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V765/1List ofVehicle OwnersClubsN.B. The information contained in this booklet was correct at the time of going to print.The most up to date version is available on the internet es10/20

V765 schemeHow to register your vehicle under its original registration number:a.Applications must be submitted on form V765 and signed by the keeper of the vehicle agreeingto the terms and conditions of the V765 scheme. A V55/5 should also be filled in and a recentphotograph of the vehicle confirming it as a complete entity must be included. A FEE IS NOTAPPLICABLE as the vehicle is being re-registered and is not applying for first registration.b.The application must have a V765 form signed, stamped and approved by the relevant vehicleowners/enthusiasts club (for their make/type), shown on the ‘List of Vehicle Owners Clubs’(V765/1). The club may charge a fee to process the application.c.Evidence MUST be presented with the application to link the registration number to the vehicle.Acceptable forms of evidence include: The original old style logbook (RF60/VE60). Archive/Library records displaying the registration number and the chassis numberauthorised by the archivist clearly defining where the material was taken from. Other pre 1983 documentary evidence linking the chassis and the registration number to thevehicle.If successful, this registration number will be allocated on a non-transferable basis.How to tax the vehicleIf your application is successful, on receipt of your V5C you should apply to tax at the Post Office inthe usual way.The vehicle must not be used or kept on the road until you tax the vehicle.Age related registration numbersIf the original number was transferred off or lost some time ago, or no documentary evidence can beprovided to link the chassis and the registration number to the vehicle, it may be possible to issue yourvehicle with an age related registration number.You will need to provide proof of the year of manufacture. The chassis/frame number can often beused to establish this. If the manufacturer is no longer in existence, you must apply to the relevant clubfor your type/make of vehicle for a dating certificate.If a non-suffix or prefix number is allocated, this will be on a non-transferable basis.Q registration numbersIf no dating or other evidence is available to support an application, or if your vehicle has been restoredor rebuilt using a majority of used parts from different vehicles, it is likely that your vehicle will beallocated a registration number from the ‘Q’ series.Rejected applicationsYou can appeal against DVLA’s decision if there are circumstances that we did not take into accountwhen you applied or you can provide new evidence. Any appeal should be made in a timely manner.You should send your appeal to:K & R TeamDVLASwanseaSA99 1ZZBuying a vehicle?The tax is no longer transferable so you must tax itbefore you use

IndexCarsPage No.6/80 & MO Club. 1CarsPage No.BSA Front Wheel Drive Club. 3750 Motor Club Ltd. 1Buckler Car Register. 31100 Club. 1Bugatti Owners Club. 3A ABC Owners Club. 1C Cambridge - Oxford Owners Club. 3AC Owners Club Ltd. 1Citroen Car Club Ltd. 3AJS 9 Car Club. 1(Citroen) Traction Owners Club Ltd. 3Alfa Romeo Owners Club. 1Connaught Register. 3Allard Owners Club. 1Crossley Register. 4Alvis Archive Trust. 1D DAF Owners Club. 4Alvis Owners Club Ltd. 1Daimler & Lanchester Owners Club. 4Alvis 12/50 Register Ltd. 1Delage Register. 4The Alvis Register. 1De Dion Bouton UK Club. 4Amilcar and Salmson Register. 1Dellow Register. 4American Auto Club (UK). 1Delorean Owners Club (UK). 4Classic American Auto Club of GB. 1Deux Chevaux Club of GB Ltd. 4Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club. 1Devon Vintage Car Club. 4Association of Old Vehicle Clubs in Northern Ireland.1DKW Owners Club. 4Aston Martin Heritage Trust. 1Dorset Historic Motor Club. 4Austin A30-A35 Owners Club. 2Dutton Owners Club. 4Austin Big Seven Register. 2E ELVA Owners Club. 4Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club. 2F Facel Vega Car Club. 4Austin Champ Owners Club. 2Fairthorpe Sports Car Club. 4Austin Counties Car Club Ltd. 2Ferrari Owners Club. 4Austin Gypsy Owners Club. 2Fiat 500 Club. 4Austin Ten Drivers Club. 2Fiat 500 Enthusiastic Club. 4Cornwall Austin Seven Club. 2Fiat Motor Club (GB). 5Devon Austin Seven Club. 2The Fiat Register. 5Essex Austin Seven Club. 2Capri Club International. 5Austin Seven Owners Club. 2Capri Mk 1 Owners Club. 5Midlands Austin Seven Club. 2Capri MK 1 Register. 5Norfolk Austin Seven Club. 2Cortina MK3 Club. 5The Pre-War Austin Seven Club Ltd. 2Ford Classic & Capri Owners Club. 5Scottish Austin Seven Club. 2Ford MK1 Cortina Owners Club. 5Solent Austin Seven Club Ltd. 2Ford Cortina MK11 Owners Club. 5South Wales Austin Seven Club. 2Ford MK3 Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club. 5Surrey Austin Owners Club. 2Ford MKIV Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club. 5A40 Farina Club. 2Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club. 5Austin Healey Club Ltd. 3Model ‘A’ Ford Club of GB. 5Austin Sheerline & Princess Club. 3Pre ’67 Ford Owners Club. 5Vintage Austin Register Ltd. 3Ford Cortina MK11 & 1600E Owners Club Ltd. 5B Bean Car Club. 3Ford MK1 Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac Owners Club. 5Bentley Drivers Club. 3Ford MKII Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac Owners Club. 5Berkeley Enthusiasts Club. 3Ford Corsair Owners Club. 5BMW Historic Motor Club (UK) Ltd. 3Early Ford V8 Club RG UK 127. 5Bond Owners Club. 3Sporting Escort Owners Club. 6Borgward Drivers Club. 3Ford 400E Owners Club. 6Bristol Owners Club. 3Ford GT Historic Register. 6

CarsPage No.Cars.Page No.Model ‘T’ Ford Register of GB. 6Messerschmitt Enthusiasts Club. 9Ford Y & C Model Register. 6Metropolitan Owners Club. 9Ford Sidevalve Owners Club Ltd. 6MG Car Club Ltd. 9The Old Skool Ford. 6MG Octagon Car Club. 9Frazer Nash Car Club Ltd. 6MG Owners Club. 9The Frisky Register.

V765/1 10/20 List of . Vehicle Owners Clubs. N.B. The information contained in this booklet was correct at the time of going to print. The most up to date version is available on the internet website:

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