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Use & CareLiquidSearsPropaneGas GrillModel No: 119.16670010 Safety Parts Use and Care Assembly Espa ol,ThisGuideGrillPg. 24is ation Read and followall Safety,Assembly,and Use & Care InstructionsGuidebeforecooking Failurewithassemblingto followor explosion,resultin propertyinjuryor death. neededProtectivecouldPhillipspersonalTHESEour BrandsProblems?Questions?returninggrill to store,call 1-800-933-0527in thisall instructionsto fireSearsAssemblythis grill.this Use & Care GuideSeeCenterworkfor assembly:glovesand eyewearhead screwdriverin hardware(includedpack)INSTRUCTIONS!of outdoorliving productsand www.kmart.comCorporation,PrintedHoffmanin ChinaEstates,on-lineIL 60179atU.S.A.B10SR8-A1

PrimaryWarrantySafetyWarnings .InformationPre-AssemblyPart Diagram.i-3IF YOU SMELL GAS:2ShutInstructions. 3and Lists . 4-7offgas toExtinguishanyOpenfromFrequently Asked Questions . 2i-23callSpanish Guide .24-46Repair Protection Agreement . 47Sears Parts and Service Information . 48department.Zf odorcontinues,theyourDo notgasstorevicinity AnLimited Warrantyon Stainless Steel BurnersAny stainless steel burner that ever rusts throughwill be replaced free of charge. After the second yearfrom the date of purchase you must pay the laborcost to have it installed.anysupplierorof thisnotandbe storedothergasolineor vaporsor anynotawayimmediatelyor youruseliquidsLP cylindershallorflame.keepapplianceflammableKenmore Elite Full WarrantyIf this grill fails due to a defect in material or workmanshipwithin two year from the date of purchase, calli-800-4-MY-HOME to arrange forfree repair (or replacement if repair proves impossible).appliance.openlid.Assembly Instructions. 8-i3Use & Care Instructions. i4-20 theorotherin theotherappliance.connectedin thefireforvicinityuseof thisappliance.If you are missing parts, need assistance duringassembly, or have any other questions,pleasecall i- 800-933-0527between the hours of 8:30and 5:00pm,Monday through Friday, Centraltime. Note that you will be speaking with arepresentativeof the grill manufacturerand nota Sears employee.All warranty coverage excludes igniter batteries andgrill part paint loss or surface rusting, which areeither expendableparts that can wear out fromnormal use in less than a year, or are conditions thatcan be the result of normal use, accident orimproper maintenance.ProductRecordIMPORTANT:Fill out the productinformationon below.All warranty coverage is void if this grill is ever used forcommercial or rental purposes. All warranty coverage applies only if this grill is used in theUnited States.Model NumberSerial Number(See silver record119.16670010CSA plate inside of right door)Date PurchasedThis warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you mayhave other rights which vary from state to state.Sears, Roebuck and Co.,HoffmanEstates, IL 60179For residentialCalifornia Proposition 65i. Combustionby-productsproduced when usingthis product contain chemicals known to theState of California to cause cancer, birth defects,and other reproductiveharm.2. This product contains chemicals,including leadand lead compounds,known to the State ofCalifornia to cause cancer, birth defects or otherreproductive harm.use only. Do not use for commercialcooking.2

DO NOT lighttheLightingthisfor blockagetubesduringgrillDO NOT operateuse.The installationreadingat thetypethesameinspectRemovecheckingthatcouldSee thetheCleaningmaintime.theandof charcoalburners(Ifgreasecleanin thisandgrill.backEquipped)traybeforeeachAll hthe accessoriesmustwithanyThis outdoor cooking gas appliance is notintended to be installed in or on boats orwith local codes or,Gas and PropaneInstallationCode, or Propane StorageHandling Code, B149.2.or theas necessary.must conformin the absence of local codes, with either theNational Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA54,or CAN/CGAhaveInstructions.DO NOT use anyALWAYSfirstwithoutshipment.Maintenanceburner withoutDO NOT lightand grillburneroccurred thisInstructions.or in theabsenceof localElectricalCode,ANSI/NFPA70,CSA mgas grillenclosedDO NOTCode,awayuse yourNEVERair orin accordancecodes,other as a rotisseriegroundedNationalgarage,vehicles.(suchbe a building,breezewaytheflowgasgrillchildrenin thehotor anyof in operation.Liquid PropaneGas (LPG) grills mustbe used with the liquid propane gas regulator assemblysupplied. Natural Gas grills must be used withnaturalgas only. Any attemptfrom one fuel type to convertthe grillis extremelyALWAYS keep the gas hose assemblyaway fromany heated surface and dripping grease. Avoidunnecessarytwisting of the hose. Visuallyinspectthe hose priorto each use for cuts,cracks, excessive wear, or other damage. Do notuse the gas grill if the hose appears damaged.Call Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME (1-800-469-4663)gas hose assembly.for a KenmorereplacementENSUREwhenfeetthegrillis on a levelin frontYou canto level NEVERattach to thisappliance.andsurfaceadjuststabilizean unregulatedgasthethegrill.linePRE-ASSEMBLY Two people will be necessarylarger parts of the grill.Lay a cardboardthesheet on the floor and use as awork surface to protectfrom scratches. to assemblefloor and grill partsOnce all parts are removed and unpacked,use the Hardware and Part Diagrams to ensureall items are included and free of damage.

KeyQtyPa No.DescriptionAII*ASMA0088-01Hood AssemblyA22*ASMA0014-03Hood Bolts AssemblyA32FP0117Hood A61*ASMA0088-02Hood HandleB11*ASMB0088-01Firebox AssemblyB21 1006-012E-040Firebox InnerHeat Shield - LeftB31 1006-012E-048Firebox InnerHeat Shield - RightB41*ASMB0088-02Side Burner Outer Frame AssemblyB51 7004-000B-003Side Burner CoverB61 7003-012E-010Side Burner InnerB71*ASMD0007-01Side BurnerB81SE0003Side Burner ElectrodeB91 1027-037D-007RotisserieBurner isserieBurner Orifice SupportB121SH1050-ARotisserieBurner StemB131SE0237ZRotisserieBurner ElectrodeB141SC0058RotisserieBurner Flame SensorB151*ASMB0085-07RotisserieBurner ElectrodeB161 1038-012E-004Firebox InnerB171*ASMB0080-03SmokerB183SD0045-A'T' BurnerB193SE9009"I" BurnerB201SE0297-4Side Burner RackB211SE0160-002Side Burner Cover PinB221SD0053InfraredB233 1007-012E-013Heat DiffuserB242SE0164-FCookingGrate - BigB251SE0299-FCookingGrate - SmallB261SE0300-FWarmingB271*ASMB0088-03Firebox Front Heat ShieldB285FA0121-001Control4Heat InsulatorSeatFrameHeat ShieldBox AssemblyElectrodeSearingBurnerRackKnob SeatProtectionBox

1IIIIIIII221111111111211111111112Pa 081BSE0166SE0298-BSE0304 1021-000B-001*ASMC0088-01 7002-000B-025*ASMC0088-02*ASMC0088-03*ASMC0088-04 tisserieBurnerControlKnobGas rnerControlPanelMainBurnerControlPanel TopGreaseTrayGreasePan niterProtectionBox AElectricIgniterProtectionBox boxSupportCabinetLeft SideCabinetRightFireboxReal Top PanelCabinetReal tDoorDoorRightCabinet5Top mblyDoorHandle

Part 88-12CabinetBottomC171 0288-001DoorTopC241SE0289-001DoorLowerC252 1046-000C-001PowerKeyQtyPart tWasherB46-51SE0219-BSpitBushingKeyQtyPart yC15NaturalGas ConversionThis ireTightClipsSpitForkCoverInformationElite gas grill, model numberfromAssemblyLP gas to naturalPlease call 1-800-4-MY-HOME119.16670010,gas. A conversionfor informationis equippedkit sold separatelyregardingpurchasingwith 2FUEL is availablevalves which areto convertthis grill.this kit.If you are missing hardware or have damaged parts after unpacking grill, call 1-800-933-0527replacement.To order replacementparts after using grill, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME .for


HInstall Heat Diffusers[] Insert the heat diffusers into the firebox by placing them into the indentations in the front and backof the atesCookingGratesinto thefirebox.\\\\/\//

Install[]WarmingRackInstall the Warming Rack into the holes of firebox side panels as shown.The raised lip goes towards the back of the firebox.////\!II/!! I\\\\//InstallRotisserieSpit Assemblyonto the firebox[]Slide the Rotisserie Spit Assembly into place by inserting the pointed end into the Rotisserie Motor,as shown in Inset 1. Place the bushing into its bracket on the left firebox side panel. See Inset 2.ssII////I//IIIIII\\\\/I//Inset2Inset1

InstallGrease Cup, and Grease Bracket[] Attach the Grease Cup Bracket to the bottom of the Grease Tray. See Inset 1.[] Install the Grease Cup into the Grease Cup Bracket, inserting it from the front of the cabinet.Inset1Inset2Place LP Cylinder into the Cabinet[] Slide the LP cylinder tray out of the cabinet by pulling the tray latch up in the vertical position. Unscrewthe screw on the back of the cylinder tray. Then place the tank onto the sliding LP cylinder tray. Makesure the front of the tank valve faces the front of the cabinet. Tighten the screw on the back of thecylinder tray to secure the LP cylinder. Slide the LP cylinder tray back into the cabinet and lock in placeby pushing the LP cylinder tray latch down to a horizontal position. Be sure the LP cylinder is "OFF" byturning the hand wheel clockwise until it stops. (See Inset 1)[] Be sure all burner controls are turned to the "OFF" position. Remove the safety cap from the cylindervalve. Center the nipple of the regulator into the cylinder and attach the regulator to the LP tank byturning the black nut clockwise until it stops. Note: Hand Tighten Only. Do Not Use A Wrench, Do NotAttempt To Light Your Grill At This Time. (See Inset 2)Inset1Inset]02

Install[]BatteryQty:BatteryUnscrew the battery holder cap. Place the AA Battery into the batteryend facing up. Screw the battery holder cap back into place.holderwith the Positive ( )Size AA1II/Congratulations[]- Assemblyis nowCompleteRemove any additional labels and packing from the grill. Be sure to clean all foam packing material outof all areas. Read the remaining sections of the Operator's Manual prior to hooking up or operating yourgrill. Note that some sections of this manual are specific to the type of fuel your grill uses.]!

CORRECTLP GAS TANKUSE Never allow children to operate your grill. Do notallow children or pets to play near your grill. Use of alcohol or drugs may impair the abilityto assemble and operate the appliance. Keep a fire extinguisherreadily accessible. Tnthe event of an oil or grease fire, do not attemptto extinguishwith water. Use a Type B extinguisheror smother with dirt, sand, or baking soda. In the event of rain, cover the grill and turn offthe burner and gas supply. Use your grill on a level, stable surface and ensurethe locking casters are locked before use. Do not leave the grill unattendedwhen in use. Do not move the appliance when in use. Allow the grill to cool before moving or storing. Do not use your grill as a heater.This grill is not intended to be installed in or onrecreationalvehicles and/orboats. LP gas grill models are designed for use with astandard 20lb. (9.1kg) Liquid Propane Gas (LP Gas)tank, which is not included with the grill. Neverconnect your gas grill to an LP gas tank that exceedsthis capacity. A tank of approximately12" (305mm)in diameter by 18-1/2" (472mm)high is themaximumsize LP gas tank to use. You must use an"OPD" gas tank which offers a listed OverfillPrevention Device. This safety feature preventstanks from being overfilled which can causemalfunctionof the LP gas tank, regulator and grill. The LP gas tank must be constructedand markedin accordance with the Specificationsfor LP-GasCylinders of the U.S. Departmentof Transportation(D.O.T.)or the National Standard of Canada,CAN/CSA-B339,Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes forTransportationof Dangerous Goods; andCommission,as applicable. The LP gas tank must have a shut off valveterminatingin a LP gas supply tank valve outlet thatis compatiblewith a Type 1 tank connection device.The LP gas tank must also have a safety relief devicethat has a direct connectionwith the vapor space ofthe tank. The tank supply system must have a means forvapor withdrawal. The LP gas tank used must have a collar to protectthe tank valve. Never connect an unregulatedLP gas tank to yourgas grill. The gas regulator assembly supplied withyour gas grill is adjusted to have an outlet pressureof 11"water column (W.C.) for connection to an LPgas tank. Only use the regulator and hose assemblysupplied with your gas grill. Replacementregulatorsand hose assembliesmust be thosespecifiedby Sears.See the Parts List.Have your LP Gas dealer check the release valveafter every filling to ensure it remains free ofdefects. Always keep the LP gas tank in an uprightposition. Do not subject the LP gas tank toexcessive heat. Never store an LP gas tank indoors. Tf you storeyour gas grill indoors, always disconnect the LP gas tankfirst and store it safely outside. LP gas tanks must be stored outdoors in awell-ventilatedarea and out of the reach ofchildren. DisconnectedLP gas tanks must not be stored in abuilding, garage, or any other enclosed area. The regulator and hose assembly can be seen afteropening the door and must be inspected before eachuse of the grill. If there is excessive abrasion or wearor if the hose is cut, it must be replaced prior to usingthe grill again. Never light your gas grill with the lid closed orbefore checking to ensure the burner tubes are fullyseated over the gas valve orifices.A.B.C.Do not store a spare LP gas tank under ornear this appliance.Never fill the tank beyond 80 percent full;ff the informationin "(a)'and"(b)" is notfollowed exactly, a fire causing death orserious injury may occur.Use your grill at least 3 feet away from anywall or surface. Use your grill at least 3 feetaway from combustible objects that can melt orcatch fire (such as vinyl or wood siding, fencesand overhangs) or sources of ignition includingpilot lights on water heaters and live electricalappliances.Never use your gas grill in a building, garage,porch, shed, breezeway, boat, or any otherenclosed area.Never obstruct the flow of ventilationaround your gas grill housing.]2air

NotesaboutLP GasTankExchangeRegulatorProgramsand LP CylinderMany retailers that sell grills offer you the option ofreplacing your empty LP gas tank through anexchange service. Use only those reputableexchange companies that inspect, precision fill, testand certify their tanks. Exchange your tank only foran OPD safety feature equipped tank as describedin the LP gas tank section of this manual. Always keep new and exchanged LP gas tanks in anupright position during use, transit or storage. Leak test new and exchanged LP gas tanks BEFOREconnecting one to your grill.Regulator:How to Leak Test yourYour regulatorThe gas pressureoutdoorcookingregulatoris equippedsystem,until a positive All leak tests must be repeated each time your LP gastank is exchanged or refilled.Do not smoke when checking for gas leaks.Do not use an open flame to check for gas leaks.Your grill must be leak tested outdoors in awell-ventilated area, away from ignition sources suchas gas fired or electrical appliances. During the leaktest, keep your grill away from open flames orsparks.Do not use household cleaning agents as damage togas assembly components can occur.thermalmust be used. Thispressureof 11with a Q.C.C. Type 1it will not allow gas to flowelementthat will shut off the gas flow ifreaches240 degreesC). Tt also has a flow-limitingF (115device thatwill restrictthe flow of gas to 10 cubic feet perhour (0.28cubic metersTOCONNECTTHEREGULATOR[] Use a clean paintbrush and a 50/50 mild soap andwater solution.with thisseal has been made. it has athe temperaturedegreesapplianceprovidedcolumn.quick connectFor your safety:regulatoris set for an outletinches waterLP Gas TankConnectionsANDper hour).CYLINDERTO THEHOSE1. Be sure the LP cylinder is "OFF" by turninghand wheel clockwise until it stops.the[] Brush soapy solution onto the LP gas tank in the areasindicated by the arrows. See diagram.2. Place the cylinder into the base cabinet shelf ofthe grill with the valve facing outward andsecure with the cylinder support ring. If3. Be sure all burner"OFF" position.growing bubbles appear do not use or move the LPGas tank. Call an LP gas supplier or your firedepartment.4. Remove the safety5. Center the nipplecylindercontrolscap fromto thethe cylinderof the regulatorvalve.into thevalve.6. Turn the black nut clockwiseHandare turnedTightenOnly,.,,.untilit stops.Do Not Use A Wrench,,Type 1 connection.ANS Z21.58b-2009QuickCouptingIf growingbubblesappeardo not use or moveCAUTION:the LP Gas tank.Contactan LP gas SupplierWhen the applianceis not in useorthe gas mustyour fire department!]3be turnedoff at the tank.Nutper

Flow LimitingValvesCheck all connectionson LP Gas TanksYour LP gas tank is equipped with a flow limiting valvethat will restrict the flow of gas due to a sudden changein pressure. This can often activate without yourknowledge.You will notice among other things thatyour grill does not get as hot as it should, will takelonger to heat up, or you may not be able to light allburners. If you notice any of the above, then youshould reset the valve and clear your gas line.Never6789test for leaks with a flame.Prior tofirst use, at the beginning of each seasonor every time your LP Gas tank is changedyou must check for gas leaks. Followthese three steps:Make a soap solution by mixing one partliquid detergent and one part waterTo do this1Ensure the LP gas tank valve is OFF.2Disconnect the regulator from the LP gas tank.3Open all burner control knobs including the sideburner to Hi at the same time.4Close all burner control knobs to OFF.5for LP Gas LeaksTurn the burner control knobs to the OFF position.Then turn the gas ON at the source.Apply the soap solution to all gas connectionsindicated by the arrows. See diagram. Ifbubbles appear in the soap solution theconnectionsare not properly sealed. Checkeach fitting and tighten or repair as necessary.Let the LP gas tank stand for at least 10minutes.Reconnect the regulator assembly to the LP gastank.Slowly, meaning about 1/4 turn at a time, turnon the LP gas valve.Follow the burner lighting procedure

Smoker Box Assembly 'T' Burner "I" Burner Electrode Side Burner Rack Side Burner Cover Pin Infrared Searing Burner Heat Diffuser Cooking Grate - Big Cooking Grate - Small Warming Rack Firebox Front Heat Shield Control Knob Seat 4. Key Qty Pa_No. B29 5 FA0165-001 B30 1 FA0166-001 B31 I PLABS0104-001 B32 I SC0108 B33 I SE0034 B34 I SI005-F00B-054 B35 I *ASMB0088-04 B36 I SI018-000C-028 B37 I .

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