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INTRODUCINGTHE 2016 ISIS 200tAggressive styling, all-new 2.0-liter turbochargedin-line 4-cylinder engine delivering 241 horsepower1and 258 lb-ft torque,1 and eight-speed Sport DirectShift transmission with paddle shifters. Zero to 60 in6.9 seconds.1,2 Rear-wheel drive.IS 300Full-time all-wheel drive (AWD) with a 3.5-liter V6engine delivering 255 horsepower1 and 236 lb-fttorque,1 and six-speed transmission with paddleshifters. Zero to 60 in 6.1 seconds.1,2IS 350Dynamic performance provided by a 3.5-literV6 engine delivering 306 horsepower1 and 277 lb-fttorque,1 and eight-speed Sport Direct-Shifttransmission with paddle shifters. Zero to 60 in 5.6seconds (RWD) 1,2/5.7 seconds (AWD).1,2 Rear-wheeldrive or available all-wheel drive.IS F SPORT MODELSIn addition to the three IS engine choices, each modelcan be taken to the next level with a more dynamicF SPORT–tuned suspension, and bold interior andexterior styling including F SPORT front seats withenhanced bolsters. An Adaptive Variable Suspension(IS 350) and Variable Gear-Ratio Steering (IS 350RWD) are also available.IS F SPORT shown in Obsidian (left) and IS shown in Silver Lining Metallic (right) // Options shown.1

CHOOSE YOURFAST LANE.For those who refuse to follow, the new 2016 IS line boasts more ways to lead than ever before.With three models and exhilarating power across the board, choosing from the all-new IS 200t,the all-new IS 300 and the IS 350 may be the most thrilling decision you’ll ever make.2IS F SPORT shown in Atomic Silver.3

ALL STYLE.ALL SUBSTANCE.With an array of performance options, the IS line not only turnsheads on the road, it even refuses to go unnoticed while parked.Punctuating its aggressive stance, you’ll find arresting details likeinset LED daytime running lights and a sculpted line that movesfrom the rocker panel through the rear wheel arch and culminatesin the dramatic sweeping taillamp.4IS shown in Redline.5

THREE MODELS.ONE QUANTIFIABLE DIFFERENCE.While the engines of the most powerful IS line evermay differ, the result is the same: full-throttleexhilaration. Need proof? The numbers speakfor themselves.The IS 200t wields an efficient and highlyresponsive 241-horsepower1 turbochargedengine. Featuring standard all-wheel drive, theIS 300 offers heart-racing power courtesy ofan impressive 255-hp1 engine. And for theultimate experience, the IS 350 has a lightningfast eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmissionand rockets ahead with 306 horsepower.16Options shown.IT’S ALL IN7

THENUMBERS.8IS 200t AND IS 300When developing the first-ever IS 200t, wedidn’t outsource our turbocharger design likesome automakers. It was engineered withour own highly evolved twin-scroll turbochargertechnology. The result? An impressive 241horsepower1 and 258 lb-ft of low-end torque,1for responsive performance that you canfeel the moment you accelerate.And, when pushing the IS 300’s255-horsepower1 V6 above 4,500 RPM, thecabin is filled with a throaty engine note thatcomplements the invigorating all-wheel driveperformance of the vehicle itself.IS shown in Redline (left), IS F SPORT shown in Ultra White (right) // Options shown.9

IS 350Boasting an impressive 306-horsepower,1 3.5-liter V6engine, the IS 350 demands its share of attention. Butthe technology inside is also noteworthy. The IS 350offers the advantage of ingenious dual Variable ValveTiming with intelligence (VVT-i), which helps provideenhanced fuel efficiency, added torque at lower speedsand greater acceleration at higher speeds.10IS shown in Redline.11

MULTIPLETRACKS.ONEPURPOSE.Connecting the driver and the road in a visceralway should never be left to chance. Which is whythe IS was tested and tuned on the world’s mosticonic tracks, including Fuji Speedway.Each test refined the IS to the point of precision.The highly rigid body is courtesy of laser screwwelding techniques, varied panel thicknesses andan innovative adhesive bonding process. Whilethe steering system is optimized to offer greaterfeedback and responsiveness. In addition, a widetrack offers greater control and agility, helping theIS to master every curve and stretch.12Professional driver on closed course. IS F SPORT shown in Ultra White.13

PADDLE-SHIFT TRANSMISSIONSBrace yourself for an uninhibited driving experience.For added engagement and lightning-fast gearchanges, every IS features steering-wheel-mountedpaddle shifters. The IS all-wheel drive models areequipped with a six-speed automatic transmission,while rear-wheel drive models feature a Sport DirectShift eight-speed automatic transmission thatincludes downshift throttle-blipping for more preciseshifting and quicker response.14IS F SPORT shown with Navigation/Mark Levinson 3 Package // Options shown.15

MASTERTHE ROADUNDERANY SKY.ALL-WEATHER DRIVEFun doesn’t have to take a snow day with the IS 300and IS 350 AWD. By automatically allocatingengine power between the front and rear axles from50/50 to as much as 30/70, all-wheel drivecan help provide enhanced traction and control ona wide range of road surfaces and conditions.16Professional driver on closed course. IS AWD shown in Nebula Gray Pearl // Options shown.17

360DEGREECONTROLFrom climate controls adjusted with the slide of a finger to a DriveMode Select dial that enables you to make your vehicle moreresponsive, innovation surrounds you inside and out, keeping youa step ahead, every step of the way.18Options shown.19

Though the interior was designed for thedriver, every seat can be enjoyed. Inthe front, it’s the liberating combinationof low-set seating with high-techinnovation, while passengers in the rearenjoy spacious comfort. Convenience isalso provided with the versatilityof 60/40-split fold-down rear seats.20IS shown with Flaxen leather interior trim // Options shown.21

LEXUS ENFORMTHE NEXT LEVELOF CONNECTIVITYLexus Enform,4 our available suite of branded connected services, consists of five products, each of which offers unique ways to enhancethe driving experience. With a complimentary first year of service—entertainment, convenience and peace of mind are now within reach.22iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. // Options shown.SAFETY CONNECTSERVICE CONNECTREMOTELexus Enform Safety Connect5 offers you thepeace of mind of knowing that assistance canbe there when you need it most. Whether you’reinvolved in a collision and unable to call for help,your vehicle is stolen, or there is some other typeof emergency, assistance can be sent directly toyour vehicle’s GPS location.Our new Lexus Enform Service Connect6 offersremote access to information about yourvehicle’s status and maintenance needs. Easilyaccessed through LexusDrivers.com or theMy Lexus and Beyond mobile app, you can getinformation on everything from your vehicle’sfuel level and mileage to maintenance alerts andvehicle health reports.The Lexus Enform Remote7 mobile app canremotely start the engine, lock and unlock doors,check the status of doors and windows as wellas your fuel level, and can help find your vehicle’slocation in a parking lot. And, should you loanyour Lexus to another driver, you can receiveinstant alerts if, for example, a preset speed ormile limit is exceeded.DESTINATIONSAPP SUITELexus Enform Destinations4 offers convenient24-hour, en-route navigation assistance froma live response center agent who can helpyou find locations and automatically uploadthe destinations to your available NavigationSystem.8 Planning a trip? You can also search,save and upload destinations from the comfortof your home or office.The Lexus Enform App Suite 4 offers access toyour favorite mobile applications through yourvehicle’s center-console display. Afterdownloading the app on your compatiblesmartphone, you can search local listings, streammusic, place restaurant reservations and buy movietickets—all from the center-console display.For more details, please visit lexus.com/enformDELIVERY ANDTECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTSTo help you get the most out of these and otherLexus features, a Vehicle Delivery Specialistwill walk you through nearly every setting andfunction you desire. And to answer questionsthat arise after delivery, a Vehicle TechnologySpecialist can offer expert guidance in personor without you ever leaving the driveway viacamera-enabled iPad 9 apps like FaceTime. 10Learn more about these complimentary servicesat lexus.com/specialists.23

BLIND SPOT MONITORTo help you change lanes with confidence, theavailable Blind Spot Monitor11 is designedto detect and warn you of vehicles approachingor positioned in the adjacent lanes. Andwhen you’re backing out of a parking spot, theRear Cross-Traffic Alert12 is designed tonotify you of approaching vehicles that mightbe out of camera view.RESPONSIVE,INSIDE AND OUT.PRE-COLLISION SYSTEMThe available Pre-Collision System (PCS ) 13 isengineered to detect an imminent frontalcollision and, while retracting the front seatbelts,automatically prepares Brake Assist14 forincreased braking response, and is even designedto automatically begin braking before impact,to help reduce impact energy.24IS F SPORT shown in Ultra White.25

3-D NAVIGATIONThis available voice-activated system 8 can mapmillions of points of interest across the countryand can display information in English, French andSpanish. And, in addition to offering up-to-datetraffic and weather information,15 3-D city views,and simulated views of approaching highwayjunctions, it displays the current speed limit andcan automatically identify nearby fuel stationsif you begin to run low on fuel.TOUCH CLIMATE CONTROLSHot? Cold? Just swipe. Even its dual-zoneclimate-control system is precision-tuned.Electrostatic touch-based controls enable youand the front-seat passenger to change thetemperature one degree at a time by swiping afinger up or down the control, or by pressingthe arrows themselves.VOICE RECOGNITIONCommand your IS with ease. The availableadvanced voice command enables you to placecompatible Bluetooth 16 -enabled phone callsand operate climate, audio and navigationfunctions using normal, everyday speech. If yousay “It’s too hot in here,” for example, the climatecontrol will automatically lower the temperatureby four degrees. With Enhanced Bluetoothtechnology,16 compatible Bluetooth16 mobilephone address-book contacts can be viewedand accessed on the Navigation System 8 displayor via voice command.MARK LEVINSON AUDIOPower isn’t limited to performance on the road.The available 15-speaker, 835-watt MarkLevinson Premium Surround Sound AudioSystem3 is powered by a 12-channel digitalamplifier and features a DVD/CD player. Therear speakers employ an acoustic lens design.By significantly widening the dispersion of sound,a larger “sweet spot” is created, envelopingevery passenger with three-dimensional soundthat rivals the finest home-audio systems.26IS shown with Parchment leather interior trim // Options shown.27

IS F SPORTLeave convention behind and take the IS to thenext level with a dynamic F SPORT suspensiontuned by the same team that was behind the LFAsupercar. The iconic F SPORT grille and sculptedfront fascia demand attention, while on the inside,you’ll find eye-catching LFA-inspired gaugesand bolstered sport seats that are designed to helpkeep you firmly planted in high-G turns.28Options shown.DEFYMODERATIONMO29

30IS F SPORT shown in Ultra White.31

BOLSTERED F SPORT SEATSFeel confidence through every curve with F SPORT front seatsdesigned to hold you through even the most aggressive ofturns. Featuring enhanced bolsters and a unique foam-injectedconstruction designed to cradle the driver, these sport seatswill have you wrapped from hip to shoulder—especially in high-Gsituations. Their low position helps place the driver’s hip pointas close as possible to the vehicle’s center of gravity for a moredynamic driving experience.32IS F SPORT shown with Rioja Red NuLuxe interior trim // Options shown.33

EXHILARATIONON DEMAND.DRIVE MODE SELECTCustomize your dose of adrenaline. On everyIS, Sport S mode alters the powertrain for fastergear changes and more dynamic throttle mapping.Sport S mode on the IS 350 F SPORT goes astep further by tightening the suspension forreduced body lean, and provides greater steeringresponse when equipped with Variable GearRatio Steering. In every model, the transmission’sshift points are automatically altered coming intoand out of corners for sharper acceleration.34IS F SPORT shown in Ultra White.35

IS 350 / IS 350 F SPORTIS 300 / IS 300 F SPORTIS 200t / IS 200t F SPORT306 255 241INV6 V6 LINE 4HP 1HP 13.5-LITER ENGINESTANDARD ONEVERY ISLED daytime running lights (DRL)Power moonroof60/40-split fold-down rear seatsSmartAccess18,19 with push-button Start/StopDrive Mode SelectHP 1Dual-zone climate controlNuLuxe interior trimPower-adjustable front seats2.0-LITER TURBOCHARGED ENGINE3.5-LITER ENGINEHigh-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlampsLexus Display20 Audio with color multimedia displaySubscription-free Traffic and Weather updates15 via HD Radio 15RWDAWDAWDRWDBluetooth16 and USB smartphone connectivityS TA N DA R DAVA I L A B L ES TA N DA R DS TA N DA R D10 standard airbags218-SPEED6-SPEED6-SPEED8-SPEEDLexus Enform Safety Connect,5 Service Connect6 andRemote7 app. Complimentary for the first year of ownershipPA D D L E- S H I F T AU TO M AT I C T R A N S M I S S I O N0–600–605.6s1,20–605.7s1,2Complimentary scheduled maintenance at 6 months (or 5,000miles) and at 12 months (or 10,000 miles)0–606.1s6.9s1,21,2Pre-Collision System13 (PCS) and Dynamic RadarCruise Control22Blind Spot Monitor11 with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert12 andelectrochromic (auto-dimming) heated outside le Gear-Ratio Steering ( VGRS ) with power tilt-andtelescopic steering column (IS 350 F SPORT RWD)INDIVIDUALOPTIONSPower rear sunshadeIntuitive Parking Assist23Backup camera24Heated steering wheelEST.MPGF U E L ECO N O M Y C I T Y/ H I G H WAY/CO M B I N E D R AT I N GS 1 7OVERALL LENGTH 183.7 IN / WHEELBASE 110.2 IN / WIDTH 71.3 IN (MIRRORS FOLDED) / HEIGHT 56.3 INDIM ENSIONS3637

APACKAGESWHEELSPREMIUM PACKAGEHeated and ventilated front seats17-inATwin projector LED headlamps (low/high beam)Backup camera24PREMIUM PLUS PACKAGEPower tilt-and-telescopic steering columnRain-sensing wipers18-inLUXURY PACKAGEMESH ALLOY WHEELS2510-SPOKEALLOY WHEELS25STANDARD IS 200t, IS 300AVAILABLE IS 200t, IS 300Includes Premium and Premium Plus Packages, plus:BBlind Spot Monitor11 with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert12BLeather interior trimCLinear Dark Gray or Linear Dark Brown wood interior trim18-in Electrochromic (auto-dimming) heated outside mirrors with auto tilt-down in reverseLexus Memory System for driver’s seat, outside mirrors andsteering columnIntuitive Parking Assist23NAVIGATION PACKAGED Navigation System 8 with color multimedia display andLexus Enform App Suite 4CRemote Touch20DVD/CD playerVoice command Lexus Enform Destinations.4 Complimentary for the first yearof ownershipDENAVIGATION/MARK LEVINSON PACKAGEIncludes Navigation Package, plus:EMark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System15 GreenEdge high-efficiency speakers includinginverted-motor subwoofer835-watt 12-channel Class-D amplifier5.1-channel surround soundMachined-aluminum control knobsFIVE-SPOKEALLOY WHEELS25F SPORTSTANDARD IS 350F SPORT front fascia, grille and exterior badgingF SPORT 18-in split-five-spoke alloy wheels with summer (RWD)or all-season (AWD) tires25F SPORT suspension tuningAdaptive Variable Suspension (AVS ) with Sport S drive mode (IS 350)18-inSPLIT-FIVE-SPOKEALLOY WHEELS25STANDARD IS F SPORTVehicle Dynamics Integrated Management ( VDIM) 26 with Sport modeTwin projector LED headlampsLFA-inspired instrumentationBackup camera24NuLuxe with Silver Performance interior trimHeated and ventilated front sport seatsPerforated leather–trimmed shift knob and steering wheel with F SPORT logoAluminum pedalsStainless-steel door sillsBlack headliner3839

ACCESSORIESACARGO NETAn innovative cargo net with integrated storage pouch.ABF SPORT PERFORMANCE EXHAUST 27Turn heads while emitting a throaty growl with boosted torqueand acceleration.CF SPORT PERFORMANCE AIR INTAKE 27,28Wield more horsepower while generating a more aggressiveengine sound.DREAR SPOILEREnhance the bold aerodynamic presence of your vehicle.EILLUMINATED DOOR SILLSIlluminated door sills include a protective, stainless-steel overlay.BCEDFor a complete list of Genuine Lexus Accessories, visit lexus.com/IS/accessories4041

THE RAW MATERIALUltrasonic Blue Mica 2.029 pigment from98-year-old Kansai Paint CompanyTHE INSPIRATIONA 1,500 C blue flameTHE APPRENTICELexus mapped the painting motions of amaster craftsman in order to duplicate thetechnique with robotsTHE METHODSONIC paint technology aligns the angles ofreflective particles for uniform reflectivityTHE UNWAVERINGSTANDARDSWaterfalls in paintingfacilities trap dust42THE ARTOF COLOROne unexpected moment of inspiration, years of development and zero shortcuts. This is the art of creating art. A combinationof passion for design and industry-leading knowledge, every Lexus color features stories and processes as unique as theirhues. Take the Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0.29 Designed to convey passion and power, it was inspired by and created specifically tomimic the color and intensity of a 1,500 C blue flame. It’s an effect not left to chance, which is why Lexus sources pigmentfrom a company in Osaka—one that’s been perfecting its craft for 98 years and counting. It’s also why every Lexus paintingfacility features indoor waterfalls to trap and wash airborne dust particles away so they don’t inconspicuously mar the vehicle’sfinish. Even science plays a role. Lexus created a technique that more uniformly aligns the angles of the reflective particlesin paint to better accentuate the vehicle lines. Then mapped the motions of arguably the most gifted automotive painter in theworld in order to have robots duplicate his craft on every Lexus vehicle. Because the only thing more important than creatinga stunning work of art is making sure each is as stunning as the last.IS F SPORT shown in Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0. Color available for an additional charge.43


IS 350 / IS 350 F SPORT306HP 13.5-LITER V6 ENGINEIS 300 / IS 300 F SPORT255HP 13.5-LITER V6 ENGINEIS 200t / IS 200t F SPORT241HP 12.0-LITER IN-LINE 4TURBOCHARGED ENGINEWARRANTY Four-year/50,000-mile Lexus Limited Warranty. Six-year/70,000-mile Powertrain Warranty. Six-year/unlimited-mileageCorrosion Perforation Warranty. All warranties with zero deductible. See the IS Warranty and Services Guide at your Lexus dealer for details.DISCLOSURES 1. Ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. If premium fuel is notused, performance will decrease. 2. Performance figures are for comparison only and were obtained with prototype vehicles by professionaldrivers using special safety equipment and procedures. Do not attempt. 3. Mark Levinson is a registered trademark of Harman InternationalIndustries, Inc. 4. Be sure to obey traffic regulations and maintain awareness of road and traffic conditions at all times. Apps/services vary byphone/carrier; functionality depends on many factors. Select apps us

LEXUS ENFORM 23 DELIVERY AND TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS To help you get the most out of these and other Lexus features, a Vehicle Delivery Specialist will walk you through nearly every setting and function you desire. And to answer questions . 2016 Lexus IS 200t, IS 300, IS 350, IS F Sport Brochure .

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See your Lexus dealer for details. Lexus reminds you to wear seatbelts, secure children in rear seat, obey all traffic laws and drive responsibly. For more information, call 800-USA-LEXUS (872-5398) or visit lexus.com. To learn more about your financing options, contact your Lexus dealer or call Lexus Financial Services at 800-874-7050.

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Lexus reminds you to wear seatbelts, secure children in rear seat, obey all trafficlaws and drive responsibly. For more information, call 800-USA-LEXUS (872-5398) or visit lexus.com. To learn more about your financing options, contact your Lexus dealer or call Lexus Financial Services at 800-874-7050. WARRANTY

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Abrasive water jet machining experiments conducted on carbon fibre composites. This work reported that standoff distance was the significant parameter which - reduced the surface roughness and the minimum of 1.53 µm surface roughness was obtained [31]. Garnet abrasive particles was used for machining prepreg laminates reinforced with carbon fiber using the epoxy polymer resin matrix (120 .