leader in innovation and technology.Through this platform, the event intended to hostinternational technology buyers, suppliers and agenciesto enable international collaborations for technologydevelopment and transfer to and from India.The technology upgradation initiative to boostengineering exports is led by the Department ofCommerce and is supported by the Office of thePrincipal Scientific Advisor to the Government of Indiaand various other Government Ministries such as theMinistry of Science and Technology, Department ofHeavy Industry, Ministry of Medium & Small ScaleEnterprises, etc. Under this initiative, the Departmentof Commerce envisages to create a common platformfor R&D labs and industry members to conceptualizeand develop cutting-edge technologies to promoteengineering exports.In the seventh edition of IESS next year, the Ministryof Commerce and Industry proposes to host a megapavilion on ‘Innovation and Technology’, apart fromseminars, and training programmes on Governmentschemes, etc.A biometric inauguration ceremony Highlighted latest technology trends andopportunities for transfer, commercialization etc forboth manufacturing and larger societal applications Complemented overall product categories of theexhibition, and therefore a major visitor attraction India’s technological position and opportunities inthe global engineering sourcing supply chain Projected India’s growing foothold in hitech andadvanced engineering manufacturing Enhanced India’s global position as a reliableengineering sourcing destination8 Created interest in all participants at the show suchas the Government, national and internationalindustry professionals, technology enthusiasts,entrepreneurs and students, etc Promoted Chennai engineering clusters as majormarkets for technology promotion Spread awareness that technology transfer,collaborations and commercialization is integral toglobalizing manufacturing competitiveness Facilitated awareness about Government schemes fortechnology acquisitions, transfers and upgradation9

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017EXHIBITORS AT THE INNOVATION& TECHNOLOGY PAVILION IN IESS VIVIP VISITS TO TECHNOLOGY PAVILIONBooth No.ExhibitorWebsiteH2-G07Automation Industry Associationwww.aia-india.orgH2-G01Automotive Research Association Of Indiawww.araiindia.comH2 H01, G02Bhabha Atomic Research Manufacturing Technology Institutecmti-india.netH2-H03CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institutewww.ceeri.res.inH2-F04Department of Heavy Industrywww.dhi.nic.inH2-H09Fluid Control Research Institutewww.fcriindia.comH2-H07Indian Institute of Technology Institute of Technology,H12Indian Space Research Advanced Research Centre For PowderMetallurgy And New Materials, Hyderabadwww.arci.res.inH2-MSME Tool RoomMSME Tool Rooms and Tech Pump Project - Sitarc / Siemawww.sitarc.comH2-F08VR Creative Studiowww.vrcreatives.comMr Denis Manturov, Honorable Minister of Industry & Trade, Government of Russia, Ms Nirmala Sitharaman,Honorable Commerce and Industry Minister, Government of India, Mr Girish Shankar, Secretary, Department ofHeavy Industry, Government of India visiting the BARC boothDr R Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India (centre) visiting the Indian Institute ofTechnology Madras booth1011

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017MAJOR DISPLAYS AND HIGHLIGHTS FROM INDIAIIT BombayDiagnostic devices – Su Check and Uchek, energyconservation systems, smart ultrasonic water meter,component machining, industrial research andconsultancy centre, IP patenting and technologytransfer, machine status machine using IIOT, solarpower technology, wearable health monitoringtechnology, novel switched reluctance motor drive forceiling fan, beagle Z handheld explosive detector, lowcost soil monitoring system for irrigation control, 3Dprinting, 3D printing of metallic components, smartfoundry, cryocoolersIESS VI displayed a fair collection of technologies with wide applications in the engineering sector. Thosewho participated were from India’s premier R&D Labs, academic research institutes, testing labs andgovernment ministries promoting technology transfer, acquisition and upgradation in industry.Efforts were made to promote the Innovation and Technology Pavilion through prototypes, scale models,and live demonstrations.Below are some of the major participants and their display profiles:BARCAgriculture and bioscience; engineering andadvanced instrumentation; advanced medicaltechnologies; radiation technologies; health &environment technologies; chemical engineering;water management; nuclear technologies forindustry applications; robotics; automation;technology available for transfer, armour vests, etcEconomical handheld milk analyser which can detectadulteration in milk in 40-45 seconds for cost as lowas 10 paisa, Mercury-free, eco-friendly UV lamp forbacterial disinfection of water with 100% deactivationin 10 secondsLow power, portable LTIVA micro-hotplate forapplications such as micro-farming, electronicwarm shoe and USB operated heating platform,especially for armed forces working in high altitude,low temperature areas, Smart electronic devices forIoT applications, Microwave devices for satellitecommunication, electricity generation through nuclearfusion, particle accelerators, cargo scanning andmedical diagnostic systems.Automation Industry AsociationRFID solution for tracking and tracing inwarehousing, retail, food, pharma, automotives,etc; Solutions for machine and process automation,motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology;IO-link is a standardized technology for sensors andactuators communicating with I/O terminals, specifiedin international standards, IEC 61131-9; Traceabilitysolutions; Training facilities include advanced sensors,actuators, PLC systems, SCADA system, mobile robotsand industrial robotsCentral Manufacturing TechnologyInstituteIIT MadrasDevelopment of 5 kW to 25 kW machine tools,thermal compensation strategy for CNC lathe,next generation high precision grinding machinetools, development of 5 axes CNC multitaskingmachine (MTX), development of 5 axes CNCuniversal machining centers (MX), developmentof ultra precision micro machining centre,advanced manufacturing technology developmentcentre, development of hydrostatic guide waysand spindles, automation and grinding processintelligence, orbital motion mechanism for abrasivecutting, direct drive abrasive cutting machine,multi-station robotic grinder and polisher,industrial research consultancy, research park andtechnology transfer, etc12CSIR-Central Electronics EngineeringResearch InstituteDevelopment of Advanced Technologies for HiTech Shuttle less Looms, Aerospace Labs, SpecialPurpose Test Rigs, High Temp & Low TempPerformance Test Rigs, Pressure Impulse Test Rigs,Heat Exchanger Pressure Cycling Test Rigs, Test Rigsfor Industrial Hyd. Elements, Skill Development &Training Programmes on CNC Machines, Shopfloor,E-Foundry, Automation, Digital Design, SpecialPurpose Machine Development, Mechatronics,Metrology, Advanced Manufacturing, PrecisionEngineering, Nano Technology, R&D MachineHealth Management System, Sensor TechnologyDevelopment Facilityetc13

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017VR Creative StudioAutomotive Research Associationof IndiaDesigning, conceptualizing, prototyping advancedengine applications, meeting EUROIV emissionNorms with Common rail electronic diesel control.Design and development of engine componentsand subsystems, durability trials, emission controland specific power upgrades. Certification for 2Wheelers, 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers. The EMI/EMC laboratory of AED accredited as per ISO17025 is offering its evaluation testing services tothe auto component, auto electronics, embedded &IT industry. Standards formulations & world classtesting & validation laboratories for metallurgicaland fatigue testing, product and process simulationand computer aided engineering in forging.Fluid Control Research InstituteAirflow Laboratory, Water flow laboratory, Centre forWater management, Large Water Flow Laboratory,Oil Flow Laboratory, Special Assignments and Testsincluding Cryogenic Test, Endurance Test, Fire Testingof Valves, High Pressure and High Temp faclity,Hydraulic Impulse Testing, LOCA/MSLB Testing forNuclear ComponentsDevelopment of Virtual Reality environment forindustriies, shop floor and manufacturing forsubsequent applications such as training, designing,product development and simulations etcDepartment of Heavy IndustryScheme for Global Competitiveness of Capital GoodsSector – Technology development and acquisition,Industrial infrastructure and Common facility /test centres; Capital Acquisition Fund Programme;Application Procedures; New Capital Goods Policyand its schemes and interventions.ARCILithium Ion Battery Fabrication Line for EVApplication, Tandem Solar Absorber Tubes, Broadband Anti Reflective Coatings, Dye SensitizedSolar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells, NanostructuredCIGS Solar Cells, Dust Repellant Coatings for PVPanels, Laser Processing of Materials, Ultrafastlaser micromachining, laser surface hardeningtreatment, laser drilling, welding, DetonationSpray Coatiings, Micro Arc Oxidation, SilicaAerogels, Decorative Coatings on Metals, Galssand Ceramics, Hard Coatings on Plastics, NanoSilver Impregnated ceramic water filter candle.Nano Zinc Oxide Varistors, etc1412 MSME Tool Rooms and Tech CentresDisplaying technologies & schemes on Designing, Manufacturing & Training on Tools & Dies, Precisionand Aerospace Components, Defense Components, Testing Capabilities, 3D Printing and Hi Tech Training& Tools Engineering, Press Tools, Plastics Injection Moulds, Die Casting dies, Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges alongwith other precision job work on CNC machining center, CNC EDM and Wire-cut, CNC Programming,CAD/CAM, precision machining and CNC machines etc. Training personnel in the areas of electronics, IT,including emerging technologies; Common facilities; Entrepreneurship Development; Market research anddevelopment, Technological up-gradation of small scale castings & forging industries.15

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017SiTARC/ SIEMADisplay of Multipurpose Smart Pumps Projectimplemented by the Department of HeavyIndustry, Department of Commerce in associationwith EEPC India and industry bodies. Testing andcalibration laboratories services for mechanicaland electrical, metrology, etcMAJOR INTERNATIONAL DISPLAYS ANDHIGHLIGHTSPARTNER COUNTRY – RUSSIA IN INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGYParticipating OrganizationsIndian Space Research OrganizationDisplay of scaled models of Mangalayan, Chandrayaan-2, Astrostat, PSLV, GSLV Mk3, etc, along with thescope of industry collaborations16 PriborScientific And Production AssociationMechanical Engineering Research InstituteGorevsky Gok GroupGeofizikaRadiosvyazNordavindSynthesizer NnRosatomPrecision Farming SystemsMipakt Millenium HoldingAerobVidicorAreas of technology interestsAerospace, arms and ammunition, artilleryammunition; mining and smelting productions; specialpurpose equipments for and socio-economic purpose;radio-engineering; smart devices for health monitoringand diagnosis of disease at an early stages; electronicmodules for radar, of radio and telecommunicationssystems; nuclear technology; uranium mining andenrichment, nuclear fuel fabrication, equipmentmanufacture and engineering, operation of nuclearpower plants, and management of spent nuclear fuel andnuclear waste; GLONASS/GPS precision agriculture orprecision farming; advanced aerospace technologiesand other engineering and mechanical technologies, etc17

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017Note: Some Photographs below are from external sources1819

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE INNOVATION &TECHNOLOGY PAVILION AT IESS VI Participating labs and institutes committed to repeatparticipation in future editions The technology Scale Models, Displays andprototypes emerged a major draw for the visitors. A need was felt for dedicated technical team toaddress the queries of the visitors. Many R&D exhibitors and visitors were interestedin associating with EEPC India to promote theirtechnologies on a continuous basis. The potential for promotion of technologies atcluster level received significant boost with theamount of interest generated at the event. There is a significant potential for R&D Institutesand Technologies in the allied engineering sectorssuch as Agriculture, Food Processing, MedicalTechnologies and nuclear sciences etc International participation also witnessed significantnumber of Innovation and Technology display fromRussia Partner Country. The sectors matched withIndian counterparts, thus there is a significant scopeof promoting International Technology providers infuture Innovation and Technology Pavilion has beenenvisaged to be much BIGGER & BETTER in Sizeand Scale at the 7th edition IESSGROUNDWORK FOR INNOVATION& TECHNOLOGY AT IESSInnovation & Technology BrochureOrganiserMinistry of Commerce & IndustryDepartment of Heavy IndustryDepartment of Scientific &Industrial ResearchGovernment of g Show16-18 March 2017, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.Chennai Trade Centre, ChennaiSMART TECH FORSMART ENGINEERINGHOST STATEFOCUS REGIONMSME SOLUTIONS PARTNERKNOWLEDGE PARTNERGovernment ofTamil NaduOVERALL FEEDBACK SURVEY RESULT –INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY PAVILIONEXHIBITORSSynopsis of the feedback on number ofcontacts generated 20Total Contact Made – 810Total New Contacts Made – 638Highest No. Of Contacts – BARC – 300Lowest No. Of Contacts – CSIR-CEERI – 25All respondents who submitted feedback forms were interested in participating in future editionsIESS VI: INDIA’S TRULY GLOBALENGINEERING SOURCING SHOWTech brochure-new.indd Spread 2 of 2 - Pages(2, 3)21-Feb-17 3:07:27 PMBrand Positioning High Rise Technology Pavilion BoardsLED Lit Fascia Names of Exhibitors1-2-3 side open booth optionsMajor focus on Technology Demonstrations, prototypes and scale models21

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017CREATION OF DIGITAL INTERFACE& PROMOTIONDetailed profiling of exhibitors on websiteSocial Media HTML FlyersEvent Home Page – Rolling Photo Home Page Banner 1One to One Meeting Registration PageEvent Home Page – Still Home Page Banner 22223

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY AT IESS VI 2017CREATION AND PUBLICATION OFCONFERENCE CONCEPT NOTEEEPC-DSIR ONE DAY CONFERENCE –‘GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR TECHNOLOGYCOLLABORATIONS WITH INDIA’Supported by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of IndiaDr R Chidambaram, PrincipalScientific Advisor to theGovt. of India reading theEEPC India Concept noteon Technology ‘ GlobalOpportunities for TechnologyCollaborations with India’The Concept Note on ‘Global Opportunities for Technology Collaborationswith India’ highlighted: Brief

Promoted Chennai engineering clusters as major markets for technology promotion Spread awareness that technology transfer, . H2-MSME Tool Room MSME Tool Rooms and Tech Centres H2-L01 Smart Pump Project - Sitarc / Siema H2-F08 VR Creative Studio 11 VIP VISITS TO TECHNOLOGY PAVILION Mr Denis Manturov, Honorable Minister of Industry .

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