LOW VOLTAGE AC DRIVES ABB Industrial Drives ACS880, Single .

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—LOW VO LTAG E AC D R I V E SABB industrial drivesACS880, single drives0.55 to 3200 kW

2A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G—Reliability, performance and safety.ACS880 series.

3—Table of contents04 – 05The all-compatible ACS880 series06 – 07Simplify your world without limiting your possibilities08Easy to use09Simple to select and install10Extended connectivity11Reliability12Cost and time savings with drive-based functional safety13Compatible with all kinds of processes14 – 15Application- and industry-specific solutions and programmability16 – 17Standard interface and extensions for plug-in connectivity18How to select a drive19Technical data20 – 23Wall-mounted single drives, ACS880-0124 – 27Cabinet-built single drives, ACS880-0728 – 33Regenerative drives, ACS880-11 and ACS880-1734 – 39Ultra-low harmonic drives, ACS880-31 and ACS880-3740 – 43Liquid-cooled drives, ACS880-07CLC44 – 45Dimensions46Control panel options47Save time, ease troubleshooting and improve drive performance withABB smartphone apps48Connectivity to automation systems49PC tool options50Remote monitoring options51Additional interface options52 – 53Safety options54 –55EMC – electromagnetic compatibility56 – 57Choose the right motor for your application58 – 59SynRM packages60 –65Sine filters66 – 73Brake options74 – 75DU/dt filters76 – 77ABB automation products78Services to match your needs79Drives service80 – 81A lifetime of peak performance82 – 85Summary of features and options

A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G4—The all-compatible ACS880 seriesReliability and flexibilityThe AC880 is an all-compatibleABB industrial drive, offered in arange of wall-mounted drives,drive modules and cabinet-builtdrives.ABB’s all-compatible drives are designedto provide customers across industries andapplications with unprecedented levels ofcompatibility and flexibility. Our ACS880 singledrives are standalone drives. They are customizedto meet the particular needs of specificindustries, such as oil and gas, mining, metals,chemicals, cement, power plants, materialhandling, pulp and paper, sawmills, marine,water and wastewater, food and beverage, andautomotive. They can control a wide range ofapplications, including cranes, extruders,winches, winders, conveyors, mixers,compressors, centrifuges, test benches,elevators, extruders, pumps and fans.—High qualityMaterialhandlingFood andbeverageMining and mineralsOil and gasAutomotiveTypicalindustriesChemicalRubber and plasticsSawmillPower plantsMarineReliability and consistent high qualityACS880 drives are designed for customerswho value high quality and robustness in theirapplications. They have features such as coatedboards and high enclosure classes, making theACS880 suitable for harsh conditions.Additionally, every ACS880 drive is factory-testedat full load to ensure maximum reliability.The tests include performance and all protectivefunctions.High performance, safety and configurabilityThe ACS880 offers the highest level ofperformance. The drives are equipped withABB’s signature direct torque control (DTC),which provides precise speed and torque controlfor all applications and supports virtually anytype of motor.Extensive ACS880 offering includes wall-mounteddrives, drive modules and cabinet-built drives, aswell as low harmonic and regenerative variants.The ACS880 has all the essential features built-inreducing the time required for engineering,installation and commissioning. A wide range ofoptions are also available to optimize the drivefor different requirements, including certified,integrated safety features.

T H E A L L- C O M PAT I B L E A C S 8 8 0 S E R I E S5

6A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G—Simplify your worldwithout limiting your possibilitiesThe ACS880 industrial drive is equipped with built-in features that simplifyordering and delivery, and reduce commissioning costs, since everything isprovided in a single, compact and ready-to-use package.Easy to use All-compatible ACS880 drives sharethe same easy-to-use user interface.See page 08—Up to IP55Simple to select and install All the essential features built-in forsimple drive selection, installation and use Flexible product configurations Enclosure classes for different environments Possibility for flange mountingSee page 09Extended connectivity Communication with all major automationnetworks Remote monitoring Mobile connectivity Integration tools for PLCs from ABB andvarious other manufacturersSee page 10—9-year maintenance intervalReliability Robust, long lifetime design formaximum reliability Removable memory unit Each drive factory tested at full load Nine-year service intervalSee page 11

S I M P L I F Y YO U R W O R L D W I T H O U T L I M I T I N G YO U R P O S S I B I L I T I E S—ACS880 drives are designedfor maximum reliabilityCost and time savings with drive-basedfunctional safety Safe torque off built-in as standard Optional safety modules for extendedsafety functionsSee page 12Compatible with all kinds of processes Direct torque control (DTC) for precisespeed and torque control Support for various motor types Extensive selection of drives, includingregenerative and ultra-low harmonic variants Global product approvals, e.g. CE, UL, cUL, CSA,marine certifications, ATEX Worldwide service and supportSee page 13Application- and industry-specific solutionsand programmability Tailored, optimized solutions for variousapplications and industries Drive-based application programmingSee page 147

8A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G—Easy to useAll-compatible user interface savescommissioning and learning timeThe ACS880 is part of ABB’s all-compatibledrives portfolio. Other drives in this portfolioare the ACS380, ACS480 and ACS580.These drives share the same easy-to-use PCtools and multilingual control panels. To furtherenhance the user experience, they also have thesame parameter structure, which saves timeon commissioning and learning.The drives also share the same communicationoptions, simplifying the use of drives and spareparts handling.—The ACS880, part of theall-compatible drives portfolioSimplicity at your fingertips as standardThe control panel’s assistants and preprogrammed application macros help you to setup the drive quickly and effectively. The intuitive,high-contrast, high-resolution display offers easynavigation in multiple languages.The PC tool for commissioning and configurationprovides extensive drive monitoring capabilitiesand quick access to drive settings, as well asfeatures like a graphical interface for configuringsafety functions, visual control diagrams, anddirect links to user manuals.

9—Simple to select and installBuilt-in features simplify orderingand installationAll ACS880 drives have a choke for harmonicfiltering, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface,and safe torque off functionality as standard.Other built-in features, standard or optional,include EMC filters, brake choppers, low harmonicor regenerative functionality and various I/Oextensions, fieldbus communication, andfunctional safety modules.—All essential features built-inThe built-in features make drive configurationsimple – the number of external componentsis minimized and there is no need for extraenclosures. This cuts the engineering time, andreduces commissioning costs and the risk oferrors. Built-in features simplify ordering andmake installation fast and easy. As result,the whole drive system is more compact.Different installation solutionsACS880 offering has optimized variants forcabinet-building, wall-mounting and modulesfor cabinet assembly.ACS880 offering also includes completeand compact solutions for dusty and wetenvironments with up to IP55 enclosure class.Engineering supportABB provides an extensive selection of supportmaterial and tools to help in engineering,such as: Dimensioning tools, e.g. DriveSize Safety circuit design tools EPLAN P8 macros A selection tool for choosing externalcomponents for the line and motor side of thedrive, e.g. fuses and circuit breakers Electrical drawings Application guides Drive installation and configuration videosThese tools and support from our experts ensurethat the drive system can be set up easily andreliably.ChokeSafety functionsDriveSize dimensioning tool forselecting the optimal driveDriveSize is designed to help select the optimaldrive, motor and transformer for the application.Based on data supplied by the user, the toolcalculates and suggests which drive and motorsto use.Modbus RTU interfaceEMC filterDriveSize is a free software and can be usedeither online or downloaded for PC size.Direct torque controlUp to IP55 enclosure classExtensive I/OBrake chopper

10A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G—Extended connectivityCommunication with all majorautomation networksACS880 drives come with Modbus RTU fieldbusinterface and drive-to-drive communication linkas standard. Plug-in connectivity adaptersenable communication with all major industrialautomation networks.The drives support advanced fieldbuscommunication features: Redundant fieldbus connection Functional safety over fieldbus Multiple fieldbus communication Shared Ethernet connection – the Ethernetconnection can use a shared network withEthernet-based fieldbuses and PC toolTo minimize connectivity-related risks,cybersecurity is a built-in, integral part ofthe ACS880.To simplify ACS880ʼs connectivity to automationsystems, ABB offers support tools for seamlessintegration with PLCs from ABB and several othermanufacturers.Remote monitoringWith a built-in web server and standalone datalogger, the NETA-21 remote monitoring toolenables secure worldwide access to your drives.Drive data can also be collected via a 3G mobileconnection with the RMDE reliability monitoringdevice.—Better connectivity anduser experienceMobile connectivityThe drive has a Bluetooth panel enabling easyconnection to mobile devices.ABB offers several smartphone applications,like Drivetune and Drivebase, to ease and enhancethe use of ABB drives. These tools provide auser-friendly and easy-to-use approach forcommissioning, servicing and using ABB drives.

11—ReliabilityRobust, long life time designThe ACS880 is designed to last for a longtime, even in harsh conditions. The benefitsinclude a nine-year service interval andgood tolerance for vibrations andcontamination.Several design features make theACS880 a safe choice: Coated circuit boards Minimized airflow through thecontrol board section High IP class variants Designed for ambient temperaturesup to 55 C Advanced IGBT and earth faultprotectionsEach ACS880 drive unit is tested in thefactory at full load to ensure maximumreliability.Removable memory unitThe memory unit stores the drive software,which includes parameter settings and motordata. This unit can be switched from one driveto another, allowing simple and rapid drivereplacement without any special equipment,software loading, parameter settings, or otheradjustments in the drive or automation system.It also eliminates the risk of softwareincompatibility. The new drive is ready to runas soon as the memory unit is plugged in.—Nine-year service intervalAdvanced features for analyzing andresolving issuesThe ACS880 has timers and counters that can beconfigured to remind you when the drive needsmaintenance.Accurate and reliable diagnostic information isobtained through alarm, limit and fault words.Data loggers store critical values before andduring an event, such as a fault. The real-timeclock allows you to see the exact times of events.For faster remote support, all relevant drive dataand changed parameters can be saved in a singlefile package that you can easily create with thePC tool or by creating a QR code with thecontrol panel.

12A B B I N D U S T R I A L D R I V E S , A C S 8 8 0 , S I N G L E D R I V E S , C ATA LO G—Cost and time savings withdrive-based functional safetySafety functionsACS880 drives have a safe torque off (STO)function as a standard. Extended safetyfunctions are provided by optional safetymodules, which are easy to integrate inside thedrive. Integration with automation systems isquick and reliable using PROFIsafe connectivity.Most safety functions achieve the SIL 3/PL esafety level.Scalable safety with PROFIsafe and safety PLCThe safety functionality can be scaled to yourneeds. From STO wired to an emergency pushbutton, to a complete safety system withPROFIsafe and a safety PLC, e.g. the AC500-S.Safely limited speed with or without encodersThe SIL 3/PL e-certified safely limited speed (SLS)function prevents the motor from exceeding adefined speed limit, with or without using anencoder. This allows machine interaction to beperformed at a safe speed without stoppingthe process.Available safety functionalityThe following safety functions are supported: Safe torque off (STO) Safe stop 1 (SS1) Safe stop emergency (SSE) Safe brake control (SBC) Safely-limited speed (SLS) Safe maximum speed (SMS) Prevention of unexpected startup (POUS) Safe direction (SDI) Safe speed monitor (SSM) Safe temperature monitoring (SMT)Safety for explosive atmospheresACS880 and ABB Ex motors have been certifiedas a package providing a safe, proven solution forexplosive atmospheres. ACS880 safety optionsfor ATEX environments: ATEX-approved thermistor protection module ATEX-approved safe torque off—Integrated safety simplifiesconfigurationEasy configurationConfiguring the safety functions module iseasy thanks to the graphical user interface ofthe Drive composer pro PC tool.TÜV-certified safety design toolThe FSDT-01 functional safety design toolcan be used to design complete safety circuits.It helps to increase the

8 ABB INDUSTRIAL DRIVES, ACS880, SINGLE DRIVES, CATALOG — Easy to use All-compatible user interface saves commissioning and learning time The ACS880 is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Other drives in this portfolio are the ACS380, ACS480 and ACS580. These drives share the same easy-to-use PC tools and multilingual control panels.

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speed feedback when the ACS800 with DTC is used. IndustrialIT enabled ABB industrial drives are IndustrialIT enabled. This guar-antees the user that ABB industrial drives can be easily integrated into ABB Industrial IT systems. Single drives The single drive configuration contains a rectifier, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit.

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