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Jim Crow Laws - Mrs. Hess's Classes

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Jim Crow LawsBackground for The Secret Life ofBees

Skills Practiced Correction of sentence fragment Correct form of intensive pronoun Formation of irregular verb tense

Practice Sentences Lily was shocked that Rosaleen refused toapologize. Soon, T-Ray coming to get her. In fact, Lily believed that T-Ray hisself wouldof freed both Rosaleen and Lily.

Answers Lily was shocked that Rosaleen refused toapologize. Soon, T-Ray was coming to get her. In fact, Lily believed that T-Ray himself wouldhave freed both Rosaleen and Lily.

Stuff you should know What are black codesWho is Jim CrowWhat was the purpose of these lawsWhere and how these laws were enforcedHow the Civil Rights Act changed the laws

Black Codes The Black codes werenumerous laws enactedin the states of theformer Confederacyafter the American CivilWar in 1865 and 1866.

Designed for social control The laws weredesigned to replace thesocial controls ofslavery that had beenremoved by theEmancipationProclamation and theThirteenth Amendmentto the Constitution. .

Black Codes - Goals Intended toassurecontinuance ofwhitesupremacy-afterEmancipationProclamation

Black Codes also. were all intended to securea steady supply of cheaplabor continued to assume theinferiority of the freedslaves.

Black Codes - Vagrancy Vagrancy laws declared a blackto be vagrant if unemployedand without permanentresidence. The person could be arrested,fined, and bound out for aterm of labor if unable to paythe fine.

Black Codes-apprentice laws Apprentice lawsprovided for the "hiringout" of orphans andother youngdependents to whites,which often turned outto be their formerowners.

Black Codes - limited rights for work Some states limited thetype of property blackscould own. In others, blacks wereexcluded from certainbusinesses . Excluded from some ofthe skilled trades.

Black Codes - forbid former slaves to carry firearms to testify in court,except in casesconcerning otherblacks.

Black Codes-prohibited interracialmarriages Legal marriagebetween blacks only interracial marriagewas prohibited.

Jim Crow Laws-reconstruction Reconstructiondid away withthe blackcodes

Jim Crow replaced black codes Reconstructionends but many oftheir provisionswere reenacted inthe Jim Crow laws

Jim Crow Laws Lingered Jim Crow Laws were not finallydone away with until passageof the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Why Jim Crow The term Jim Crow isbelieved to haveoriginated around 1830when a white, minstrelshow performer, Thomas"Daddy" Rice, blackenedhis face with charcoalpaste or burnt cork anddanced a ridiculous jigwhile singing the lyrics tothe song, "Jump JimCrow."

Thomas “Daddy” Rice Rice created this character after seeing (whiletraveling in the South) a crippled, elderly blackman (or some say a young black boy) dancingand singing a song that ended with the wordsJim Crow.

Jim Crow Laws Rice incorporated theskit into his minstrelact, and by the 1850sthe "Jim Crow"character had become astandard part of theminstrel show scene inAmerica.

Jim Crow Symbolized Inferiority On the eve of the Civil War, theJim Crow idea was one of manystereotypical images of blackinferiority in the popular cultureof the day.

Jim Crow Laws The word Jim Crowbecame a racial slursynonymous with black,colored, or Negro in thevocabulary of manywhites

Jim Crow Laws Meaning By the end of the century, acts of racialdiscrimination toward blacks were oftenreferred to as Jim Crow laws and practices.


Jim Crow Laws Although "Jim Crow Cars"on some northern railroadlines--meaning segregatedcars--pre-dated the CivilWar, in general the JimCrow era in Americanhistory dates from the late1890s, when southernstates began systematicallyto codify (or strengthen) inlaw and state constitutionalprovisions the subordinateposition of AfricanAmericans in society.

Jim Crow Laws Most of these legal stepswere aimed at separatingthe races in public spaces(public schools, parks,accommodations, andtransportation) andpreventing adult blackmales from exercising theright to vote. In every stateof the former Confederacy,the system of legalizedsegregation anddisfranchisement was fullyin place by 1910.

Jim Crow Laws Segregation anddisfranchisement lawswere often supported,moreover, by brutal actsof ceremonial andritualized mob violence(lynching) againstsouthern blacks.

Jim Crow Laws Indeed, from 1889 to1930, over 3,700 men andwomen were reportedlynched in the UnitedStates--most of whomwere southern blacks.Hundreds of otherlynchings and acts of mobterror aimed atbrutalizing blacksoccurred throughout theera but went unreportedin the press.

Jim Crow Laws Numerous race riotserupted in the Jim Crowera, usually in townsand cities and almostalways in defense ofsegregation and whitesupremacy.

Jim Crow Laws These riots engulfed thenation fromWilmington, NorthCarolina, to Houston,Texas; from East St.Louis and Chicago toTulsa, Oklahoma, in theyears from 1865 to1955.

Jim Crow Laws The riots usually eruptedin urban areas to whichsouthern, rural blacks hadrecently migrated. In thesingle year of 1919, atleast twenty-fiveincidents were recorded,with numerous deathsand hundreds of peopleinjured. So bloody wasthis summer of that yearthat it is Red Summer of1919.

Jim Crow Laws From 1875 to 1964numerous attemptswere made by states toenact civil rights for all,but the fight was longand arduous. It wasn’t until PresidentJohnson signed afederal law in 1964; itdid take full effect then.

Jim Crow Laws But the residualsremained as you willsee in Remember theTitans.

Skills Practiced Elimination of double subject Use of quotation marks within a splitquotation Correct capitalization in a split quotation

Practice sentences Lily she caused many of her own problems. “There is nothing perfect, August said fromthe doorway, there is only life.”

Answers Lily caused many of her own problems. “There is nothing perfect, "August said fromthe doorway. “There is only life.”


Simplified Jim Crow Laws Education The schoolsfor white children andthe schools for negrochildren shall beconducted separately.Florida What might resultbecause of this law?

On the books Intermarriage It shall beunlawful for a whiteperson to marry anyoneexcept a white person.Any marriage inviolation of this sectionshall be void.Georgia

Simplified Jim Crow Laws Burial The officer incharge shall not bury, orallow to be buried, anycolored persons uponground set apart or usedfor the burial of whitepersons.– Georgia Restaurants All personslicensed to conduct arestaurant, shall serveeither white peopleexclusively or coloredpeople exclusively andshall not sell to the tworaces within the sameroom or serve the tworaces anywhere under thesame license.– Georgia

Simplified Jim Crow Laws Education Separate schoolsshall be maintained for thechildren of the white andcolored races.Mississippi Hospital Entrances Thereshall be maintained by thegoverning authorities ofevery hospital maintainedby the state for treatmentof white and coloredpatients separate entrancesfor white and coloredpatients and visitors, andsuch entrances shall beused by the race only forwhich they are prepared.Mississippi

Simplified Jim Crow Laws Education Separate freeschools shall beestablished for theeducation of children ofAfrican descent; and itshall be unlawful forany colored child toattend any whiteschool, or any whitechild to attend acolored school. Missouri

Jim Crow Laws TransportationThe.UtilitiesCommission.isempowered anddirected to require theestablishment ofseparate waiting roomsat all stations for thewhite and coloredraces. North Carolina

Simplified Jim Crow Laws Lunch Counters No persons,firms, or corporations, whoor which furnish meals topassengers at stationrestaurants or station eatinghouses, in times limited bycommon carriers of saidpassengers, shall furnishsaid meals to white andcolored passengers in thesame room, or at the sametable, or at the samecounter. South Carolina Child Custody It shall beunlawful for any parent,relative, or other whiteperson in this State, havingthe control or custody ofany white child, by right ofguardianship, natural oracquired, or otherwise, todispose of, give orsurrender such white childpermanently into thecustody, control,maintenance, or support, ofa negro. South Carolina

Simplified Jim Crow Laws Theaters Everyperson.operating.any publichall, theatre, opera house,motion picture show or anyplace of public entertainmentor public assemblage which isattended by both white andcolored persons, shall separatethe white race and the coloredrace and shall set apart anddesignate.certain seatstherein to be occupied bywhite persons and a portionthereof , or certain seatstherein, to be occupied bycolored persons. Virginia Intermarriage All marriages ofwhite persons with Negroes,Mulattos, Mongolians, orMalaya hereafter contracted inthe State of Wyoming are andshall be illegal and void.Wyoming

5-sentence Response-hand in please Now that you haveheard some of the lawsthat were actually onthe books BEFORE1964- as the novelopens – whatassumptions can youmake about Lily? Now that you haveheard some of the lawsthat were actually onthe books BEFORE1964- as the novelopens – whatassumptions can youmake about Rosaleen?

heard some of the laws that were actually on the books BEFORE 1964- as the novel opens – what assumptions can you make about Lily? Now that you have heard some of the laws that were actually on the books BEFORE 1964- as the novel opens – what assumptions can you make about Rosaleen? Title: Jim Crow Laws