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Designed for possibilities.Made for people.Altro Classic 25product datasheetTraditional and industrial, Altro Classic 25 has been tried and trusted for over 60 years800 377 5597 USA / 800 565 4658 technical support please call and speakwith our Technical Services department.

Altro Classic 25Classic by name, classic by nature – Altro Classic 25was the first ever safety flooring. It has been tried andtrusted for over 60 years, and its traditional, industriallook is still popular today.Altro Classic 25 provides lasting slip resistance,durability and abrasion resistance, making it ideal foruse in heavy traffic areas – particularly in commercialkitchens.Altro Classic 25 is easy to clean and maintain and isavailable in practical, dirt-hiding shades. It achievesan R11 slip resistance rating. Altro Stronghold 30and Altro Atlas 40 are also great flooring options forcommercial kitchens depending on your individualneeds.It is frequently specified with Altro Puraguard wallprotection to create safe and durable environmentsin commercial and industrial kitchens, and also looksgreat paired with Altro Walkway 20, Altro Wood orAltro Lavencia.Typical applicationsCommercial kitchens, food preparation, back-ofhouse service areas, walk-in coolers and freezersFeatures benefitsSlip resistance.9D.601.0W DCOFR11Pendulum testPTV 45It is designers, specifiers and end users’ responsibilityto ensure flooring is fit for purpose, and it’s part ofour role here at Altro to help make this process easy.Our flooring is separated into three categories: safety,slip-resistant and smooth.Altro Classic 25 is safety flooring. It’s a perfectchoice when there are frequent spillages of waterand other contaminants present. Altro Classic 25achieves our second highest level of slip resistanceand is commonly installed in kitchens and back-ofhouse areas. For areas with constant greasy spills,Altro Stronghold 30 offers our highest level of slipresistance and maintains 1 in a million slip resistanceeven with vegetable oil, greasy water and flourunderfoot.Altro EasycleanRather than using a superficial surface coat, AltroEasyclean Technology is incorporated into the flooringwhile it is manufactured. This allows Altro flooringto benefit from enhanced cleaning and maintenancewhile still allowing our products slip resistantproperties to shine through.Smooth flooring will have a higher level of AltroEasyclean than a slip-resistant or safety floor. Industry-leading ease of cleaning Enhanced long-term cleanability Ideal for heavy traffic areas, particularlycommercial kitchens Cleaning and maintenance cost savings Achieves R11 slip resistance rating and SCoFof .9 dry, 1.0 wet Sustained long-term slip resistance Easy to clean and maintain Exceptional long-term durability Lasting abrasion resistance and durability Low dirt pick-up qualities Practical, dirt-hiding shades available Improved color retention FloorScore Certified / Low mat

Littlers Butchers chose Altro Classic 25 and Altro Whiterock Chameleon.

AnvilWR101 / A1M72X2594R11Pewter GrayWR81 / A1M81X2539R11LRV 11LRV 26GraphiteWR86 / A1M86X2546R11WalnutWR62 / AM62X2586R11LRV 21LRV 10TruffleWR153 / A1M239X2545R11BlackberryWR100 / A1M100X2547R11LRV 17LRV 7SKU #Color nameWR WeldrodAM MasticLRVLightreflectancevalueMushroomWR24 / AM27X2542R11LRV 32Quarry RedWR42 / A1M42X2560R11LRV 17Light reflectance values (LRV)Please keep LRVs in mind when selectingwalling for areas with dementia andAlzheimer’s patients, seniors or individualswith poor vision.Color matched weldrods (WR) and mastic(AM) are available. You’ll find their productcodes under product SKUs.

Littlers Butchers chose Altro Classic 25 and Altro Whiterock Chameleon.t

Exhibition Centre Dusseldorf chose Altro Classic 25 in Walnut.t

SpecificationsType classASTM F1303Type I, Grade 1, Class A, safety flooringThickness and wear layer2.5mm .10”, homogenous constructionRoll dimensions6’7” x 65’5 2m x 20mWeight5.89 lbs./yd 3.2 kg/mLEED factsLEED v4This product may help contributeto the following creditsAltro Classic 2522Materials and resourcesWarranty12yearContains recycled content12 years61product warrantyMaterials and resourcesCleaning technologyStatic coefficient of frictionDynamic coefficientAltro Easyclean.9D1.0W.60of frictionDCOFRamp testR11TRRL pendulum testPTVPendulum testStatic load limit 45ASTM D2047Renewable bio-based content.9 dry, 1.0 wetMaterials and resources - EPDEnvironmental product declarationANSI/NFSI B101.3.60 wet DCOFDIN 51130R11ASTM E303ASTM F97045 1000 psiHealth product declarationEnvironmental qualityLow emitting materials, flooringEnvironmental qualityLow emitting materials, adhesivesIndentationEN 433 0.10mmWear (abrasion) resistanceEN 660 10% 50,000 cyclesCastor chair abrasionEN 425PassFlexibilityASTM F137PassLight fastnessEN 20105-B02 6Sound insulationISO 140-85dBElectrical behaviorsEN 1815 2kV AntistaticMinimum operatingtemperatureFire and smokeperformanceChemical resistanceVOC emissionsCAN/ULC - S102.2TestedASTM E648Class IASTM E662 450ASTM F925TestedCA 01350PassFloorScoreCertifiedManufactured with rapidly renewable bio-based content.Ortho-phthalate contentOrtho-phthalate-freeRecycled contentThis product contains 10% post-consumer recycled content.CompositionSilicon carbide, aluminum trioxide and colored quartz aggregate throughout thickness of PVC.BackingNon-woven polyester/cellulose glass fiber reinforcement scrim.Altro flooring must be installed by a professional flooring installer that has attended an Altromaintenancetraining clinic. Installation procedures available at, training clinicinformation at Proper care of Altro flooring is critical. Please consult ourcleaning procedures available at Failure to install, heat weld, and/ormaintain correctly could void the warranty.StainingCertain chemicals may cause staining of vinyl flooring. Traffic stains may be caused by asphaltand rubber products, like rubber mats. Please conduct stain test before installation.Altro, Altro Classic 25 and Altro Easyclean are all trademarks of Altro Limited. Content was correct at time of creation.Altro reserves the right to change any detail. Please consult your sales representative for the latest product information. Copyright Altro USA 2020111Discover more of our sustainability storyand credentials at F (-20 C)Bio-based contentInstallation and1Type III product specificMaterials and resources - HPDBS 79761Looking for samples?Order samples 24 hours a day,7 days a week

Discover more online!Illustrated cleaning guidesWarranty formsLiteratureInstallation quickfacts for safetyand slip-resistant flooringupdated 12/03/20Maintenance guidesInstallation quickfacts do not replace Altro’s complete installation and maintenance library. For indepthinformation, Installation and Maintenance guides are available online at based on flooringAltro Stronghold 30 - 3.0mmAltroFix 30Substrate preparation Patching materials used on the substrate must be Portland-cement basedpatching compound. Gypsum-based products may be unsuitable. Silicate Moisture-tolerant patching and leveling compounds must be used in wetenvironments. Concrete surface pH should not exceed 9.9 alkalinity.based admixes and sprays are not suitable.Altro Atlas 40 - 4.0mmAltroFix 30Altro Classic 25 - 2.5mmAltroFix 30Altro Aquarius - 2.0mmAltroFix 30Altro Reliance 25 - 2.5mmEcofix 20EAltro Walkway 20 - 2.0mmEcofix 20EAltro Tungsten - 2.0mmEcofix 20E Conduct moisture tests per ASTM F2170 on all concrete slabs regardlessof age or grade level. Relative humidity tests must not exceed 90% RH.Test results are only indicators of current moisture conditions at the time oftesting and do not predict future moisture conditions. All concrete on or below grade must have a fully functioning and intact subslab moisture vapor barrier.All wet areas, regardless of flooring selection, should use Substrate should be smooth, clean and dry.AltroFix 30. Contact Technical Services for additionalspecific information on adhesive selection. Do not use markers, pens, construction crayons, tapes or paints on thesubfloor. This may bleed through and cause permanent staining. Follow all applicable local, state and federal regulations and laws pertainingto saw cutting, grinding and patching work of concrete; all work is tocomply with OSHA 3902 Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard.Grooving depth based on flooringAltro Stronghold 30 - 3.0mm75%Altro Atlas 40 - 4.0mm75%Altro Classic 25 - 2.5mm75%Altro Aquarius - 2.0mm90%Altro Reliance 25 - 2.5mm90%Altro Walkway 20 - 2.0mm90%Altro Tungsten - 2.0mm90%A seperatequickfacts document is available for800 377 5597 USA / 800 565 4658 CANadhesive-freeAltroXpressLay and Altro material HVAC must be in permanent operation prior to installation. Installation area and Altro materials must be maintained and installedbetween 68 F (20 C)-85 F (29 C). Rolls should be kept standing upright in a secure location to preventtoppling over for a minimum of 72 hours at 68 F (20 C). A minimum temperature of 68 F (20 C) must be maintained for 72 hoursbefore, during, and after installation. Do not proceed with installation until all conditions have been met.Fitting / laying For technical support please call and speakMaterial should be checked for defects, unmatcheddye lots,etc. department.If a faultwith our TechnicalServiceswww.altro.comLEED formsInstallation guidesInstallation quickfactsEven more great resources! BIM components SpecWizard by Arcat SDS sheets Detail drawings and CAD files High resolution swatch downloads Photo galleries - Solutions by area type - ORs, labs andcleanrooms, kitchens, senior living and more!Follow usUSA 800 377 5597CANADA 800 565 4658support@altrofloors.comwww.altro.comContent was correct at time of print. Altro reserves the right to change any detail. Please consult or your local Sales Representative for the latest product information. Copyright Altro 2020

Classic by name, classic by nature – Altro Classic 25 was the first ever safety flooring. It has been tried and trusted for over 60 years, and its traditional, industrial look is still popular today. Altro Classic 25 provides lasting slip resistance, durability and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for use in heavy traffic areas – particularly in commercial kitchens. Altro Classic 25 is .

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Altro Stronghold 30 is safety flooring. It’s a perfect choice when there are frequent spillages of water and other contaminants present. Altro Stronghold 30 maintains it’s 1 in a million slip resistance even with vegetable oil, greasy water and flour underfoot. Becuase of this, Altro Stronghold

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