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CIVIL ENGINEERINGBENEFITS OF BIMHelping Civil Engineersdo more with BIM

CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIMWHAT’S INSIDE:1BENEFITSKeep constructability top-of-mindImprove project marginsMake better project decisionsCommunicate more effectively2MAKE THE MOST OF BIMMake your BIM software work for you3THE AEC COLLECTIONWhat’s included in the AEC collection


CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM4KEEP CONSTRUCTABILITY TOP-OF-MINDPut the tools in the AEC Collection to work and enhance the value you deliver to all phases of the project, from conceptualdesign through construction. Develop a more positive direction of your project and reduce construction risk by consideringdesign concepts in the context of the real and unique project conditions.Capture existingconditionsStart your project by rapidlycreating a large-scale,intelligent, 3D model ofyour project’s real-worldenvironment. With the AECCollection you can easilyaggregate large amounts ofexisting data, including realitycapture data, 2D CAD, andraster data. Then incorporateGIS data to enhance accuracyand fine-tune your model intohigh-definition 3D meshes thatcan be optimized for detaileddesign and engineering workdownstream.InfraWorks, ReCap, Civil 3DMove from conceptsto detailed designPerform analysisand simulationson designsImproveinterdisciplinarycoordinationQuickly conduct the preliminaryconceptual layout for yourproject, and then transition todetailed design to add greaterprecision to your design model.For transportation projects, usethese tools to effectively designroadway alignments and easilyadd turn lanes, intersections,and overpasses. Use specializedanalysis tools to check parkinglot spacing and road styling tohelp determine lot counts forbetter preliminary subdivisionlayout concepts. This workflowalso facilitates better planning,design, and structural analysisof bridge structures.Make better design decisionswith tools for sight distance,flood simulation, dynamic siteanalysis, and more. Modeldifferent types of intersectionsand roadway configurations,and simulate traffic at differenttimes of day to find road designalternatives that perform best.More effectively determine ifyou need to widen roadwayswhile increasing bridgeclearances, provide for betterstorm water management,buffer around a landfill site,accommodate new development,and incorporate light-railcorridors and connections.With a shared model, designers,owners, and contractors have acentral place to work throughthe tradeoffs that impact designconstructability and costs.Owners stay engaged in theprocess through the sharedmodel, and contractors canuse the model to create aninformed bid while minimizingcost surprises. Constructionsequencing can help teammembers discuss and walkthrough various approachesto design construction. Withmore efficient coordination,compromises can be worked outprior to pouring any concrete.InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, StructuralBridge DesignInfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit,Navisworks, Vehicle TrackingInfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit,Navisworks, 3dsMax

CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM5IMPROVE PROJECT MARGINSThe tools in the AEC Collection enable efficiencies that traditional technologies and processes can’t match. Improved planninghelps you determine which design scenarios achieve optimal outcomes. With a better understanding of quantities across theentire project, it becomes much easier to determine quantity takeoffs and calculate costs. A model-based approach simplyhelps make it easier for you achieve cost savings throughout the full life of an asset.Improve understanding ofproject impactReview design alternativesReduce errors and omissionsEvery infrastructure project competes forscarce resources. With BIM, you can moreeffectively prioritize how dollars are investedin a project. What’s more, you’re now ableto shift your emphasis from cost-centric toconsider outcomes and project value - singlingout critical design approaches, and prioritizenew projects based on social, economic, andenvironmental impacts and objectives.Designers and civil engineers need access totools that facilitate the modeling of differentdesign scenarios before final design andplan documentation. With the AEC Collection,evaluating project schedules and designalternatives can be easily exercised, helping todetermine the most efficient and cost-effectivedesign approach with the least communityimpact.Errors and omissions can cause expensivedelays and rework in any infrastructure project.BIM tools and processes help you moreeffectively identify, inspect, and report oninterferences in a 3D project model. BIM helpsyou to better anticipate potential problems withyour project before construction, and reducesrisks of project cost and schedule overrunsduring construction.InfraWorks, Civil 3D, RevitInfraWorks, Civil 3DCivil 3D, Navisworks

CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM6MAKE BETTER PROJECT DECISIONSEstablish a “big picture” view of your project with a model that’s a rich, real-world representation of your project’senvironment. Compelling visualizations and simulations provide a more integrated approach between design and analysis,helping you to balance the demands of geographic and financial constraints, geometric guidelines compliance, and safetymanagement. BIM tools and processes help you make better design decisions throughout the project lifecycle.Design in a real-world contextUsing an intelligent 3D project model,rapidly produce conceptual designs of yourinfrastructure and evaluate different optionsin planning and preliminary design phasesbased on a real-world view of your project. Useadvanced tools such as component roads, crosssection views, and super elevation, for moreadvanced road design; and expanded bridgedesign features like component-based bridgesand line girder analysis to enhance accuracyand precision as you advance your model todetailed design.InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, Structural Bridge DesignSmarter design decisionsTools in the AEC Collection enable you toestablish a rich contextual setting of yourmodel, explore various design options, andperform analysis and simulations with vividvisualizations. Improve delivery on your projectdesign objectives and outcomes, mitigate therisks of cost and schedule overruns duringconstruction. Better predict the performanceof yet to-be-finished infrastructure assets, andfinalize detailed design and documentation in acollaborative and multidisciplinary manner.InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, Structural Bridge DesignSupport multidisciplinaryworkflowsPrepare better technical and financial projectproposals by enabling team members tocollaborate on a common BIM environmentand shared design model that facilitates bettercoordination across multiple locations anddisciplines. In the case of bridge projects,bridge engineers and designers can lead theprocess and work directly with the model todefine the bridge components. Using thissame model data, structural engineers cananalyze the girders of the superstructure andother bridge structural design in detail. Finally,the completed model can be used to createdetailed documentation for review, bidding,and construction of the bridge and relatedroadways.InfraWorks, Civil3D, Revit, Navisworks

CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM7COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELYProduce compelling visuals of your design to better tell the story of the project and extend the value of that design modelbeyond communicating for approvals and into construction. Get project team and stakeholders on the same page, and ensurethat the public has a clearer understanding of the project’s impact.Win work and reach approvalsfasterCompelling visualizations can do a lot of theheavy lifting when it comes to winning morebusiness and getting approvals more quickly.3D renderings, AR/VR “walk-throughs”, andanimated construction simulations have fargreater impact than traditional 2D drawings,and can significantly enhance how yourproject is perceived. With visuals that reflectyour project within the perspective of theactual environment, you can facilitate betterunderstanding of your desired outcomes, moreeasily sell your design ideas, and get to ‘yes’much more quickly.InfraWorks, Navisworks, 3dsMaxGet the public on boardInfrastructure projects affect the general public,and they typically have one overriding concern:how the proposed project will impact them ona day-to-day basis. They have questions like:“What will the project look like?”, “How long willit take?”, and “How will the construction phaseimpact me?” Now, there are tools that simplifyhow you convey the impact of infrastructureprojects to the general public, and help them tobetter understand your design intent as well aswhere tax or bond dollars are going.InfraWorks, 3dsMaxMaximize team and projectefficienciesAn intelligent 3D model provides for more thanjust compelling visualizations to help win a bid.The model becomes essential to the ongoingdesign-build process of your project. With aBIM model of your project, you can exercise4D/5D analyses and simulations to review andcommunicate project details, schedules andlogistics - enabling more effective collaborationand coordination among project team membersfrom design through construction.InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks


CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM9MAKE YOUR BIM SOFTWARE WORK FOR YOUThe AEC Collection is the most cost-effective and flexible way to access not only AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks, but otherAutodesk tools and services that let you expand the functionality of these core civil engineering tools and your capabilitiesusing them.Get softwareupdates as soon asthey’re releasedNow you can be sure that you’realways working with the latest,most optimized version ofyour software to innovate andexpand your design capabilities.Your Autodesk desktop app willnotify you when a new updateis available from Autodesk. Youretain control of which softwareupdates you choose to roll out,to whom, and when.Image courtesy of Hyder ConsultingUse previoussoftware versionsYou’ll be able to download anduse previous releases of mostAutodesk software. This is avaluable option when you’reworking on project files createdwith an earlier version ofsoftware.Get help when youneed itLet us help you resolve issuesquickly. You’ll have access to: Senior Autodesk supportspecialists Moderated communitysupport forums E-learning opportunities andexclusive training webcastsManage yoursoftware more easilySubscribing to Autodesksoftware helps you to stayfocused on designing andcreating, without worryingabout your software. Easy-touse administrative tools allowyou to simply and effectivelymanage software licenses,seats, and usage, all from yourAutodesk Account.


CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM11WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE AEC COLLECTIONAutoCAD and CAD verticalapplicationsAs a common CAD platform usedthroughout the industry, this suiteof AutoCAD products allows you toaccess and create documentation andshare with all members on the projectteam.AutoCAD Civil 3DBIM software that enhances civilinfrastructure design and constructiondocumentation.InfraWorksCloud connected BIM software forconceptual design, analysis, andplanning.Revit3ds MaxCloud connected BIM software forconceptual design, analysis, andplanning.Modeling and rendering software tocreate stunning scenes for designvisualization and engaging virtualreality experiences.Recap ProReality-capture and 3D scanning tool tobetter understand existing conditionsand verify as-built conditions.AutoCAD Map3DProject review software with advancedcoordination, 5D analysis, andsimulation tools.Model-based GIS and mappingsoftware to help enrich your map data.AutoCAD Plant 3DBIM for Plant to facilitate productionof P&IDs that can be easily integratedinto 3D plant design models.For more information, visit the product center to explore all the productsincluded in the AEC Collection or contact an Autodesk Reseller.LET’S TALKIntegrated tools for loading, analysis,and code checking of bridges.Navisworks ManageLEARN MOREReady to see how the AEC Collection could enhance your infrastructureworkflows.Structural Bridge DesignVehicle TrackingAnalysis and design software toevaluate the movement of peopleand vehicles on transportation or sitedesign projects.

Autodesk and the Autodesk logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarksbelong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errorsthat may appear in this document. 2017 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

CIVIL ENGINEERING BENEFITS OF BIM 9 The AEC Collection is the most cost-effective and flexible way to access not only AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks, but other Autodesk tools and services that let you expand the functionality of these core civil engineering tools and your capabilities using them. MAKE YOUR BIM SOFTWARE WORK FOR YOU Image courtesy of Hyder Consulting Get software updates as .

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