MERITOR 140, 141, 143, 144 AND 145 SERIES DRIVE AXLE PARTS .

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NUMERICAL PARTS LISTINGPART NUMBERPAGEPART NUMBERKIT 2834HOW TO USE47 THIS CATALOGPART NUMBERPAGEPAGEKIT 232140KIT 232240KIT 283547There are 51 basic carriers covered in this catalog:KIT 238941KIT 3200-P-19143200-F-1982KIT 239641KIT 3200-R-19163200-H-1984KIT 240541KIT 3200-S-19173200-J-1986KIT 241341KIT 3200-T-19183200-K-1987KIT 242042KIT 3200-Z-19243200-L-1988KIT 242942KIT 3200-B-19783200-W-2051KIT 243142KIT 3200-C-1979KIT 244542KIT 4395 -D-1980KIT 00-M-19113200-E-1981KIT 248243KIT 440049KIT 248843KIT 4406Major assemblydifferencessuch as oil pumps,50main diff. locks, etc. are indicated by the differentKIT 251143level numbersKIT50assemblyas4455well as the base carrierpart number. The Axle Models-CarriersKIT 25124461all the variations50of the carriers covered in this book.Features43Chart on Page KIT2 listsKIT 252243KIT 476650in thiscatalog do not includeyokes. A yoke is a major assemblyNote: The43carriers listed KITKIT 2541RD20140NL38difference,with a yoke has a differentassembly level number than the sameKIT 263643so a carrier soldKIT RD20145DL38carrier withoutthe yoke. KIT RD20145NLKIT 26374338KIT 2638KIT 2647KIT 2648KIT 2662KIT 2664KIT 2665KIT 2668KIT 2686KIT 2691KIT 2696KIT 2703KIT 2704KIT 2705KIT 2706KIT 2709KIT 2730KIT 2743KIT 2747KIT 2750KIT 2751KIT 2752KIT 2753KIT 2754KIT 2755KIT 2756KIT 2758KIT 2759KIT 2760KIT 2761KIT 2819KIT 2824KIT 2825KIT 28335643KIT RR22145 187338The charts for carriers, output shafts, and axle housings include the following information:44KIT RS145 150038 An exploded view of each assembly, keyed to the parts list.44KIT RS145 154738 A description of each part.44KITRS145167639 Parts that are sold as assemblies that include other parts.44KITRS1714039 Which carriers or axle models the part is used on.44LM-10494920 The quantity of the part used on the carrier or axle.44LM-60301120 The part number of each part.44LM-60304920 Whether the part is available in a kit.44M8040101145M80404911 (1 or 2) applies to your carrier by using theDeterminewhich Chart and FigureCarrier Parts:MN-312-14following45sources of information:tag installedon the45MPS 3344145carrier.50 PS 3345 14551 of the carriers inside45 and descriptionsMS-206060-15 the front cover and at the beginning of Chart 1 Picturesand Chart45 2.MS-208016-1445MS-208020-118chart covers the outputOutput (Thru)45 Shafts: ThisMS-208045-19 shafts for the forward axles of all tandems.Note that the output shaft assembly or its components are only sold as separate items. The output45MS-210016-18,19shaft is not included with the purchase of a carrier or housing.46MS-210020-16MS-210030-16 chart covers the housing assemblies andHousing 46Assemblies andWheel End Parts: This46MS210045A-14wheel end parts for all axles. The parts are listed according to axle models and the two wheel endMS-212045-14,11 141, 143, 144 and 145 series axles.series (L46Series or R Series)that are used on 140,46MS-220120-18,1346 The axle shaftsMWA-5065,9(L.H. and R.H.) according to the axle models theyare grouped in setsAxle Shafts:are used46on. Many axle shaftsets are used on morethan one axle model. The axle shafts are alsoMWA-50819listed by partdimensions.46 number withN-110-12147P-28-S21are five charts that coverYokes and47 Flanges: ThereP-21221 full round bearing yokes, wing bearingyokes, EasyRPL yokes and flanges.47 Service yokes,RV-710168,14 Each chart lists the yokes or flanges used oneach axle47model. The yokesandflangesarelistedS-258-221 by dimension.47S-21016-221Kits: The first chart lists all the kits available for each axle model and carrier. Following that chart,47S-21020A-221the kits are listed in numerical order, and the contents of each kit is listed.47Numerical Parts Index: This lists every part number in the catalog along with the page(s) on whichthe part is listed.

Rear Drive AxlesModel Numbers and Designations - OLD STYLENominal Axle Load Rating (GAWR):In thousands of pounds. Individual forwardand rear axles of a tandem set (D, N, P, R)are rated as single axles. A tandem set (T) israted as the combination of the two axles anda tridem set (Z) as the combination of thethree axles.Gearing Type1 - Single Speed2 - Two Speed3 - Helical Double Reduction4 - Salisbury Single Speed5 - Planetary Double Reduction6 - Hub ReductionRR 20 1 4 5Manufacturing LocationA - AustraliaB - Brazil (Braseixos)C - IndiaD - Mexico (Dirona)E - Europe (C.V.C.)M - Europe (Maudsley)N - U.S.A.Main Differential Nest TypeB - Special DifferentialC - Driver Controlled Differential LockF - Standard DifferentialH - High Traction DifferentialN - NoSPIN DifferentialN C Q F 123Hub Type (See Note 3)A - AluminumF - FerrousN - NoneAxle TypeC - Single Rear Drive Axle, CoachD - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandemwith Inter-Axle DifferentialN - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandem orTridem without Inter-Axle DifferentialP - Forward-Rear Axle of a Drive Tandemwith Inter-Axle Differential and PumpR - Rear-Rear Axle of a Drive TandemS - Single Rear Drive AxleT - Tandem Drive Axle SetZ - Tridem Drive Axle SetBrake TypeC - Dura-Master Air Disc BrakeD - RDA Stopmaster Wedge Brake(Dual Air Chambers)E - RDH Stopmaster Wedge Brake(Dual Hydraulic Cylinders)F - RSH Stopmaster Wedge Brake(Single Hydraulic Cylinder)L - QPlus Cam BrakeN - NoneP - Cam-Master "P" Series Cam BrakeQ - Cam-Master "Q" Series Cam BrakeS - RSA Stopmaster Wedge Brake(Single Air Chamber)T - Cam-Master "T" Series Cam BrakeW - Cam-Master "W" Series Cam BrakeAxle Specification NumberIdentifies specific customer axleconfigurations (variations from the originalaxle design). For information about thevariation, see the Bill of Material for thatspecific axle model.Carrier TypeCarrier size. Larger numbersindicate a higher GCW ratedcarrier: i.e., larger ring gear, etc.(Also see Tridem Axle Note 2below.)NOTE 1:If a complete axle designation is not required, use the first seven positionsof the model designation to identify the basic axle model.EXAMPLES OF BASIC AXLE MODELS:RS 17 140 - Single Rear Drive, 17,000 lb., Single Speed, 15" Ring Gear,140 Carrier Model.RT 48 380 - Tandem Drive Axle Set, 48,000 lb., Helical Double Reduction,19.62" Ring Gear, 380 Carrier Model.RZ 60 164 - Tridem Drive Axle Set, 60,000 lb., Single Speed, Includes a150 Series Forward Rear or First Axle and a 145 SeriesTandem Axle Set as the Second and Third Axles.Axle Design VariationIndicates axle design level orvariation, (e.g., RS 23 161 has athicker wall housing than the RS23 160). For information see theBill of Material for that specificaxle model. (Also see TridemAxle Note 2 below.)NOTE 2, FOR TRIDEM AXLES ONLY:For a Tridem Drive Axle Set (RZ), thenumber in the sixth position designatesthe carrier in the first axle. The numberin the seventh position designates thecarriers in the second and third axles.NOTE 3:Some axle designations orspecifications do not have a hubtype code.

Rear Drive AxlesModel Numbers and Designations - NEW STYLERELATIVE GEARINGSIZE OR SERIESAXLE MODEL TYPES Single Rear (Solo)X Front Drive SteerD Fwd Rear w/IADN Fwd Rear less IAD0 No Gearing1 292/3472 337/3873 TBD4 381/4325 415/4326 432/457BRAKE TYPEB "B" Frame BrakeC Air Disc BrakeD Wedge Brake (Dual Air Chambers)E Wedge Brake (Dual Hydraulic Cylinders)F Wedge Brake (Single Hydraulic Cylinder)G DuraPark Hydraulic Drum7 4578 460/498H Quadraulic DiscK Disc Plus Air DiscL Q Plus Cam BrakeN NoneP "P" Series Cam BrakeP Fwd Rear w/PumpR Rear RearT Tandem DriveZ Tridem DriveC CoachH High EntryMFG. LOCATIONN North AmericaS South AmericaE EuropeA Australia/Asia/AfricaQ "Q" Series Cam BrakeR Cast Plus BrakeS Wedge Brake (Single Air Chamber)T "T" Series Cam BrakeW "W" Series Cam BrakeM x - xx - 1 4 x x N - x - N 123 - xxxx - xxxxM MeritorRatio 1CARRIERVARIATIONRatio 2SPEC. NO.AXLE TYPE0 No Carrier1 Single Speed2 Two Speed3 Helical Dbl Red4 SalisburyA AluminumD DuctileM DuctileRear(Amboid)N No CarrierIncludes: TRACK,PARKING BRAKE,OTHER5 Planetary Dbl Red6 Hub Reduction7 Portal9 Single Speed withTorque OutputLimited EngineR DuctileFront DriveAxle Carrier(Right Hand)T DuctileTelmaWHEEL END/BRAKE ATTACHMENT/DIFFERENTIALA Conventional Spindle/Conventional Brake/Standard DiffB Conventional Spindle/Conventional Brake/DCDLC Conventional Spindle/Conventional Brake/No-SpinD Conventional Spindle/Conventional Brake/Other DiffE Unitized Spindle/Conventional Brake/Standard DiffF Unitized Spindle/Conventional Brake/DCDLGAWRxx GAWR (000) Pounds or Tonnes(dependent on mfg. location)HSG WALL0 Cast1 TBD2 8 mm3 9.5/10.0 mm4 11 mm5 12.7/13.0 mm6 14.3 mm7 TBD8 16 mm9 TBDG Unitized Spindle/Conventional Brake/No-SpinH Unitized Spindle/Conventional Brake/Other DiffJ Conventional Spindle/Integral Brake/Standard DiffK Conventional Spindle/Integral Brake/DCDLL Conventional Spindle/Integral Brake/No-SpinM Conventional Spindle/Integral Brake/Other DiffN Unitized Spindle/Integral Brake/Standard DiffP Unitized Spindle/Integral Brake/DCDLQ Unitized Spindle/Integral Brake/No-SpinR Unitized Spindle/Integral Brake/Other DiffS Bolt-On Conventional Spindle/Conventional Brake/No Diff

TABLE OF CONTENTSPageCarriers & Features of Current Axle Models 2Forward Carriers of Tandem Axles 3Carriers for Single Axles and Rears of Tandem Axles 10Output (Thru) Shafts 20Housing Assemblies and Wheel End Parts 21Axle Shafts 22Yokes and FlangesFull Round Bearing Yokes 27Wing Bearing Yokes 28Easy Service Yokes 29RPL Yokes . 30Companion Flanges 31Axle Model to Carrier to Kit Cross Reference 32Service Kits 38Numerical Parts Index 53Warranty 601

PART NUMBERPAGEAXLE 03-K-98136(SINGLE A XLE)RS-16-141(SINGLEAXLE)2203-L-98146RS-17-141 (SINGLE A -P-98186(SINGLE A -S-98216RS-21-1452203-T-98226(SINGLE A XLE)2203-U-98236RT-34-145 Fwd RP -17-12208-R-10585452214-L-27213Rear 132230-N-1708,18RT-40-140 Fwd RD-20-1402230-D-10965402230-T-1190 Rear RR-20-18,18M T-40-143 Fwd M D-20-1432233-J-10248,182233-M-1027182233-U-10354 43M P -20-143M2233-X-1116 Rear M R-20-18,18M -34-144 Fwd 44-L-10268,182244-D-10704RP -17-1442257-M-12358,19RP -19-1442258-U-411445RP -20-12258-L-7148,182258-Z-111892258-E-1175 Rear 7-D-533492297-E-53354RT-44-145 Fwd RD-22-1452297-A-702120,212297-C-704918RP -22-1452297-P-8336132803-Q-285111CURRENTAXLE MODELS- CARRIERS- FEATURESNUMERICALPARTSLISTINGMAIN DIFF. NO SPINPAGE OILSTD. IAD SHIFTPART NUMBERPARTAXLENUMBERRATIOS PAGELOCKDIFF.PUMP A.B.S.SPLINEAVAIL.(UNLESS NOTED)2803-R-2852113202-S-948326A 23-3200-M -15471.85" - 363.42 thru 7.172803-S-2853113202-T-948426B 2-3200-L-16762.00" - 392803-T-28543202-U-948526B 11-3200-L-1676 11B 7-3200-S-18653107-R-1006183202-X-948826B 7-3200-S-18653107-D-10189,183202-C-959726B 7-3200-L-16762.79 thru 3.213107-M-118343202-E-959926B 7-3200-S-18653.42 thru 7.173196-F-323202-G-9601 2.79 thru 3.21 26B 9-3200-L-1676 8,18B 9-3200-S-1865 13A2-3200-R-15003202-J-9604 3.42 thru 7.17 26B 4-3200-L-16762.10" - 412.64 thru 3.21A2-3200-G-164553202-N-960826B 4-3200-S-18653.42 thru 7.17A2-3200-X-166253202-Q-9611262.64 thru 7.17B 1-3200-G-1879 A2-3200-L-16763202-S-9613 2.64 thru 3.21 26B 8-3200-L-1676 13B 8-3200-S-1865 5A2-3200-G-18533202-U-9615 3.42 thru 7.17 26B 4-3200-G-16452.00" - 392.79 thru 7.17A2-3200-C-1849133202-W-961726 REVERSEA 6-3200-B -1978A2-3200-D-18503202-Y-961926A 8-3200-B -1978 13A2-3200-E-185126B 6-3200-F-1852 13 3202-R-9638A 6-3200-H-1984 A2-3200-F-185253202-Q-984526A 8-3200-H-1984 13 A2-3200-S-18653202-S-984726B 7-3200-L-16762.79 thru 3.21A2-3200-A-1873133206-Q-1343 3.42 thru 7.17 26B 7-3200-S-1865A2-3200-G-18793206-S-1345 2.79 thru 3.21 26B 9-3200-L-1676 13B 9-3200-S-1865 13A2-3200-M-18853206-T-1346 3.42 thru 7.17 26B 4-3200-E-1851 A2-3200-D-190253206-U-134726A 1-3200-B -19782.10" - 412.64 thru 7.17A2-3200-E-190353206-W-134926B 1-3200-G-1645REVERSEB 4-3200-S-1865A2-3200-F-1904133206-Y-135126A 1-3200-B -1978A2-3200-P-191453206-Z-135226A 1-3200-E-1981 A2-3200-S-191753206-A-135326A 1-3200-C-1979 *A2-3200-Z-1924133206-C-156326A 1-3200-H-1984 A -3200-W-2051A2-3200-B-197853206-C-1823 2.64 thru 4.11 26B 4-3200-L-1676A2-3200-C-197953206-D-1824 2.64 thru 3.21 26B 4-3200-S-18653.42 thru 7.17A2-3200-D-198053206-M-1885 2.79 thru 7.17 26B 1-3200-M -1885 *A2-3200-E-198153206-P-1888 2.64 thru 7.17 26A 1-3200-B -1978B 1-3200-G-1645A2-3200-F-198253216-Q-43599,19 REVERSEA 1-3200-E-1981 A2-3200-H-198453216-S-43619,19A 4-3200-B -1978 A2-3200-J-198653221-P-10044B 1-3200-E-1903REVERSE A2-3200-K-19875A-3226-M-105311A 1-3200-C-1979 *B 1-3200-S-191A2-3200-L-19887* A-3226-P-1056511B 1-3200-F-1852 13 A-3226-T-1112A2-3200-W-205120A 1-3200-K-1987 3202-S-904126A-3226-Z-12224B 1-3200-D-1902REVERSE 3202-T-904226A-3226-B-12244A 1-3200-H-1984 B 1-3200-X-1662REVERSE 3202-U-904326A-3226-D-12264A 4-3200-H-1984 3202-X-904626A-3226-N-123611B 1-3200-G-1853 3202-Y-904726A-3226-V-12964B 4-3200-L-16762.64 thru 3.213202-B-905026A-3230-T-10343.42 thru 7.17 8,18B 4-3200-S-1865B 1-3200-G-1879 3202-C-905126A-3230-U-10352.64 thru 7.17 8,18B 8-3200-L-1676 263202-Q-9117A-3230-V-10362.64 thru 3.21 183.42 thru 7.17B 8-3200-S-1865 3202-R-911826A4-3235-C-171916B 1-3200-M -1885 *2.79 thru 7.173202-S-911926A6-3235-C-171914B 1-3200-R-1916 * B 1-3200-D-18502.64 thru 3.21 16 A12-3235-C-17193202-Y-9281263.42 thru 7.17B 1-3200-E-1851 A13-3235-C-17193202-F-93402614A 1-3200-D-19803.42 thru 5.863202-G-934126A6-3235-E-172116A 1-3200-F-1982 3202-H-934226A8-3235-E-172114A 1-3200-J-1986 A 1-3200-L-1988 3202-W-946126A14-3235-E-172116B 1-3200-T-1918 3202-Y-946326A15-3235-E-172114 REVERSECARRIERSB 1-3200-P -1914B 1-3200-A -1873B 6-3200-A -1873 B 1-3200-F-1904 B 1-3200-Z-1924* Indic a t e s a lum inum c a rrie r ho us ing. ( N o t a v a ila ble in 2 .6 4 ra t io .)Rear542RR-22-145 REVERSE

CHART 1FORWARD CARRIERS OF TANDEM AXLES(Use with Figure 1, Inside Front Cover)VISUAL IDENTIFICATION OF FORWARD CARRIERSIAD SHIFTER:BOLT ON FOR 1624, 1902, 1911, 1918SCREW-IN FOR 1817, 1877, 1888,1906, 1987 AND 1988 CARRIERSOIL FILTERIAD SHIFTER:BOLT ON FOR 1677 AND 1903SCREW-IN FOR 1815, 1875, 1890,1905, 1981 AND 1982 CARRIERSNO OIL FILTERDIFF. LOCK:BOLT-ON FOR 1624 AND 1817 CARRIERSSCREW-IN FOR 1877, 1888, 1902, 1906,1911, 1918, 1987 AND 1988 CARRIERSFORWARD CARRIERS WITH IAD, DIFF. LOCKAND OIL PUMP: 3200-L-1624, 3200-W-1817,3200-E-1877, 3200-P-1888, 3200-D-1902,3200-H-1906, 3200-M-1911, 3200-T-1918,3200-K-1987, 3200-L-1988IAD SHIFTER:BOLT-ON FOR 1662 AND 1914SCREW-IN FOR 1816, 1853, 1876,1894 AND 1986 CARRIERSOIL FILTERDIFF. LOCK:BOLT-ON FOR 1677 AND 1815 CARRIERSSCREW-IN FOR 1875, 1890, 1903, 1905,1981 AND 1982 CARRIERSFORWARD CARRIERS WITH IAD ANDDIFF. LOCK WITHOUT OIL PUMP3200-M-1677, 3200-U-1815, 3200-C-1875,3200-R-1890, 3200-E-1903, 3200-G-1905,3200-E-1981, 3200-F-1982IAD SHIFTER:BOLT ON FOR 1645 CARRIERSCREW-IN FOR 1814, 1852, 1860,1874, 1917, 1978, 1979 AND 1980NO OIL FILTERNO DIFF. LOCKFORWARD CARRIERS WITH IAD AND OIL PUMPWITHOUT DIFF. LOCK: 3200-X-1662,3200-V-1816, 3200-G-1853, 3200-D-1876,3200-P-1914, 3200-H-1984, 3200-J-1986NO DIFF. LOCKFORWARD CARRIERS WITH IAD WITHOUT DIFF.LOCK OR OIL PUMP: 3200-G-1645, 3200-T-1814,3200-F-1852, 3200-N-1860, 3200-B-1874, 3200-S-1917,3200-B-1978, 3200-C-1979, 3200-D-1980THE FOLLOWING CARRIERS ARE EQUIPPED WITH A THRUST SCREW:3200-A-1873, 3200-B-1874, 3200-C-1875, 3200-D-1876, 3200-E-1877, 3200-F-1904, 3200-G-1905,3200-H-1906, 3200-M-1911, 3200-T-1918, 3200-P-1914, 3200-D-1980, 3200-F-1982, 3200-J-1986, 3200-L-1988THE FOLLOWING CARRIERS ARE MACHINED FOR INTERNAL ABS SENSORS:3200-F-1852, 3200-G-1853, 3200-S-19173

ITEM1FORWARD CARRIERS OF TANDEM AXLESDESCRIPTIONNut - input yoke and shaft1AWasher - input shaft nut456Capscrew - input bearing cageWasher - input bearing cageOil seal - input bearing cage7, 108Bearing cage and cup assy. - input9Shim - input bearing cage .075mm/.003 inch.125mm/.005 inch.250mm/.010 inchO-ring - input bearing cage1011Cup - input shaft bearing - outerCone - input shaft bearing - outer12131415, 1Baffle - oilWasher - oil baffleCapscrew - oil baffleInput shaft and nut assy.Input shaft, nut, ball assy.161718Thrust washer - helical drive gearHelical gear and forward side gearDiff. case and pinion nest assy. - inter-axleREMARKSIncluded in KIT 2826Included in KIT 2637Included in KIT 2826Included in KIT 26373" I.D.3.25" I.D.Included in KIT 2429Less pumpWith pumpLess pump 2"-39 splineLess pump 2.38"-46 spline2.38"-46 spline. With pumpPump driven off flats on the inputshaft. 2"-39 splinePump driven off splines on theinput shaft. 2"-39 262728Case halves and fastener hardwareBoltWasherSpiderPinion gearPinion gear thrust washerSnap-ring - inter-axle differentialClutch collar - inter-axle diff.Side gear - inter-axle diff.Shift fork - inter-axle diff.Cone - rear side gear bearingCup - rear side gear bearingAdjusting screw - shift shaftJam nut - adjusting screwSpring - shift shaft returnShift shaft - inter-axle differential29Shift assy. - inter-axle diff. air29A29BSnap ringSpring - shiftBoltedAllAll after 11/93All prior to 11/93All w/o pumpAll w/o pumpAll w/o pumpAll prior to 11/93All after 11/93All prior to 8/91AllAll1978, 1979, 1980, 1981,1982, 1984, 1986, 1987,1988 carriers after 10/98All except 1624 /prior to 10/981624 carrier onlyFor bolted version only.All after 10/98PART -V-1296A-3226-B-1224A-3226-D-1226A-3226-Z-1222Use as 2203-K-9241req. 2203-L-92422203-M-924315-X-134311 ea. 100431229-E-16693MS-208016-11KIT 28342A-3297-U-1347A-3297-T-1346KIT 28352KIT 28332111AllAllAllAllAllAllAll except "reverse-air"All except "reverse-air"Included in KIT 2686 andKIT 2445Included in KIT 24451229-S-4985KIT 4007A-3235-N-2380A-3235-W-20251814AllBolt-on style, Navistar only(reverse-air)Bolt-on style, Navistar only(reverse-air)Bolt-on style, serviced asassembly onlyScrew-in style, serviced asassembly onlyBolt-on style, Navistar only(reverse-air)QTY1All from 8/91 to 11/93Included in KIT 24201 5-X-1034 is used in pump groove. 5-X-1343 is usedin input cage.4CARRIERAll after 11/93All prior to 11/93All after 11/93All prior to 11/93AllAllAll prior to 11/93All after 11/93All w/o pump after 11/93All w/o pump prior to 11/93All with pump after 11/93All with pump prior to 11/93All11111111111KIT A-3261-L-350KIT 2825Included in KIT 2445111229-P-42802258-E-11752 Must change input y

MERITOR 140, 141, 143, 144 AND 145 SERIES DRIVE AXLE PARTS CATALOG PB-9147 888-725-9355 U.S. 800-387-3889 Canada 2012 Meritor, Inc.

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