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Tell Me About Yourself

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Tell Me About Yourself

Please be sure that your audiois muted, and your video is offduring the presentation.If you have questions or technicalissues during the presentation,please use the chat feature tocommunicate with us.After the webinar, you will receive acopy of the slideshow deck witheverything which was covered duringthe webinar and more via email.Feel free to stay connected after the webinarfor our “After Class” session!INVESTOR PITCH DECK2Housekeeping

3Our MissionINVESTOR PITCH DECKThe mission of WHW is toprovide unemployed andunderemployed individualswith the skills and resourcesthey need to get and keep agood job.

4 Weekly Job Search EmailEmployment ReadinessWebinarsResume DevelopmentLinkedIn Profile AssessmentsMock InterviewsOne-on-One Job SearchAssistanceSoft Skills TrainingCareer Transition AssistanceNetworking OpportunitiesSpecial EventsFor more information, please contact ourProgram Manager David Vevia, atINVESTOR PITCH DECKDavidV@whw.org.WorkforceDevelopmentServices

5Today’s PresentersDavid VeviaWHW Program ManagerINVESTOR PITCH DECK


Agenda1Why does the question matter?2How do I answer the question?3Putting it into practiceINVESTOR PITCH DECK7

8Why does this question matter?INVESTOR PITCH DECK

What Does the Interviewer Hope to Learn?INVESTOR PITCH DECK9

What Does the Interviewer Hope to Learn?This is an opportunity toimpress the interviewer.Focus on this employerand this position.Customize your answer tosolve their problem.INVESTOR PITCH DECK10Your ability to fit inYour communication skillsYour ability to think quickly

What the Interviewer Does Not Want to HearThis answer requires strategy and preparation. Rambling andadding superfluous details can affect the impression you make.TOO MANYPERSONAL DETAILSINVESTOR PITCH DECKTOO MUCH OR TOOLITTLE INFORMATIONA RESPONSE THATSOUNDS UNNATURAL11

Example Answer12"I'm happily married and originally from Denver. My husbandwas transferred here three months ago, and I've been getting ussettled in our new home. I'm now ready to go back to work. I'veworked in a variety of jobs, usually customer service-related. I'mlooking for a company that offers growth opportunities."INVESTOR PITCH DECK

Example AnswerThey moved once – will they move again?What did she do in customer service?She’s looking to grow – will she be happy?INVESTOR PITCH DECK13


15How do I answer this question?INVESTOR PITCH DECK

Best PracticesTailor Your AnswerBe SuccinctStay PositivePractice, Don’t MemorizeAdd PassionINVESTOR PITCH DECK16

17Crafting Your Answer01Review the jobdescription to becomefamiliar with therequirements of the role.Research the company’smission and values.INVESTOR PITCH DECK02Prepare a short script tohighlight your past skills,career motivations, andwhy you want to work atthe company.


Sample Answer“Well, I’m currently an account executive at Smith, where I handle our topperforming client. Before that, I worked at an agency where I was on threedifferent major national healthcare brands. And while I really enjoyed thework that I did, I’d love the chance to dig in much deeper with one specifichealthcare company, which is why I’m so excited about this opportunity withMetro Health Center.”INVESTOR PITCH DECK19

Your Answer Formula - PresentSummarize what you havedone in your most current rolethat qualifies you for thisopportunity.20Start with a brief overview of yourcurrent jobOrient the details of your recent role tohow it relates to the positionInclude a few strategic skills that wouldhelp you excel in the roleINVESTOR PITCH DECK

Formula - Present“Currently, I work at XYZ Restaurant as a hostess. I’ve been there for just overtwo years. My responsibilities include greeting and seating customers,assessing wait times, fulfilling to-go orders and answering the phones. I lovethe lively and busy environment of XYZ Restaurant—we often have Fridayand Saturday wait times of one hour or more.”INVESTOR PITCH DECK21

22Let’s PracticeCurrent JobHow does your mostrecent position prepareyou for the role?Summarize what you have done in your most currentrole that qualifies you for this opportunity.INVESTOR PITCH DECKTop SkillsWhat top skillsshould youemphasize?

Your Answer Formula - PastHow did you get to be here?Focus on your education or animportant experience from thepast that directed your passion.23What makes you unique?Mention experiences or success thatrelate to the positionInclude a few strategic skills that wouldhelp you excel in this roleINVESTOR PITCH DECK

Formula - Past"Before working at XYZ Restaurant, I worked in retail as a floor associate fora year. This role really developed my customer service skills as I wasconsistently assisting customers in the store. It also equipped me with theability to work in a team environment."INVESTOR PITCH DECK24

25Let’s PracticeYour Uniqueness Your ExperienceWhat makes youunique and differentfrom other candidates?How did you get to be here? Focus on youreducation or an important experience from the pastthat directed your passion.INVESTOR PITCH DECKHow does yourbackground andexperience relate tothis position?

Your Answer Formula - FutureWhat are you looking to donext in your career? Focus onthe next logical steps toadvance your skills and career.Why does this position interest you?How is this job the logical next stepfor your career?What is it about working for thiscompany that interests you?INVESTOR PITCH DECK26

Formula - Future”I am looking to further develop my customer service and problem-solvingskills as a hostess in a restaurant environment. I am interested in yourrestaurant specifically as it has a great reputation for delivering first in classcustomer service to your patrons while being in a lively and dynamicenvironment.”INVESTOR PITCH DECK27

28Let’s PracticeCareer PathHow does this positionhelp you in your careerpath?What are you looking to do next in your career? Focuson the next logical steps to advance your skills andcareer.INVESTOR PITCH DECKKeep it SpecificWhy this role? Whythis organization?

29ReviewThey want to know why they shouldhire youDon’t summarize your resume wordfor wordKeep your response shortStructure your response:Present, Past, FutureCustomized your response to theemployerFocus on how you can solve theirproblemsInclude skills and experiences that makeyou unique – inject passionResearch and write out your responsein advance – don’t forget to practiceINVESTOR PITCH DECK

Homework1Write out a second draft of your complete response2Practice answering this question with a friend or family memberINVESTOR PITCH DECK30

31Remember this is the time to tell your story– make it great!INVESTOR PITCH DECK

32Questions?INVESTOR PITCH DECKStay connected forour After Class andenjoy a casual timeof discussion andnetworking!Contact DavidV@whw.org formore job search assistance!

skills as a hostess in a restaurant environment. I am interested in your . Don’t summarize your resume word for word Structure your response: Present, Past, Future Focus on how you can solve their problems Include sk