Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support And Recovery Plan .

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Tourism, Hospitality& Leisure Support andRecovery Plan forGreater ManchesterLeading the industry through crisisand driving recovery

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterIntroductionThe Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on thepeople of Greater Manchester; as well as the devastating socialimpact, the economy is also suffering repeated shocks.Of all sectors, tourism, hospitality and leisure has beenamongst the most devastated: with 61% of the 9billion annualeconomic value of the sector estimated to be lost this year, theconsequences for businesses and their 100,000 employees willbe deep and long lasting.Whilst much of Greater Manchester’s economy is beginning toreturn to a new normal, recovery for the tourism, hospitalityand leisure sector will take significantly longer, as operationalcapacity continues to be restricted and many of the key driversfor Greater Manchester’s visitor markets remain closed. Withoutthe return of the meetings and corporate business markets,of major concerts, events and sporting fixtures, of theatres,cultural venues and the night-time economy, and of highspending international markets, the sector faces a difficultand slow recovery.National forecasts suggest that it will be 2022 before domestictourism recovers to 2019 levels, with international tourism notreturning to pre Covid-19 levels until 2023. In addition, we don’tyet know what the impacts will be on the UK’s visitor economyafter leaving the EU. Across Greater Manchester there willbe added urgency to rebuild and grow markets as quickly aspossible to provide the additional visitors necessary for thenew hotels, cultural venues and attractions currently underconstruction.Set against this context, Marketing Manchester, part of theGrowth Company, brought together a group of senior publicand private leaders from across Greater Manchester to formthe GM Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group (TIER).This group is leading the immediate response that is requiredto support the sector and will collaborate in partnership todeliver the Plan.

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterThis One Year Support and Recovery Planhas been developed within the context ofthe wider strategic and recovery ambitionsfor Greater Manchester: The GMS Living with Covid Resilience Plan – recognises thatinterventions will be required to heal the economic scar whichthe industry has suffered The Local Industrial Strategy – where tourism, in particularbusiness conferences, is a foundational sector The International Strategy – which recognises the region’svibrant cultural and sporting identity as a unique asset whichgives a strong foundation to become a global city-region, notonly raising our profile on a global stage but also using thisprofile to drive wider international collaboration.Tourism and the visitor economy sector keeps this cultural,music and sporting offer alive and is one of the Strategy’sfive core priorities.The Plan incorporates actions across the full extent of thevisitor economy including hospitality, leisure, sport, cultureand the night-time economy.

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterEight Strategic Priorities:At this current time with the region held in additional restrictions, wewill focus activity on providing support and guidance for the sector.123We will support a network of tourism, hospitality and leisurebusinesses across GM – working with our colleagues in the GrowthCompany to continue to provide a regular programme of businessadvice and information to support the sector.We will lobby for continued Government support – asking forextension of the business support arrangements put in place byGovernment, recognising the exceptional impact that the pandemichas had on GM.We will ensure that GM’s visitor economy is represented at anational level – we will go further to make more noise at a nationallevel and work more closely with our national partners to make surethat GM’s voice is heard.Then, when the time is right to move towards recovery,the Plan suggests an additional five areas of focus:45678We will build consumer confidence and profile for GM – our aim isto recover business to pre-Covid 19 levels by December 2022.We will rebuild GM’s international profile – working in collaborationwith Manchester Airport, VisitBritain and our global partners, wewill maximise our impact in strategic markets to bring back businessto GM and win new business from new markets.We will build back business visits and events – securing business inthe short term and ensuring that measures are in place to maintainthe medium-term business pipeline.We will seek support for a more sustainable DMO structure –Destination Management Organisations like MarketingManchester are also vulnerable, representing a further risk to thebusinesses who benefit from their activity.We will demonstrate how the visitor economy can support GM’swider strategic objectives – ensuring that visitor needs are includedin programmes which may have residents as the primary focus.

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterIt is apparent that GreaterManchester’s Tourism,Hospitality and Leisure Sectorhas been disproportionatelyaffected by Covid-19. Asinfection rates across GMcontinue to rise; and theregion continues to be heldin additional restrictions,so too will the sector continueto suffer. We will thereforecontinue to provide ongoingsupport and guidance for thesector during this time.

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterTourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater Manchester1. Support for Tourism, Hospitalityand Leisure businesses2. Lobby for continuedgovernment support Continue to provide a regular programmeof business advice and information tosupport the sector. We will: Extend the business support arrangements put in place byGovernment, recognising the exceptional impact that thepandemic has had on the tourism, hospitality and leisuresector across Greater Manchester. We will:- In partnership with Business Growth Huband in consultation with the sector, createa programme of business support servicesspecifically tailored to the current criticalneeds of hospitality and tourism businesses,including one to one business diagnostics,financial and business advice clinics andbusiness coaching for self employedoperators- Work with colleagues within the GrowthCompany including the Tourism TalentHub to support the hospitality, leisure andcultural businesses to access employmentprogrammes, training and careers advice- Continue to provide regular updates to thesector and host a programme of businesssupport webinars- Continue to provide a comprehensivedigital signpost to all relevant adviceand Government guidance via Use the current allocation of DiscoverEngland Funding to support businessesto develop new offers and to promotethemselves to wider or different audiences- Create and share case studies of bestpractice and spotlight innovative businessoperators- Develop a new ‘Eat Out to Help Out in GM’ initiative- Request an extension to the reduced VAT period- Seek an extension and greater flexibility around furloughwhen the current scheme ceases in October, targetedspecifically at sectors most impacted- Support Manchester Airport’s call for a wider packageof Government support for the aviation sector to ensure itsrecovery is as speedy and strong as possible, and that its role inenabling growth in the visitor economy is maximised3. Ensure the visitoreconomy is representedat a national level We will go further to make more noise at a national level andwork more closely with our national partners to make surethat GM’s voice is heard. We will:- Initiate conversations with colleagues at DCMS and acrossGovernment- Ensure that national activity by VisitEngland/VisitBritainpromotes Greater Manchester as a visitor destination- Work with national trade partners and bodies includingTourism Alliance, UKHospitality, UKinbound and others- Continue to lead and collaborate with our DestinationManagement Partners across the North to promoteManchester as a Gateway

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater ManchesterAs the UK emerges fromthe Covid-19 pandemicand faces a new globalpositioning outside the EU,the following elements of theplan will enable the sectoracross Greater Manchesterto both recover to previouslevels and be best placed tocompete globally and rebuildsustainable growth.

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater Manchester4. Build consumerconfidence and profile Our aim is to recover domestic business to pre-Covid 19levels by December 2022 and international business by2023, in line with VisitBritain estimates. We will:- Support Marketing Manchester to lead a series ofco-ordinated marketing campaigns required to giveconfidence to residents and visitors locally, regionally andnationally- Deliver campaigns to encourage our workers back to the cityand town centres, working with partners across the city region- Continue to build our marketing communications and extendour reach as the sector reopens, ensuring that messagingpositions the diversity and strength of offer across allten GM boroughs- Maintain the city region’s national and international profile,promoting Greater Manchester’s cultural, sporting andhospitality assets to gain further recognition as a vibrantglobal city-region- Support TfGM to encourage visitors to use public transportas restrictions permit

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater Manchester5. Rebuild internationalconnectivity and profile W orking in collaboration with Manchester Airport, VisitBritain and our global partners, we will maximise our impactin strategic markets to bring back business to GM and winnew business from new markets. We will:- Implement the first stages of the refreshed InternationalStrategy as markets permit- Ensure that Manchester Airport is well positioned againstpeer airports by developing a coordinated and clearproposition for Greater Manchester and the North includingits surrounding business, leisure and student travel to ensurethe city-region’s route proposition remains competitive andthat the Airport is able to win back and secure routes- Host the UKInbound Annual Conference in Spring 2021,providing a showcase to 400 international travel trade, touroperators, intermediaries and media- Work with our universities to engage with and attract moreinternational students through creation and distribution ofcompelling content- Begin to resume our visiting media programme as travelrestrictions permit, to ensure a visible international profile- Continue to lead the Northern Gateway DMO partnership toreengage international audiences- Build on the successes of Greater Manchester’s devolveddelivery contract with VisitBritain to secure a new sustainablestructure focused on greater devolution and anchored arounda new 10-year tourism strategy- Reignite international partnerships eg with NYC andBarcelona, working with partners to deliver the GreaterManchester Diplomacy Plan

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater Manchester6. Build back businessvisits and events Secure business in the short term and ensure that measuresare in place to maintain the medium-term business pipeline.We will:- Support and sustain the business and conference sector as welive with Covid-19 and as we shift to rebuilding and recovery- Implement the GM 10 Point Plan for Business Tourism- Focus on our academic and key sector strengths to attractmajor international conferences that leave a legacy in theregion long after their conference has been held- Create a programme to support the 2021/22 conferencepipeline for our venues to mitigate possible futurecancellations- Identify and attract major new sporting and culturalevents to be held in the city-region as well as domestic andinternational business conferences and events that align withand reinforce Greater Manchester’s priority sectors- Investigate new approaches to supporting/sponsoring/arranging our own events, working with organisers to buildconfidence and mitigate risks- Ensure that national activity by VisitEngland/VisitBritainsupports Greater Manchester’s priorities for BVE recoveryTourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support andRecovery Plan for Greater Manchester7. Support a moresustainable DMOStructure Destination management organisations are alsovulnerable, representing a further risk to the businesseswho benefit from their activity. We will:- Continue to work with DMO colleagues across England toencourage DCMS and VisitBritain to review local tourismsupport structures8. Demonstrate howthe visitor economycan support GM’s widerstrategic objectives Ensure that visitor needs are included in programmeswhich may have residents as the primary focus. We will:- Promote the developing cycling & walking infrastructureacross GM to visitors and support the development ofinitiatives towards becoming recognised as a cycle city- Work with the new Manchester Productivity Institute toinvestigate ways to drive faster improvements to jobsand productivity in the Foundational Economy includinghospitality and retail, in line with the Local Industrial Strategy- Renew efforts to encourage employers in the sector to raisestandards through the GM Employment Charter in order totackle inequality

GM TIER GROUP MEMBERSProud to be part of the Growth Company

Tourism and the visitor economy sector keeps this cultural, music and sporting offer alive and is one of the Strategy’s five core priorities. The Plan incorporates actions across the full extent of the visitor economy including hospitality, leisure, sport, culture and the night-time economy. Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Support and