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INDEXIKK Group of CompaniesAbout SFSP2SFSP DIC6Cable Management Systems8Expanded Metals, Plasterers Beads12Block Ladder Reinforcement18Steel Lintels & Block Work Accessories22Pipe Clamps & Hangers26Marble & Granite Fixings32Dry Wall & Ceiling Profiles36Garbage & Linen Chutes40Contacts48The IKK Group is a majorbusiness institution, servingmost of the Arab World inthe Industrial, Constructionand Trading fields aswell as in SpecializedMaintenance and Services.After almost four decadesin the business, the IKKGroup has become one ofthe leading enterprises inthe region with focus onthe Construction Industryin general. The IKK Groupoperates through 200divisions, branches andoutlets, spread over 15countries, covering allmajor cities in the regionand employing over 12,000employees.UnitechFor Building & ConstructionMaterialsUnitech for Building andConstruction Materials, amember of the IKK Group ofCompanies was establishedin 1979 in Saudi Arabia.A “Solutions Provider“company, specialized inthe Design, Manufacturingand Trading of Building andConstruction Materials.1

Specialized Factoryfor Steel Products was firstestablished in KSA in 1989 and hasbeen expanding ever since through avariety of products and through its geographicalpresence.Production at the factory is observed using modernpractices of manufacturing methods in the steel constructionindustry with a definite compliance to international standardsof fabrication.SFSP has manufacturing facilities in KSA, UAE, Egypt, andLebanon.SFSP adapts quickly and easily to the market demands andrequirements.Quality at SFSP is uncompromised; the factories havebeen able to acquire ISO 9001: 2008 in Jeddah inSaudi Arabia, Sigma Factory for Steel Productsin DIC in UAE, in addition to ISO 14001 : 2004 inthe 6th of October City in Egypt.SFSPSFSP ProducesSFSP produces a variety of products ranging from cable management systems; cable trays, cable ladders,basket trays, trunkings and support systems, to mechanical cladding fixations, steel lintels and block workaccessories, plasterers’ beads, expanded metal and block work reinforcement, strut channel systems,pipe clamps & hangers, gypsum profiles as well as garbage and linen chutes. With the introduction ofnew machines and the enhancement of production methods, the factory was able to achieve its targets.In the midst of this approach, SFSP continues to develop its production methods systematically as well asthoroughly.Hot-Dip GalvanizationWith the introduction of a Hot-Dip Galvanization facility, SFSP has been granted the opportunity of savingtime, controlling the quality of its finished products, thus offering better services to the clients.23

SFSP is equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery such as Laser Cut machines,Robot Bending Sets, Welding Robot Sets, sophisticated Cable Management Production Lines, aswell as a large facility for Hot Dip galvanization.CNC MachinesHot-Dip Galvanization (In-House)Design Office- GERMANY45

Sigma Factory for Steel Products inaugurated recently its state ofthe art facility in Dubai Industrial City.The factory incorporates manufacturing facilities over an area ofaround 40,000 sqm., facilities and production lines.The most latest machineries ensure a top - notch high endproducts delivered with accuracy and within a timely manner.Production at the factory is observed using modern practices ofmanufacturing methods in the steel construction industry with adefinite compliance to international standards of fabrication.The plant is equipped with welding robotics and advanced CNC(Computerized Numerical Cut) machines.All aspects of safety, environment, and compliance with ISO14000 and 18000 standards have been taken into accountstarting with the design phase, construction, and machineslayout.67

Cable ManagementSystemsSFSP Cable Management Systems, fittings and accessories are manufactured in compliance withinternational standards. SFSP provides a wide range of products capable of providing the characteristicswhich respond to the proposed application, along with quality of assembly, speed of installation and costsaving Cable Management Systems. Calculations are provided by our design office in Stuttgart, Germany.SFSP Cable Management Systems are designed to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wireinstallations and comply to local and international standards of fabrication and finishing.Cable Management Systems are economical wire and cable management systems designed to supportand protect electrical wires and cables.National Electric Code (NEC) permits Cable Trays in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. TheNEC also permits Cable Trays for use as equipment ground conductor.Cable Tray Systems can provide significant advantages in cable filling over other wiring methods.This can provide savings in the size or number of raceways required, thereby, reducing both materialand labor costs. In many cases, NEC permits greater conductor ampacities in Cable Tray Systems than forother wiring methods.Under certain conditions, the NEC allows “Free Air” rating of large, single conductor power cables (4/0 &larger) in ventilated Cable Trays Systems. This can provide significant savings in conductor costs. CableTrays permit much greater spacing between support hangers than most other systems, providing savingsin support costs and installation labor.Cable Tray Systems, fittings and accessories from SFSP are manufactured in compliance with :- IEC 61537International Electrotechnical Commission(Cable management – Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems)- SASO IEC (61537/2007)Saudi Standard(Cable management – Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems)- NEMA VE 1 - 2009National Electrical Manufacturers Association.(Metal Cable Tray Systems)- NEMA VE 2 - 2006National Electrical Manufacturers Association.(Metal Cable Tray Installation Guide Lines)- NEC (ANSI / NFPA 70)National Electric Code(Metal Cable Tray Guide Lines)89

Cable Trays & AccessoriesCable Trays are designed to meet mostrequirements of cable and electrical wireinstallations and comply to local andinternational standards of fabrications andfinishes.Underfloor TrunkingUnderfloor Trunking Systems solutionsincorporate a range of products for thedistribution of power and data services , it is acoordinated set of containments that protect,segregate, contain, and route cables within agiven environment.Cable Ladders (Welded & Swaged)Cable Management Support SystemsCable Ladders of different side heights areavailable upon request.Cable Support Systems are well designed toprovide necessary support for cable trays,cable ladders and trunkings. Cable supports aremanufactured according to common standardsfrom high quality raw materials.Basket Trays & AccessoriesSFSP’s Basket Tray systems make connectionsfast and simple with limited need for tools.Its design allows for continuous airflow, andprevents heating up of cables. SFSP’s BasketTray comes in a full range of sizes and is madewith high-strength welded steel wires.C-Channel Strut SystemsSFSP’s Metal Framing Systems provide aneconomical solution for electrical, mechanicaland industrial supports with a wide variety ofapplications in the construction industry.Applications: - Pipe and Conduit Supports Tunnel Pipe Stanchions - Racks and Shelvings- Wall FramingsCable TrunkingsCable Trunkings and Accessories are offered ina comprehensive range. Mill galvanized, hot-dipgalvanized, and powder coated are the variousfinishes produced in our factories.1011

Expanded Metals,Plasterers BeadsExpanded Metals help the formation of joints,protection of corners and resistance against cracks,chips and impact damage.Calculations are provided by our design office inStuttgart, Germany. For interior applications: Galvanized Steel according to BS EN 10327superseded by BS EN 10346:2009, zinc coated onboth sides. For exterior applications and humid environment:Austenitic stainless steel according to BS EN10088- Mat.No.1.4301Technical SpecificationsMetal BeadsRelevant Standards: B S EN 13914- 2 : 2005 Design , Preparation andApplication of External Rendering and InternalPlastering B S EN 13658-1 : 2005 Metal Lath and Beads –Definitions , Requirements and Test Methods ,Internal Plastering Supersedes BS 1369-1 :1987 andBS 6452-1 : 1984 B S EN 13658 – 2 : 2005 Metal Lath and Beads –Definitions , Requirements and Test Methods ,External Plastering Supersedes BS 1369-2 :1987and BS 6452-2 : 1984 A STM C841 – Standard Specification forInstallation of Interior Lathing and Furring A STM C847 - Standard Specification for MetalLath A STM C1063 – Standard Specification forInstallation of Lathing and Furring for PortlandCement – Based Plaster International Building Code , ( IBC ) Chapter 25 International Residential Code , ( IRC ) Chapter 7Galvanized Steel: BS EN 10346:2009 (formerly BS EN 10142: 1991)coating type: Z180-275 ASTM A 653/A 653MExpanded Metal Lath & Block Work ExpandedMeshRelevant Standards: B S EN 13658-1 & 2:2005 (formerly BS 1369:Part1:1987) ASTM C 847Galvanized Steel: B S EN 10346:2009 (formerly BS EN 10142:1991)coating type:Z180-275 ASTM A 653/A 653MStainless Steel: B S EN 10088-2:2005, which was directlyequivalent to formerly BS 1449:Part 2:1983 in Grade 304 2B FINISH ASTM A240/A240M in Grade 304 2B FINISHReiforcement MeshRelevant Standards: BS EN 845-3:2003ASTM A 951/A 951MCold drawn steel for concrete/mansonryreinforcement BS 4482:2005ASTM A 496/A 496M, ASTM A 82/A 82MPre galvanized steel wire BS EN 10244-2:2001 formerly BS 443ASTM A 641/A 641MStainless Steel wire B S EN 10088-3:2005 (which was direct equivalentto formerlyBS 1554:1990) BS 1449:Part 2:1983 in Grade 304 2B FINISHASTM A 1022/A 1022MStainless Steel: B S EN 10088-2:2005 (which was directlyequivalent to formerly BS 1449:Part 2:1983 in Grade304 2B FINISH ASTM A240/A240M in Grade 304 2B FINISH1213

Angle BeadAngle beads provide with its solid metal nose astraight corner. Expanded diamond mesh wingsallow for keying the plaster right up to the noseof the bead. It is designed to protect the corners.Plaster Stop BeadPlaster stop bead provides a straight accurateline, it is used to reinforce the plaster or renderon its edge. Plaster stop bead is designed as auniversal plaster stop used at wall ends, doorand window openings to make a neat, flushframe.Movement BeadMovement Beads are used to relieve the stressand strain in large plaster areas of wall andceiling stucco areas and to allow for movementbetween adjoining surface finishes.Control Joint BeadDesigned to minimize the plaster cracking andto allow movement in the plaster. They providefor the basic expansion and contraction that canbe expected in the stucco membrane, such asinitial shrinkage during curing and minor thermalexpansion and contraction.14Architrave BeadWith flangeMainly used for decorative purposes to givea channel gap or a shadow between differentwalls finishes.Architrave BeadWithout flangeMainly used for decorative purposes to give ashadow between different walls finishes.Micro Angle BeadMicro angle beads are designed for thin coatplaster and are used at corners for protection.Micro angle beads are popular thin coat beadswith fine mesh wings. Fix either by galvanizednails or using plaster dabs.Micro Plaster Stop BeadMicro plaster stops are designed for thin coatedge protection at openings. They provideabutment of plastered areas of other wallfinishes. Micro plaster stops provide efficientkeying and excellent finishes.15

Aluminum ChannelThe Aluminum Channel is a versatile product,commonly used for groove making; a decorativepurpose for plaster finishes.Strip MeshStrip Mesh Lathes are used along stress lineswhere cracking is likely. Strip mesh providesreinforcement to the plaster to prevent crackover joints of different materials.BR MeshBlock reinforcement meshes are producedfor brick and block work reinforcement. Theirprimary usage is to prevent cracking. Brickreinforcement meshes increase resistance totensional stress.Corner MeshCorner mesh lathes are used to prevent crackingin the plaster.16Coil LathAn easy to fix lath, provides a secure key forplaster and render applications as well asoffering effective joint and crack reinforcement.Metal Sheet LathSheet lath is produced as a key for plaster whenapplied on suspended ceiling and walls. Sheetlath is used for encasing steel column andbeams, assisting in the protection from fire.Metal Rib LathRib lathes are expanded metal lathes stiffenedwith longitudinal ribs. The furring design of themesh provides efficient background plaster forconstruction of partition, suspend ceiling andrefurbishment works.Hy-Rib LathManufactured from Pre-galvanized steel toBSEN 10327. Hy Rib is available using stainlesssteeI to BSEN 10088-2 type 1 .4301 . The profileof Hy Rib open mesh in combination with its ribsprovide an inherently stiff sheet along its length.17

Block LadderReinforcementSFSP ladder and truss types are used for the reinforcement of brick and block masonry to give improvedtensile strength to walls subjected to lateral loading e.g. wind and seismic.Uni-Metal block reinforcements reduces the risk of cracking either at stress concentration around opening.Calculations are provided by our design office in Stuttgart, Germany.SpecificationsUni-Metal reinforcement truss type are manufactured by resistance welding of ASTM A82 cold drawn steelwire deformed at predetermined centers conforming to BS 4483:2005.Dimensions Hot-dip galvanized.- Main wire diameter 4.0 mm 4.8 mm- Rung and diagonal wire diameter 4.0 mm 4.8 mm- Rung wire centers 400 mm Stainless steel AISI 304- Main wire diameter 4.0 mm 4.8 mm- Rung and diagonal wire diameter 4.0 mm 4.8 mm- Round wire centers 400 mmThe production of cold reduced steel wires complies to BS 4483:2005 and ASTM A951 / A951M - 11Standard Specification for Steel Wire for Masonry Joint Reinforcementa)Mechanical Properties- Specified characteristic strength: 460 N/mm2 (Mpa)- Tensile strength min 510 N/mm2 (Mpa)b)Chemical composition of steel- Carbon C max. 0,25 %, Sulphur S:max 0.06 %- Carbon equivalent value Ceq: max 0.4 %, Ceq C Mn/6 (Cr V Mo)/5 (Cu x Ni)/15SFSP Block ladder (Ladder type and Truss type) are continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that areembedded into the horizontal joints of masonry walls.Block reinforcement offers the following benefits:- Increases lateral flexural strength.- Reduces cracking that can arise from thermal stresses.- Bonds exterior and interior masonry withes together in composite or cavity walls.- Bonds masonry at intersecting walls and corners.- Increases performance of masonry wall under various stresses1819

SFSP ladder and truss types are used for the reinforcement of brick and block masonry to giveimproved tensile strength to walls subjected to lateral loading e.g. wind and seismic. Uni-Metal blockreinforcements reduces the risk of cracking either at stress concentration around opening. They canalso be beneficial in reducing the effects if vibration and differential movement. The longitudinal steelwires are flattened to ensure good mortar cover, even when lapped or used with wall ties.T - JunctionladderL - JunctionladderT - JunctionTrussL - JunctionTrussThe GI Pullout Box is supplied in retainer boxes made fromgalvanized sheet steel, for the reliable transmission of shearforces. The GI Pullout Box, designed to ensure the exactdistance between rods, in which the holes are made slightlybigger than the rod diameter.Material Used: Galvanized sheet, different zinc coatings.Gi Pullout Box Length: 1.2m, 2.44m, 3m (other length can bemanufactured upon request.)Gi Pullout Box Width: 100mm – 400mm (other widths, smaller orlarger can be arranged.)Hole Diameter: 10mm – 25mm (other punching required, can bedone.)Material Thickness: 0.4mm – 1.5mm as standard (other thicknessescan be manufactured upon request)Covers: According to the requirements.PulloutBoxLADDERType20TrussType21

Steel Lintels & BlockWork AccessoriesSteel Lintels provide a combination of strength and light weight,resulting in efficient load bearing performance and increasedproductivity on site. They are characterized by their ease of installationin addition to time as well as money saving.Calculations are provided by our design office in Stuttgart, Germany.Material & Finishes H ot rolled steel S235JR as per EN 10025 / ASTM A-1011 CS Type B(formerly ASTM A569 or ASTM A570) C old rolled steel DC01 as per EN 10130:2006 / ASTM A1008 CS TypeB ( formerly ASTM A-366) and then:- Hot-dip galvanized as per BS EN ISO 1461:2009 (formerly BS 729 ) /ASTM A123 or- Electro plated as per EN 12329 / ASTM B633 (Electrodepositedcoatings of zinc on iron and steel) P re-galvanized steel DX51D Z as per EN 10346:2009 G120, G180(G275 is available upon special request) which supersedes EN 10327which is a replacement of EN 10142 which in turn supersedes BS2989 / ASTM A653M zinc coated (hot-dip galvanized) iron and steelCS (commercial) or SS (structural) quality G60 and G90 is availableupon special request (formerly ASTM A527M) / ASTM A924 (coating)(formerly A525) S tainless steel 1.4301 as per EN 10088 - 2:2005 (formerly BS 1449Part 2 / ASTM A240M, Grade AISI 304)Specifications- Steel Lintels - manufactured to BS 5977: Part 2 :1983 / BS EN 8452:2003.- Wall Ties - manufactured to BS EN 845-1:2003 ( Formerly BS 1234 ).- Block Reinforcement Ladder and Truss - manufactured as per ASTMA82 / ASTM A951 / BS 845-3:2003 DIN 488.2223

Steel LintelsCramps and TiesSpecificationsSFSP steel lintels offers an economical, efficient and timely effective solution when compared to ordinarylintels. Manufactured according to BS EN 845-2:2003, Uni Metal steel lintels range have safe working loadsas detailed in each applicable loading table to ensure the most safe application for installers, taking intoaccount the different loading arrangements which are common to traditional solid wall construction.Head EndOptionsUni-Metal lintels are made from: Pre-galvanized steel complying with:- BS EN 10143- ASTM A527 - A653- DIN EN 10327 Mild steel sheet complying with:- BS 1449 : sec 1.1 to 1.15- ASTM A36Then hot-dip galvanized inaccordance with:- BS EN ISO 1461- ASTM A123 Steel paint finishThese ends have beenmanufactured to fit standardchannel sections that is presetinto concrete or surface fixedto any inner skin or structuralground Powder coated finish Stainless steel complying with:- BS 1449 : part 2- AISI 304, A2- DIN, material no. 1.4301- EN 10088Installation 2 0 cm end bearing recomended at each side.Tail End OptionsThe most common method ofanchoring a tie to a slab facing, isby means of a round dowel into adrilled hole, split tangs on the tiemay also be used. For bondinginto brickwork the “Fishtailed”end is the traditional.Lintel BracketsBrackets are supplied with fixing holes to suit metal expansion anchorsizesShank OptionsShanks may be plain or mayinclude a drip to stop the passageof moisture across.25

Pipe Clamps& HangersPipe Clamps and Hangers from SFSP used in the supportof pipes and equipments are manufactured according tothe highest standards of fabrication.A diversified choice ofPipe Hangers, Pipe Clamps, EMT Straps, Omega Clamps,Beam Clamps, J and U-Bolts and Threaded Accessories.Calculations are provided by our design office in Stuttgart,Germany.Applicable Standards- BS 3974 Specifications for pipe hangers and support- ASTM F 708 (standard practice for design and installationof rigid pipe hangers)- Federal SpecificationsWW-H-171 E (Hanger and Support)A-A-1192 A (Bracket, Pipe)- Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) ANSI/MSS SP-58 Pipe Hangers and Supports - Materials,Design, Manufacture, Selection, Application, andInstallationMSS SP-69 Pipe Hangers and Support-Selection andApplicationMSS SP-77 Guidelines for Pipe Support ContractualRelationships MSS SP-89 Pipe Hangers and Support-Fabrication andInstallation PracticesMSS SP-90 Guidelines for Term

Galvanized Steel: • BS EN 10346:2009 (formerly BS EN 10142: 1991) coating type: Z180-275 ASTM A 653/A 653M Stainless Steel: • BS EN 10088-2:2005 (which was directly equivalent to formerly BS 1449:Part 2:1983 in Grade 304 2B FINISH • ASTM A240/A240M in Grade 304 2B FINISH Expanded Metal Lath & Block Work Expanded Mesh Relevant Standards: