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THEUNIVERSITYOF GEORGIACareerGuideCareer Center706-542-3375career.uga.edu@ugacareercenter

In 4 years, I can make 6 figuresand take my career in anynumber of directions 80,000 to start is a great incentive. Add to that the entrepreneurial nature of the joband the countless ways to personalize my career moving forward. It’s easy to seewhy becoming a District Manager at ALDI was my number one career choice.Find out more at aldiuscareers.comWelcome to moreALDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Table of ContentsIntroductionGet FocusedHow We Can HelpCareer ConsultantsFour-Year Career PlanChoosing a MajorMajors Myth-Busting45789Get ExperiencedTypes of ExperienceJob Search StrategiesTop 5 Places to SearchEmployer ResearchCareer Fair PrepCareer Fair PitchFederal Jobs10111213141517Get ConnectedNetworkingLinkedIn NetworkingInformational Interviews181921Get NoticedGet HiredGet AcceptedMarketing Your Part-Time Work22Marketing Your Other Experience 23Action Verbs24Resume Breakdown26Resume Examples28Cover Letter Writing32Cover Letter Template and Example 33Tailored Search Materials34Correspondence Examples36On-Campus and On-Site InterviewsPhone and Online InterviewsInterview TipsSample QuestionsSalary and NegotiationDress for Success394041424344Graduate School SearchApplying to Graduate SchoolPersonal Statement ExampleCV ExamplesLife After UGA4647484950

How We Can HelpThe Career Center provides a wide variety of services to UGA students and alumni, including: Resume & Cover Letter WritingMajor & Career ExplorationProfessional Etiquette & NetworkingEmployer Communication & ResearchSalary Negotiation Graduate School ExplorationInterview PrepJob & Internship SearchingCareer Fair PrepSocial Media & LinkedInIndividual Career Counseling – Career Consultants are available to meet individually with students atany point during their time here at UGA. To schedule an appointment, call 706-542-3375.Walk-In Hours – Have a quick question? Stop by the Career Center Computer Lab between 12:00-2:00,Monday-Friday, to meet with a Career Consultant for 10 minutes. No appointment necessary.Satellite Hours – Check our website to find out when your Career Consultant will be holding satellitehours near you. Drop in during those times to ask quick questions, no appointment necessary.Mock Interviews – Have an interview coming up? Schedule a practice interview with your Consultant tomake sure you are ready to face the employers.Career Assessments – Learn how your personality, interests, values, and skills can help you choose amajor and career.DAWGlink – This is your online job and internship board. Begin here when looking for internships and jobsthat are for UGA students and alumni only (part-time, full-time, on- and off-campus).Intern for a Day – Need experience? Check out the Career Center’s job shadowing program.ECHD 2050 & 3050 – Consider enrolling in Academic and Career Planning (2050) or Career and LifePlanning (3050) for more in-depth help with your career development.Online Career Resources – Under the “resources” tab at career.uga.edu, check out the “Career Guides”tab and “Online Resources” tab for additional information.Career Ready Professionalism Certificate – This program includes a series of workshops designed tohelp you prepare for professional life after graduation. Students who complete the program will receive aprinted certificate, padfolio, and access to a resume book. For more information about requirements, visitour website.To access a full list of services, visit career.uga.edu.4

Career ConsultantsMichelle Carter. mncarter@uga.eduTerry College of Business: Accounting, International Bus.College of PharmacyKali DeWald. kdewald@uga.eduUndecided/Undeclared StudentsMegan Flora. meflora@uga.eduTerry College of Business:Economics, Finance, International Bus., Music BusinessAzell Francis.Terry College of Business:MIS, MIT, International Bus.Franklin College of Arts and Sciences:Computer Science, Math, StatisticsBrittany Kinard. bfkinard@uga.eduCollege of Family and Consumer SciencesSchool of Social WorkKatelyn Kivett.kkivett@uga.eduAll Hard Sciences, All Pre-Medical fieldsCollege of Public HealthSAMANTHA MEYER. sam610@uga.eduGrady College of Journalism and Mass CommunicationWhitney Prescott. wnpress@uga.eduTerry College of Business:Marketing, Real Estate, RMI, MMR, Management,International Bus.Kendra Strickland. krlewis@uga.eduCollege of Agricultural and Environmental SciencesCollege of EngineeringKate templeton. krefvem@uga.eduFranklin College of Arts and Sciences:All Humanities, Foreign Languages, Pre-LawSchool of Public and International AffairsSuzanne Voigt. svoigt@uga.eduUndecided/Undeclared StudentsFranklin College of Arts and Sciences:All Fine and Performing ArtsOdum School of EcologyBrittany Williams.brittany.williams26@uga.eduFranklin College of Arts and Sciences:All Social Sciences, Cognitive ScienceVacant.College of EducationVacant.Undecided/Undeclared StudentsCollege of Environment and DesignWarnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesEmployment ManagerAaron Brown.agb@uga.eduIntern For A Day ProgramPart-Time JobsGraduate AssistantsDeborah Choi.deborah.choi25@uga.eduAndrew Crain.acrain@uga.eduJudy Sun. judy.sun@uga.eduDanielle Vitale.daniv@uga.eduAlumni Career ServicesBethany Bagley Mills. bjbagley@uga.eduDirector, Alumni Career ServicesServes all alumni who graduated 2 years ago5

Get Your CareerRolling!Looking for an internship? Ready to start your futurecareer? Get your career rolling today with Kauffman Tire.Kauffman Tire’s ability to succeed and grow from its firstto its third generation of family ownership is possible becauseof our professional management team. Because we value andrecognize strong leaders in our company, career path andgrowth are all up to one person-you!Whether it is in retail, wholesale, commercial, e-commerce orat our support center level, individuals with high energy, greatwork ethic and a people-oriented mind-set are sure to enjoyrewarding career development and growth within our company.www.kauffmantire.com www.ktcareer.comKauffman Tire is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to promotinga culturally diverse and drug-free workplacestart your journeyManagement/SalesTraining Programand InternshipsApply online: WWW.SHERWIN.COM/MTP

Four-Year Career Plan1 First Year2 Second Year 3 Third Year 4 Fourth YearDeclare A Major &Explore CareersDeclare a Major &Explore Careers Visit career.uga.eduand complete careerassessments to helpdetermine interests,values and personalitytype Read “What can I dowith a major in.”online handouts Use the UGA Bulletinto read coursedescriptions, accesssyllabi and learn moreabout majors Work with academicadvisor on the processof declaring a major Speak with people inpotential career choiceareas to learn aboutoptions Shadow professionalsin chosen field ofinterest throughthe Intern for a DayprogramGEt Involved Join a studentorganization Participate in residencehall activities Volunteer on- or offcampus Attend CareerCenter programs andworkshops Ask about researchopportunities withprofessorsGet Experience Utilize DAWGlink foron- and off-campuspart-time jobs andinternships Shadow professionalsthrough the Intern for aDay program Attend career fairs Create a resume andcover letter to show aCareer ConsultantStay Involved Join a professionalorganization related toyour major Interact with guestspeakers and collegepersonnel Maintain membershipin clubs, organizations,and intramurals Become a leader in astudent groupGet Experience Update resume andget it critiqued Consider doing a studyabroad program Utilize DAWGlink andapply for positionsrelevant to your major Ask family, friends,professors, and CareerConsultants aboutinternship or part-timejob leadsResearch GradSchools Talk to professors andCareer Consultants Search gradschools.comor petersons.com to findprograms and professorsdoing interesting work Study for entrance examsand take practice tests Look at class profilesfor info on currentlyadmitted classConnect withEmployers Review companywebsites and literature Read magazines andjournals to becomefamiliar with trends andareas of opportunity Access company infothrough Career Insiderpowered by The Vault onour website Attend career fairs andcompany informationsessions on campus Follow employers’ socialmedia accountsIncreaseInvolvement &Experience Complete an internshipor secure a career-relatedpart-time job Try to gain leadershiproles related to major orcareer of choice Interact with guestspeakers and clubadvisors Join local chapters ofnational organizationsrelated to your chosenfieldComplete GraduateSchool Preparation Take entrance exams Ask for letters ofrecommendation; bemindful of deadlines Request academictranscripts be sent tograduate programs Have admission essaysreviewed by the WritingCenter and a CareerConsultantDevelop a Job SearchStrategy Take ECHD 3050: Career &Life Planning Participate in career fairsrelated to work in areas ofinterest Take advantage of oncampus interviewing Create LinkedIn profileto expand professionalnetwork Complete the CareerCenter’s Career OutcomesSurvey to tell us what youare doing after graduationLeverage YourInvolvement &Experience Conduct mock interviewand resume critique withCareer Consultant Seek positive referencesfrom professors andsupervisors from internshipand part-time positions Give references a copy ofyour resume Maintain relationships withthose who are references Request recommendationson LinkedIn7

Get Focused: Choosing A MajorKnow Your OptionsFill out the Majors Checklist and view the “What can I do with a major in.?” handouts, both found atwww.career.uga.edu under the "Majors and Careers" tab. Find ideas for job titles and companies whereyou may like to work.Use The BulletinVisit bulletin.uga.edu. Review course descriptions, required courses, and course syllabi for majors youare interested in. Do the classes sound interesting and exciting to you?Browse Department Websites And BuildingsGather more in-depth information on majors by reading departmental news and events. Do they exciteyou? Read instructors’ backgrounds. Would you want to learn from them? In addition, take a tour ofthe building(s) where your classes would be. What is the culture like?Conduct Career ResearchUtilize the following resources to learn more about careers related to majors you are intersted in:O*Net Online onetonline.orgOccupational Outlook Handbook www.bls.gov/ocoCareer Insider http://bit.ly/1lsdEGpCandid Career www.candidcareer.comComplete Career AssessmentsComplete career assessments to evaluate your personality, interests,values and skills to identify majors and careers that match.Type Focus typefocus.com site password: uga4400Focus 2 http://bit.ly/1jfWFJ5 access code: dawg34Strong Interest Inventory ( 30) online.cpp-db.com call Career Center for access codeGeorgia Career Information System www.gcic.peachnet.edu username: ugacpp password: gcis889Meet With Your Career ConsultantMeet with your Career Consultant for an interpretation of your career assessments and counseling.8

Myth-Busting With Your Career ConsultantsMyth 1Everyone has declared a major by their sophomore year of college.Brittany Kinard: This commonly held belief was simply false for me. This mythis usually centered on the number of hours required before you must choose amajor. I changed my major 5 times! I met with my advisors many times to work outtransference of credits, but I did graduate in 4 years. The moral of my story is, don’tbe afraid to use your first two years to explore! Learn about yourself. Take classes forthe sake of learning. Finally, if a major feels wrong to you, don’t be afraid to exploreoptions and meet regularly with Career Consultants and Advisors who can help you.Myth 2 Choosing a major is the biggest decision you will make.Katelyn Kivett: Choosing your major really isn’t all that different from other decisions!What you have to ask is: What do I want to spend my time learning about for the next2-3 years? When I started college, I wanted to be a news anchor, but when I tookmy first communications class, I didn’t enjoy the material or my professor, and I didn’tfeel quite comfortable around my classmates. Rather than stay in that major, I spenttime on self-exploration, and taking classes that interested me. I ended up majoringin Psychology, which has brought me into a career counseling career that I love!Myth 3 Your major is the most important thing that employers look for.Whitney Prescott: I majored in Business Administration, yet in my current role, acounseling degree is often preferred. I gained career services-related experience as agraduate assistant and was able to showcase my relevant and transferable skills on myresume and cover letter. Don’t be afraid to apply to jobs that might not traditionallyhire your major! Many employers are open to a variety of majors and tend to be moreinterested in your transferable skills, leadership experience, and ability to be trained todo a job. Every major at UGA can lead to a fulfilling and successful career.Myth 4 You need to decide your major right away to be successful.Suzanne Voigt: I arrived at college a sophomore due to credits from high school. Myacademic advisor told me I should choose a major right away so I wouldn’t lose time earningcredit. I planned to use my first year to explore my interests, so I did that through the help ofmy college’s Career Center. Though I didn’t end up in a field that directly matched my major,each provided a strong foundation for my overall skill set and love of learning. Considerareas of study that will enhance your skill sets and will provide a solid foundation for yourlife. Study something you’ll enjoy studying—your life will be fuller for it in the long run!Myth 5 Your major will lead directly to a career or specific industry.Kate Templeton: Sometimes this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re majoring insomething specific, you may hold a job that matches your major perfectly. I was a MiddleGrades Education major, and then taught middle school—but here I am in the Career Center.During my time as a teacher, and through various jobs and volunteer positions, I realized mypassion lay in working with college students. I then found my way to grad school at age 29.Did my major lead me here? Kind of; it was more about choices I made and people I metthat led me to my dream job. Your major is what you study, while your career is defined bymany experiences and events that lead you places you may never have thought of.9

CAREER CENTER TIPMajor and GPA are onlytwo small lines on yourresume. Fill the rest ofthe page with experienceyou’re gaining outsidethe classroom.CURO - Center forUndergraduateResearch OpportunitiesWorkalongside facultymentors to conductresearch projects in avariety of disciplines:https://curo.uga.eduIntern for a DayParticipate in this jobshadowing programwhere you are pairedwith a company, andspend one to fivedays shadowing aprofessional. To apply,visit career.uga.edu.Under the job searchtab select internships,then intern for a day.DAWGlinkFind part-time andfull-time jobs as wellas internships thatare for UGA studentsand alumni only. Tosearch and apply, visithttp://career.uga.eduand login with yourmyID and password.10Types Of ExperienceWhen you think about gaining resume-worthy experience, think outsidethe realm of full-time jobs and internships only. While these are greatopportunities, there are many other ways to gain experience that willhelp build your resume and catch the eye of an employer. Explore someof the following:Center For Student Organizations - CSO:Consider joining a campusgroup and stepping up as a leader: https://uga.collegiatelink.netStudy Abroad:Connect with the Office of International Education tolearn more about study abroad opportunities that relate to your majorand career interests: http://goabroad.uga.eduOffice Of Service Learning - OSL:Get involved with projects thatserve the local, state, national, and international pstone Courses, Class Projects, And Theses:Explore theseopportunities to gain research and writing skills that you can thenpromote on your resume.

Job Search StrategiesCAREERFAIRSUse this great opportunity to meet a large number of companies in one place and learn aboutseveral career opportunities. Look at the list of participating employers and make a note ofwho you would like to talk to. Prepare a brief introduction of yourself, bring resumes and weara suit. See pages 14-15 for more tips.Only UGA students and alumni have access to this list of part-time, full-time and internshipopportunities. Create a “saved search” to set up emails that will send you a notification when newpositions are uploaded to the system. Keep your profile up-to-date and apply to several positions.ON-CAMPUSRECRUITINGConduct interviews with employers on campus in the Career Center interview wing. Sign upto participate using DAWGlink. Attend other on-campus events such as information sessions,employer panels, student group meetings, etc.This can give you an edge over the competition and is one of the top ways to find a job.Join LinkedIn to keep track of your network. Reach out to your network around holidays andschool breaks to keep in touch.SOCIALNETWORKINGIN-PERSONNETWORKINGThis makes networking easier and many companies use social sites for hiring purposes. Followcompany/organizations’ accounts - it may give you insight into their culture, industry trends,services and information. Interact with their posts, but do so appropriately. See our SocialMedia Guide on career.uga.edu for tips on effectively using social media as a job search tool.This will help you create a more specific list of organizations or positions to pursue, andcan help you better prepare your resume, cover letter, etc. Remember not to narrow yoursearch too much! Geographic Job Searches: use Career Search or ReferenceUSA to identifyopportunities based on location. Position Type: identify common job titles using our “whatcan I do with a major in.” handouts. Values: google and read news publications that publishlists of top organizations affiliated with your values: green, philanthropic, LGBTQ, etc.PROFESSIONALGROUPSDAWGlinkTARGETEDSEARCHYou can connect with individuals interested in similar career paths who can provide goodcareer advice. Be aware that you may need to pay a fee to join professional organizations andaccess certain career opportunities. Look for a “Careers” or “Jobs” tab on their websites to findjob opportunities. Attend professional conferences and meetings to develop your network.These are a good way to learn about job opportunities and in-demand career areas.Competition is likely higher if just anyone is able to apply through the site. Try to search onmore specific sites to lessen your competition. See our job board list on page 12 for moretargeted sites.BROAD JOBBOARDS11

Career Center TipAlthough these arethe top 5 job boardsstudents typically usein their search, thereare others you shouldconsider as well.Geographic searchThis search involvesfinding job boardsrelated to your careerinterests in a specificlocation. For example:atlantajobs.comor the Athens Chamberof Commerce website.Social media can alsobe a great place to findjob opportunities.Employers use sites likeLinkedIn, Twitter, andFacebook to postpositions and increaseawareness of openings.If you are conductingan industry-specificsearch, find sites thatare tailored to yourcareer focus.For example,www.actuary.comCheck out the what cani do with a major in.?handout for your majorat career.uga.edu, underthe majors and careerstab for specific jobboards.12Top 5 Job BoardsTop 5 Most Widely Used Job Boards for UGA StudentsConducting a Job or Internship Search1. Dawglink Job board designed for UGA students and alumni only.Employers post full-time and part-time jobs, on-campus and off-campusopportunities, and internships. Visit career.uga.edu to log in with yourMyID and password.2. Indeed This large, nation-wide job board will have a variety ofopportunties for students seeking a position in a variety of industries andlocations. Visit indeed.com.3. Usa Jobs Did you know that for every private sector job in the U.S.there is a government position as well? To find federal positions, visitusajobs.gov.4. Internships.com This site is designed to bring you internshipopportunities accross the US and abroad. You can narrow your search bypaid/unpaid and full/part-time opportunities. www.internships.com.5. Idealist Working in the non-profit industry does not mean you forgo apay check. In fact, there are many great opportunities within the non-profitsector. To find some in your interest area, visit idealist.org.

Employer ResearchWhat To Look For What is the company’smission statement?Where is it located?Are there multiple locations/offices?Which location do youprefer?What good or service doesthe company provide?Are there any new productssoon to be released?How old is the company?What is the company’sorganizational structure?Are there any associatedparent companies orsubsidiaries?Who is the CEO/President?Who are the chief officers?How many people work forthe company?How has the companyrecently appeared in thenews?Does the company have amain philanthropy? Where To LookWho is the company’s maincompetitor?What are some major trendsin the industry?What forms of advertisingare used by the company?How do they describethemselves?Where do they recruit?Where does this position fitinto the organization?What do they want theperson in this position tocontribute?How do you fit their profile?Do you have real-lifeexamples to demonstratethat fit?How can you help themachieve their goals?What are the key things theywant?What are the key things youbring?How can you contribute totheir efforts?The Internet: Companywebsites, search engines,industry websites (Hoover’s,Dunn & Bradstreet’s MillionDollar Directory, Standard &Poor’s Corporation Records,etc.)The Employer: Currentemployees, company literature,brochures, websites, LinkedIn,on-campus informationsessions, Glassdoor.comUGA Library: Electronic Journalsvia Galileo (Factiva, LexisNexis and Reference USA)*Ask a resource librarian forassistance*UGA Career Center: The Vault,Career SearchOutside Publications: Fortune,Forbes, The Wall Street Journal,Business WeekPut It Into Practice In An InterviewPut It Into Practice While Networking“Based on the research I’ve done, this companyis an industry leader. When I visited yourwebsite, I found to be very impressive.Due to my background in , , and, I feel that I would be a great fit foryour company.”“Hi . I recently met one of yourcolleagues at the UGA Career Fair. She expressedthat you were seeking candidates with a strongtechnical background in Java. Through myprogramming class at UGA, I have learned towhich will contribute to your workon . Can you tell me more about otherprojects your division is working on?”13

Career Fair PrepCareer fairs are an easy way for students and alumni to meet recruiters,network for internships and jobs, and gather company information.Below are 5 steps to help you prepare to make sure you leave a greatfirst impression.CAREER CENTER TIPStudents should beginattending career fairsduring theirfirst year at UGA.For a complete list of allupcoming fairs, visitwww.career.uga.eduStep 1: Resume Create your resume and make sure it’s updatedSchedule an appointment with your Career Consultant or visitwalk-in hours to have your resume critiquedBring 10 printed copies to the fair to give to employersAppropriate Questions Step 2: Appearance Dress in business professional attire (see pages 44-45 for examples)Be conservative with cologne, perfume, and cosmeticsBe mindful of piercings and tattoosCarry a portfolio with your materialsTurn off your cell phoneDo not chew gum What are thecharacteristics of anideal candidate?What are the hiringprojections andtrends?What are thestaffing needsof your locationpreferences?What are the travelrequirements?Step 3: Homework Review the list of employers attending the fair at career.uga.eduIdentify your top 3-5 employers and research those companies. Seethe Employer Research section on p. 13 for more informationPreview job descriptions on DAWGlinkDevelop pertinent questions to ask employers. See samplequestions in the column to the rightStep 4: Approach Prepare and practice your pitchReview the map of employers to plan your routeBe patient when waiting to speak to employersShow enthusiasmBe confident and network independentlyStep 5: Closing 14Collect business cards from employersDetermine follow-up and know your next stepSend a thank you email within 24 hoursInappropriateQuestions What jobs are youoffering?What is the salaryfor this position?What benefits doyou offer?What can I do with amajor in ?

Career Fair PitchThe 3 most importantthings students shouldknow about a companybefore a career fair:product and history, jobdetails, andclients/customers.Pitch 1“Good afternoon [Mr./Ms. Last Name]. I read onyour company website that you are a leader in thetech industry, and I am looking to start my careerwith a strong organization like yours. In my sparetime, I enjoy making mobile apps and I maintain mystudent organization’s website. This experience andmy MIS degree have given me basic technical skills,but I would like to expand them further through a techinternship. I see you hire software developmentinterns. Could you tell me more about it?”- UGA Career FairEmployer EvaluationsPitch 2“Hello, I am and will graduate in May 2016with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I read thatyour company was looking to hire ambitious studentsinto your trainee program and wanted to speakwith you more in depth about it. I have been heavilyinvolved on campus and served in several leadershiproles through my sorority, and feel that my internshipworking in customer service has equipped me with theskill set needed to be successful with your company.Can you tell me more about the program?”Pitch 3“Hi, I’m , a senior majoring in Public Relationsand I am seeking a full-time position in the industry.For the past two years, I have been a member of UGAPRSSA’s Creative Consultants agency, where I gainedexperience in media relations, event-planning andcreating social content. Through these experiences andother leadership roles, I have gained an understandingof what it takes to be successful in the industry. Usingsocial media effectively as a business is crucial and I aminterested in learning more about your social mediacoordinator role.”15

Apply now for the Fall and Spring programs!Live, learn and intern with the Washington Semester ProgramUGA’s only DC program open to all undergraduate students.For more information or to apply, go to:DCsemester.uga.eduEmail: dcsem@uga.eduPhone: (706) 542-3450facebook.com/ugadcsemester@ugadcsemester

Federal CareersWhy WorkFor Uncle Sam?In our federal government, thereare jobs for every type of personwith every type of background.The government wants to hirestudents and recent graduates.Initiatives like the PathwaysProgram include the InternshipProgram, Recent GraduatesProgram, and PresidentialManagement Fellows (PMF).Great benefits and competitive pay.Average government salaries arecompetitive with the private andnon-profit sectors. Pay can alsoincrease fairly quickly for topcandidates with strong educationand experience. Federal benefits,including health insurance,retirement and vacation, areextremely competitive with, if notsuperior to other sectors.Interesting and challengingwork. In today’s civil service,government workers are leadingand innovating on issues such asdeveloping vaccines for deadlydiseases, fighting sexual andracial discrimination, keeping ourmassive systems of transportationsafe, and navigating the diplomaticwaters overseas.How Do IGet Started?Do some research and identifypositions you are qualified for.gogovernment.org has a varietyof resources, step-by-stepinstructions on starting yourjob search, and testimonialsfrom federal employees.usajobs.gov/StudentsAndGradsprovides a list of “Federal Jobs byCollege Major.” Use this to identifypositions that specifically targetyour major.Prepare a federal resume.Theseinclude different content andformatting than a traditionalresume. See our examples onuga.optimalresume.com.Check current openings. Visitusajobs.gov for the U.S.Government’s official listing of jobopportunities. Keep in mind thatsome agencies prefer to post jobson their own website (e.g. CIA,NSA).Tailor your resume. Understandthe job description and identifykeywords. Determine the skillsnecessary for the position andincorporate the keywords from thedescription into your resume.Is a Federal Career a GoodFit For You? Do you want tohave a significantimpact on people’slives? Do you caredeeply about goodgovernance? Are you a “changeagent” - optimistic,skillful with a cando attitude that iscompli

printed certificate,padfolio, and access to a resume book. For more information aboutrequirements, visit our website. Resume & Cover Letter Writing Major & Career Exploration Professional Etiquette & Networking Employer Communication & Resear