Jobs, Resumes, Certification, Interviewing, Job Prospecting

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Jobs, Resumes, Certification, Interviewing,Job Prospecting



FederalGov’tNGO/For ProfitAPHISBLMDODNPSNRCSUSFSUSFWSUSGSAGENCIESTHAT EMPLOYFISH sConservationgroupsConsulting firmsHunt clubs/ranchesRehabilitationTimber companiesUtilitiesZoosStateGov’tEducationHigh WildlifeLandsHealthTransportation

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Resume Do’s and Don’ts 1 page document (if absolutely necessary, front/back) Sequence content from most important to least important Space is limited – do not duplicate information Proofread - make iterror–free Use a white or offwhite shade of paper Don’t clutter thepage

ObjectiveReferencesCertificationEducationWhat toinclude inmy resume?ExperienceActivitiesHonorsSkills

PROOFREAD then,READ IT AGAIN!Sell yourself, but don’t stretch the truth!

Your Cover Letter Never send a resume without a coverletter Concise, formal and professional –1 page Addressed, if possible, to the persondoing the hiring Highlights elements in your resumethat make you qualified for the job Close with request for an interview

Certification is a third-party verification of anindividual's level of expertise in a profession. Certification constitutesrecognition by the professionthat, to its best knowledge, amember meets the minimumeducational and experiencestandards, and the ethicalstandards, adopted by theprofession.

Membership in TWS / AFS College degree (minimum of B.S./B.A.) Academic coursework in Wildlife/Fisheries Management and SciencesOther Biological Sciences (ecology, zoology, botany, etc.)Physical SciencesMathematics and StatisticsHumanities and Social SciencesCommunicationsPolicy, Administration, Human Dimensions, and Law Professional Work Experience Professional Development/Continuing Education

Demonstrates that you are committed to your profession and that you want to continue to learn and grow.Shows initiative, especially when certification is notrequired.Separates you from others, and can give you acompetitive ‘edge’ over your peers for jobs andpromotion opportunities, and higher salaries.Credentials you to be recognized as an expert witness inyour profession.Continuing certification shows that your knowledge andskills are current.

Interviewing Come prepared! Do you have an elevator speech? Research the employer – know their mission, programsand services Demonstrate that you havethe skills, experience andeducation they are seeking Have ready answers forcommon questions Practice!

Lack of enthusiasm Inappropriate attire Responses are too general Inability to connect skills/experience/education to theposition Not prepared – limited knowledge of the organizationand/or the position

Entry level Communications (written and verbal) Interpersonal relations Ability to work in a team Critical thinking/problem solving Strong work ethic Time managementAdvanced level Project management Leadership Analytical/quantitative

Federal government service GS‐486: Wildlife Biologist Series at least 9 sem hrs in wildlife bio/mgt, 12 sem hrs in zoology,and 9 sem hrs in botany or related plant sciences GS-482: Fish Biologist Series at least 6 sem hrs in aquatic bio/mgt, 12 sem hrs in animalsciences GS-408: Ecologist Series at least 30 sem hrs in biological sciences, including 9 sem hrsin ecology, and 12 sem hrs in physical and mathematicalsciences GS-401: Natural Resources Management & BiologicalSciences Series (F&W Biologist) degree in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resourcemanagement, chemistry, or related discipline appropriate tothe position

State (Pennsylvania) government service Fisheries biologist State residency Bachelor’s degree in biological science thatincludes/supplemented by 12 semester creditsin fish biology, fish ecology, fisheriesmanagement, ichthyology, fish culture, fishphysiology, fish pathology, limnology, aquaticecology, aquatic entomology, water quality orother course related to fisheries science oraquatic ecology.

State (Pennsylvania) government service Wildlife biologist State residency (sometimes) Bachelor’s degree with a major in wildlifemanagement, and two years experience inwildlife management research.

Heavy competition for limited jobs Education Get good grades; join professional club; volunteer Consider getting an advanced degree Professional certification Professional engagement/network Diversify your background Get preference Military service, Peace Corps (limited, noncompetitiveeligibility) Get experience Consider doing a summer internship Example:

Professional Society Job Boards Wildlife Society Society for Conservation Biology Ecological Society of America/ECOLOG‐L Listserv certification/employment.php American Society of Mammalogists American Ornithologists’ Union Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Other Job Boards Texas A&M -‐board/ Conservation Job Board - EcoJobs - State & Federal Jobs—visit agency websites /unique-hiring-paths/students/ [Pathways Program] NGOs—visit organizational websites Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, WWF, National AudubonSociety, The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, etc. Job Databases obs.html

Jobs, Resumes, Certification, Interviewing, Job Prospecting. WILDLIFE JOBS Wildlife Research Biologist Human Dimensions Wildlife Technician Wildlife Manager Wildlife Refuge Manager Wildlife Damage Control . Photographer Environme

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