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Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentChiller Manual Installation, Operation & MaintenanceINTRODUCTIONTurbo Refrigerating is asupplier of fluid chillers,icemaking, and ice storageequipment. TURBO doesnot engineer or design fluidchilling systems, icesystems, ice plants, orprocessing lines. TURBOcan provide assistance inlocating qualifiedcompanies familiar with theinstallation and operation ofTURBO chillers. Contactthe factory at the address ortelephone numbers listed atthe end of this section.will help avoid injury topersonnel and/or damage tothe equipment. Both arevaluable assets to youroperation. Take the time toprotect them.Read the manual contentsbefore you start yourinstallation or operation.This will save time byensuring that all necessarymaterials and tools areavailable when theequipment arrives.HistoryInformation on safety,installation, operation,maintenance and troubleshooting is contained in thismanual. If you havequestions concerning any ofthese phases, contactTURBO or one of itsdistributors to ensure thatyou fully understand theinstructions and guidelines.You must read all of theinformation carefully andmake sure that all personnelinvolved in the installationhave also read andunderstood the informationand safety instructions. ThisIntroductionTURBO has beenproducing a line of fluidchillers since 1984equipment as well asicemakers and icegenerators for the iceindustry since 1960. Thechillers described in thismanual are part of a familyof products designedspecifically for theindustrial market for avariety of cooling needs.Fluid Heat ExchangersHTD and HF series heatexchangers are designed toinstantaneously chill fluidsfalling over verticalstainless steel plates in athin falling film. Because ofmethod of chilling theliquid heat exchangers areoften referred to as fallingfilm chillers.HTD SeriesHTD stands for HighTemperature Difference.Fluids are chilled or heatedover large temperaturedifferences, ranging from5 F to 60 F in a single passusing R-22, ammonia orglycol as the refrigerantinside the plate. Systems areavailable in directexpansion (DX), floodedand recirculated models.Flow rates are availableover a wide range but aretypical considered relativelylow. Higher flow rates canbe obtained with HFchillers.HF ChillersHF stands for High Flow.Fluids are chilled overnarrow temperaturedifferences, ranging from1 F to 2 F. The plate’s longnarrow geometry enableshigh fluid flow over the2/01 Turbo Refrigerating 1-1

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentplate. Ammonia, R-22 andglycol are all available foruse in direct expansion,flooded and recirculatedsystems.ApplicationsHTD/HF chillers aresuitable for a variety ofapplications including: Food Beverage Chemical ManufacturingModelsA number of standard andspecial chiller plates areavailable in a variety ofconfigurations to meetmany applications. Standardplate sizes include: 48” x 60” 72’ x 60” 96” x 60” 144” x 24”Refrigerants/RefrigerantFeedChillers are available in R22, ammonia, and glycolwith direct expansion (DX),flooded, and recirculatedrefrigerant feed. Chillerscan be furnished with theirown high side andcondensing unit orconnected to existingrefrigeration systems.Associated EquipmentIcemakers/Ice GeneratorsTURBO C-LineIcemakersPackaged ice applicationsrequire a dry sub-cooled ice1-2 Turbo Refrigerating 2/01and uniform fragmentednuggets. TURBO hasproduced the C-lineicemaker since 1964. Thisproduct line uses a waterdefrost to produce ice incapacities ranging from 1ton per dry to 200 tons perday in CAR and CAR-LR(ammonia) and CF (R-22)models.TURBO TIG/TIGARIce GeneratorsIn industrial applicationswhere ice is being used forprocessing or for top icing,TURBO produces a seriesof wet ice generators calledthe TIG (R-22) and TIGAR(NH3) series. These hot gasdefrost icemakers are builtwith the same high qualitystandards and engineeringas the TURBO icemakersof the sixties. The onlydifference is that theicemaking process producesslightly wetter ices due tothe hot gas defrost, and thestandard system used toproduce dry, uniform icenuggets is eliminated. As aresult, a random shapedpiece of fragmented ice isproduced at a lower cost perton.In applications wheretotally dry, uniform ice isnot required; theTIG/TIGAR series offers alow cost alternative.Typical Applications Produce (broccoli,carrots, etc.) – top icing inthe field (trailer mountedunits) or in the processingarea Concrete icing Ingredient icing(bakeries) Fish icing Poultry icing Chemical and dyeprocesses Emergency coolingloads Ice slurries Catering trucks Salad bars or display ice Food processingIce Storage SystemsTURBO rakes and storagebins were introduced in1967. There are three basicsizes in the hydraulicversion as well as twolarger versions known asautomatic ice rakes(described in this manual).The smaller hydraulicmodels range in capacityfrom 20 to 87 tons while thelarger automatic ice rakesrange from 100 to 300 tonsof ice storage.TURBO rakes have beenused in USDA inspectedinstallations.USDA DesignAll TURBO ice storagesystems are designed tomeet USDA guidelines andmeet rugged industrialstandards which make themthe most reliable in theindustry. Each system isdesigned to make theloading and unloading ofthe ice storage system asIntroduction

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentsafe and simple as possible.Regardless of size, all of theice storage systems operatein basically the same simpleyet reliable manner.The entire load and unloadsequence is automatic anddoes not require theoperator to be in contactwith the ice or any movingparts in the ice storagesystem.The continuous presence ofan operator is not requiredalthough it is recommended.At the end of the day, thebin is empty (on a designday). The bin refillsovernight and is full whenpersonnel return to work.NOTE: All controls areadjustable to allow theload or unload rate tomatch the customer’sproduction and/ordelivery requirements.Rake VariationsCB and Automatic rakes areavailable in a number ofstandard sizes toaccommodate bulk storagecapacities ranging from 20tons to 400 tons. Models areavailable in standard 10’,12’-6”, 15’ and 20’ widths;20’ to 55’ length; heightsfrom 9’ to 25’ making itpossible to produce avariety of standardcapacities.IntroductionOptional Rake FeaturesAlthough TURBO designsand builds the ice storagesystem to be as flexible aspossible, the standardsystem may not meet aparticular application.TURBO can design astorage system to meetalmost any need.TURBO Block PressTURBO offers anotherfeature to make optimumprofits from your iceproduction. Instead ofthrowing away the snowproduced by the breakerbar, ice sizer, screwconveyors, or otherhandling devices, install aTURBO block press. Thisblock press converts thesnow into ten or fifty-fivepound blocks of ice.Introduced in 1977, theblock press is a completelyautomatic, hydraulicpowered unit capable ofproducing from 120 to anexcess of 400 ten poundblocks per hour.The block press is availablewith a block baggerattachment, which means: Eliminates handlinguntil the block is in the bag A better product Higher profitsRugged industrialconstruction and stainlesssteel or UHMW in all areasof ice contact make theTURBO block press themost reliable on the market.Special ApplicationsTURBO is in the businessof supplying equipment tomeet the needs of thecustomer. If you have anapplication or a need that isnot discussed here, contact:Turbo Refrigerating, LLCSales DepartmentP.O. Box 396Denton, Texas 76202-0396Phone: 940-387-4301Fax: 940-382-0364Web Site:WWW.vogtice.comCustomer ServiceThe TURBO servicedepartment providesassistance for all customerneeds. TURBO conductstraining schools at thefactory and at variouslocations throughout theworld.NOTE: The model andserial number of yourTURBO equipment islocated on the datanameplate attached to theelectrical control panel.Please refer to the modeland serial number whenmaking inquiries aboutthe equipment. This willenable our personnel tohandle your questionsquickly and accurately.2/01 Turbo Refrigerating 1-3

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentHigh ValuesTURBO highly values its friends and customers in the industry. Please remember to:T hink safely – act safely.U nderstand operating procedures and dangers of the equipment.R emember to think before you act.B efore you act, understand the consequences of your actions.O bserve equipment warnings and labels.1-4 Turbo Refrigerating 2/01Introduction

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentTERMS &CONDITIONSTurbo Refrigerating, LLC(the “Company”) agrees tosell the Equipmentdescribed herein upon thefollowing terms andconditions of sale which,accordingly, supersede anyof Buyer’s additional orinconsistent terms andconditions of purchase.1. Terms and Prices(a) All orders are to beaccompanied by a twentypercent (20%) downpayment or an acceptableirrevocable letter of creditconfirmed on a U.S. Bankacceptable to Turbo. Noorders are to be enteredwithout payment or L/C inhand.(b) All orders are subject tothe approval of theCompany’s home office.Unless otherwise stated,standard terms of paymentare thirty (30) days net fromthe earlier of date ofshipment or readiness of theEquipment for shipment. Ifpartial shipments are made,payment shall become dueand payable to the partialshipment.Company may be requiredto pay arising from the saleor delivery of theEquipment or the usethereof. Prepaid freight, ifapplicable, will be added tothe purchase price andinvoiced separately. Whereprice includes transportationor other shipping charges,any increases intransportation rates or othershipping charges from dateof quotation or purchaseorder shall be for theaccount of and paid byBuyer.(d) Contract prices aresubject to adjustment to theCompany’s prices in effectat time of shipment unlessotherwise specified in aseparate Price AdjustmentPolicy attached to theproposal or other contractdocument of the Company.(e) If Buyer requestschanges in the Equipmentor delays progress of themanufacture or shipment ofthe Equipment, the contractprice shall be adjusted toreflect increases in sellingprice caused thereby.2. Shipment(c) In addition to thepurchase price, Buyer shallpay any excise, sales,privilege, use or any othertaxes, Local, State orFederal, which theIntroductionShipment is F.O.B.Company’s plant or place ofmanufacture, unlessotherwise specified. Risk ofloss shall pass to Buyerupon delivery totransporting carrier.3. Delivery(a) The Company willendeavor to make shipmentof orders as scheduled.However, all shipment datesare approximate only, andthe Company reserves theright to readjust shipmentschedules.(b) Under no circumstanceswill the Company beresponsible or incur anyliability for costs ordamages of any nature(whether general,consequential, as a penaltyor liquidated damages orotherwise) arising out of orowing to (i) any delays indelivery or (ii) failure tomake delivery at agreed orspecified times due tocircumstances beyond itsreasonable control.(c) If shipment is delayed orsuspended by Buyer, Buyershall pay (i) Company’sinvoice for the Equipmentas per payment terms, (ii)Company’s handling andstorage charges then ineffect, and (iii) demurragecharges if loaded on railcars.4. Limited Warranty:Warranty Adjustment:2/01 Turbo Refrigerating 1-5

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentExclusions: Limitation ofLiability(a) LIMITEDWARRANTYThe Company warrants thatat the time of shipment theEquipment manufactured byit shall be merchantable,free from defects in materialand workmanship and shallpossess the characteristicsrepresented in writing bythe Company. TheCompany’s warranty isconditioned upon theEquipment being properlyinstalled and maintainedand operated within theEquipment’s capacity undernormal load conditions withcompetent supervisedoperators and, if theEquipment uses water, withproper water conditioning.Equipment, accessories andother parts and componentsnot manufactured by theCompany are warrantedonly to the extent of and bythe original manufacturer’swarranty to the Company,in no event shall such othermanufacturer’s warrantycreate any more extensivewarranty obligations of theCompany to the Buyer thanthe Company’s warrantycovering Equipmentmanufactured by theCompany.(b) EXCLUSIONS FROMWARRANTY1-6 Turbo Refrigerating 2/01(i) THE FOREGOING ISIN LIEU OF ALL OTHERWARRANTIES, ORALOR EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, INCLUDINGANY WARRANTIESTHAT EXTEND BEYONDTHE DESCRIPTION OFTHE EQUIPMENT.THERE ARE NOEXPRESS WARRANTIESOTHER THAN THOSECONTAINED IN THISPARAGRAPH 4 AND TOTHE EXTENTPERMITTED BY LAWTHERE ARE NOIMPLIED WARRANTIESOF FITNESS FOR APARTICULAR PURPOSE.THE PROVISIONS OFTHIS PARAGRAPH 4 ASTO DURATION,WARRANTYADJUSTMENT ANDLIMITATION OFLIABILITY SHALL BETHE SAME FOR BOTHIMPLIED WARRANTIES(IF ANY) AND EXPRESSWARRANTIES.(ii) The Company’swarranty is solely as statedin (a) above and does notapply or extend, forexample, to expendableitems, ordinary wear andtear, altered units; unitsrepaired by persons notexpressly approved by theCompany, materials not ofthe Company’smanufacture, or damagecaused by accident, theelements, abuse, misuse,temporary heat, over-loading, or by erosive orcorrosive substances or bythe alien presence of oil,grease, scale, deposits orother contaminants in theEquipment.(c) WARRANTYADJUSTMENTBuyer must make claim ofany breach of any warrantyby written notice to theCompany’s home officewithin thirty (30) days ofthe discovery of any defect.The Company agrees at itsoption to repair or replace,BUT NOT INSTALL,F.O.B. Company’s plant,any part or parts of theEquipment which withintwelve (12) months fromthe date of initial operationbut no more than eighteen(18) months from date ofshipment shall prove to theCompany’s satisfaction(including return to theCompany’s plant,transportation prepaid, forinspection, if required bythe Company) to bedefective within the aboveWarranty. Any warrantyadjustments made by theCompany shall not extendthe initial warranty periodset forth above. Thewarranty period forreplacements made by theCompany shall terminateupon the termination of theinitial warranty period setforth above. Expensesincurred by Buyer inreplacing or repairing orIntroduction

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentreturning the Equipment orany part or parts will not bereimbursed by theCompany.(d) SPARE ANDREPLACEMENT PARTSWARRANTYADJUSTMENTThe Company sells spareand replacement parts. Thissubparagraph (d) is theWarranty Adjustment forsuch parts. Buyer mustmake claim of any breachof any spare or replacementparts warranty by writtennotice to the Company’shome office within thirty(30) days of the discoveryof any alleged defect for allsuch parts manufactured bythe Company. TheCompany agrees at itsoption to repair or replace,BUT NOT INSTALL,F.O.B. Company’s plant,any part or parts of materialit manufactures which,within one (1) year from thedate of shipment shall proveto the Company’ssatisfactory (includingreturn to the Company’splant, transportationprepaid, for inspection, ifrequired by the Company)to be defective within thisParts Warranty. TheWarranty and warrantyperiod for spare andreplacement parts notmanufactured by theCompany (purchased by theCompany, from third partysuppliers) shall be limited toIntroductionthe Warranty and WarrantyAdjustment extended to theCompany by the originalmanufacturer of such parts,in no event shall such othermanufacturer’s warrantycreate any more extensivewarranty obligation of theCompany to the Buyer forsuch parts than theCompany’s WarrantyAdjustment covering partsmanufactured by theCompany as set forth in thissubparagraph (d). Expensesincurred by the Buyer inreplacing, repairing, orreturning the spare orreplacements parts will notbe reimbursed by theCompany.(e) LIMITATION OFLIABILITYThe above WarrantyAdjustment sets forthBuyer’s exclusive remedyand the extent of theCompany’s liability forbreach of implied (if any)and express warranties,representations, instructionsor defects from any cause inconnection with the sale oruse of the Equipment. THECOMPANY SHALL NOTBE LIABLE FOR ANYSPECIAL, INDIRECT ORCONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES OR FORLOSS, DAMAGE OREXPENSE, DIRECTLYOR INDIRECTLYARISING FROM THEUSE OF THEEQUIPMENT OR FROMANY OTHER CAUSEWHETHER BASED ONWARRANTY (EXPRESSOR IMPLIED) OR TORTOR CONTRACT, andregardless of any advices orrecommendations that mayhave been renderedconcerning the purchase,installation or use of theEquipment.5. Patents(a) PATENT INDEMNITYAND CONDITIONSThe Company agrees at itsown expense to defend andhold Buyer harmless in theevent of any suits institutedagainst Buyer for an allegedinfringement of any claimof any United States Patentcovering solely to thestructure of the Equipmentas originally manufacturedby the Company per theCompany’s specifications,and without modification bythe Buyer, provided buyershall (i) have given theCompany immediate noticein writing of any such claimor institution or threat ofsuch suit, and (ii) havepermitted the Company todefend or settle the same,and have given all neededinformation assistance andauthority to enable theCompany to do so. Buyershall defend and indemnifythe Company against allexpenses, costs and loss byreason of any real or allegedinfringement by the2/01 Turbo Refrigerating 1-7

Read Safety Section before installing or using equipmentCompany’s incorporating adesign or modificationrequested by Buyer.(b) LIMITATION OFLIABILITYThe Company’s totalliability hereunder isexpressly limited to anamount no greater than thesales price of the Equipmentand may be satisfied by theCompany’s refunding toBuyer, at the Company’soption, the sales price of theEquipment in the event theCompany elects to defendany such suit and thestructure of the saidEquipment is held toinfringe any such UnitedStates Patent and if theBuyer’s use thereof isenjoined, the Companyshall, at its expense and atits option (i) obtain for theBuyer the right to continueusing the Equipment, or (ii)supply non-infringingEquipment for installationby Buyer, or (iii) modify theEquipment so that itbecomes non-infringing, or(iv) refund the then marketvalue of the Equipment.6. Prior UseIf damage to the Equipmentor other property or injuryto persons is caused by useor operation of theEquipment prior to beingplaced in initial operation(“Start up”) by theCompany where start up is1-8 Turbo Refrigerating 2/01included in the purchaseprice, then Buyer shallindemnify and hold theCompany harmless from allliability, costs and expensesfor all such damage orinjury.7. Equipment ChangesThe Company may, butshall not be obligated to,incorporate in theEquipment any changes inspecifications, design,material, construction,arrangement, orcomponents.fails to comply with anyand all provisions of thiscontract, the Company shallhave the remedies availableunder the UniformCommercial Code.(b) So long as the purchaseprice is unpaid, Buyer at itscost shall obtain insuranceagainst loss or damage fromall external causes, namingthe Company as an insured,in an amount and formsufficient to protect theCompany’s interest in theEquipment.9. Cancellation8. Security InterestInsurance(a) To secure payment ofthe purchase price, Buyeragrees that the Companyshall retain a securityinterest in the Equipmentuntil Buyer shall have paidin cash the full purchaseprice when due, interest atthe highest lawful contractrate until so paid and thecosts of collection,including reasonableattorney’s fees. TheEquipment shall at times beconsidered and remainpersonal property andBuyer shall perform all actsnecessary to assure andperfect retention of theCompany’s security interestagainst the rights orinterests of third persons. Inthe event Buyer defaults inpayment of any part of thepurchase price when due, orBuyer cannot cancel ordersplaced w

Chiller Manual Installation, Operation & Maintenance INTRODUCTION Turbo Refrigerating is a supplier of fluid chillers, icemaking, and ice storage equipment. TURBO® does not engineer or design fluid chilling systems, ice systems, ice plants, or processing lines. TURBO can provide assistance in locating qualified companies familiar with the installation and operation of TURBO chillers. Contact ...