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A Consortium forApplicant Assessment forPre-Kindergarten - Grade 42018-2019

Participating CAIS Schools &Open House DatesCharlotte Christian SchoolCharlotte Preparatory SchoolAllycia Brown, Dir. of Early Education & Lower School Admissionsallycia.brown@charchrist.com7301 Sardis Road, Charlotte, NC 28270704-366-5657 fax: 704-366-5678Open House Dates:Tuesday, October 177:00 pmJK-KWednesday, October 189:30 amJK-KTuesday, November 76:30 pmJK-5Thursday, January 11, 2018 9:30 amJK-5Vicky Wilkison, Director of Admissions212 Boyce Road, Charlotte, NC 28211704-366-5994 fax: 704-366-0221vwilkison@charlotteprep.orgOpen House Dates:Thursday, October 199:30 a.m.Sunday, November 192:00 p.m.Tuesday, January 9, 20189:30 a.m.Providence Day SchoolCharlotte Country Day SchoolNancy Ehringhaus, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid1440 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC 28226-5096704-943-4500fax: rgOpen House Dates:Thursday, October 127:00 pm JK-KTuesday, October 247:00 pm JK-4Cecil Stodghill, Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management5800 Sardis Road, Charlotte, NC 28270704-887-6000 fax: 704-887-7520cecil.stodghill@providenceday.orgOpen House Dates:Thursday, October 196:30 pmTK-5Sunday, November 122:00 pmTK-12Trinity Episcopal SchoolCharlotte Latin SchoolMary Yorke Oates, Director of Admissions9502 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28277704-846-7207fax: 704-849-0503maryyorke.oates@charlottelatin.orgOpen House Dates:Friday, October 69:30 amFriday, October 209:30 amEarly SchoolPK-8PK-8Jennifer Moore, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid750 East 9th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202-3102704-358-8101 x240 fax: 704-358-9908jmoore@tescharlotte.orgOpen House Dates:Thursday, October 57:00 pmK-8TK-KTK-5

Finding Just The Right SchoolThe independent schools that make up CAISare united in our desire to determine the besteducational match between your child, yourfamily, and your school. It is important thatyour child’s profile mesh with your school’scurriculum and mission. In turn, your schoolshould offer an environment that fosters yourchild’s greatest potential.Cognitive assessment is one of the toolswe use to make sure your child finds thebest possible school match. To this end,standardized cognitive evaluations are usedto let you avoid multiple evaluations and allowmember schools to assess applicants on anobjective, uniform basis. They are the WechslerPreschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence –Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV) for Pre-K, Kindergartenand Grade 1 applicants and the WechslerIntelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition(WISC-V) for rising Grades 2-4.Whether you are applying to one or more of ourmember schools, your child will be evaluatedonly one time by a licensed psychologistdesignated by CAIS. This one-on-oneevaluation of your child by a highly experiencedpsychologist (listed in this brochure) meetsthe testing requirements of these participatingschools:Charlotte Christian SchoolCharlotte Country Day SchoolCharlotte Latin SchoolCharlotte Preparatory SchoolProvidence Day SchoolTrinity Episcopal School

Tips For A Positive Testing ExperienceNaturally, you want your child to perform to his orher highest ability when tested. For this reason, wehope you’ll keep the following suggestions in mind,no matter how simple they may seem.1 The more relaxed you are, the more relaxedyour child will be! Double-check the date andtime of your appointment and call ahead to getdirections to the testing office. Avoid rushing tothe appointment, since this can cause your childto make a poor transition into the evaluation.Arriving too early can also be difficult for yourchild. Please arrive promptly at appointmenttime. Finally, try not to send your child to preschoolimmediately prior to the evaluation, assome activities could be overstimulating.2 Young children tend to be attached to theirdaily routine, so let your child know that somethingdifferent has been scheduled into the day.Sudden changes could be upsetting.3 To put your child at ease, explain the one-on-oneappointment with the psychologist in amatter-of-fact way and avoid any mention oftesting. You might use phrases like: “We’re goingto see a person like a teacher. You’ll need to listenand do what the teacher asks. This is somethingchildren do in school.”Emphasize that your child will enjoy the activities.The psychologists we have selected are skilled inputting children at ease. Most children are not evenaware they are being tested.4 Make sure your child gets a good night’ssleep and eats well before the assessment.Encourage your child to dress in comfortableclothes and to use the restroom before theappointment. Tell the psychologist if anythingout of the ordinary has occurred the day ornight before the assessment (such as illness,sleeplessness, medications, or travel).5. Though you want the evaluation to be apositive experience for your child, use cautionabout offering rewards ahead of time. Beingexcited about an anticipated treat can interferewith your child’s ability to focus.6 Help make this a special time for your child.We encourage you to come without siblings.

PsychologistsThe psychologists listed below have worked closelywith the CAIS member schools. They look forward toworking with you and your child as you go through theadmissions process.Standardized evaluations are the Wechsler Preschooland Primary Scale of Intelligence – Fourth Edition(WPPSI-IV) for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1applicants and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale forChildren – Fifth Edition (WISC-V) for rising Grades 2-4.Shaded psychologists administer WPPSI-IV and WISC-V. Non-shaded administer WPPSI-IV only.Robert C. Faucette, Ph.D.7300 Carmel Executive Park DriveSuite 110Charlotte, NC 28226704-540-7525Terry Hudson Huntley, M.A.Myers Park Center1037-B Providence RoadCharlotte, NC 28207704-408-5667Lisa Pennington, Ph.D.6729 Fairview RoadSuite ECharlotte, NC 28210704-362-3123Frank Gaskill, Ph.D.6060 Piedmont Row Drive SouthSuite 120Charlotte, NC 28287704-552-0116Trey Ishee, Psy.D.6060 Piedmont Row Drive SouthSuite 120Charlotte, NC 28287704-552-0116Melanie V. Powell, Ph.D.501 S. Sharon Amity RoadSuite 500Charlotte, NC 28211Office: 704-362-1555 x12Appointments: 704-248-4849Theresa L. Gibson, Ph.D., PLLC10720 Sikes PlaceSuite 120Charlotte, NC 28277704-540-5411Chad Kraska, Psy.D.7401 Carmel Executive PK DriveSuite 210Charlotte, NC 28226704-752-8414 x106Jill Gottlieb, Psy.D.14330 Oakhill Park RoadSuite 130Huntersville, NC 28078704-875-9958Jennifer McConnell, EdS15720 Brixham Hill AvenueSuite 150Charlotte, NC 28277704-970-4791 or 704-552-0116* ESL Testing AvailableSusan Williams, M.S. M.Ed501 S. Sharon Amity RoadSuite 500Charlotte, NC 28211704-362-1555 x15

The Registration ProcessAll Applicants Must FollowTo apply for testing, CAIS requires that you adhere to thefollowing procedure:1 Complete an application to the school(s) to which youare applying for admission. No school will consider anevaluation until an application for admission to thatparticular school has been received.6 Psychologists will report to the schools anyindication that a child has been coached, tutored,or re-tested. Any indication of the aforementionedwill invalidate your application to any CAIS school.2 All appointments for testing are made by the parentswith an individual psychologist – not by the schools.Testing of applicants begins October 1, 2017.7 Upon completion of the evaluation, test results that arelimited to percentile ranges are sent to the parents andto the designated schools. A more detailed interpretationof the results may be obtained by scheduling a feedbackmeeting with the psychologist. This is optional for eachfamily and will be billed to you at the psychologist’s hourlyrate. To secure your feedback appointment, payment is dueprior to appointment date.3 Since your child will be compared to other children withthe same chronological age, late testing provides noadvantage.4 Psychologists will not make appointments until afterLabor Day. Contact the psychologist of yourchoice from our list in this brochure to schedule theappointment. Appointments may be made by phone only.Please schedule with only one psychologist. Registrationform and check must be received within one week from callto confirm your appointment. If your check is not receivedwithin one week, your appointment will be cancelled.5 To ensure test reliability and validity, children mustbe at least four years of age at the time of testingand the assessment can be administered only oncein a twelve month period.Admissions Status and Candidate Reply DatesPK-K for all CAIS schools:Notification date is Friday, February 23, 2018.Contracts must be returned by Friday, March 2, 2018.Grades 1-12 for all CAIS schools:Notification date is Friday, April 6, 2018.Contracts must be returned by Friday, April 13, 2018.No contract for a CAIS school will be required prior tothis deadline.Assessment CancellationsIn the event of family emergency or illness, please contactthe psychologist to reschedule the appointment.There will be no refund if there is a cancellation within 48hours of the appointment. Please note, Monday appointments must be cancelled by the previous Thursday.8 In addition to the assessment, CAIS schools requirean interview with each child. The respective schoolswill contact you to make an appointment for theinterview/observation sessions that are typicallyheld November-February.9 General information concerning the results of yourchild’s evaluation will be mailed to you in writing.The results of the evaluation will also be sent to the participating school(s) of your choice.J Book an appointment with one psychologist ONLY.

Registration FormPlease mail this form with a check made payable to the psychologist of yourchoice.Your appointment will be considered confirmed with the receipt of yourregistration form and payment received.Testing Fees: 200 for WPPSI-IV 225 for WISC-VThe information must be complete and legible to facilitate mailing test resultsto you. Payment must accompany registration form.Child’s name Girl Boy(Please circle name the child is called)Birth date (M/D/Y)Applying to grade(Child must be four years old before test date)Previous psychological testing? Yes NoCharlotte Christian SchoolName of testCharlotte Country Day SchoolDate administered/By whomCharlotte Latin SchoolList services currently being providedCharlotte Preparatory School(ie. speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc)Is English the second language (ESL)? Yes No(*If yes, schedule testing with Jennifer McConnell)Providence Day SchoolTrinity Episcopal SchoolCurrent school and gradeI hereby request that the results of the CAISevaluation be sent to the school(s) checkedabove. I understand that a school must beindicated and that scores will be sent to theindicated school(s). I understand that anapplication must be made to a CAIS schoolprior to release of results.Parent #1 (Mr. Dr. Mrs. Ms.)Email (for testing confirmation)StreetCity State ZipPhone (daytime)(evening)Parent #2 (Mr. Dr. Mrs. Ms.)Parent SignatureEmail (for testing confirmation) Psychologists will report to the schools anyStreetindication that a child has been coached, tutored,or re-tested.City State Zip Any indication of the aforementioned willPhone (daytime)(evening)Child’s appointment date and timeFollow-up appointment date and time (if applicable)Assessing psychologistinvalidate your application to any CAIS school.Date

Melanie V. Powell, Ph.D. 501 S. Sharon Amity Road Suite 500 Charlotte, NC 28211 Office: 704-362-1555 x12 Appointments: 704-248-4849 Susan Williams, M.S. M.Ed 501 S. Sharon Amity Road Suite 500 Charlotte, NC 28211 704-362-1555 x15 Shaded psychologists administer WPPSI-IV and WISC-V. Non-shaded administer WPPSI-IV only.

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