Migrating From PI ProcessBook To PI Vision -Best Practices

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Migrating from PI ProcessBookto PI Vision - Best PracticesAmit Dutta, Technical Product ManagerGregory Sorin, Customer Success Manager#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC1

Agenda01What is PI Vision? What is the PI ProcessBook to PIVision 2019 Migration Utility?02Demo of Migration Utility03Building an Upgrade Strategy04What’s Coming in PI Vision 2020#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC2

PI VisionThe fastest, easiest way to visualize PI System data An easy to use, selfservice, scalable solution Access data from anyweb browser, includingmobile device browsers Organize and sharedisplays across yourorganizationPut Your3#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC3

Benefits of PI VisionEasy to UseSelf-ServiceScalableIntuitive InterfaceQuick Access to DataReduce Number of DisplaysEasy to use interface that shortens thelearning curveContextualized data makes it easy for anyoperator or engineer to quickly find the datathey needWith related assets, simply build a singledisplay and reuse it for other assets with theclick of a buttonDynamic DisplaysFast Display BuildingDisplay OrganizationDisplays automatically populate withrelevant asset-centric dataQuickly build your own displays withoutrelying on other business groupsEasily organize and manage your displaysusing foldersEasy Display NavigationMobile CapabilitiesRapid Deployment and Roll-OutEasily explore, navigate, and drill-in fromone display to anotherView and interact with displays in a webbrowser on any deviceWeb server deployment makes it easy torollout to many users quickly#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC4

PI Vision 2019PI ProcessBook MigrationAd Hoc TrendingStreamlined Security for XY Plotand Events Table21 feedback itemsaddressedfeedback.osisoft.com#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC5

PI ProcessBook MigrationAccelerate your path to the latest visualization tool1Select2Analyze3Migrate#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC6

DEMOPI ProcessBook to PI Vision 2019 Migration Utility#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC7

BEST PRACTICESPeopleProcess Goals Scope Change ManagementSubject Matter ExpertsTrainingCommunicationManage ExpectationsTechnology Modern PI SystemMigration UtilityPower BIText EditorPB Support Tool#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC8

Define Your JourneyHybrid EnvironmentHybrid Environment PB Viewer Mobile Capabilities Mixed PB/Vision usage Leverage PI Vision Functionality Collections Event Features Asset SwappingPIProcessBookStartFirst Migration Displays are Like for LikeSuccessPI Vision All displays migrated All users migratedFinal Migration All PI ProcessBook featuresare addressed#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC9

Define ScopeConversionof VBAComplexity ofDisplays# DisplaysServer sidevs Client sideCalculations# SitesOther Org Specificconsiderations?**Hint: Retire PI ProcessBook displays that are no longer used#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC10

Identify Subject Matter echniciansSQC ChartsBatchThis is a sample text. Insert your desired text here. This is asample text. Insert your desired text here.#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC11

Engage Your OrganizationCommunication Share the PlanTraining Classroom Phases On-Line Courses Timeline OSIsoft YouTube Technical DifferencesExpectation Management Messaging fromManagement Engage Power UsersChannel Lunch and Learns#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC12

Define Change ManagementDisplaysEstablish process toupdate a publisheddisplay.Identify who has accessto edit.Define frequency/cadence of changes.AF ModelAF AnalyticsEstablish process toupdate the AF Model.Establish process toupdate the AF Analyses.Identify who has accessto edit.Identify who has accessto edit.Definefrequency/cadence ofchanges.Definefrequency/cadence ofchanges.#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC13

AF AnalysesEvent FramesCollectionsLeverage ModernPI SystemCapabilitiesEventTablesAssetSwappingDisplay Sharing and more!#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC14

Update Your PI ProcessBook Displays1Use a template for sizing,font and colors2Text symbol Multi-State3Button fonts4Value symbol(value/timestamp/engunits)5Layers#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC15

Leverage These ToolsDev/TestMigration UtilityDev or TestEnvironmentCreate AnalysisReportPI Vision 2019(or later)Migrate DisplaysPower BIAnalyze theMigrationAnalysisReportText ReaderReview theVBA contentPB Support ToolUpgrade PIProcessBookfiles tominimumversion3.0.15.7#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC16

Leverage Power BI#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC17

VBA Code Analysis#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC18

PI Vision 2020Ad Hoc CalculationsMultiple Time ContextsPut Your ScreenshotHereAdditional PI ProcessBook Migration#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC19

Contact Us Amit DuttaTechnical Product ManagerOSIsoftADutta@osisoft.com Gregory SorinSr. Customer Success ManagerOSIsoftGSorin@osisoft.com#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC20

Questions?Save the Date.Please wait forthe microphoneState yourname & companyDOWNLOADTHE MOBILEAPP#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC21

#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC

#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC23

Multiple Time ContextsCompare data over different time rangesLast 24 Hours vs Last Month#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC24

Ad Hoc CalculationsQuickly create calculations to analyze data on the fly#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC25

Ad Hoc CalculationsQuickly create calculations to analyze data on the fly#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC26

Ad Hoc CalculationsQuickly create calculations to analyze data on the fly#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC27

Multiple Time ContextsCompare data over different time ranges#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC28

Multiple Time ContextsCompare data over different time ranges#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC29

#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC30

Easy to UseIntuitive InterfaceOperator & EngineerWithin minutes, begin building your owndisplays and discovering insights into yourassetsDynamic DisplaysDisplay NavigationPlant ManagerShorten the learning curve ofnew team members#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC31

Self ServiceQuick Access to DataFast Display BuildingMobile CapabilitiesOperator & EngineerFind the data you need without dependencyon other business groups like ITPlant ManagerOptimize the performance of your teamITReduce the resources needed tohelp operations with data access#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC32

ScalableReduce Number of DisplaysITEasy to manage, maintain, and upgrade.Reduce the time it takes to roll-out newprojectsDisplay OrganizationRapid Deployment and Roll-OutUpper Management & ExecutivesEasily view KPIs across your entireorganization#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC33

Operator & EngineerPlant ManagerVisualization that benefits theentire organizationITUpper Management& Executives#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC34

BEST PRACTICESPeople Subject Matter Experts Training Communication Manage ExpectationsProcess Goals Scope Change ManagementTechnology Modern PI System Migration Utility Power BI Text Editor PB Support Tool#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC35

AD1AD2Define Your JourneyProcess What is your Future State? Remove PI ProcessBook? Hybrid Environment: PI ProcessBook and PI Vision? Like for Like? One PI Vision display for each PI ProcessBookdisplay? Consolidated displays?#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC

Slide 36AD1More of a transition/intermediary state. Future state should be full VisionAD2PB Viewer as a first step - could also be a intermediary stateAmit Dutta, 2/27/2020Amit Dutta, 2/27/2020

Define Your JourneyAll PI ProcessBookUsageHybridEnvironment PB Viewer Mixed PB/VisionusageProcessAll PI Vision Usage All displaysmigrated All usersmigrated#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC

Define ScopeProcess 1 site v many sites Number of PI ProcessBook displays Quantity v complexity Hint: Retire PI ProcessBook displays that areno longer used#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC38

AD10AD11Identify Subject Matter Experts Engineers Operators Scientists Lab Technicians OthersPeople VBA PI CalculationDatasets ODBC Datasets SQC Charts Batch#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC39

Slide 39AD10new visual to represent the message.AD11Amit Dutta, 3/2/2020Amit Dutta, 3/2/2020

AD5Engage Your OrganizationPeople Communication Plan Expectations Technical Example: Buttons don’t look like buttons in Vision Training Expectation Management#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC40

Slide 40AD5New Patch (expected March-April) will address button issue. Let's find a different exampleAmit Dutta, 2/27/2020

AD7AD8Leverage These ToolsTechnology Dev/Test Environment PI Vision 2019 PI ProcessBook to PI Vision Migration Utility Create Analysis Report & Migrate Displays Power BI (or similar) Analyze the migration analysis report VS Code (or similar) Review the VBA content PI ProcessBook Support Tool Upgrade PI ProcessBook file versions to minimum 2020 OSIsoft, LLC41

Slide 41AD7show screenshot of report and then transformed in PowerBI for actionable insightsAD8same for VS Code.Amit Dutta, 2/27/2020Amit Dutta, 2/27/2020

Define Change ManagementProcess Applies to: Displays AF Hierarchy AF Analyses Establish process to update a published display Identify who has access to edit Define frequency/cadence of changes#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC42

Go Beyond ‘Like for Like’Technology Opportunities to Leverage the Modern PISystem PI AF Analyses Event Frames Visualizations Collections Asset Swapping and more#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC43

AD9Prep Your PI ProcessBook DisplaysTechnology Use a template for sizing, font and colors Text symbol Multi-State Button fonts Value symbol (value/timestamp/engunits placement) Layers#PIWorld 2020 OSIsoft, LLC44

Slide 44AD9new titleAmit Dutta, 2/28/2020

Define Change Management Displays AF Model AF Analytics Establish process to update a published display. Identify who has access to edit. Define frequency/ cadenceof changes. Establish process to update the AF Model. Identify who has access to edit. Define frequency/cadenceof changes. Establish process to update the AF Analyses. Identify who .

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