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What is Procurement & Supply?What is CIPSProcurement and supply management is a veryimportant profession for all organisations (governmental& non-governmental). It involves obtaining the materialsand services that an organization needs to operateefficiently. Responsibilities include;Identifying and reaching out to potential suppliers,Selecting and negotiating with the suppliers, Award ofcontracts and managing contracts and relationships withthe suppliers.The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply(CIPS) is the world’s largest procurement andsupply professional organization. It is theworldwide center of excellence on procurementand supply management issues. CIPS has aglobal community of over 200,000 in over 150different countries.IMIT is the only CIPS approved study center inthe Central African sub region.Typical Job Titles for holders of CIPS Certificate/Advanced Certificate Administrative assistant /Administrator Purchasing assistant /Assistant buyer Contracts administrator/analystTypical Job Titles for holders of CIPS Diploma /Advanced Diploma. BuyerProcurement / purchasing executiveProcurement specialistContract officerSupply chain / inventory / logistics analyst &Planner Stock /Inventory controller MerchandiserTypical Job Titles for holders ofCIPS Professional Diploma. Strategic / senior purchasingor procurement manager Head of commercial Supply chain manager Head of logistics / transport Operations managerWHY STUDY FOR A CIPS QUALIFICATION? You can continue your studies without interruption anywhere in the world.Easy to progress with your studies as CIPS now has an approved study & exam center (IMIT) inCameroon, running up to six exam sessions per year.Procurement professionals have always been in high demand as they are needed in all economicsectors including governmental and non-governmental organisations.Employers prefer MCIPS and many recommend a CIPS qualification for key posts.Lots of international travelling opportunities for procurement officials to meet suppliers.Due to the crucial role of procurement, salaries are very high.IMIT Douala, Anglo-Saxon school for professional qualifications and industry certifications!

LEVELCIPS Levels & Entry qualificationsCIPS Certificate in Procurement and SupplyOperations.LEVEL 2ENTRY QUALIFICATION: GCE Advanced Level.A lower qualification with appropriate workexperience will be accepted.LEVEL 3CIPS Advanced Certificate in Procurementand Supply OperationsENTRY QUALIFICATION: CIPS Certificate.CIPS Diploma in Procurement and SupplyLEVEL 4ENTRY QUALIFICATION: CIPS Advancedcertificate OR HND / higher qualifications inManagement, Logistics, Accounting,Marketing, etc OR GCE Advanced level PLUSAppropriate work experience.CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement andSupplyLEVEL 5ENTRY QUALIFICATION: CIPS DiplomaCIPS Professional Diploma in Procurementand Supply.LEVEL 6ENTRY QUALIFICATION: CIPS AdvancedDiplomaObjectives of the QualificationDurationFor anyone new to the profession, with little or no businessexperience. Also ideal for managers in other professions andbusiness leaders or entrepreneurs who need to understandhow procurement should function and its overall impact onbusiness success.For learners looking to specialise in the profession and toprogress onto the CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement andSupply.For persons moving into junior and middle managementprocurement roles or those supervising the procurementfunction. It focusses on organisational procedures andprocesses including negotiation, planning, risk managementand data analysis.4.5 months(Onesemester)Provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managerswith the expertise to improve organisational procurementand to fulfill organisational objectives. It gives the knowledgebase to reduce cost, improve quality and timescales, managethe supply chain and deal with legal issues.For senior procurement professionals and heads ofdepartment. It is targeted at building strategic direction andadvice, in areas such as change management, stakeholdermanagement and team leadership.9 months(Oneacademicyear)4.5 months(Onesemester)9 months( Oneacademicyear)9 months(Oneacademicyear)CIPS Professional Diploma 3 years professional experience MCIPS (Member, Chartered Institute of P & S)Note: The experience can be recorded while still studying

Qualification Levels and Courses (2018 Updated)All Core ModulesCertificate in P & SOperations(Level 2)AdvancedCertificate in P & SOperations(Level 3)All Core ModulesL2M1: Introduction to Proc. & Supply (6Cr)L2M4: Systems Technology (3Cr)L2M2: Procurement & Supply Operations (3Cr)L2M5: Inventory, Logistics andExpediting (3Cr)L2M3: Stakeholder Relationships (3Cr)Core ModulesElective Modules (Choose One)L3M1: Proc’ment & Supply environments (6Cr)M5: Socially Responsible Procurement (6Cr)L3M2: Ethical Procurement & Supply (6Cr)L3M6: Socially Responsible warehousing &Distribution (6Cr)L3M3: Contract Administration (6Cr)L3M4: Team Dynamics and Change (6Cr)All Core ModulesDiploma inProcurement &Supply(Level 4)Advanced Diplomain Procurement &Supply(Level 5)All Core ModulesL4M1: Scope and Influence of P & S (12Cr)L4M5: Commercial Negotiation (6Cr)L4M2: Defining Business Needs (6Cr)L4M6: Supplier Relationships (6Cr)L4M3: Commercial Contracting (6Cr)L4M7: Whole Life Asset Management (6Cr)L4M4: Ethical & Responsible Sourcing (6Cr)L4M8: Procurement & Supply in Practice (12Cr)Elective Modules (Choose 3)Core ModulesL5M1: Managing Teams and Individuals (12Cr)L5M6: Category Management (6Cr)L5M2: Advanced Contract & Finan’l Mgt.(12Cr)L5M7: Achieving Competitive AdvantageThrough Supply Chains (6Cr)L5M3: Managing Supply Chain Risk (6Cr)L5M4: Managing Contractual Risk (6 Cr)L5M5: Man’ng Ethical Proc’mt & Supply (6Cr)L5M8: Project and Change Management (6Cr)L5M9: Operations Management (6Cr)L5M10: Logistics Management (6Cr)Core ModulesProfessionalDiploma inProcurement &Supply(Level 6)Elective Modules (Choose 3)L6M1: Strategic Ethical Leadership (12Cr)L6M5: Strategic Program Leadership (6Cr)L6M2: Global Commercial Strategy (12Cr)L6M7: Commercial Data Management (6Cr)L6M3: Global Strategic Supply Chain Mgt.(12Cr)L6M8: Innovation in Proc. & Supply (6Cr)L6M4: Future strategic challenges for theprofession (6Cr)L6M9: Supply Network Design (6Cr)L6M10: Global Logistics Strategy(6Cr)IMIT Registration/Level admission: 25.000frs; CIPS student membership: 85.000frs. CIPS annual renewal: 56.000frsSTUDY LEVELTUITION FEE(CFA)EXAM FEE (CFA) (up to Nov. 2019 exams)Certificate (L2)200.00057.000/paper (60.000frs for external candidates)Advanced Certificate (L3)275.000 or 65.000/module57.000/paper (60.000frs for external candidates)Diploma (L4)375.000 or 7.000/CrDiploma Exam Fees (Dip., Advanced Dip. & Prof. Dip.)Advanced Diploma (L5)375.000 or 7.000/CrProfessional Diploma (L6)425.000 or 8.000/CrCR exams 80.000Frs (85.000frs external candidates)OR exams 57.000frs (60.000frs external candidates)

CIPS Planning for 2020/2021I.Trimester Courses.New students shall be admitted at the start of each trimesterLEVELFIRST TRIMESTER(November Entrance) UNITSM1: Introduction to Proc. & Supply(6Cr)L2 Cert.M2: Procurement & SupplyOperations (3Cr)M3: Stakeholder Relationships (3Cr)M4: Systems Technology (3Cr)M5: Inventory, Logistics andExpediting (3Cr) Total Credits: 18L3 Adv.Cert.SECOND TRIMESTER(February Entrance) UNITSM1: Introduction to Proc. & Supply (6Cr)M1: Introduction to Proc. & Supply (6Cr)M2: Procurement & Supply Operations(3Cr)M3: Stakeholder Relationships (3Cr)M4: Systems Technology (3Cr)M2: Proc. & Supply Operations (3Cr)M5: Inventory, Logistics & Expediting (3Cr)M1: Proc. & Supply environments (6Cr)M2: Ethical Procurement & Supply (6Cr)M3: Contract Administration (6Cr)M4: Team Dynamics and Change (6Cr)PLUS ONE OF:M4: Ethical & Responsible Sourcing (6Cr)M5: Commercial Negotiation (6Cr)Total Credits: 24M6: Supplier Relationships (6Cr)Total Credits: 18M2: Advanced Contract & FinancialL5 Adv. Management.(12Cr)DiplomaM5: Inventory, Logistics and Expediting (3CrTotal Credits: 18M1: Scope & Influence of P/ S (12Cr)M2: Defining Business Needs (6Cr)M1: Managing Teams and Individuals(12Cr)M3: Stakeholder Relationships (3Cr)M4: Systems Technology (3Cr)Total Credits: 18Total Credits: 18L4Diploma M3: Commercial Contracting (6Cr)THIRD TRIMESTER(May Entrance) UNITSM5: Socially Responsible Procurement (6Cr)M6: Socially Responsible warehousing &Distribution (6Cr)Total Credits: 12M7: Whole Life Asset Management (6Cr)M8: Procurement & Supply in Practice(12Cr)Total Credits: 18M3: Managing Supply Chain Risk (6Cr)M4: Managing Contractual Risk (6 Cr)ELECT THREE OF;M6: Category Management (6Cr)M5: Managing Ethical Procurement &Supply (6Cr)M7: Achieving Competitive AdvantageThrough Supply Chains (6Cr)M8: Project and Change Managt. (6Cr)M9: Operations Management (6Cr)Total Credits: 24L6 Prof. M1: Strategic Ethical Leadership(12Cr)DiplomaM2: Global Commercial Strategy(12Cr)Total Credits: 18M3: Global Strategic Supply ChainMgt.(12Cr)M4: Future strategic challenges for theprofession (6Cr)M10: Logistics Management (6Cr)Total Credits: 18ELECT THREE OF;M5: Strategic Programme Leadership (6Cr)M7: Commercial Data Management (6Cr)M8: Innovation in Proc. & Supply (6Cr)Total Credits: 24Total Credits: 18M9: Supply Network Design(6Cr)M10: Global Logistics Strategy(6Cr)Total Credits: 18

II.Dates in the Pedagogic Plan for 2020/2021.TRIMESTERPERIOD2nd Nov. – 19 Dec. 201920th Dec. 20 – 3rd Jan 214th Jan – 9th Jan. 202111th – 16th Jan. 202118th – 23rd Jan. 202115TH – 19TH March 2021No of Weeks7- weeksNOVEMBER ENTRANCEACTIVITIESTutorialsXmas BreakTutorialsTrimester ExamsRevision of ExamsCIPS Exams (OR )FEBRUARY ENTRANCETutorialsBREAKMarch ExamsTutorialsTrimester ExamsRevision of ExamsMay Exams (OR/CR)8th Feb. – 6th March 20218th Mar. –13th Mar. 202115TH – 19TH March 202122nd Mar. – 17th Apr. 202119th Apr. – 23rd Apr. 202126th Apr.– 30rd Apr. 202110TH May – 19th May 20214 weeks1 Week1 Week4 Weeks1 week1 weekTutorialsJuly Exam BreakJuly ExamsTutorialsTrimester ExamsRevision of ExamsCIPS Exams (OR)24th May. – 3rd July 20215th July – 10th July 202112th July – 16th July 202119th July – 31st July 20212nd Aug. – 7th Aug. 20219th Aug. – 14th Aug. 202113th Sep.– 17th Sep. 20216 weeks1 Week1 Week2weeks1 week1 week1 weekMAY ENTRANCE1 Week1 Week1 week1 WeekCIPS Exams, Dates and DeadlinesEXAM SERIESNovember 2020January 2021March 2021May 2021July 2021September 2021November 2021Exam Entry Window10/08. – 18/09/202005/10 – 27/11/202023/11/20 – 22/01/2125/01/21 – 19/03/21Exam Booking Deadline16th Sept. 202025th Nov. 202020th Jan 202117th March 2021Examination Period9th Nov. – 20th Nov. 202018th Jan. – 22nd Jan. 202115th Mach – 19th March 202110th – 19th May 202112th – 16th July 202113th – 17th Sept. 20218th – 19th Nov. 2021

Advanced Diploma (L5) 375.000 or 7.000/Cr Professional Diploma (L6) 425.000 or 8.000/Cr IMIT Registration/Level admission: 25.000frs; CIPS student membership: 85.000frs. CIPS annual renewal: 56.000frs Diploma Exam Fees (Dip., Advanced Dip. & Prof. Dip.) CR exams 80.000Frs (85.000frs external candidates)

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