Course-to-Course Transfer & Articulation Agreement May 2013

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* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa University - Academic ExtensionandMt San Jacinto College (CA) Course-to-CourseTransfer & Articulation AgreementMay 2013Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #ANTH 110ANTH 206ANTH 310ANTH xxxMt. San Jacinto CollegeCourseCourse #ANTHROPOLOGYIntroduction to Cultural AnthropologyANTH-102Intro to the Hmong Culture & LanguagePolitical AnthropologyANTH-101General Education Social ScienceANTH-104ANTH-115ANTH-125ANTH-201General Education Social Science or CultureCourse(3) *Cultural Anthropology(3) *(3) *(3)(3)(3)Physical AnthropologyWorld PrehistoryIntroduction to ArcheologyMagic, Witchcraft, and ReligionIntroduction to Forensic TH-103E(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)ANTH/HIST-121 (3)ART 100ART 109ART 110ART 111ART 211ART 212ART 218ART 235ART 251ART 330ART 372ART 410ART xxxIntroduction to ArtTwo-Dimensional DesignDrawingDesignArt History IArt History IIDigital PhotographyGraphic DesignTypographyWatercolorSurvey of American ArtAdvanced DrawingGeneral Education HumanitiesARTART-100 (3)ART-120 (3)ART-108 (3)North American IndiansNorthwest Coast Indian CulturesCultures of the PacificLatin American CulturesCultures of AfricaCalifornia IndiansArt Appreciation2D DesignBeginning DrawingART-101 (3) *ART-102 (3) *PHOT-125 (3)ART-123 (3)ART-125 (3)ART-118 (3)Art History : Prehistoric thru Medieval ArtArt History : Renaissance to 20th Cent ArtDigital Photography Production IGraphic Design ITypology IWatercolor/Mixed -116ART-119ART-121ART-122Introduction to ModernismWorld ArtHistory of Graphic DesignIntermediate DrawingLife DrawingPainting IPainting IIMural PaintingDesign and Color3D Design(3) *(3) *(3) *(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)ART-124 (3)ART-141 (3)ART-151 (3)Time Based MediaIllustrationCeramic Arts[1]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #CourseART xxxGeneral Education Humanities (cont)BIO 100BIO 106BIO 164BIO 215General Biological ScienceBiology of HIV/AIDSBiology of Healthful LivingLocal Field Science (also PHY 215)Mt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #ART-160 (3)ART-170 (2)MUL-126 (3)ART-171 (2)ART-223 (3)PHOT-130 (3)BIOLOGYCourseSculptureFoundry-Ceramic Shell CastingTime Based MediaBronze Sand-CastingGraphic Design IIHistory of Still PhotographyAH-124 (3)PathophysiologyANAT/NURS-100(3)Introduction to Anatomy and PhysiologyANAT-101 (5) *BIOL-100 (4)BIOL-115 (4)BIOL-116 (4)BIOL-117 (3)BIOL-125 (5)BIOL-130 (4)BIOL-131 (4)BIOL-132 (5)BIOL-133 (5)BIOL-134 (3)BIOL-135 (3) *BIOL-143 (3)BIOL-144 (4)BIOL-146 (3)BIOL-150 (5) *BIOL-151 (5) *DMS-101 (3)BUSINESSECON-202 (3) *ECON-201 (3) *ACCT-124 (3) *ACCT-125 (3) *BADM-120 (3)HORT-120 (3)MGT-103 (3) *Human Anatomy and PhysiologyHuman BiologyTopics in BiologyNatural History and BiodiversityConservation BiologyMicrobiologyMarine BiologyIntroduction to Biotechnology IIntroduction to Biotechnology IIIntroduction to Biotechnology IIIHuman Heredity and EvolutionIntroduction to EvolutionAnimal BehaviorPlant BiologyBiodiversityGeneral Biology IGeneral Biology IIPathophysiologyBIO xxxGeneral Education Natural ScienceBA 160BA 161BA 201BA 202Microeconomic PrinciplesMacroeconomic PrinciplesAccounting Principles IAccounting Principles IIBA 208Marketing PrinciplesBA 210BA 222BA 225BA 227BA 281BA 288BA 302BA 303BA 310BA 315BA 317BA 321BA 322BA 323BA 324BA 325BA 334Management PrinciplesManagement Information SystemsBusiness EthicsServices MarketingAmerican Economic History (also HIST 281)Personal Financial ManagementBusiness Law IBusiness Law IIMoney and BankingSales ManagementInternational ManagementIntermediate Financial Accounting IIntermediate Financial Accounting IIFederal Taxation IFederal Taxation IINew Venture CreationSocial EntrepreneurshipACCT-127 (4)Principles of MicroeconomicPrinciples of MacroeconomicsFinancial Accounting– Princ Accounting IManager. Accounting-Princ Accounting IISales and Marketing in HospitalitySales and Marketing in HospitalityIntroduction to ManagementFederal & California Income Tax Accounting[2]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityMt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #BA 337BA 341BA 343BA 352BA 355BA 356BA 358BA 361BA 362BA 363BA 365BA 367CoursePersonal SellingCorporate Financial ManagementInvestmentsRisk ManagementRetailingQuantitative Decision in BusinessConsumer BehaviorHuman Resources ManagementSupervisionAdvertising and Integrated Market CommLeadership TheoryCross-Cultural LeadershipBA 370Entrepreneurship and Small Bus MgmtBA 371BA 374BA 380BA 383BA 390BA 393BA 411BA 414BA 415BA 421BA 422BA 423BA 424BA 425BA 431BA 432BA 442BA 444BA 445BA 449BA 451BA 454BA 456BA 459BA 460BA 463BA 474BA 488Training and DevelopmentBusiness CommunicationsMarketing ManagementCompensation and Benefits MgmtComplex Organizations (also SOC 390)Personnel Selection and EvaluationLabor Relations and NegotiationNew Product DevelopmentCross-Cultural NegotiatingManagerial Cost AccountingProduct Cost AccountingProduction and Operations ManagementGlobal MarketingAuditingAdvanced Financial AccountingAccounting for Not-For-Profit Orgs.Intermediate Financial ManagementNew Venture FinanceContemporary Topics in ManagementBusiness and Industrial Crisis MgmtMarketing ResearchManagement CasesMarketing CasesContemporary Topics in MarketingStrategic Mgmt in the Global CorporationInternational FinanceOrganizational Behavior (also PSY 474)Economics of International BusinessCHEM 115CHEM 140Environmental Chemistry (also ES 115)Chemistry for Everyday LifeCHEM xxxGeneral Education Natural ScienceCourse #BADM-157 (3)FIN-200 (3)CoursePrinciples of SalesFinancial ManagementMGT-138 (3)Personnel ManagementBADM-150 (3)BADM-215 (3)Small Business EntrepreneurshipBusiness and Marketing PlanningMGT-205 (3)Principles of Marketing ManagementN/AN/AMust be taken at a four-year institutionMust be taken at a four-year 02CHEM-112CHEM-113(5)(4)(5)(5)(5)(5)Chemistry of LifeIntroduction to ChemistryGeneral Chemistry IGeneral Chemistry IIOrganic Chemistry IOrganic Chemistry II[3]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #CourseCOMM 105Public SpeakingCOMM 107COMM 115COMM 132COMM 200COMM 203COMM 220COMM 221COMM 227COMM 275Human CommunicationsEffective ListeningIntroduction to News ReportingInterpersonal CommunicationCommunication TheoryPrinciples of InterviewingIntercultural CommunicationNews EditingTelevision (also ENG 275)COMM 290The Movies (also ENG 290)Mt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #COMMUNICATIONCOMM-100 (3) *COMM-201 (3)Interpersonal CommunicationSurvey of Communication StudiesCOMM-108 (3) *Intercultural CommunicationENGL-225 (3) *HIST/THA-136(3)Film and LiteratureCultural History of American MotionPicturesIntroduction to World CinemaProfessional CommunicationES 100ES 114Conservation of Natural ResourcesES 117Natural DisastersES 161ES 121ES 220ES 251ES 321ES 330Introduction to Environmental ScienceDinosaursSoil and Water ConservationExtinctionsBuilding an Eco-EconomyGlobal Warming and Climate ChangeES xxxGeneral Education Natural SciencePublic SpeakingAdvanced Public SpeakingCOMM-103 (3)COMM-120 (3)HUM/THA-137(3)Organizational CommunicationsCOMM-117 (3)Business and Professional CommunicationFeature WritingNews EditingFamily CommunicationWriting for MediaAgricultural CommunicationResearch Methods in CommunicationCommunications and Media EthicsSenior SeminarEARTH SCIENCEGEOL-100 (4)Introduction to GeologyCOMM 305COMM 307COMM 310COMM 320COMM 327COMM 332COMM 351COMM 390COMM 415COMM 498CourseENVS-101 (3) *Physical Geology: Dynamic PlanetarySystems of Spaceship EarthNatural ResourcesEnvironmental Geology: Natural Hazardsand DisastersEnvironmental ScienceENVS-190 (4)Watershed Resource ManagementGEOG-106 (3)GEOL-105 (4)Climate and WeatherHistorical Geology: Evolving Earth,Dinosaurs, and Homo SapiensGeology of National ParksOceanographyCalifornia GeologySoil Science and ManagementENVS-110 (3)GEOL-103 UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #CourseENG 101ENG 102ENG 125ENG 201ENG 202ENG 203ENG 209ENG 210ENG 211ENG 212ENG 224ENG 248ENG 265ENG 275Basic CompositionEnglish Composition IIIntroduction to LiteratureExpository WritingWriting for BusinessWriting for the SciencesAmerican Literature IAmerican Literature IIBritish Literature IBritish Literature IIModern PoetrySurvey of the Mystery StoryAfrican American LiteratureTelevision (also COMM 275)ENG 290The Movies (also COMM 290)ENG 330ENG 352ENG 365ENG 375ShakespeareBest SellersWomen and LiteratureLiterature of the American MidwestMt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #ENGLISHENGL-101 (4) *ENGL-103 (4) *ENGL-106 (3) *ENGL-207ENGL-208ENGL-230ENGL-231ENGL-220General Education HumanitiesENG xxx(3) *(3) *(3) *(3) *(3)CourseFreshman CompositionCritical Thinking and WritingIntroduction to LiteratureAmerican Literature: Pre-Colonial to 1865American Literature: 1865 to PresentEnglish Literature: Anglo-Saxon to 1775English Literature: 1775 to PresentAnalysis of PoetryENGL-260 (3) *Intro to African-American LiteratureENGL-225 (3) *HIST/THA-136(3)HUM/THA-137(3)ENGL-203 (3)Film and LiteratureCultural Hist of American Motion PicturesIntroduction to World CinemaSurvey of ShakespeareENGL-250 (3)Women and LiteratureENGL-200ENGL-220ENGL-285ENGL-286Survey of DramaAnalysis of FictionWorld Literature: Antiquity to 1650World Literature: 1650 to Present(3)(3) *(3) *(3) *ENGL-205 (3) *World FolkloreENGL-240 (3) *American Indian LiteratureENGL/SPAN-270Latin America Literature in TranslationENGL-280 (3) *Multiethnic LiteratureTHA-150 (3)Survey of DramaGEOGRAPHYIntroduction to Physical GeographyGEOG-101 (3)Physical GeographyWorld Regional GeographyGEOG-108 (3)World Regional GeographyGEOG-102 (3)Cultural GeographyGeneral Education Social ScienceGEOG-107 (3)Urban GeographyGEOG-111 (3)Geography of CaliforniaHEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATIONIntro to the American Health SystemManaged CareLong-Term Care AdministrationCommunity and Public HealthHealth Care EthicsPopulation Health ManagementFin Mgmt of Health Services OrganizationsLegal Issues Related to Health Services OrgHealth Services AdministrationHealth Services and the Political ProcessHealth Program Planning & EvaluationGeneral Education Humanities OR CulturesGEOG 100GEOG 200GEOG xxxHSA 205HSA 302HSA 306HSA 312HSA 340HSA 344HSA 362HSA 385HSA 440HSA 460HSA 490[5]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityMt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #CourseHIST 100HIST 101HIST 110HIST 111HIST 220HIST 222HIST 240HIST 281World History to 1500World History Since 1500American History to 1877American History Since 1877History of WisconsinHistory of IowaYour Community as part of US HistoryAmerican Economic History (also BA 281)The Develop of American Foreign Policy(also PS 342)US Women’s HistoryModern World HistoryModern America, 1945-PresentGeneral Education Social ScienceHIST 342HIST 343HIST 355HIST 374HIST xxxID 102ID 120ID 142ID 301ID 498MIS 101MIS 201MIS 210MIS 211Course #HISTORYHIST-103HIST-104HIST-111HIST-112Course(3) *(3) *(3) *(3) *History of World Civilizations to 1500History of World Civilizations: Since 1500U.S. History to 1877U.S. History Since ST-162(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3) *(3) *(3) *(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3) *(3) *Women in US HistoryThe World Since 1900Recent America: Since 1945Western Civilization I: to 1500Western Civilization II: from 1500 to PresentThe History of East Asia Before 1600The History of East Asia Since 1600Global History of World War IICivil War & Reconstruction, 1860-1876California HistoryMilitary History of the United StatesHistory of Great Britain to 1714History of Great Britain from 1714History of MexicoHistory of Latin America to 1820History of Latin America Since 1820The SixtiesGlobal History of World War IHistory of the Vietnam WarGeneral Education Social Science or CulturesHIST-121 (3)California IndiansINTERDISCIPLINARYUsing the Internet for ResearchN/ANot available as transferStrategies for SuccessN/ANot available as transferAfrican American CultureHIST-160 (3)Black History in the American ContextCritical ThinkingN/ANot available as transferSenior ProjectN/ANot available as transferMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMSCAPP-120 (3)Using Microsoft Office – Level ICAPP-140 (3)Using Microsoft Office – Level IICAPP-160 (3)Using Microsoft Office – Level --------------------------CAPP-122 (3)Using Microsoft ExcelANDIntroduction to Computer Applications(CAPP-123 (3)Using Microsoft Access – Level Ior CAPP-143 (3)) Using Microsoft Access – Level 2ANDCAPP-124 (3)Using Microsoft PowerPointANDCAPP-127 (3)Using Microsoft WordPrinciples of Computer ProgrammingCSIS-111B (3)Fundamentals of Computer ProgrammingCOBOL ProgrammingWeb and Windows COBOL Programming[6]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #Mt. San Jacinto CollegeCourseCourse 123CCSIS-124ACSIS-125ACSIS-126ECSIS-134AMIS xxxA Computer Programming CourseMIS 354MIS 360MIS 377MIS 384MIS 388C ProgrammingProject ManagementSystems Analysis and DesignAdvanced Computer ProgrammingTelecommunications and NetworksMIS 415Database ManagementMIS 435MIS 461Information Systems Strategies (Cases)Accounting Information SystemsMATH 105College Algebra with ApplicationsMATH 109Quantitative MethodsMATH 220MATH XXXElementary StatisticsGeneral Education MathematicsMUS 100MUS 200MUS 202Introduction to MusicAmerican Jazz StylesAmerican Popular MusicMUS xxx(approved by Dr. Whitesell)General Education 3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)(3)CSIS-114C (3)CSIS-124C -215MATH-140(4) *(5)(5)(5)(4)(4)MATH-115 (3)MUSICMUS-100 (3) *MUS-108 (3) THA-155(3)(3)(3)(3)(3) *(3)(3)(3)CourseVisual Basic programming – Level 1C Programming– Level 1Java Programming – Level 1C# Programming – Level 1SQL Programming – Level 1Web Development – Level 1XML Design – Level 1Developing ASP.NET Web ApplicationsInternet Scripting with JavascriptPython Programming – Level 1Ruby Programming – Level 1Embedded Systems ProgrammingActionScript Programming – Level 1Visual Basic programming – Level 2C Programming – Level 2Java Programming – Level 2C# Programming – Level 2SQL Programming – Level 2Web Development – Level 2Python Programming – Level 2SQL Programming – Level 3Database Programming IDatabase Programming IICollege AlgebraPre-CalculusAnalytical Geometry & Calculus IAnalytical Geometry & Calculus IIDifferential EquationsIntroduction to StatisticsIdeas of MathematicsIntroduction and Appreciation of MusicHistory of Jazz and BluesMusic FundamentalsMusic Theory IMusic Theory IIHistory of Rock & RollIntro & Appreciation of American MusicWorld MusicMusic Theory IIIMusical Theater History[7]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #CoursePHIL 150PHIL 202Introduction to PhilosophyContemporary EthicsPHIL xxxGeneral Education HumanitiesPHY 110Introduction to AstronomyPHY 215Local Field Science (also BIO 215)PHY xxxGeneral Education Natural SciencePS 100PS 211PS 230US GovernmentInternational RelationsState and Local GovernmentThe Development of Foreign Policy(also HIST 342)The Legislative ProcessAmerican Constitutional Law IAmerican Constitutional Law IIPS 342PS 362PS 411PS 412Mt. San Jacinto CollegeCourse #PHILOSOPHYPHIL-101 (3) *PHIL-105 (3) *AH-122 (3)DMS-102 (3)ENGL-103 (4)PHIL-103 (3) *PHIL-109 (3)PHIL-110 (3)PHIL-111 (3) *PHIL 112 (4) *PHYSICAL SCIENCEASTR-101 (4)ASTR-111 (3)GEOL-111 (3)PHY-100 (3)PHY-101 (4)PHY-102 (4)PHY-201 (4)PHY-202 (4) *PHY-203 (4)POLITICAL SCIENCEPS-101 (3) *PSY 260PS-102 (3) *PS-103 (3) *PS-104 (3) *General Education Social SciencePS-105 (3) *PS-106 (3)PS-120 (3) *PSYCHOLOGYHuman Growth, Development & GuidancePSYC-103 (3) *(also EDU 142)General PsychologyPSYC-101 (3) *AdjustmentDevelopmental Psych: Birth to AdolescenceCDE-110 (3) *Introduction to Human ServicesDevelopmental Psych: Young to Late AdultGroup Dynamics (also SOC 232)COMM-106 (3)Conflict ResolutionPSYC-104 (3) *Gender Roles (also SOC 260)PSYC/SOCI-112 (3)PSY 270PSY 302PSY 310PSY 323PSY 335Human SexualitySubstance AbuseSocial Psychology (also SOC 310)CognitionBiology and BehaviorPS xxxPSY 142PSY 190PSY 201PSY 212PSY 221PSY 222PSY 232PSY 240SOCI-108 (3)HS-123 (3)CourseIntroduction to Philosophy IIntroduction to EthicsMedical EthicsSonography Medical EthicsCritical Thinking and WritingLogicAncient and Medieval PhilosophyRenaissance and Modern PhilosophyContemporary PhilosphyCritical Thinking and CompositionIntroduction to AstronomyPlanetary AstronomyPlanetary AstronomyConceptual PhysicsBasic Physics: Energy and MotionBasic Electricity and Modern PhysicsMechanics and Wave MotionElectricity and MagnetismOptics and Modern PhysicsIntro to American Government and PoliticsComparative Politics and GovernmentEthnic Politics in AmericaCurrent Political Issues and TrendsIntroduction to Political TheoryIntroduction to International RelationsCalifornia GovernmentHuman DevelopmentIntroduction to PsychologyChild DevelopmentSmall Group CommunicationPsychology of GenderGender and Social InteractionHuman SexualityDrugs: Use and Abuse[8]UIU’s 2012-2013 Academic Extension CatalogMSJC’s 2012-2013 College nts/Catalog 2012-2013/CatalogforWeb2012-13.pdf

* * U P P E RI O W AU N I V E R S I T Y * *Upper Iowa UniversityCourse #PSY 338Mt. San Jacinto CollegeCourseMotivationPSY 355Skills and Strategies in the Help ProfessPSY 360PSY 373PSY 375Abnormal PsychologyResearch MethodsMethods in Human Services I (also SOC 375)Methods in Human Services II (also SOC377)Human Behavior in the Social Environment(also SOC 383)Social Work Practice I: Individuals(also SOC 391)Social Work Practice II: Families & Groups(also SOC 392)Social Work Practice III: Communities &Social Institutions(also SOC 393)PracticumSocial GerontologyInternshipPsychology of DisasterPersonalityIndustrial PsychologyAssessmentLearning and MemoryIssues and Ethics in He

GEOG 100 Introduction to Physical Geography GEOG-101 (3) Physical Geography GEOG 200 World Regional Geography GEOG-108 (3) World Regional Geography GEOG xxx General Education Social Science GEOG-102 (3) GEOG-107 (3) GEOG-111 (3) Cultural Geography Urban Geography Geography of California HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION HSA 205 Intro to the .

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3. Articulation tests as the basis of a new test 142 Types of test, Sentence articulation tests, Word articulation tests, Syllable articulation tests, Sound articulation tests 4. Equipment for experimental tests 146 Provision of the noise background, Recording channel, Replay channels, Replay channel for speech, Replay channel for

COMPREHENSIVE ARTICULATION AGREEMENT Transfer Course List (This list represents the Fall 2015 ICAA and Feb 2016 CAA lists) UGETC - Indicates a Universal General Education Transfer Component Course Community College Course Transfer Designation Campbell University Equiv. ACA 122 College Transfer Success AA/AS Required Course CUFS-100 .

Paralegal/Legal Studies program articulation is designed to minimize loss of credit and course duplication. Both parties enter into this Articulation . Atlanta Technical College and Clayton State University Articulation Agreement . In red: Courses currently offered at Atlanta Technical College (ATC) which can be taken .

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At least 15 articulation cards in both color and black line versions. 6 Articulation Game Boards 6 Roll, Say & Color Worksheets At least 3 Articulation Bracelets Several fun ideas and suggestions for using the pack in therapy. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Or you can pur

Informal / own test. . Daz Roberts Test of Articulation (Roberts) 9.4% * * Diagnostic Evaluationof Articulation and Phonology (Dodd et al., 2002) . Goldman-FristoeTest of Articulation (Goldman & Fristoe, 2000) 5.5%: 51.8% * Photo Articulation Test (Lippke et al., 1997) 0.6%: 9.7% * South Tyneside Assessment of Phonology (Armstrong & Ainley .

Tools for assessing articulation and phonology Standardized, norm-referenced tests Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation (GFTA): 2;6 Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology (CAAP): 2;6 Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns (HAPP): 2;0 (normative data from 3;0) Structured Photographic Articulation Test (SPAT): 3;0

IMPACT Articulation and Phonology Rating Scale Description he IMPACT Articulation and Phonology Rating Scale is a norm-referenced articulation and phonology rating scale for children and young adults ages 5 through 21 years old. It is composed of 30-35 test items, and has three separate forms to be completed by clinician, parent(s), and teacher(s).