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USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMSUMMARY1Preamble . 32Using your PC . 42.1Turning the PC on . 42.2Turning the PC off . 52.3How to optimize the battery life? . 52.4Automatic update of Windows XP . 62.5Antivirus protection. 72.6Laptop computer standby. 102.7How to connect Peugeot Planet interface? . 113Using Peugeot Planet Office, the diagnosis manager . 143.1Understanding Peugeot Planet Office . 143.2Getting used to the Peugeot Planet Office interface. 153.3Navigating in Peugeot Planet Office. 183.4Using the different windows . 193.5Signing in . 193.6Exiting Peugeot Planet Office. 204Configuring your Peugeot Planet System applications . 224.1Selecting the language. 224.2Updating Peugeot applications. 234.3Activating / deactivating Peugeot applications . 244.4Getting to know the content of the latest CD update . 254.5Testing your Internet connection . 264.6Testing the availability of Peugeot Planet Diag . 274.7Configuring the work station. 294.8Configuring your PC to accept a remote assistance. 295Working on a vehicle from the Peugeot range. 315.1Selecting a vehicle from the Peugeot range. 315.2Communicating with the vehicle . 325.3Choosing an application . 345.4How to input the vehicle data / start the application? . 355.5Checking the vehicle information . 365.6Switching to another application. 375.7Switching to another vehicle. 385.8Using Peugeot Planet Measure. 395.9Using ScanTool . 405.10Using Infotec. 406Launching Peugeot Planet System applications. 416.1Launching Peugeot Planet Diag . 416.2Launching Peugeot Planet 2000 . 416.3Launching of wiring diagrams. 416.4Launching Peugeot Planet Measure . 41AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 205/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM1 PreambleThe aim of this user guide is to enable the user to become acquainted with PeugeotPlanet System.You will find out how to get to your tools and favorite services :- Peugeot Planet Diag,- Peugeot Planet 2000,- The wiring diagrams,- Infotec,- Peugeot and diagnosis related Web sites .The following points are also described :- The access to new tools (Peugeot Planet Measure, your measure card andScantool1, your official tool)- The steps to follow in order to configure your tools, to perform your updates,etc as well as advice that will help you to make better use of your PC.1Available in the next updates.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 305/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM2 Using your PCPeugeot Planet System tools are installed in your PC. This paragraph describes thedifferent steps to follow as well as the basic uses you can make of it.2.1!Turning the PC onNOTE : It is recommended to turn your PC on while the PPi is unplugged (neitherconnected to the PC nor to the vehicle). The PPi should be connected to the PConly after the PC has started (with the welcome page displayed on the screen).Press the power button located abovethe keypad to turn the laptop computerOn.NOTE : Press the button a few secondsuntil the PC starts. If it does not start,the battery may be low. In such a case,plug the PC to the outlet using thecharger / adapter.When the Windows XP welcome pageappears, double-click on the "Peugeot"icon. Then wait until the PC starts asession.Wait until the Peugeot Planet Officewelcome page is displayed. Then youcan use the Peugeot Planet Systemtools.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 405/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM2.2Turning the PC offPerform the following steps to turn your PC off.Recommended steps :Close all the applicationsClick on "Start" from the taskbar lcoated atthe bottom of the screen.Cliquer on "Turn Off Computer".Confirm by clicking on "Turn Off".If necessary, you can proceed to an emergency stop. Warning: it is notrecommended to turn off your computer this way.Emergency procedure:Press the On/Off switch during a fewseconds, until the PC turns Off.!2.3NOTE: Do not turn off the computer while communicating with thevehicle for a download or a configuration update. It is recommendedto close all the applications before turning the computer off.How to optimize the battery life?The maximum battery life duration is between 2h30 and 3h00. If the battery is notused correctly (computer permanently plugged in, for instance), the battery life maybe reduced significantly.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 505/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMSo when using the laptop computer in normal conditions, it is recommended to makecomplete charge cycles.As far as possible, use the computer a 100% of battery capacity before charging itagain.NB : When the computer is notplugged in, a warning messageappears as soon as the battery istoo low. There is just a few minutecharge left.Plug the computer in immedialely.To help you checking the battery state of charge, the computer displays a batterylevel indicator:The battery level indicator informs you about thebattery state of charge. On the right of this indicatoris an icon that shows the power source : battery (1)or sector (2).NB : Always keep the charger / adapter close to you,especially when travelling.2.412Automatic update of Windows XPYour computer includes Windows Update, a specific tool by Windows that helps youto keep your computer up-to-date. Use Windows Update to run automatic updates.This software downloads automatically the latest updates available from the web,when your computer is connected to Internet. When updates are ready forinstallation, a dialog box is displayed on the screen and an icon appears in the toolbar of the Windows desktop.Just click on the icon to download updates in a few easy steps. Follow theinstructions on the screen.Example of a dialog box reporting thatall the updates have been downloadedand are ready to be installed.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 605/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMOnce the updates are installed, youmay be requested to restart yourcomputer.2.5Antivirus protectionThe computer is protected against external attacks by the Symantec Client Firewallsoftware. This software may display warning messages when you are connected to asite whose content is not secure, or when a virus has been detected in a file or inyour computer.In this case, follow the instructions displayed.!NOTE : It is recommended to proceed to regular updates of the Antivirussoftware in order to ensure a complete protection against viruses.The software updates itself automatically and regularly. If your computer is switchedoff while a scheduled update was due to start, you can update your computermanually. To do so, just read the following steps:In the notification area of the taskbar,double-click on the Antivirus softwareicon.The Norton Antivirus welcome page isdisplayed.Click on "LiveUpdate" in order to starta manual update.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 705/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMClick "Next" to start the download.Once the update is performed, click on"Finish".Then, click "Exit" from the Nortonwelcome page.You can also configure the software update parameters by yourself. To do so, pleaseread the following steps:In the taskbar, double-click on theAntivirus software icon.Symantec Antivirus starts. We willproceed to the configuration of theupdate frequency.To do so, click on "File" and on"Schedule Updates".AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 805/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMClick on "Schedule" to define theupdate frequency".By default, updates are scheduledevery Monday at 11:00pm.If you want to change theseparameters:Choose an apropriate frequencyupdate in "Frequency" (daily, weeklyor monthly).In "When", choose the day and hourwhen you want the updated to bemade (ex: every Friday at 8:00pm).Then click "OK"Make sure that all the changes havebeen taken into account.Click "OK".Then click "Exit" from the Nortonwelcome page.!Note : You may be requested to deactivate the Antivirus. To do so,read the following steps (only if requested by the technical helpdeskor by the installer):Right-click on the antivirus icon.In the menu that is displayed on thescreen, click "Enable File SystemRealtime Protection".If the antivirus is activated, this sentenceis preceded by " "The icon changes to inform you that theantivirus is activated. If you click againon the right button of the mouse, thesign " " will disappear.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 905/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM2.6!Laptop computer standbyNote: By default, the standby of your PC as well as the standby of thescreen have been deactivated at the installation.Observation: Do not mistake the standby of the PC for the standby of the screen,which only aims at saving the screen power.Screen save : A screen saver is displayed on the screen if the PC is notused for a few minutes. This screen disappears when a key is pressed orwhen the mouse is moved.PC standby :The screen turns off and the hard disk drives stop. To wakeyour PC up, you must press the On/Off switch:If the PC enters in standby mode, it is because the standby mode has beenactivated. To deactive it, proceed as follows:Right-click on the Windows desktop,and click on "Properties" in the dropdown menu.In the "Display Properties" window,click on "Screen saver", then on"Monitor power".AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1005/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMCheck that "System standby" and"System hibernates" parameters areconfigured at "Never".If it is not the case, switch to "Never"mode and click on "Apply", thenclose the window.Otherwise, close the window.2.7How to connect Peugeot Planet interface?Here are the steps to follow to use Peugeot Planet interface.Connect Peugeot Planet Interface to the USBcable.Connect the other extremity of the cable in oneof the two USB ports of the laptop computer.The two USB ports (number 1 et 4) are locatedon the left side and on the back of the laptopcomputer.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1105/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMCheck that the green light turns permanently onin the back of the Peugeot Planet Interfacecommunication card.You can also check that your PC recognizes Peugeot Planet Interface by using the"Device Manager". To do so, please read the following steps.Click on "Start" from the task bar at thebottom of the screen.Click on "Control panel".Select "System".AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1205/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMIn the window that appears, click on the"Hardware" tab, then on the "DeviceManager" button.A device list is displayed, in which you canfind:ACTIA USB DeviceIf you click on it, a new line appears:USB Com Board Driver (Multi-instance)AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1305/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM3 Using Peugeot Planet Office, the diagnosis manager3.1Understanding Peugeot Planet OfficePeugeot Planet Office is displayed on the screen once the PC is On (if working inDCS environment, start it from the Start menu). It is your entry point to all thePeugeot Planet System tools provided by Peugeot Cars. Among the various tasksavailable with this software are the following: Making diagnosis and repair sessions on a specific vehicle, by using the toolsof Peugeot Planet Diag, Peugeot Planet 2000 and the Wiring Diagrams,Using the tools provided by Peugeot Planet Measure and ScanTool1Having access to other services linked to the diagnosis1, Internet, theassistance, Configuring the various applications of Peugeot Planet System.Peugeot Planet Office saves the main information required by Peugeot PlanetSystem, so you just have to type them once during a work session for a vehicle.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1405/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM3.2Getting used to the Peugeot Planet Office interfaceA screen in Peugeot Planet Office is composed of: A Peugeot Planet Office (1) identity strip A vertical context strip (2) A work area, which may include a help area (3) A toolbar (4) from which you can reach the different functions1324The Peugeot Planet Office identity strip (1) confirms that you are working withPeugeot Planet Office.The vertical context strip (2) is composed of three zones:A navigation zone that makes it easier tolocate the page you are reading among otherpages from Peugeot Planet Office.The majority of titles included in thenavigation zone are clickable: just click on itto display its content.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1505/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMA vehicle information zone that displays themain vehicle information saved during thePeugeot Planet Office session.An indicator zone including 2 icons: The update icon that informs youabout the update status of the PeugeotPlanet System applicationsThe Peugeot Planet Interface iconthat indicates wether Peugeot PlanetInterface is being used by one of thePeugeot Planet System applications ornot.The main zone (3) is the zone in which you work. An help zone may appear at thebottom of the screen to help you using Peugeot Planet Office better. All the usefulinformation is displayed in this part of the screen.The main successive screens of Peugeot Planet Office are the following:Selection of the carAP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1605/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMSelection of the applicationInput of the vehicle information(ex: input of the VIN code)Input of the vehicle information(ex : input of the DAM number)The toolbar (4) allows you to reach various functions that are described in the tablebelow :NameClickable buttonsBack or ExitKeyF1ouInternet linksAP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXF2Page 1705/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM3.3Peugeot Planet MeasureF3ScanTool1F4Software managerF5Peugeot Planet OfficeexitF7Vehicle informationF9Get startedF10LanguageF11HelpF12OKEntréeNavigating in Peugeot Planet OfficeTo navigate in the Peugeot Planet Office screens, you can as well use the keypad asthe mouse. The different ways to navigate are described below.NavigationMouseClick BackTo go to the previousscreen:KeypadPress F1Click OKPress EnterTo go to the next screen:To go back to the carselection screen1Click Back from the applicationselection screenPress F1Available in the next updates.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1805/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMNB : vehicle datapreviously saved byPeugeot Planet Officewill be deleted.Click on "Vehicle selection" from anyother screenClick Back as many times asnecessary from the data acquisitionscreenTo go back to the dataacquisition screenPress F1Click on "Application selection" fromany other screen3.4Using the different windowsEvery application that you launch opens in a new window. For each window, a buttonappears in the taskbar. When you click on a button, the matching window appears. Ifyou click again, the window is minimized.You can use these buttons to navigate between the different applications of PeugeotPlanet System and Peugeot Planet Office.3.5Signing inYou may be requested to sign in when using the different tools or services availablefrom Peugeot Planet System. Depending on the application or service that is used,you must fill in the following points:AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 1905/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM-Peugeot Planet Diag, the Wiring diagram, Infotec, other onlineressources: -For the assistance, the activation or deactivation of applications: 3.6!Your PSA login (ex: D123456)Your PSA keywordYour customer code or TACC code (from 6 to 10 leters andnumbers, ex : FR0048)Exiting Peugeot Planet OfficeNote: It is not recommended to exit Peugeot Planet Office!When you quit Peugeot Planet Office, the Windows Desktop is displayed.You will find on it the icons of the different applications. You can use thedifferent applications by clicking on the matching icons, but you will missthe advantages provided by Peugeot Planet Office (especially thememorization of the vehicle data). To restart Peugeot Planet Office, clickon the PPS icon if present on the Windows Desktop or use the Start menu.NavigationClickable buttonsKeyClick the ExitbuttonPress F1 (on firstscreen) or F7To exit Peugeot Planet Office :orYou receive a confirmation screen.Warning: validating this message willdelete all the vehicle data previouslysaved by Peugeot Planet Office.Click OKTo validate:AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPress EnterPage 2005/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEMClick BackTo cancel:Press F1You must have closed Peugeot Planet2000, Scantool1 and Peugeot Planet Diagto quit Peugeot Planet Office. If you havenot closed these applications, yourreceive a warning message.Validate the message:Click OKPress EnterClose the applications and retry the exit procedure of Peugeot Planet Office.1Available in the next updates.AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 2105/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM4 Configuring your Peugeot Planet System applicationsPeugeot Planet Office and Peugeot Planet System applications can be configured byusing the toolbar. The following procedure explains how your tools can be configured:4.1Selecting the languageDescriptionMouseKeypadClick the LanguagebuttonTo select the language::Press F11A screen is displayed. You can select yourlanguage. This language will be used for anyapplication started from Peugeot PlanetOffice.Warning: if an application is already openand being used, the language will not bechanged by using this procedure. To changethe language, your selection must be donebefore starting the application.To select a language:To cancel:AP/TAVG/MMXP/MUXPage 22Double-click onthe selectedlanguageUse the arrows andvalidate by pressingEnterClick ReturnPress F105/11/2004

USING PEUGEOT PLANET SYSTEM4.2Updating Peugeot applicationsIt is recommended to pr

3 Using Peugeot Planet Office, the diagnosis manager 3.1 Understanding Peugeot Planet Office Peugeot Planet Office is displayed on the screen once the PC is On (if working in DCS environment, start it from the Start menu). It is your entry point to all the Peugeot Planet System tools provided by Peugeot Cars. Among the various tasks

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