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INTEGRATED PRELIMS CUM MAINS TEST SERIES(IPM) 2020-2021INTEGRATED Prelims Cum Mains Test series is a flagship test series program of INSIGHTSIAS& is based on disruptive methodology of preparation towards Coveted Civil services Examinationthat guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress. The Prelims component of IPM tests consists of50 Prelims Test and the MAINS component consists of 52 Tests.The Program is loaded with every possible constructive features for the CSE aspirants such as Mentorship,Rapid Syllabus discussion*, Test discussion, Ease of taking the test (Choose Online or Offline for everyTest), Holistic & Timely Evaluation, Detailed Synopsis. The Test series also follows an EBS Approach(Essential, Break through & Simulation Round) that provides for gradual increase in difficulty of tests sothat the students can improve their answer writing skills progressively in its course.To give a head start to the students we are providing for a series of preparatory classes teaching the mantraof success, which every aspiring Civil Services aspirant needs to follow.The schedule and the topics of the talk are as below. The recorded video of the same will be provided tothe students in the Test portal.INSTA Preparatory ClassesDate1st June20205th June20208th June2020TopicDescriptionIntroductory class (strategy for CSE 2021)You will get a great insight on the UPSCJourney, What should be the overall strategy,What would help in becoming toppers, How tomake a customized plan for each individual andhow to evaluate the plan and stick to it.How to read books for IPM tests?Considering the vast syllabus and also stack ofstudy materials available, it is very important tochoose the right books and also read them theright way. In this class, you will get to knowhow to study extensively as well as selectivelyfrom different sources available.How to read Current affairs?UPSC has time and again shown the width &depth of current affairs that it can go into. With thegrowing importance of Current Affairs, it isequally important to study current affairs withUPSC Exam perspective. This class throws a lighton how to link current affairs to the Prelims, to GSanswers as well as in Optional Subjects

12th June202016th June202020th June202024th June2020Effective notes making strategy is utmostimportant. An aspirant should learn to makecustomised notes for quick revision. One shouldnot waste most of the time in making notes, at thesame time should not ignore making importantnotes for quick revisionHow to make notes?Approach to General Studies answerwritingWriting answer to General Studies papers has beena case of ‘So near, yet so far’ for many CSEaspirants. The skill of answer writing withadequate weightages to demands & hiddendemands, hierarchy of demands, interdisciplinarylinkages are the way of conquering these papers.Approach to Ethics Answer writingEthics paper is one of the high scoring paper of theMAINS exam. It’s a paper that personifies the truecharacter of an individual and though scoring iseasier with right ingredient, it has been a paradoxto many. Unravel the mantra for ensuring thesuccess in this paper in this session.The most scoring paper of the MAINSexamination gives an ample opportunity to scriptyour viewpoint. Knack of selecting the topic,which is very much in consonance with yourpreparation, having the right approach inpresenting your viewpoint will reap greaterdividends in examination.Approach to Essay Answer writingApproach to Ethics Case StudiesCase Studies part of Ethics paper can be tricky toapproach yet most rewarding in terms of marks ifa student adopts a few good practices explained inthis class. Various aspects of a student’spersonality are tested through Case studies. Theirrationality & practicality in decision making,social awareness, stakeholder analysis andapplication of an administrative mind with apersonal insight is most appreciated.16th July2020How to prepare n complete syllabus foreach IPM test?‘Crisis of plenty’, w.r.t to the vast amount ofresources (study material), is the situation everystudent face in their preparation to the test or CSEExam. Funneling the right resources is what helpsyou in completing the syllabus of exam & uppingthe ante of emerging successful in exam.25th July2020Strategy Class and Tricksto score well in mocks?6th July2020WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COMThis class will deal with different techniques andtricks through which you can commit less2WWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

mistakes, increase accuracy and score high inprelims and set your answers on higher pedestal inMAINS.Note: We may add more classes in case need be. These classes are in addition to the discussion classes foreach test. Video of the classes will be made available in the portal.INTEGRATED PRELIMS CUM MAINS TEST SERIES 2020-21Fee: Rs. 34000/Discounts & Offers: Old Subscriber Offer: 20% discount Free MAINS Test series (post Prelims) upon completion of all the MAINS Tests withminimum 10% marks.CLICK HERE to Subscribe to IPM Test Series 2021Features of IPM Test series 2020-21: Perfectly planned single timetable for both Prelims & MAINS to keep you focused, busy and consistentthroughout the year. Mentorship: a hand holding endeavor to motivate & better guide the aspirants in their preparation forboth Prelims & MAINS. Optimum number of Tests for a perfect practiceo Prelims tests – 50 (General Studies-38, CSAT-12)o Mains tests – 52, (Sectional GS-30, Complete syllabus GS-12, Essay-10) EBS Approach (Essential, Breakthrough & Simulation) to STEP-UP the difficulty level gradually to make youmore competitive in both Prelims & MAINS. Rapid Discussions: To give an effective trajectory in your preparation (w.r.t to the syllabus) to theupcoming tests of Essential Round of Examination. Assured review of 2 questions from the Daily Secure-answer writing Initiative from 1st of July 2020 Test Discussion videos: Provided for both Prelims & MAINS, for better clarification of demands of thequestion. Time-bound & Holistic Evaluation: Evaluation of the MAINS answer booklets written on the scheduledtest date will be ensured before the next test & those written on other than the test dates will be madeavailable within 10 WORKING DAYS. DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM in Prelims for the analysis of your strengths, subjects & skillsto work GHTSONINDIA.COM

Synopsis: Detailed, well researched synopsis will be made available for all mains tests. Accessibility: Choose either Online or Offline as your mode for every test on the go. Flexibility: All the tests are flexible and can be taken up any time before the MAINS 2021 Value added INSTA Study Materials; Monthly-INSTA 30, INSTA Booster* will be provided for Prelims &MAINS* (*- 2 months before the examination dates in GHTSONINDIA.COM

INTEGRATED PRELIMS CUM MAINS TEST SERIES2020-2021Test NoDateSubjectSyllabusSourcesEssential TestsPrelims Test-1: General StudiesAncient History General Studies:th7 August 2020,FridayAncient&Medieval India Prehistoric period Paleolithic Mesolithic Neolithic ChalcolithicHarappan / Indus ValleyCivilizationVedic Age Early Vedic period Later Vedic periodMahajanapadas & Rise ofMagadhReligious ReformsIranian & Macedonian InvasionMauryan AgePost Mauryan Age Indo Greek Invasiono Indo-Greekso Parthianso Shakao Kushanaso Indo-Sassanian Sungas Kanvas SatavahanasGuptas AgeSangam AgeRegional KingdomsPost Guptas Age Harshavardhana Pallava ChalukyaMedieval History WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COMOld NCERT Ancient India – R SSharma Medieval India –Satish ChandraNew NCERT Our pasts – I Our pasts – II Themes – I Themes – IITamilNadu HistoryTextbook - Class XICurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-6/8/2020)from the below sources.Sources: I-CAN (Current Affairs &News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. INSIGHTS REVISIONTHROUGH MCQsTriparty ONINDIA.COM

Chola EmpireTurkish conquest of IndiaGhaznavidMuhammad Ghuri Rajput states Delhi sultanate Slave dynasty The Khaljis The Tughlaqs The Sayyids The Lodhis Mughal empire (Including laterMughals) Maratha Confederacy Southern Dynasties Hoysalas Yadavas Kakatiyas Vijaynagara Bahmani Kingdom Regional kingdoms Religious Movements Bhakti Movement Sufi Movement(Brief History, Salient Features,Social, Economics,Religious andCultural conditions of all the above) Current AffairsMAINS Test-1(EssentialTest)17th Aug2020MondayWWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COMGS-1:Art & Culture Indian SocietyIndian culture:will cover the salient aspects of ArtForms, Literature and Architecture fromancient to modern times.Indian Society Salient features of Indian Society,Diversity of India. Role of women and women'sorganization, population andassociated issues, poverty anddevelopmental issues, urbanization,their problems and their remedies. Effects of globalization on Indiansociety Social empowerment,communalism, regionalism &secularism. Current Affairs6Art & Culture An Introduction toIndian Art - Class XINCERT Living Craft Traditions ofIndia - Chapters 9 and10 -- Class XI NCERT Indian Culture -- NitinSinghania CCRT websiteIndian Society NCERT IGNOU Material –Development IGNOU Material –Sociology Social Problems in India– Ram Ahuja. Indian Social System –Ram AhujaWWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

Current Affairs:(1/6/2020-16/8/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs &News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. INSIGHTS REVISIONTHROUGH MCQsPrelims Test-2: General Studies Architecture Cave Architecture Temple Architecture Indo-Islamic Architecture Modern Architecture(Under Indus Valley Civilization, TheMauryan Architecture, The Sungas,Kushanas, Satavahanas & Guptas,Post Guptas, Delhi-Sultanate,Mughals etc) 18th August 2020,TuesdayGeneral Studies:Art&CultureSculpture -- Indian Sculptureand Different schools of Art Indian Paintings Pre historic painting & Cavepaintings Mural Paintings Miniature Paintings - PalaSchool, Rajput Paintings,Mughal Paintings, Hillpaintings etc. Folk Paintings Modern Indian Paintings Personalities Associated Religion Hinduism Jainism Buddhism Islam Christianity Zoroastrianism Judaism WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM Introduction to Indianart (NCERT class 11th) Living Craft Traditionsof India (NCERT class12th) Indian Culture by NitinSinghania CCRT - Art and CultureCurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-17/8/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs &News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. INSIGHTS REVISIONTHROUGH MCQsPhilosophy Six Schools of Philosophy7WWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM Ajivika Lokayata etc.Indian Music Classical Musico Hindustani Musico Carnatic Music Folk Music Tradition Modern Music PersonalitiesIndian Dance Classical Dance forms inIndia – Odissi, Kathak,Kathakali, Mohiniattay,Sattriya, Manipuri,Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi Folk Dances Modern Dance in IndiaTheatre Sanskrit Theatre Folk Theatre Modern Theatre PersonalitiesPuppetry History Different forms of Puppetryin People Associated withTheatresIndian Cinema andCircusBhakti & Sufi MovementLanguage & Literature Indian Languageo Classical Languageso Scheduled Languages Indian Literatureo Religious Literatureo Secular LiteratureFairs, Festivals and Craft Religious Festivals, Secular Festivals (States & UT’s) Art & CraftsScience & Technology Ancient, Science &Technology Medieval Science &Technology Famous Personalities in Ancient and Medieval India8WWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

Promotion and Preservation ofIndian Heritage Indian Word Heritage Sites –Tangible & non-tangibleheritage, Tentative list Cultural Heritage Sites Natural Heritage Sites Important InstitutionsModern Indian History MAINS Test-2GENERALSTUDIES(EssentialTest)27th Aug2020,GS-1:ThursdayModern IndiaModern Indian history fromabout the middle of theeighteenth century until thepresent- significant events,personalities, issuesThe Freedom Struggle - itsvarious stages and importantcontributors /contributions fromdifferent parts of the country. Current Affairs NCERTsIndia’s struggle forindependence –Bipin ChandraCurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-26/8/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs& News Analysis)INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz.INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs.Prelims Test-3: General Studies 28th Aug 2020,General Studies:FridayModern l of MughalsAdvent of Europeans Coming of Europeans Struggle among Europeans Rise of East India CompanyIndia under East IndiaCompany’s Rule Administration Political policieso Regulating Act of 1773o Pitt’s India Act 1784o Charter acts of 1784,1793, 1813,1833, 1853 British Expansion policy:Doctrine of lapse,Subordinate alliance etc. Economic policies and theirimpacto Agricultural policies9 Our past III (Both part1 & part 2 --NCERTclass VIII) Themes in IndianHistory – III (NCERTClass XII) A brief History ofModern India –Spectrum Publication Struggle for India’sIndependence – BipinChandraCurrent Affairs:WWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

o Famine policy Foreign Policies Social Policieso Education Policieso Religious policies Indian Kingdoms in 18thcentury: Marathas, Punjab,Mysore, Hyderabad etc.Socio - Religious ReformMovements in the 19th and 20thCE India – Arya Samaj, BrahmoSamaj , etc.The Great Revolt of 1857Changes in IndianAdministration after 1858 - GOIACT 1858, Councils Act, 1861,1892.Growth of Political Ideas andPolitical Organisations (up to1885)(1/6/2020-27/8/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs& News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. INSIGHTS REVISIONTHROUGH MCQsPost Independent IndiaPost Independent IndiaPost-independence consolidationand reorganization within thecountry.MAINS 0,MondayGS-1:PostIndependence World History NCERT India sinceindependence – BipinChandra (or India after Gandhi– Ramachandra Guha)World HistoryWorld HistoryHistory of the world will includeevents from 18th century such asindustrial revolution, world wars,redrawing of national boundaries,colonization, decolonization,political philosophies likecommunism, capitalism, socialismetc.- their forms and effect on thesociety. NCERTs Mastering ModernWorld History –Norman Lowe.Current AffairsCurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-6/9/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs& News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. ONINDIA.COM

Prelims Test-4: General Studies Foundation of the IndianNational Congress National movement (1885 1919) Moderate Phase (1885 –1905) Partition of Bengal and theSwadeshi Movement The first phase ofRevolutionary and TerroristMovement The Morley-Minto Reformsor the Indian Councils Act,1909 The Lucknow Pact (1916) The Home Rule Movement National movement (1919 1939) Montague-ChelmsfordReforms or the Governmentof India act, 1919 The Khilafat Movement(1920-22) and NonCooperation MovementCurrent Affairs: The Left Movement The second phase of(1/6/2020-7/9/2020)Revolutionary and Terrorist from the below sources.Movement I-CAN (Current Affairs Anti-Simon Commission& News Analysis)Agitation (1928-29) INSIGHTSIAS Current Nehru Report, 1928Affairs Quiz. The Lahore Session, 1929 INSIGHTSIAS Current The Civil DisobedienceAffairs.Movement INSIGHTS REVISION The Government of IndiaTHROUGH MCQsAct, 1935 Provincial Elections andFormation of popularMinistries in Provinces, 1937 Freedom to Partition (1939 1947) The Second World War andthe National Movement The August Offer 1940General Studies:th8 September 2020,TuesdayWWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM Our past III (Both part1 & part 2 --NCERTclass VIII) Themes in IndianHistory – III (NCERTClass XII) A brief History OfModern India –Spectrum Publication Struggle for India’sIndependence – BipinChandraModern ONINDIA.COM

The Individual Satyagraha1940-41 The Cripps Proposal, 1942 The Quit India Movement,I942 Subhash Bose and IndianNational Army Rajagopalachari Formula &Desai Liaqat Plan Wavell Plan and SimlaConference 1945 General Elections in India,1945 Naval Mutiny: 1946 The Indian IndependenceAct, 1947 Other Dimensions Tribal Movements Peasants Movement Dalit Movements Women movement Role of Press andPublications Role of Business groups Miscellaneous: Reforms / Acts /Committee, Congress Sessions,Governor –General Viceroys etc. Salient features of world'sphysical geography.Distribution of key naturalresources across the world(including South Asia and theIndian sub-continent); factorsresponsible for the location ofprimary, secondary, and tertiarysector industries in various partsof the world (including India)Important Geophysicalphenomena such asearthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanicactivity, cyclone etc.,geographical features and theirlocation- changes in criticalgeographical features (includingwater-bodies and ice-caps) and MAINS Test-4GENERALSTUDIES(EssentialTest)16th d Geography 12 NCERTsCertificate Physicaland HumanGeography -- GohCheng LeongCurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-15/9/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs& News Analysis)INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz.INSIGHTSIAS M

in flora and fauna and theeffects of such changes. Current AffairsPrelims Test-5: General StudiesPhysical Geography of the world General Studies:17th September 2020,Thursday Geography(WorldGeography) WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COMOrigin and evolution of UniverseSolar system Geological History of theEarth Geological Time scaleLatitude and Longitudeincluding importantParallels and Meridians Motions of the Earth andtheir effects Inclination ofthe Earth’s Axis and itseffects Local and Standard Timeand the International DateLine, Calendar Eclipses - Solar, LunarGeomorphology Interior structure of theearth Rock Landform Development First order (continental drifttheory, sea floor spreading,plate tectonics theory) Second order (Mountains,Plateaus, Plains & otherlandforms) Internal forces & theirimpact - Volcanoes,Earthquakes, Folding, Faulting, Isostasy External forces & theirimpact - Weathering,Erosion & landforms thusdevelopedClimatology Structure, Composition ofatmosphere Weather & Climate Heat & temperatureo Insolation13 Fundamentals ofPhysicalGeography (NCERTClass XI) Fundamentals ofHuman Geography(NCERT Class XII) Goh Cheng Leong Certificate Physicaland HumanGeography Mapping - WorldCurrent Affairs:(1/6/2020-16/9/2020)from the below sources. I-CAN (Current Affairs& News Analysis) INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs Quiz. INSIGHTSIAS CurrentAffairs. INSIGHTS REVISIONTHROUGH MCQsWWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

o Heat Budgeto Distribution oftemperatureo TemperatureInversion Pressure and Pressure belts Windso Planetary windso Seasonal windso Local winds Precipitation-Forms &Types, Distribution ofrainfall Air Masses Cyclones and anti-cyclones World Climatic regions Oceanography Bottom relief Features Ocean waves, currents,tides & Tsunamis Temperature distribution Salinity distribution Marine resources Biogeography Soilso Classificationo Distributiono Erosion &Conservation BiomesWorld Economic and HumanGeography: WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COMNatural resources and mineralresources and distribution of keynatural resources across theworldAgriculture and agro-climaticregionsIndustry and location factorsInfrastructureWorld Population, density &distribution, races & tribes,settlements & migration14WWW.INSTACOURSES.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM

Continents - Major physicalfeatures, natural resources Salie

NTEGRATED Prelims Cum Mains Test series is a flagship test series program of INSIGHTSIAS & is based on disruptive methodology of preparation towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress. The Prelims component of IPM tests consists of 50 Prelims Test and the MAINS component consists of 52 Tests.

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YEARLONG MAINS TEST SERIES 2020-2021 EARLONG MAINS Test series is a MAINS component of IPM program of INSIGHTSIAS targeted towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress. The Yearlong MAINS Test series consists of a total of 52 Tests.

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YEARLONG MAINS TEST SERIES 2020-2021 EARLONG MAINS Test series is a MAINS component of IPM program of INSIGHTSIAS targeted towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress. The Yearlong MAINS Test series consists of a total of 52 Tests.

8. 19/01/2018: Prelims at Lady Shri Ram College 9. 20/01/2018: Nukkad Prelims, Lady Shri Ram College 10. 23/01/2018: Prelims of - Kamla Nehru College - Aabhas, Gargi College 12. 27/01/2018: Prelims of - Ahavan, IIFT - Adakari, Daulat Ram College 13. 30/01/2018: Finals at Gargi College 14. 31/01/2018: Finals of Zakhir Hussain College at .

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