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Douglas S. MasseyCurriculum VitaeJune 4, 2018Address:Office of Population ResearchPrinceton UniversityWallace HallPrinceton, NJ 08544dmassey@princeton.eduBirth:Born October 5, 1952 in Olympia, Washington, USACitizenship:Citizen and Resident of the United StatesEducation:Ph.D., Sociology, Princeton University, 1978M.A., Sociology, Princeton University, 1977B.A., Magna Cum Laude in Sociology-Anthropology, Psychology,and Spanish, Western Washington University, 1974HonoraryDegrees:Master in Arts and Sciences, Honoris Causa, University Pennsylvania, 1985.Doctor of Social Science Honoris Causa, Ohio State University, 2012Languages:Fluent in SpanishEmployment:(9/05-present) Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,Princeton University(7/03- 8/05) Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Princeton University(7/94-6/03) Dorothy Swaine Thomas Professor, Department of Sociology,Graduate Group in Demography, and Lauder Program in InternationalStudies, University of Pennsylvania(7/90-6/94) Professor, Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy Studies,University of Chicago(7/87-6/94) Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago(7/85-7/87) Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and GraduateGroup in Demography, University of Pennsylvania(9/80-7/85) Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Graduate Groupin Demography, University of Pennsylvania(9/79-9/80) NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Graduate Group in Demography,University of California at Berkeley(1/79-6/79) Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and InternationalAffairs, Princeton University(9/78-9/79) Research Associate, Office of Population Research, PrincetonUniversityMajor Fields:Demography, Urban Sociology, Stratification, Social Research Methods, LatinAmerican Studies, Race/Ethnic Relations, Biosociology, Immigration

Honors andAwards:Bronislaw Malinowsky Award 2018. Given by the Society for Applied .Anthropology to individuals widely recognized for their efforts tounderstand and serve the needs of the world through the use of socialscience (Shared with Jorge Durand for their 30 years of work on theMexican Migration Project)Henry Allen Moe Prize in the Humanities 2017. Given annually by theAmerican Philosophical Society to the author of the best paper in thehumanities or jurisprudence read at a meeting of the SocietyJohn Hope Franklin Award 2016, for exceptional scholarship in the field ofRace, Racism and the Law, from the Law and Society AssociationPresident, American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2006-2015Robert and Helen Lynd Career Award 2014, Community and Urban StudiesSection, American Sociological AssociationRobert E. Park Award for Best Book 2014. Community and Urban StudiesSection, American Sociological AssociationPaul Davidoff Award, 2013. From the Association of Collegiate Schools ofPlanning for Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for AffordableHousing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb (Princeton U. Press)Irene B. Taeuber Award, Given by the Population Association of America inrecognition of an unusually original or important contribution to thescientific study of population or for an accumulated record ofexceptionally sound and innovative research, 2013.Award for the Public Understanding of Sociology, American SociologicalAssociation, 2012Lifetime National Associate of the National Research Council, 2011Julian Simon Lecture, 8th Annual Migration Meeting, Deutsches Institut fürWirtschaftsforschung--DC, May 13, 2011External Fellow, Center for Research and Analysis of Migration, UniversityCollege London, 2011-presentVisiting Scholar, Russell Sage Foundation, 2009-2010Distinguished Career Award, International Migration Section, AmericanSociological Association, 2009Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship in Population, for "FromIllegal to Legal: Estimating Previous Illegal Experience Among NewLegal Immigrants to the United States" published in Demography andcoauthored with Guillermina Jasso, Mark Rosenzweig, and James Smith,from the Population Section of the American Sociological AssociationPremio de Reconocimiento de Destacado Mérito, El Consejo CulturalMundial, México, D.F., 2008Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2006Senior Prize, 2005, Vereinigung der Freunde des Deutschen Instituts fürWirtschaftsforschung (Association of Friends of the German Institute forSocial Research–Berlin) for the paper “Return Migration by German2

Guestworkers: Neoclassical versus New Economic Theories” published inInternational Migration 40(4):5-38.Otis Dudley Duncan Award, Population Section of the American SociologicalAssociation (for Beyond Smoke and Mirrors), 2004.W.E.B. DuBois Fellow, American Academy of Political and Social Science,2003-presentAntonio García Cubas Prize, Best Book on Mexican Art, National Institute ofAnthropology and History, Mexico City, 2001 (for Milagros en laFrontera)President, American Sociological Association, 2000-2001Member, American Philosophical Society, Elected 2004Member, National Academy of Sciences, Elected 1998Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Elected 1995Member, Sociological Research Association, Elected 1989Exemplary Alumnus Award, Western Washington University, 2000Clifford C. Clogg Award (outstanding early career), Population Association ofAmerica, 1998President, Population Association of America, 1996Member, Council of the American Sociological Association, 1996-99Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library Association(for Miracles on the Border), 1996Distinguished Publication Award, American Sociological Association(for American Apartheid), 1995Otis Dudley Duncan Award, Population Section of the AmericanSociological Association (for American Apartheid), 1994Critics' Choice Award, American Educational Studies Association(for American Apartheid), 1993First Vice President, Population Association of America, 1994John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow, 1990-91MERIT Award, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,1987-97Board of Directors, Population Association of America, 1986-1989NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 1979-1980Charlotte Elizabeth Proctor Fellowship, Princeton University, 1977-78NIH Trainee in Demography, Princeton University, 1975-77Outstanding Graduate in Sociology-Anthropology, Western WashingtonUniversity, 1975Administrative (7/11- present) Director, Office of Population Research, Woodrow WilsonExperience:School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University(1/09-6/09) Chair, Dean Search Committee, Woodrow Wilson School ofPublic and International Affairs, Princeton University(7/04-6/09) Director of Ph.D. Program in Policy Studies, Woodrow Wilson(7/06-6/07) Interim Director, Program in Latin American Studies, Princeton3

University(7/96-6/03) Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania(1/97-12/97) Chair, Dean Search Committee, School of Arts & Sciences,University of Pennsylvania(9/95-7/96) Director, Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania(10/90-6/94) Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University ofChicago(7/87-9/90) Director, Population Research Center, University of Chicago(10/87-9/90) Chair, Committee on Demographic Training, University ofChicago(7/85-6/87) Chair, Graduate Group in Demography, University ofPennsylvaniaProfessionalAffiliations:Population Association of AmericaAmerican Sociological AssociationInternational Union for the Scientific Study of PopulationSouthwestern Social Science AssociationLatin American Studies AssociationInternational Sociological AssociationMexican Demographic SocietyAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceFunded Grants: (9/1/97-5/31/20) “Public Use Data on Mexican Immigration.”National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, PrincipalInvestigator, 1,125,000 1 R01 HD35643(1/1/09-11/30/15) The Latin American Migration Project and the Center forMigration and Development, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 750,000,(6/1/11-12/31/11) “Segregation, Securitized Lending and ForeclosureOutcomes in New York City.” Center for New York City Neighborhoods, 10,000(1/1/09-12/31/11) “Monitoring Mt. Laurel.” John D. and Catherine T.MacArthur Foundation, 450,000.(2/1/08-12/31/08) “Proposal for a Pilot Survey of New ImmigrantDestinations.” Russell Sage Foundation, 150,000. Co-PI with Marta Tienda(6/1/07 - 5/31/12) “Social Influences on Early Adult Stress Biomarkers,”National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 323,969.(7/01/02-6/30/04) “Transnational Identities and Behavior.” Russell SageFoundation. 65,000.4

(6/1/01-5/31/04) “Theoretical and Methodological Analysis of Mexico-U.S.Migration.” NICHD, R3TW01223A, 120,582(8/1/01-7/31/08) “Religion and Religious Practice among New Immigrants tothe United States.” Pew Charitable Trusts, 500,000. Co-PI with GuillerminaJasso.3/1/98-11/1/2014) “New Immigrant Survey.” NICHD, R01HD33834, 4,239,124, Subcontract, Co-PI with Guillermina Jasso, Mark Rosenzweig,and James Smith.(9/1/98-8/31/2010) “National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen at SelectiveColleges and Universities.” Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 6.5 million(with Camille Charles).(3/1/98-2/28/05) “The Latin American Migration Project,” PrincipalInvestigator, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 738,769, 1 R01 HD3584-01.(12/1/95-11/30/98) “The New Immigrant Survey: A Pilot Study.” NICHD, 1,218,550. Co-PI with Guillermina Jasso, Mark Rosenzweig, and JamesSmith.(7/1/95-6/30/96) "The Hourglass Economy." Russell Sage Foundation,Principal Investigator, 24,500.(11/1/94-12/31/05) "The Socioeconomic and Demographic Consequences ofMexico-U.S. Migration." Hewlett Foundation, Principal Investigator, 400,000, 94-7795.(9/1/91-8/31/92) "Neighborhood Effects on Family Formation, Education, andEmployment among the Poor." Hewlett Foundation, Principal Investigator, 26,000.(1//1/90-7/1/92) "The Effects of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of1986: Mexican Immigration to the United States." Sloan Foundation, CoPrincipal Investigator (with Katharine Donato), 105,000.(9/87-8/97) "Public Use Data on Mexican Immigration," National Institute ofChild Health and Human Development, Principal Investigator, 391,027, HD23415, MERIT Award5

(6/87-5/90) "The Consequences of Residential Segregation," National Instituteof Child Health and Human Development, Principal Investigator, 342,532,HD-22992.(6/84-5/87) "Spatial Segregation of Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians," NationalInstitute of Child Health and Human Development, Principal Investigator, 278,719, HD-18594.(9/81-8/84) "Mexican Migration: The Settlement Process," National Instituteof Child Health and Human Development, Principal Investigator, 200,800,HD-15166.(8/81-1/82) "Problems of Hispanics in the Labor Market," NationalCommission for Employment Policy, Principal Investigator, 18,343,99-1-3050-50-52.(9/79-9/80) "Processes of Residential Segregation Among HispanicAmericans," National Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Research Grant, 13,980, SPI-7914866.SurveysDesigned:New Jersey Housing and Community Survey (2009-2010)New Immigrant Survey 2003-20014National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen (1998-2004)Survey of African American Home Buyers in Suburban Baltimore (1998)National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen Pilot (1997-1999)Survey of Latin American Immigrants to the United States (1997-present)Survey of Mexican Immigrants to the United States (1987-present)New Immigrant Survey Pilot (1995-2000)EditorialBoards:Annual Review of Sociology, Board, 2002-2004; Co-Editor 2004-presentSocial Science Research, 1999-presentSocial Science Quarterly, 1991-presentRace and Social Problems, 2008-presentInternational Migration Review, 2010-presentRussell Sage Journal of the Social Sciences, 2012-2017Cityscape, 2008-2014World Politics, 2007-2013Migraciones Internacionales, 2001-2011Ethnicities, 1998-2012International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 2006-2014Race and Society, 1996-2002Latino Review of Books, 1995-2002Encyclopedia of Sociology, 1997-2001American Journal of Sociology, 1987-1994Demography, 1984-19876

ProfessionalService:Member, Census Scientific Advisory Board, U.S. Bureau of the Census2012-2018Associate Member, Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies, 2013present.Member, Advisory Board, Koshland Science Museum, Washington, DC,2012-2016Member, Council of the National Academy of Sciences 2011-2014Member, Governing Board, National Research Council, 2012-2015Member, National Academies Committee on the Integration of Immigrantsin U.S. Society, 2012-2015Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Max Planck Institute for the Study ofReligious and Ethnic Diversity, 2011-2015Chair, Class V–Social and Behavioral Sciences, National Academy ofSciences, 2010-2012Member, Committee on Estimating Costs to the Department of Justice ofIncreased Border Security Enforcement by the Department of HomelandSecurity, 2009-2011Member, Committee on National Statistics, National Research Council, 20042010Secretary, Class V--Social and Behavioral Sciences, National Academy ofSciences, 2008-2010Member, International Advisory Board, Institute for Interdisciplinary Researchon Conflict and Violence, University of Bielefeld, Germany, 2006-presentMember, Advisory Board, Opportunity New Jersey, 2008-presentMember, Panel Evaluating HUD Office of Research and Policy Development,National Research Council, 2005-2008Chair, Section 53--Social and Political Sciences, National Academy ofScience, 2005-2008Chair, Membership Committee for Class III,--Social and Behavioral Sciences,American Philosophical Society 2005-2008Member, Class III Social Sciences Membership Committee--AmericanAcademy of Arts and Sciences, 2006-2008Member, Advisory Board, Program on Intercultural Conflict and SocietalIntegration, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, 2003-2007.Consultant, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Global AgingInitiative, 2005-2006Member, Panel on the Measurement of Discrimination, Committee onPopulation, National Research Council, 2001-2003Member, Committee on Population, National Research Council, 2002-2005Member, National Advisory Board, Leadership Council for Metropolitan OpenCommunities, 1995-2003Member, Immigration Advisory Board, Russell Sage Foundation, 1993-2006Member, Advisory Board, Mexican Cultural Center of Philadelphia, 1998Visiting Professor, Mannheim University, Germany, Summer 2002Member, Council of the American Sociological Association, 1997-2002Member, Committee of Executive Office and Budget, American SociologicalAssociation, 2000-20027

Member, Panel on Population Projections, Committee on Population, NationalResearch Council, 1998-2000Keynote Speaker, Meeting of the Advisory Board of the President’s Initiativeon Race, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C., July 13,1998Panelist, Meeting of the Advisory Board of the President’s Initiative on Race,San Jose, California, February 11, 1998Chair, Committee on South-North Migration, International Union for theScientific Study of Population 1991-1996Member, Nominating Committee, Latin American Studies Association, 19941995.Member, Research and Planning Advisory Board, Chicago Urban League,1990-1994Member, Board of Trustees, Leadership Council for Metropolitan OpenCommunities, Chicago, 1993-1994Member, Board of Trustees, Mexican Cultural and Education Institute,Chicago, 1993-1994Member, NICHD Population Research Committee, NICHD, 1989-93Member, Committee for Public Policy Research on Contemporary HispanicIssues, Social Science Research Council, 1988-1993Member, International Organizing Committee, Conference on the Peopling ofthe Americas, 1989-1992Chair, Committee on Population Statistics, Population Association ofAmerica, 1984-1989Member, Social Sciences and Population Study Section, NICHD, 1984-1988Member, Subcommittee on Migration Statistics, Committee on PopulationStatistics, Population Association of America, 1987-88Member, Subcommittee on the 1990 Census, PAA, 1985-86Member, Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, Demographic and Behavioral SciencesBranch, Center for Population Research, NICHD, 1986Visiting Lecturer, El Colegio de Michoacán, Zamora, Michoacán, México,1985Consultant, National Academy of Sciences, Committee on National Statistics,Panel on Immigration Statistics, 1980-85Consultant, National Commission for Employment Policy, 1982Consultant, Commission on International Migration and CooperativeEconomic Development 1987-19888

Books:2017 Comprender las Migraciones Internacionales: Teorías, Prácticas, Políticas.(Understanding International Migration: Theory, Practice, Politics). Barcelona:BellaterraEdicions. A compilation of key works by Douglas S. Massey edited and introduced byLorenzo Cachón Rodríguez.2016 Undocumented Migration in a Global Economy. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (Coedited with Katharine Donato and includes three coauthored chapters)2014Spheres of Influence: The Social Ecology of Racial and Class Inequality. New York:Russell Sage Foundation.(Coauthored with Stefanie Brodmann)2013Immigration and the Future of America. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Special issue ofDaedalus. (Edited with an introductory chapter).2013Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in anAmerican Suburb. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. (Coauthored with LenAlbright, Rebecca Casciano, Elizabeth Derickson, and David Kinsey).Paul Davidoff Award 2014, Best Book Promoting Participatory Planning and PositiveSocial Change, Association of Collegiate Schools of PlanningRobert E. Park Award 2014, Best Book, Community and Urban Studies Section,American Sociological AssociationChinese Edition published by the Social Sciences Academic Press of China.2013The Non-Response Challenge to Surveys and Statistics. Thousand Oaks, CA: SagePublications. Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and SocialScience (Co-edited with Roger Tourangeau)2010 Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times. New York:Russell Sage Foundation. (Coauthored with Magaly Sánchez R.)2010Continental Divides: International Migration in the Americas. Thousand Oaks, CA: SagePublications. Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political andSocial Science. (Co-edited with Katharine Donato, John Hiskey, and Jorge Durand)Spanish Edition: Salvando Fronteras: Migración Internacional en Amérca Latina y elCaribe. México, D.F.: Porrúa.9

2009The Moynihan Report Revisited: Lessons and Reflections after Four Decades. ThousandOaks, CA: Sage Publications. Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy ofPolitical and Social Science. (Co-edited with Robert J. Sampson and co-author ofintroductory chapter).2009 Taming the River: Negotiating the Academic, Financial, and Social Currents inAmerica’s Selective Colleges and Universities. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UniversityPress. (Coauthored with Camille Z. Charles, Mary J. Fischer, and Margarita Mooney)2008New Faces in New Places: The Changing Geography of American Immigration. NewYork: Russell Sage Foundation. (Edited with an introduction, conclusion, andcontributed chapter).2007Categorically Unequal: The American Stratification System. New York: Russell SageFoundation. (Commissioned for the Centennial of the Russell Sage Foundation)2006Chronicle of a Myth Foretold: The Washington Consensus in Latin America. ThousandOaks, CA: Sage Publications. Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy ofPolitical and Social Science. (Co-edited with and introduction by Jere R. Behrman andMagaly Sanchez R.)2005Return of the L-Word: A Liberal Vision for the New Century. Princeton: PrincetonUniversity Press.2005Strangers in a Strange Land: Humans in an Urbanizing World. New York: NortonPublishers.2004 Crossing the Border: Research from the Mexican Migration Project. New York: RussellSage Foundation. (Co-edited with Jorge Durand)2004International Migration: Prospects and Policies in a Global Market. Oxford: OxfordUniversity Press. (Co-edited with J. Edward Taylor)2003Clandestinos: Migración México-Estados Unidos en los Albores del Siglo XXI.México, D.F.: Editorial Porrua. (Coauthored with Jorge Durand)Chapter 2 reprinted in Diálagos—Foro Universal de la Cultura: Identidad y Diversidad.Monterrey: Foro Editorial de Nuevo León.2003Source of the River: The Social Origins of Freshmen at America’s Selective Collegesand Universities. Princeton: Princeton University Press. (Coauthored with CamilleCharles, Garvey Lundy, and Mary J. Fischer),10

2002Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Immigration in an Age of Economic Integration.New York: Russell Sage Foundation. (with Jorge Durand and Nolan Malone)Otis Dudley Duncan Award 2004, Best Book, Population Section of the AmericanSociological Association.Honorable Mention, Thomas and Znaniecki Award of the International Migration Sectionof the American Sociological AssociationSpanish Edition. 2009. Detrás de la Trama: Políticas Migratorias entre México y EstadosUnidos. México, D.F.: City: Editorial Porrua.2001Problem of the Century: Racial Stratification in the United States. New York:Russell Sage Foundation. (Co-edited with Elijah Anderson)1998 Worlds in Motion: International Migration at the End of the Millennium. Oxford:Oxford University Press. (Coauthored with Joaquín Arango, Graeme Hugo, AliKouaouci, Adela Pellegrino, and J. Edward Taylor)1995 Miracles on the Border: Retablos of Mexican Migrants to the United States. Tucson:University of Arizona Press. (Coauthored with Jorge Durand).Spanish Edition. Milagros en la Frontera: Retablos de Migrantes Mexicanos a EstadosUnidos. Editorial El Colegio de San Luis y el Centro de Investigación y EstudiosSuperiores en Antropología Social, San Luis Potosí y Guadalajara, 2001.Antonio García Cubas Prize, Best Book on Mexican Art, National Institute ofAnthropology and History, Mexico City, 2001.Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library Association, El Paso, TX, 1996Design Award, Bookbuilders West (Now Publishing Professionals Network), 19951993American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass. Cambridge:Harvard University Press. (Coauthored with Nancy A. Denton)Distinguished Publication Award of the American Sociological Association, 1995Otis Dudley Duncan Award of the ASA Population Section., 1994Critics' Choice Award, American Educational Studies Association, 1993French Edition. American Apartheid. Collection "Les Urbanités," Dirigée par Jean-MarcRennes, Francis Godard, Sophie Body-Gendrot, et Thierry Paquot. Paris: Descartes &Cie, 1995.11

Chapter 1, “The Missing Link” reprinted as “American Apartheid” in Margaret L.Anderson, Kim A. Logio, and Howard F. Taylor, eds., Understanding Society: AnIntroductory Reader. Stamford, CT: Wadsworth Publishing. Pp. 476-83.Chapter 1, “The Missing Link” reprinted as “American Apartheid: Segregation and theMaking of the Underclass” reprinted in David B. Grusky, ed., Social Stratification inSociological Perspective: Race, Class, and Gender, Boulder: Westview, pp. 660-70.Chapter 4, “The Continuing Causes of Segregation,” reprinted in Amanda Konradi andMartha Schmidt, eds., Social Problems: Perspectives and Approaches (MayfieldPublishing Company, 1997)Chapter 4, “The Continuing Causes of Segregation,” reprinted in Thomas M. Shapiro,ed., Great Divides: Readings in Social Inequality in the United States. Moutainview, Ca:Mayfield Publishing, 2000, pp. 249-64.Chapter 6, “The Perpetuation of the Underclass,” reprinted in Charles A. Gallagher, ed.,Rethinking the Color Line: Readings in Race and Ethnicity. Mountain View, Ca.:Mayfield Publishing.Chapter 8 , “The Future of the Ghetto,” reprinted in Stephen Steinberg, ed., Race andEthnicity in the United States: Issues and Debates (Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, 2000),pp. 114-26.1990 Doy Gracias: Iconografía de la Emigración México-Estados Unidos. Guadalajara:Programa de Estudios Jaliscienses, Secretraría de Educación y Cultura, Universidad deGuadalajara; Published in cooperation with the Instituto Nacional de Antropología eHistoria. (Coauthored with Jorge Durand)1990Milagros en la Frontera. Museum Catalogue to Exhibit "Milagros en la Frontera" at theDiego Rivera Studio Museum, Mexico City, December-February, 1990-1991; theCentenario Museum, Monterrey, Mexico; and Pape Library Museum, Monclova,Coahuila, Mexico. (Coauthored with Jorge Durand)1987Return to Aztlan: The Social Process of International Migration from Western Mexico.Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. (Coauthored with RafaelAlarcón, Jorge Durand, and Humberto González).Spanish Edition. 1991. Los Ausentes: El Proceso Social de Migración Internacional enMéxico Occidental. México, D.F.: Alianza Editorial Mexicana and Consejo Nacionalpara la Cultura y las Artes. (with Rafael Alarcón, Jorge Durand, y Humberto González)12

Scholarly Articles and Book Chapters (* indicates refereed publication):2018“Train Wreck: U.S. Immigration and Border Policy 1965-2010.” Chapter 2 in Edward E.Telles and Raul Hinojosa, eds., Equitable Globalization? Migration, Trade and Race inUS-Mexico Relations. Berkeley: University of California Press, forthcoming.2018“Evolution of the Mexico-U.S. Migration System: Insights from the Mexican MigrationProject.” Human Organization, forthcoming. (with Jorge Durand)2018“Segregation in 21st Century America.” Journal of Catholic Social Thought, forthcoming.2018* “Undocumented and Unwell: Legal Status and Health among Mexican Migrants.”International Migration Review, forthcoming. (with Amanda Cheong)2018* The Social Structure of Mortgage Discrimination: A Qualitative Analysis. HousingStudies. (with Justin P. Steil, Len Albright, Jacob S. 62018“Finding the Lost Generation: Identifying Second Generation Immigrants in FederalStatistics.” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 677:96-104.2018“Zoning, Affordable Housing, and Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” Pp. 245-265in Gregory Squires, ed., The Fight for Fair Housing: Causes, Consequences and FutureImplications of the 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act. New York: Taylor and Francis. (withJacob Rugh)2018* “Neighborhood Disadvantage and Telomere Length: Results from the Fragile FamiliesStudy.” Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 4(4):38-42. (with BrandonWagner et al.)2017* “Suburbanization and Segregation in the United States.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 41(9):forthcoming. (with Jonathan Tannen). Published online: April 26, 2017 017“Migration and Categorical Inequality.” Chapter 2 in Ernesto Castaneda, ed., Immigrationand Categorical Inequality: Migration to Cities and the Birth of Race and Ethnicity. NewYork: Routledge.2017“Segregation, Stigma, and Stratification: A Biosocial Model.” Pp. 147-162 in BrendaMajor, John Dovidio, and Bruce Link, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Stigma,Discrimination, and Health.York: Oxford University Press. (with BrandonWagner).2017“The Origins and Future of Global Latinos.” Pp. 1-16 in Mark Overmyer-Velázquez andEnrique Sepúlveda, eds., Global Latin(o) Americanos: Transoceanic Diasporas andRegional Migrations. New York: Oxford University Press.13

2017* “Why Death Haunts Black Lives.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114(5): 800-802. �La Migración Mexicana en la era de los Indocumentados" Pp. 261-276 in Alanís Enciso,Fernando Saúl and Rafael Alarcón Acosta, (Eds.). El Ir y Venir de los Norteños. LaHistoria de la Migración Mexicana a Estados Unidos (S. XIX-S. XXI). Mexico: ElColegio de la Frontera Norte, El Colegio de San Luis A.C. y El Colegio de Michoacán.2016“Incidencia de la Violencia y las Redes Sociales en la Migración de Colombianos.”Pp.89-114 in María Gertrudis Roa Martínex, ed., Migración Internacionales: Patrones yDeterminantes. Bogotá: Universidad del Valle.2016“The Mexico-U.S. Border in the American Imagination.” Proceedings of the AmericanPhilosophical Society 160(2):160-177.Winner of the 2017 Henry Allen Moe Prize of the American Philosophical Society.For the best paper in humanities or jurisprudence read at a meeting of the Society.2016* “Segregation by race and income in the United States 1970-2010.” Social ScienceResearch 60:445-60. (with Jake Intrator and Jonathan Tannen)2016* "El Proyecto de Migración Mexicana (Mexican Migration Project, MMP), Monitoreo yanálisis del proceso migratorio entre México y Estados Unidos." Coyuntura Demográfica10:105-113. (with Jorge Durand, Karen Pren, Silvia Giorguli and David Lindstrom)2016* "’Riding the Stagecoach to Hell:’ A Qualitative Analysis of Racial Discrimination inMortgage Lending.” City and Community 15(2):118-136. (with Len Albright, Justin Steil,and Jacob S. Rugh)2016“Twenty-First Century Globalization and Illegal Migration.” Annals of the AmericanAcademy of Political and Social Science 666:7-26. (with Katharine M. Donato)2016“Double Disadvantage: Unauthorized Mexicans in the U.S. Labor Market.” Annals of theAmerican Academy of Political and Social Science 666:78-90. (with Jorge Durand andKaren A. Pren)2016“The Precarious Position of Latino Immigrants in the United States: A ComparativeAnalysis of Ethnosurvey Data.”Annals of the American Academy of Political and SocialScience 666:91-109. (with Jorge Durand and Karen A. Pren)2016* “Residential Segregation is the Linchpin of Racial Stratification.” City and Community15(1):4-7.14

2016* “International Migration Under the Microscope.” Science 352(6288) 897-899. (with FransWillekens, James Raymer, and Cris Beauchemin)2016* “Why Border Enforcement Backfired.” American Journal of Sociology 121 (5): 1557–1600. (with Jorge Durand and Karen A. Pren)2016"Segregation, Race, and the Social Worlds of Rich and Poor."Pp. 13-33 in Henry B

Douglas S. Massey Curriculum Vitae June 4, 2018 Address: Office of Population Research Princeton University Wallace Hall Princeton, NJ 08544 Birth: Born October 5, 1952 in Olympia, Washington, USA Citizenship: Citizen and Resident of the United States Education: Ph.D., Sociology, Princeton University, 1978 M.A., Sociology, Princeton University, 1977

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University Year Name of qualification Abbreviation Massey 1995 Bachelor of Applied Economics (Honours) BApplEcon(Hons) Massey 1995 Postgraduate Diploma in Education PGDipEd Massey 1995 Postgraduate Diploma in Transport Planning DipTranspPl Massey 1995 Diploma in Information and Mathematical Sciences DipInfoMathSc

Douglas County literally offers the best of all worlds. That’s why over 335,000 people choose to call Douglas County home. Woven throughout this great community is Douglas County School District Re.1 which has provided students with a high-quality public education since 1958. Douglas

ISO 14001:2004 February 24, 2005 This document provides a summary of the requirement of ISO 14001:2004, which is an international standard describing the specification and requirements for an environmental management system (EMS). ELEMENT-BY-ELEMENT GUIDANCE ISO 14001 Requirement: 4.1 General requirements An organization must establish, document, implement, and continually improve their .