ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA Senior Lecturer, Texas A&M .

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ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIASenior Lecturer, Texas A&M UniversityAnthony Marraro brings 31 years of program and project managementexperience encompassing all aspects of design and construction. He hasheld positions as a Senior Vice President, Vice President, Director, OfficeLeader, Unit Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Program andProject Controls Manager, Scheduler, Cost Engineer, Estimator andDesigner/Draftsman. Mr. Marraro’s project experience includestransportation, vertical, infrastructure, military, Embassy, petrochemical,fine chemical, water and wastewater, and environmental remediationassignments for government, public, and private clients.Mr. Marraro has worked both domestically and internationally,completing 20 months in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting thereconstruction efforts of the United States Department of Defense.He is a senior faculty member at Texas A&M University, instructingundergraduate students in Construction Sciences.Hill International, San Francisco, CANorCal Regional Manager, Hill International (2013- 2016) –Mr. Marraro led theSan Francisco office and was responsible for Hill’s Northern California (NorCal)market territory and service sectors. He provided leadership, management, staffdevelopment and mentoring to program, project and construction managementprofessionals. He was responsible for the operations, Profit and Loss, wer-of-Attorneyresponsibilities, hiring and right sizing actions for the NorCal region. Highlights ofthis assignment included securing four new Bay Area clients representing over 26M in new consultant contracts increasing backlog, leading the businessdevelopment activities to increase the firm’s footprint in Northern California, andright sizing and right staffing the office for long-term growth and sustainability.HNTB Corporation, Oakland and San Jose, CANorCAL Deputy Office Leader, HNTB Infrastructure (2012- 2013) – Mr. Marrarowas responsible for assisting the NorCal Officer Leader with Operations, Salesand personnel matters. He provided leadership, management, staff developmentand mentoring to a group of transportation engineers and planners includingCivil, Structural, Utilities, Rail, Program Management, Project Controls, andPlanning practitioners. He was responsible for the operations, Profit and Loss,business development, marketing and proposal efforts, and Power-of-Attorneyfunctions for five NorCal offices.San Jose Office Leader, HNTB Infrastructure (2011- 2012) – Mr. Marraro led thefifty-person office in San Jose, CA. He provided leadership, management, staffdevelopment and mentoring to a group of transportation engineers includingCivil, Structural, Program Management and Project Controls practitioners. Hewas responsible for the operations, Profit and Loss, business development,marketing and proposal efforts, government relations, Power-of-Attorneyresponsibilities, hiring and right sizing actions for this office.ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIAEducationMS/1997/Construction Management,Texas A&M University, TXBS/1982/Marine Biology, Texas A&MUniversity, TXProfessional RegistrationsDesign Build Institute of AmericaProject Management InstituteYears of Experience 31Entered the profession in 1985

Officer-in-Charge Hawaii Projects, HNTB Infrastructure (2010- 2013) – Mr.Marraro was the corporate officer responsible for firm-wide design efforts forthree Honolulu Rail Transit Project (HART) Design-Build projects in Oahu, Hawaii.He provided leadership, P&L accountability, resource planning and staffing,contract and change management support and reporting, client relations,accounts receivables, and hiring for this program. Total Design Fees for theprogram were 87.3M.District Operations Officer, West Division HNTB Infrastructure, District (20092013) - Mr. Marraro served as the California Operations Officer for the largestHNTB district. He was responsible for the operational performance, metrics, andreporting for this 275 person district. His responsibilities included client contractreviews, client contract negotiations, Power-of-Attorney functions, leadingmonthly project reviews, implementing project-specific recovery actions, claimsanalysis and settlements, work sharing and personnel assignments across theDistrict and division offices.Director of Program Management, HNTB Infrastructure, Northern Ca. (20072011) - As the Director, Mr. Marraro hired and consolidated and led multiple,geographically diverse Program Management personnel in NorCal, creating atwenty-five person Program Management group that provided programmanagement support to four Bay Area clients and additional HNTB offices.Services provided included Program Management, Project Controls, RiskManagement, Planning, Contracts, and Project Administration support. Heregularly participated in client meetings involving project controls and claimsissues; evaluated and reported on Program Management and Project Controlsoftware; and provided project controls expertise while developing andresponding to Requests for Proposals. He led this group of Estimators,Schedulers, Cost Engineers, Earned Value Specialists, Risk Managers, andDocument Controllers, while managing the resources, training, personneldevelopment and assignments for the group. Mr. Marraro provided programmanagement and project controls services and products and led a pilot programto implement a ProjectWise Document Control system across the District.Relevant Project ExperienceHill International, San Francisco, CAPrincipal and Project Manager, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, Judy K.Souza Operations Building, (9/14- 7/16) – Santa Cruz Metro completed a new, 16M state-of-the-art operations facility to replace a 30-year-old, substandardoperations building. The new four-story, 54,132 sf facility is rated as a Category IVEssential Facility and designed to ensure the structure survives and is operationalin the event of a large magnitude earthquake. The facility includes parking spacesfor 100 buses and crew amenities including a Driver Room kitchenette, quiteroom, and outdoor patio. The facility includes central dispatching, operations,administrative offices and a driver training room. Hill provided full ConstructionManagement services in this 3.0M contract and Mr. Marraro was the Principaland interim Project Manager for this contract.Project Manager, San Francisco International Airport, On-Call ProjectManagement Support Services, (3/14- 7/16) –Mr. Marraro was the ProjectManager and primary client contact for this 2.5M Project Management staffaugmentation contract. Personnel provided for the client included an officeengineer, electrical and civil inspectors, BIM draftspersons, wayfinding design2ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

services, and geotechnical investigation services. Mr. Marraro was responsiblefor the scope, schedule, budget, contract administration, and client maintenanceaspects of the contract.Project Manager, Northeastern University, New Campus Tennant Infill Project,Phase I, IDT Building, San Jose, CA, (12/14-3/15) – Mr. Marraro was theConstruction Manager for this Tennant Improvement project within the IDTbuilding. Services included coordinating the design effort, leading theprocurement of the contractor, analyzing the contractor bids, recommendingthe bid award, and construction management services for NortheasternUniversity. Work scope included MEP and security modifications, new lighting,A/V additions, structural and custom wall treatments and new signage toincrease the awareness and highlight the location of the new facility. The projectfinished on schedule and below budget.Project Manager, Sacramento Regional Sanitation County Sanitation District,EchoWater Project, Elk Grove, CA, (3/13- 7/16) - Mr. Marraro was the ProjectManager to the HDR/Brown and Caldwell JV that provided ProgramManagement services for this major capital program. The program consisted ofmultiple projects including a biological nutrient removal (BNR) facility and FlowEqualization project. The BNR project was the single largest project in theprogram, encompassing approximately 20 football fields and cost approximately 600 million. While the upgrade was being built, ongoing operations of the plantcontinued uninterrupted. The total EchoWater program cost was estimated tobe between 1.5 and 2.1 billion. Hill provided PMIS software, software trainingand customization services, constructability reviews, estimating, scheduling,contract administration, and project administration support to the JV in this 12.5M contract.Project Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA),Capital Program, San Francisco, CA, (3/13-7/16) – Hill provided consulting servicesto the SFMTA for procuring and implementing a capital program controlssoftware system. With 50 active capital projects ranging in value from 5 millionto 1 billion at any given time, the SFMTA’s most significant program is theCentral Subway Project, which included the 1.6 billion construction of a 1.2-milesubway through San Francisco’s downtown core and into Chinatown. To managethe Central Subway Project, the SFMTA needed a program management systemcapable of tracking capital project budgeting, financing and contractorpayments; complex project design scheduling; construction scheduling; andcontract claims management. To determine the optimal solution, Mr. Marraro’steam reviewed SFMTA’s business practices and recommended changes andimprovements. Hill conducted a needs analysis to help the SFMTA and SFMTAconsultants to identify the functional, business requirements, and specificationsfor the system that met the program control requirements for the CentralSubway Project, other capital projects, and the Agency. Hill services includedprocuring the software; installation, configuration, testing and implementing thesystem; and training Agency personnel and other SFMTA consultants to use thesystem. Hill also provided program control consultant services to the CentralSubway Program, including cost and schedule control, document management,estimating and claims management support. Tony served as the Project Managerfor the contract. He was the primary Hill contact and was responsible for allscope, schedule and budget elements of the contract. He oversaw the contractdeliverables and deliverable schedule, provided project resources and served as a3ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

quality assurance resource for the team. Additionally, he provided issuesresolution, program planning and meeting facilitation services for the 22.3Mcontract.HNTB Corporation, Oakland and San Jose, CAPrincipal-in-Charge, Maintenance Facility Design, Waipahu, Hawaii (2010-2013) –Mr. Marraro was the Principal responsible for the contract negotiations,performance, resources, client relationship management and staff assignmentsfor this Design-Build project. Mr. Marraro’ s team designed the maintenance andstorage facility that that included the system control center, a 178,900 sq. footLEED Silver Certified maintenance building, train vehicle wash facility, and trainwheel repair facility. Design services included architectural, structural,mechanical, electrical and industrial equipment design for the four buildings; sitework, roadway and paving design; trackwork and third rail; site utilities andstorm water retention basin; retaining walls and rail bridge (single-spanabutment) design; site lighting and landscaping; and electrical and systemsinfrastructure. Total Design Fee was 11.1M. Total project construction budgetwas 195M.Principal-in-Charge, Kamehameha Guideway Segment Design, Waipahu, Hawaii(2009-2013) – Mr. Marraro was the Principal responsible for the performance,resources, client relationship management and staff development for thisDesign-Build project. This 350 million, 3.89-mile segment extends from PearlHighlands near Leeward Community College to the University of Hawaii’s AlohaStadium. KHG is the second segment of the HRTP. The team designed andprovided construction support for the light rail aerial guideway, including theassociated roadway modifications, utility relocations, infrastructure and theelevated portion of the Aloha Stadium third track. Design services includedroadway modifications, utility relocations, maintenance of traffic, intelligenttransportation systems services, extensive 3rd party and utility ownercoordination, environmental mitigation and monitoring, and public outreachservices. The total Design Fee was 26.2M. Total proposed project constructionbudget was 372M.Principal-in-Charge, West Oahu/Farrington Highway Guideway Segment Design,Waipahu, Hawaii (2009-2013) – Mr. Marraro was the Principal responsible for theperformance, resources, client relationship management and staff developmentfor this Design-Build project. WOFH is the first segment of the HRTP — a 5.3billion program that consists of a 20-mile elevated guideway rail transit lineconnecting West Oahu with downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center. The 483 million, 7-mile segment extends from Kapolei to Pearl Highlands nearLeeward Community College. The project included designing the elevatedprecast segmental guideway and foundations; track alignments; track andraceway design; quality management and construction quality control services;providing systems interface and integration; utility relocation; maintenance oftraffic; intelligent transportation systems; and upgrading the road surface alongthe route. The alignment runs through dense urban environments and in themedian of major arterial streets and agricultural settings and included five majorhighway interchange crossings; six rivers or channel crossings; 6.3 miles ofdouble-track guideway; 0.7 miles of at-grade guideway; and a long-span crossingat H-1. The superstructure is a variable depth single cell post-tensioned cast-inplace concrete box girder erected using a balanced-cantilever method. HNTB’srole also included design management and independently checking thesegmental superstructure, guideway substructure design, traffic management,4ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

and intelligent transportations systems design. The project conducted a drilledshaft load test program to confirm construction installation techniques and toevaluate design parameters for the guideway foundations. Total Design Fee was 50M. Total proposed project construction budget was 483M.Principal-in-Charge, Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (2007-2013) – Mr.Marraro was the Principal responsible for the performance, resources, clientrelationship management and staff development for this project. HNTB was theGeneral Engineering Contractor (GEC) for the Peninsula Corridor Joint PowersBoard (JPB) providing engineering, planning, program management, andconstruction management services for seven years. HNTB completed 149 workdirectives for both HNTB and subconsultant services. Services provided includedpreliminary and final engineering for bridges, structures, track improvements,grade separations, civil improvements, signals, security and communicationsrelated designs, value engineering, and constructability reviews. HNTB providednumerous planning, program management and construction professionals tofulfill requests for JPB staff augmentation assignments. The total Design Fee was 65.6M.Principal-in-Charge, City of Fairfield Train Station Design (2009-2013) – Mr.Marraro was the Principal responsible for the performance, resources, clientrelationship management and staff development for the project. TheFairfield/Vacaville Train Station Project included a new train station for theCapitol Corridor train route in Fairfield to serve commuters in eastern Fairfieldand Vacaville. HNTB provided professional and technical engineering servicesand site investigations, studies, reports, technical memoranda, plans,specifications, and cost estimates (PSE) for preparation of bid documents for theproject. Engineering plans, calculations, specifications, staging and sequencingplans and related reports were prepared. HNTB supported property acquisitionefforts by providing legal descriptions of property and plats and supportingnegotiations with 3rd party property owners. The total Design Fee was 4.04M.Total proposed project construction budget was 46M.Principal-in-Charge, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency CentralSubway Project (Third Street Light Rail Transit Project Phase 2) (2009-2013) -Mr.Marraro identified, developed the client service plan for, and served as thePrincipal during the pursuit and design for this client. The HNTB-led joint ventureprovided architectural and engineering services for Design Package #3 for thefinal design and construction support of the Central Subway Project. The new 1.7mile light rail line services Union Square, Moscone Convention Center, YerbaBuena, and AT&T Park, and connects directly to BART and Caltrain. Preliminarydesign included four stations, two of which are underground. HNTB provideddesign of track, street and drainage improvements, mechanical systems, surfacestation and associated utility relocations, quality control and assurance, ProjectManagement including project controls, value engineering, design integration ofall design packages, and community coordination. The total Design Fee was 33.1M. Total proposed project budget is 1.58 billion.Program Management Consultant, San Mateo County Transportation Authority(SMCTA), CA, Program Management Support (2008-2009) -Mr. Marraro servedas a Program Management consultant to the San Mateo County TransportationAuthority. He provided programmatic advice and planning, RFP development,program-level cost estimates, Project Management Plan development, anddeveloped contracting and procurement strategies for the Director and staff.5ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

The SMCTA is implementing a 1 Billion highway and Capital ImprovementProgram.Senior Technical Advisor, Santa Clara Valley Regional Transit, (SVRT) Civil LineSegment, Santa Clara County, CA (2008) -Mr. Marraro provided advisory andsenior technical assistance to SVRT executive leadership during final design ofthe 10.3 mile BART extension from Fremont to San Jose. The project included thedesign of significant retained cut and aerial guideway structures, utilityrelocations, including relocation of two large bore gasoline pipelines, severalgrade separations, street improvements, creek and channel improvements,hazardous material disposal, and 5 miles of UPRR freight railroad relocation. Thedesign centered on the complex inter-face of Mission Boulevard, Warren Avenueand an UPRR truck/rail transfer facility. The work also included public outreachefforts in Milpitas, San Jose and Fremont as well as ROW planning andacquisition for the VTA. Mr. Marraro provided alignment exhibits, constructionstaging documents, quality assurance and auditing, meeting facilitation, financialoversight, report writing and editing, and client management during this project.Total Design Fee was 60M. Project Construction Cost: 700M.ECC International, Burlingame, CADirector of Planning and Development Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, (2005-2007) As the Director, Mr. Marraro led a staff that included design managers, planners,Program and Project managers, engineers, and business development personnel.He identified two new federal clients and led the team that won a 1.2 billionMultiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) Design-Build contract inAfghanistan. He developed and implemented standard design processes, definedand wrote procedures, and was responsible for all deliverables related toengineering, planning, client management, and business development. Mr.Marraro planned, wrote, edited and produced over 40 proposals fororganizations including; Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment(AFCEE); United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE); United States StateDepartment; Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC); US OverseesBuilding Operations (State Dept.), and the United Nations Operations Program.For planning, business development, and program operations purposes, Mr.Marraro led trips to Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Israel,Iraq, Jordan, and Kuwait. Additional duties included implementing ValueEngineering studies, strategic planning and Strategic Plan development, newmarket identification, client Program Review presentations, logistics, proposalteam member selection, subconsultant prequalification, contract management,and planning and staffing of industry events.Representative Projects within this Program:American Embassy, Thailand, Design-Build of Anti-Terrorism ForceProtection Upgrades, Bangkok, Thailand- Under this 4.9 million DesignBuild contract with the Department of State, Mr. Marraro’ s team increasedsecurity with anti-terrorism/force protection (ATFP) construction at the USEmbassy in Thailand. The project team designed, constructed, and upgradedthe main and rear Compound Access Control (CAC) facilities with ATFPupgrades at three locations at the Embassy’s existing compounds. Workscope encompassed all Embassy physical security requirements, perimeteranti-climb fencing, and 5 and 15 minute rated forced entry grilles over allcompound windows. Civil improvements included design and placement ofnew CAC facilities to eliminate exposure to flooding during the rainy season,and a new fuel facility and safe area. The team designed new architectural6ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

elements, matching those of the existing facilities. Phased construction wascoordinated around this fully operational Embassy during the demolition andconstruction of all modifications, additions, and security upgrades.Construction elements included perimeter walls and fences; active andpassive anti-ram barriers; forced entry (FE) and forced entry/ballisticresistant (FE/BR) doors, windows, and grilles; communications, data,emergency electrical, and main electrical systems tied to existing systems;and security perimeter lighting.ASPs and ACPs, ATFP and Security Upgrades within Afghanistan- VariousLocationsMr. Marraro led this team during the pursuit, design, construction andturnover phases of these Design-Build projects. The United States ArmyCorps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineer District (USACE AED), selected ECCto design and construct eight Ammunition Supply Points (ASPs) and threeConsolidation Supply Points (ACP) concurrently at eight dispersed sitesthroughout Afghanistan. Mr. Marraro assembled the team that provided theproject/site management, design, quality, construction, and safety oversightfor this 23 million anti-terrorism, force protection, contingency-typecontract. Mr. Marraro led the 35, 95, and 100 percent design efforts, theconstruction, and the turnover of the ASPs and ACPs, including utility andstorm water designs, power generation and management systems, roads,and security/force protection facilities. The teams cleared a total of 193,754square meters of unexploded ordnance within the eight locations.Construction at each site included two guard towers, a main entry controlpoint, a guardhouse, an office and records storage facility, andsecurity/perimeter lighting. The team installed fences measuring 4,288meters long and 2.5 meter high topped with concertina wire and 11kilometers of HESCO baskets, including 33,000 concrete capped HESCObarriers with slurry coating. Each ACP and ASP was constructed usingconnex containers and connected by 5,896 meters of heavy-duty roadway.Repair of Schools, Governorates of Muthanna, Thi-Qar, Missan, and Wasit,and Ministry of Education Headquarters Building Baghdad, Iraq- For this 29.2 million Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) DesignBuild contract, ECC served as both the prime contractor and the constructionmanager, responsible for providing all design and construction componentsof this project. Mr. Marraro’ s team completed the assessment andreconstruction of 274 geographically diverse schools throughout SouthernIraq. The contract was amended to include the historic preservation of theexterior and full redesign and modernization of the Ministry of Educationbuilding in downtown Baghdad to embassy-level quality including embassytype security features. The team designed and constructed all necessaryinfrastructure including repair and/or replacement of sanitary and stormsewer, MEP, and facility structure and security systems. To assess thecondition of the schools, the team conceived and implemented a fourcategory facility rating system to prioritize repair and renovation needsconsistent with limited available funding to schedule and sequence work.During design, the team engaged the Iraqi National Construction andEngineering Consultancy as advisors to assist in meeting local Iraqi buildingrequirements. The teams’ security managers worked with Iraqi communityleaders, subcontractors, and tribal leaders to address security issues andminimize hostile attacks while implementing rotational schedules to lessenpredictability of activities and travel routes. The team constructed and/or7ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

renovated over 4.2 million square feet of educational spaces during theseprojects. Over 750 field personnel were provided training in constructiontechniques on concrete placement, solid block footing installation, roof trussinstallation, hollow block wall construction, electrical, plumbing, HVACinstallation, and safety protocols. This team completed these projects aheadof schedule and within budget, receiving the AFCEE Blue (highest) rating forcontractor performance.Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence, US Department of Defense,Construction Manager Ministry of Education Headquarters BuildingBaghdad, Iraq- For this initial 29.2 million Air Force Center for EnvironmentalExcellence (AFCEE) Design-Build contract, Mr. Marraro’ s team served asboth the prime contractor and the construction manager, responsible forproviding all design and construction components of this project. Mr.Marraro’ s team completed the assessment, reconstruction, and the historicpreservation of the exterior and full redesign and modernization of theMinistry of Education building and adjacent auditorium in downtownBaghdad to embassy-level quality including embassy type security features.Construction elements included all supporting infrastructure including repairand/or replacement of sanitary and storm sewer, MEP, and facility structureand security systems. During design phase, the team engaged the IraqiNational Construction and Engineering Consultancy as advisors to assist inmeeting local Iraqi building requirements. This team completed the projectahead of schedule and within budget, receiving the AFCEE Blue (highest)rating for contractor performance.Habbaniyah Military Base, Habbaniyah, IraqMr. Marraro’ s team completed this 107 million (TO 22 64.7M, TO 28 42.3M) Design-Build project under two separate task orders at theHabbaniyah Military base for AFCEE. Work scope included the renovationand construction of more than 70 buildings and 113,000 square metersincluding company, battalion, and brigade headquarters; barracks and diningfacilities; fire station, medical clinic, shopette, maintenance buildings,machine shops, and eight office buildings. Infrastructure improvementsincluded design and construction of water and sewer systems, electricalutilities, and perimeter security features that included an entry control point;seventeen guard towers, perimeter fencing, anti-tank ditches, and perimeterlighting. During design, the team engaged the Iraqi National Constructionand Engineering Consultancy as advisors to assist in meeting local Iraqibuilding requirements. The team utilized eight Iraqi subcontractors andmore than 380 workers-Iraqi Nationals who comprised over 90% ofworkforce. For this project, Mr. Marraro completed multiple field surveysand planning trips to define the work scope, develop the work and staffingplans, construction sequencing, and the construction methodologies.Additionally, he was responsible for developing the curriculum, identifyinginstructors, and implementing a six-week apprentice-training program totrain young men 16-22 years of age in construction skills for work on thisproject. This team delivered a superior safety record of more than 1.4 millionman-hours with only six OSHA recordable incidents.Construction Manager, ECC International, An Numaniyah, Iraq, Air Force Centerfor Environmental Excellence, US Department of Defense, - Mr. Marrarocompleted a 57.8 million Design-Build project for AFCEE at the An Numaniyah8ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA

Military Base in Iraq. He led a ten-person construction management teamfocused on completing renovations and additions to a major military base in theWassit Province. The project included the construction or renovation of 82structures comprising 732,237 sq. ft., Structures and work elements included amedical clinic, detention facility, mosque, civil improvements, utility upgradesand additions (power, water, and communications), roadway construction, a 14kilometer water pipeline and pump station, two institutional kitchens and diningfacility, warehouses, a water treatment plant, and a waste water treatmentfacility. He was directly responsible for managing the scope, schedule, budget,personnel, and all reporting functions related to this project. Prior to his arrival,this project was noncompliant with client expectations of performance. Hesuccessfully brought this project to closure on budget and repaired clientrelationships. This project completed one month ahead of schedule, and hereceived two letters of commendation from the client for his leadership andperformance.Jacobs Carter-Burgess (JCB), Inc., Oakland, CAUnit Manager (2000 – 2004) – As the PM/CM Unit Manager, Mr. Marraro’s dutiesincluded staffing and hiring of program and project managers, project controlspractitioners, and construction personnel for the unit; direct client sales andbusiness development; manag

ANTHONY MARRARO, PMP, DBIA D Officer-in-Charge Hawaii Projects, HNTB Infrastructure (2010- 2013) – Mr. Marraro was the corporate officer responsible for firm-wide design efforts for three Honolulu Rail Tran

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Option B – PMP credential and PgMP credential will share PDUs including those earned for the PgMP before obtaining the PMP and any PDUs earned after receiving the PMP. The PMP renewal date will be set equal to the existing PgMP renewal date. Therefore, renewal of the PMP credential will need to occur with the renewal of the PgMP credential.File Size: 549KBPage Count: 9Explore furtherHow to fill PMP Application form: Here's PMP Sample .www.izenbridge.comYour PMP Application Checklist - Project Management Institutewww.pmi.orgAre you stressing out over completing the application to .www.margaretmeloni.comRecommended to you b

In the 3 GHz band, the PMP 450m AP is capable of communicating with up to 4 subscribers simultaneously, supporting a total of up to 8 streams. The PMP 450m AP is interoperable with PMP 450, PMP 450i and PMP 450b subscribers (referred to as PMP 450 series subscribers). The rest of this document describes the PMP 450m AP in the 5 GHz band.

Source: PMI PMP Certification Handbook PMP Exam Format PMP Exam Blueprint From the PMP Examination Content Outline Domain Percentage of Questions Initiation 13% Planning 24% Executing 31% Monitoring and Controlling 25% Closing 7% TOTAL 100% Note: PMP Exam Format will change from July 01, 2020. Source: PMI PMP Certification Handbook

4. Fix a date for your PMP exam after you have received confirmation from PMI or passed the audit, if applicable. 5. Study hard for the PMP exam with your PMP study materials. Working on as many as practice exams as possible. 6. Pass the PMP exam. 7. Begin earning PMP PDUs for your 3-year recertification cycle.

4. The PMTI PMP Certification training Boot Camp a. About the course b. MasterItFaster adult learning techniques c. What is covered in the PMP certification boot camp course? d. Where can I take PMTI PMP training? e. What is the 4-day PMP course schedule? f. Do you offer a money-back guarantee? g. How does PMTI PMP training compare with .

About PMP The PMP enhance increases on job productivity. As part of the PMP certification, participants learn a set of tools they can utilise in building well organised projects, improving efficiency and productivity. The PMP improves your earning potential. The PMP certification holders earn 20% more than their non-certified peers

ASTM C 1702 external mixing Sample 1 Sample 2 Not tested Cement, g 9.81 3.38 Water, g 4.90 1.69 Sand reference, g 37.37 12.61 Test duration, h 168 168 3. Results and Discussion 3.1 Signal to noise Figure 1 shows the heat flow measured from the sample cell charged with sand that displayed the highest overall heat flow. This was taken as a measure of noise for the purpose of this study. Figure 1 .