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1420E2 mini Series 14 IntroductionSnap-open along inner radiusMounting bracketwith strainrelief optionOne-piecelink-designWhen to use the Series 14 E2 mini:If an e-chain with an inner height of 20mm and small bending radii are requiredFor inner widths up to 50 mmFor unsupported lengths up to 0,65 mand fill weights up to 0,5 kg/mIf snap-open mechanismwith film-hinge is requiredWhen to use a different igus Series:For gliding applicationsSeries 15 zipper, page 4.38For long unsupported travelsSeries 15 zipper, page 4.38Crossbar, snap-open alonginner radius with able from stock. Delivery in 24h or today!**Delivery time means time until shipping of goods5.1063D-CAD files, configurators, PDFwww.igus.de/en/14

14FLG2.0HFExampleFill weight 0,25 [kg/m]HFill weight [kg/m]E2 mini Series 14 Dimensions UnsupportedFLBUnsupported length FLB 0,6 mS (FLG)Length of travel 1,2 m1.5S supported length FLG / FLB [m] for when specifying theclearance height HF. Please consult igus if space is particularly restricted. MoreLength of travel S [m]0Unsupported e-chains feature positivecamber over short travels. This must be2.03.04.0Design, page 1.8informationTechnicalDataSDS/2Moving endR25Fixed endH38H - 2530,5HF H 20Speed, material, temperature andflammability class page 33158183K150185215300380455Pitch 30,5 mm/linkLinks/m 33 (1.006,5 mm)Chain length S/2 KThe required clearance height: HF H 20 mm (with 0,5 kg/m fill weight)FLG with straight upper runFLB with permitted sagS Length of travelR Bending radiusH Nominal clearance heightHF Required clearance heightD Overlength e-chain , radius in final positionK π R "safety" igus GmbH 51147 Cologne Phone 49- (0) 22 03-96 49-800 Fax -222 info@igus.de www.igus.eu 5.107

14E2 mini Series 14 Product Range StandardSeries 14 One-piece, snap-open along inner radius with film-hingeBiBaR Bending radiiinner radius[mm][mm][mm]14. 1 .R.01526 028 038 048 075 100 125 0,3114. 2 .R.014. 3 .R.02536 0,32384914. 4 .R.05061 028 038 048 075 100 125 028 038 048 075 100 125 028 038 048 075 100 125 Snap-open alongWeight[kg/m] 0,40 0,41Supplement Part No. with required radius (R). Example: keyStandard color blackBending radius RWidth index (depends on Bi)16max.Series / Type14.2.038.0 e-chain snap-open along inner radius, Bi 25 mm inner width, R 038 mm radius, color blackMore order examples and configuration optionspage 5.110Standard e-chains available from stock. Delivery in 24h or today!**Delivery time means time until shipping of goods5.108 3D-CAD files, configurators, PDFwww.igus.de/en/142514.2.038.020BaBi

14E2 mini Series 14 Mounting bracketsMoving endFixed end114.1P(Z)114.2P(Z)177141717147B4AB6,5AMoving endMaterial mounting bracket - igumid G,Fixed endtemp. -40 up to 120 C, VDE 0304 IIC UL94 HBPolymer locking, one-piece Universal for e-chains Recommended for unsupported applicationsWidthIndexPart No.full set withtiewrap 12PZA1Part No. fullset withouttiewrap plates114.1.12P114.2.12P114.3.12P114.4.12PA2Dim. ADim. B[mm][mm]Numberof teeth26,336,349,361,32345–102335A3A4Possible installation conditions for assembled mounting brackets:For the preassembled mode please add index A1. A4 e.g. 114.2.12PZA1One-piece mounting bracketAvailable with or withoutstrain relief tiewrap platesCorrosion-resistantVarious installation options on thefixed end and/or the moving endInner and outer attachment possiblePart No. structure114.2.12PZA1A must be indicatedon preassembledconfigurationsStrain relief with chainfixtiewrap platesFull setlocking 12Mounting brackets forselected width indexAdditional FeaturesSingle-part orderMounting bracket Moving endQuicksnap - the complete, detachablemounting unit, available upon requestQuickfix - mounting bracket with dowel,available upon request114.2.1PZA1 (preass. tiewrap plate)Mounting bracket Fixed end114.2.2PZA1(preass. tiewrap plate)Strain relief e.g. clamps, tiewrap plates, nuggets and plug-in clips are availablefrom stock. The complete chainfix range with order options from page 10.1igus GmbH 51147 Cologne Phone 49- (0) 22 03-96 49-800 Fax -222 info@igus.de www.igus.eu 5.109

14E2 mini Series 14 Options and order keyStandardNC-Version Reverse bending(no camber)radius for circularwithout pretension movementsPart No.Standarde-chains Part No.NC-Materiale-chains Part No.RBRe-chains Unsupportedlengths 25%possibleATEX / ESDclassified e-chains II 2 GDPart No.XXL-Material*e-chains Part No.ESD-Materiale-chains NC .R.0.ESDDelivery time24h or today!*Delivery time3-5 work daysDelivery time10 work daysDelivery time1-2 weeksDelivery time5 work days(2-5 work days at anexpress surcharge)Order example Order key and color optionsOrder example for complete e-chain (1,0 m),color black, with mounting brackets:e-chain (1,0 m) indicate e-chain length or number of links: 1,0 m or 33 links Mounting brackets 1 set (with integrated strain relief)114.2.12PZOrder text: 1,0 m 114.2.12PZOrder keyColor options for e-chains and e-tubes14.2.038.0ColorStandard color blackBending radius RWidth index (depends on Bi)Series / TypeBlack e-chains from stock!*Colored e-chains delivered in 15 work days (Delivery in 5work days at an express surcharge, available upon request!) ColorOrder indexblack.0 from stock!green*.7white*grey*.3dusty grey*agate grey*.3 for e-tubes.11orange*. grey*.14red*.6black ble from stock. Delivery in 24h or today!**Delivery time means time until shipping of goods5.110 3D-CAD files, configurators, PDFOrder indexwww.igus.de/en/14for e-chains

E2 mini Series 14 Application example14Cost-effective cable guidance with E2 miniigus GmbH 51147 Cologne Phone 49- (0) 22 03-96 49-800 Fax -222 info@igus.de www.igus.eu 5.111

E2 mini Series 14 Introduction Snap-open along inner radius When to use the Series 14 E2 mini: If an e-chain with an inner height of 20 mm and small bending radii are required For inner widths up to 50 mm For unsupported lengths up to 0,65 m and fill weights up to 0,5 kg/m If snap-open mechanism with film-hinge is required When to use a different igus Series: For gliding applications .

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