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Country orRegion: DependencyPhotoNo.Scan No. iaChinaAsiaChinaAsiaChinaAsiaChinaAsiaAsiaNo. ofCopiesYearSBoxMBoxTwo English sailors enjoying cocktails, "Blood Alley" Shanghai.11937Warsaw after the fire lit from the first bombs of WWII. [ActuallyShanghai, China.]Smoldering wreckage in Warsaw. [Actually Shanghai, China.]Furniture on the street after an air raid [Actually Shanghai, China.]Rumors of spies led to mass executions. [Actually Shanghai,China]Wash day along the river.Sampan with sail on the grand canal.Sampan life: two river flats preparing a meal.Family on cargo junk with fruit.Chinese toddler on river flat.Getting ears cleaned on sampan.The International Dispensary Company storefront.Hand carving headlines for a newspaper in China.Street side barber, shaving a child's head.Woman nursing child at haw man with son and father.Children at a street library.Two women sewing and chatting street side.Family of seven at mealtime, Hong Kong.1China1014Children eating rice.Two curious boys.Face of boy hiding in dark place.Portrait of boy with fly on his face.Portuguese child with Chinese nursemaid, possibly Macau.Portrait of a smiling woman holding baby.Portrait of an aged woman in rural China.Chinese patriarch with long, grey beard.Widow turned to begging.Family of four smiling "impoverished peasants."Urban Chinese woman with bound feet.Chinese bank note with Sun Yat-Sen from 1930.Group accused of spying, brought before crowd."Spy" being confronted by mob.Chinese boy scout troop, affiliated with World Boy Scouts.Chinese boy scout.Chicago-born Captain Moon Chin, Vice President of ChineseAirline.Chinese r208713fr2116531122111112121Out of order:provenance late.6618811618812661181166666661611OCLC: 1044726, pg. 244h811OCLC: 1044726, pg. 308iOCLC: 1044726, pg. 180j11666111PublishedProvenance fromneg., out of order.Nitrate neg.OCLC: 1044726, pg. 308d66666666612XLBox Neg. Notes141LBox1937OCLC: 1044726, pg. 308fPage 1 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: 105010511052Scan No. DescriptionNo. ofCopiesSurveyor taking notes.Laboratories built to encourage scientific research.Student of "Western Sciences" training in China.Coolies moving a piano with bamboo poles and rope.Group of coolie laborers sleeping on street curb.Ruins of a past settlement.Taking a captive.Hand sawing planks.Portrait of a farmer with hoe over shoulder.1Milking a mare for home delivery in rural China.Outdoor theater: source of entertainment in rural China.12fr212227Actor in white on stage at outdoor theater.Group of young actors on outdoor stage, rural China.Woman embroidering classical Chinese designs.Top of a pagoda.Buddhist monk with long robes.Worshipping ancestors in a Chinese temple.Taoist monks at prayer.Taoist monks lined along wall at prayer.Statue of Laozi (Lao Tzu).Statue of Taoist demon.Taoist deities of good and evil in village temple.Carved wooden shrine in Confucian temple.fr211110Paper horse and cart; burned with ashes in funeral.1Band led procession for either wedding or funeral.Close-up of face of a Confucian scholar statue.Warrior god and Confucius statues.Close-up of warrior god face.Individual statue of a temple god.1Statue of a legendary hero.Close-up of head of legendary hero statue.Elders at group meeting, unknown locale.Mountain tops of southern China from air.Young man eating a bowl of rice, southern China.Boy eating bowl of rice, while friend watches camera.Finishing a bowl of rice while a friend looks over.Boy in straw hat laughing.Some of the Flying Tigers en route to China via 11048fr205268fr21353611Year 38122114 1938 19372211381932193719321938 1937 1937 1937 1937 1937 193866466666466218177771111OCLC: 1044726, pg. 180n666666611Published888811XLBox Neg. Notes411LBox19414Page 2 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: aAsiaChina1087b1087cAsiaChina1088Scan No. 28fr301810fr211758More of the Flying Tigers en route to China via Burma Road.Two Flying Tigers out on dates with Chinese women.Pilot R. T. Smith and his Curtiss P-40, Flying Tigers in China.Special mechanic, ex-Army air corps, for the Flying Tigers.Western medical officer, specific to the Flying Tigers.Col. Claire L. Chennault, commander of the Flying Tigers.Squadron leader for the Flying Sharks (note hat insignia).Waterside village of Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Zizhiqu.Bridge in Guilin with unique karst features of area.People of Guilin on misty day.Hong Kong reservoir.Swimmers smuggle belongings from China to Hong Kong.Aerial view of waterfront & harbor, flooded with sampans; HongKong.Graffiti on British Union Jack, sign for Hong Kong.Spiked gangway keeps cabin classes separate, Hong Kong.Closer view of spikes on coastal steamer, Hong Kong.Painting steel grill, which protects officers and first class frompirates, Hong Kong.Closer view of steel mesh grill, Hong Kong.Pirate junk near Hong Kong.Pirate junk being fitted with modern engines, Hong Kong.Pirate smuggler junk with cargo of tires, Hong Kong.Pirate smuggler junk with cannon on foredeck, Hong Kong.Engine and scatter-cannon on deck of junk, Hong Kong.Cannon installed on junk outfitted as a smuggler, Hong Kong.Scatter cannon on deck of motorized junk, Hong Kong.Scatter cannon with modern steel shield, Hong Kong.Scatter cannon with shield to throw grenades, Hong Kong.Scatter cannon on pirate junk, Hong Kong.Detail of scatter cannon, Hong Kong.Checking the weight of gold bars, Hong Kong.Cutting small bars of gold, Hong Kong.Gold runner's weighing gold bars large and small, Hong Kong.Goldsmith turning out "quick" jewelry, Hong Kong.Packaging gold bars in crates for smuggling, Hong Kong.View of open crates with gold bars inside, Hong Kong.Aerial view of modern apartments with lines of laundry; HongKong.Resettlement estate turned sweatshop, Hong Kong.Aerial view of historical apartments with modern buildings inbackground, Hong Kong.One of the main shopping streets in Hong Kong.No. ofCopiesYear11941111111SBoxMBoxLBoxOCLC: 1044726, pg. 180j777771111OCLC: 1044726, pg. 180i111777711117777777777772 197711 1977111 1977 19771111111111 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977OCLC: 606447, pg. 48Gold Vol:18 Sum. 1977Gold Vol:18 Sum. 1977Gold Vol:18 Sum. 1977Gold Vol:18 Sum. 1977448Printed in reverse.4841GoldGoldGoldGoldGoldGoldVol:18 Sum. 1977Vol:18 Sum. 1977Vol:18 Sum. 1977Vol:18 Sum. 1977Vol:18 Sum. 1977Vol:18 Sum. 197711711Published444444421XLBox Neg. Notes1 19417Page 3 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: 0971097bNo. ofCopiesYearCity street and double decker trolley, Hong Kong.1 19417Shopping street catering to Chinese in British settlement.Exhibition gallery, unknown location, with multiple flags, Yanan.Parrish family evacuating Hong Kong."Foreign imperialism": Chinese boy shining American boy's shoes,Hong Kong.Hakka women with identifying hat, Hong Kong.Family working in gardens of home on hillside, Hong Kong.Woman feeding large pig and black piglets in outdoor sty, HongKong.Refugee camp on hillside in Hong Kong.Woman carrying water with pole through chaotic alleyways ofrefugee camp, Hong Kong.Grounded sampan used as housing in refugee camp, Hong Kong.Line of shacks where beaded sweaters are made, Hong Kong.Child peaking out window of refugee home, Hong Kong.Woman splitting wood in makeshift kitchen of refugee tent city,Hong Kong.Kids playing while mother washes in refugee tent city, Hong Kong.Group of children playing on sidewalk of refugee tent city, HongKong.Mother dressing child in living quarters of refugee tent city, HongKong.Woman preparing meal in makeshift kitchen on sidewalk ofrefugee tent city, Hong Kong.Woman feeding child under protection of tented blanket, HongKong.Woman distributing relief packages to refugees from LutheranWorld Service station in Hong Kong.Elated child holding package of noodles from Lutheran WorldService refugee relief station in Hong Kong.Woman and four children making noodles from relief station, HongKong.Kids in line at Lutheran World Service Chai Wan Milk Bar, HongKong.Children in line for snack from the Luthern World Service MobileCanteen, Hong Kong.Young boy with child on back bringing canteen to the LutheranWorld Service Mobile Canteen unit, Hong Kong.Children with mugs & cookies from refugee services, Hong Kong.Mothers and children in line at Lutheran World Service MobileDental Clinic, parked near a housing project; Hong Kong.Quarters for a family of refugee bead workers, Hong Kong.1 1949777Scan No. Descriptionfr30207611SBoxMBox51LBox8OCLC: 1044726, pg. ishedCaravan Vol:11 Year:2OCLC: 1044726, pg. 180d11XLBox Neg. Notes8Page 4 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: ChinaAsiaPhotoNo.Scan No. DescriptionNo. ofCopiesYearSBoxMBoxLBoxXLBox Neg. Notes1fr301875Girls working on primitive sewing machines, Hong Kong.Woman and child emroidering cloth for fabric boxes, Hong Kong.Young & old women making dolls for tourists, Hong Kong.Sweater beaded with Chinese materials and imported to the U.S.Needles and thread used for beaded sweaters, Hong Kong.Village of Sha Tau Kok, bordering Hong Kong from China.17771103fr301850Border of China and Hong Kong, down center of street.17fr301874fr301871British guards standing near marker of Hong Kong.Anglo-Chinese Boundary marker from 1898, Hong Kong.Pre-World War II British guard likely in Hong Kong.277China1104110511061 19374Number on backcorresponds to emptyneg. sleeve in book.AsiaChina1107Sikh soldier under British guard likely in Hong Kong.1 19394Number on backcorresponds to emptyneg. sleeve in 01110b1110c11111112fr301904fr301848Portrait of a Sikh guard on horseback, likely Shanghai or HongKong.Anti-smuggling sign in Sha Tau Kok.Hong Kong police and British Army units at border.Produce vendor on sidewalk, Hong Kong.Portrait of a family with cart of goods to sell, Hong Kong.Cargo piled up on China side of border to Hong Kong.Highway traffic stop at Man Kam 6fr301892fr301883fr301854fr301877Coolies unloading trucks in Man Kam To.Mine detector searching for hidden weapons in cargo.Line for cholera inoculation, Hong Kong.Cholera inoculation, necessary for entering Hong ChinaAsiaChinaAsiaChinaAsiaChinaAsiaChinaMan getting vaccine, focusing on camera, Hong Kong.Entrance to Fanling Chien Ai Hospital, Hong Kong.Nurse examining equipment in operating room of hospital, HongKong.Woman getting prescription from pharmacist, Hong Kong.Searching for weapons and opium, Hong Kong.Lining up to purchase rail tickets into Hong Kong.Purchasing rail tickets after inspection, Hong Kong.Shumchum bridge, the border line of China and Hong Kong.Passengers waiting for permission to travel, Hong Kong.Moving across the border into Hong 88fr301868fr301876fr3019007111111338817712 195277 195277774188News of the World inPictures: 10/10/527111131111News of the World inPictures: 10/10/52811Nitrate neg.11131812Published17777778Page 5 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: No.Scan No. DescriptionNo. ofCopies1fr209440fr206581Line for ID check, baggage check, and inoculation; Hong Kong.Immigration line moving forward to be checked by Chinese andBritish officials.Variety of parcels seen in processing line, Hong Kong.Train waiting for passengers returning home, Hong Kong.Gathering unburned charcoal under stopped train, Hong Kong.River landscape, Shauchow; Guangdong Province, Hong Kong.Boys and girls in classroom, reading; Hong Kong.Boys watch a teacher in art studio at blackboard, Hong Kong.Boys in art studio copying designs onto ceramics, Hong Kong.Looking over the shoulder of instuctor in cooking class, HongKong.Using wok at Lau Wing Sang (L.W.S.) Secondary School, HongKong.Carpentry class at L.W.S. Secondary School, Hong Kong.Applying clamp to hand drill; L.W.S. Secondary School, HongKong.Setting large machinery in shop of L.W.S. Secondary School,HongKong. in group shop, Hong Kong.Men workingMen and women using abaci in accounting class, Hong Kong.Instructor in lecturing on the abacus at blackboard, Hong Kong.Instructor watching students practice typing in class, Hong Kong.Women at sewing machines in classroom, Hong Kong.Student constructing dress in sewing class, Hong Kong.Men constructing shoes in small shop, Hong Kong.Giant machinized loom weaving in shop, Hong Kong.Men in L.W.S. Noodle Unit watching over machinery, Hong Kong.Man in noodle factory with noodles, drying; Hong Kong.Xiang River, south of Changsha; Hunan Province.Building railroad bridge across Xiang river, Hunan Province.Money issued by Chinese communists in Jiangxi, early 1930s.One Yuan note from Central Bank of Shanghai.Seal for the Shanghai Municipal Council.Shanghai's waterfront "The Bund."The Bund with Winged Victory statue, a World War Memorial,Shanghai.The Bund and Garden Bridge at night, Shanghai.Skyline and the Bund, Shanghai.1139fr206572Skyline and the Bund, moments later, Shanghai.21140fr206584Traffic on the Bund, LBoxXLBox Neg. 1112419431878888111114PublishedOCLC: 606447, pg. 1858193719491937194919371949888Page 6 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: aAsiaChinaScan No. DescriptionNo. ofCopiesPeople on docks of the Bund, Shanghai.21114911501151Suzhou Creek and Broadway mansions, Shanghai.Broadway Mansions built in 1935, Shanghai.Traffic on Suzhou Creek going under bridge, Shanghai.Suzhou Creek and pedestrian traffic on bridge, Shanghai.Woman fishing in Suzhou Creek, Shanghai.Junction of Huangpu and Suzhou Rivers, Shanghai.Traffic on Huangpu and Suzhou rivers under the Garden Bridge,Shanghai.British warship in Huangpu River, Shanghai.American owned Shanghai Power Company.Industrial skyline of Shanghai.1152115311541155Huangpu River, Shanghai after communist control.Winged Victory memorial before it was tore down, Shanghai.Aerial view of memorial and coal barges, Shanghai.Freight lighters unloading cargo, 7811791180Boats given to China to revive fishing industries, Shanghai.State names on rears of boats, Shanghai."River boats are the lifeline of China."Mass of ropes on Chinese junks and sampans.Junk with laundry surrounded by sampans, Shanghai.Close-up of the bow of junker, Shanghai.Cargo junks on river, Shanghai.River police on the Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.River police sampan on Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.Single man on small sampan, Shanghai.The poop-deck of a junk on Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.Bringing coal down the river, Shanghai.Man and woman operating junk on Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.Woman with laundry aboard junk on river, Shanghai.Man smiling at hull of junk, Shanghai.Cargo junk on river, Hong KongJolly oarsman steering junker on Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.Boatman on the Chang Jiang He taking a bath, Shanghai.Primitive machinery on Chinese junkers, Shanghai.Checking a junk's sails, Shanghai.Farmers, repairing sail on junker in Shanghai.Repairing sail with needle and thread, Shanghai.Taking in a meal while docked, Shanghai.Mass of houseboats along river in Shanghai.Water chestnut production along river, 9364fr209360Year19371949SBoxMBox21OCLC: 1044726, pg. 244k8881118881141949 194588882 copies arebackward hed811XLBox Neg. Notes888811LBox88888888888881OCLC: 1044726, pg. 180cOCLC: 1044726, pg. 308dPage 7 of 29Asia: China

Country orRegion: 1Scan No. 09228fr209227fr205265fr205276No. ofCopiesKeeping house on the river boats, Shanghai.Taking water from Chang Jiang He for cooking, Shanghai.Haircut aboard a sampan on Chang Jiang He, Shanghai.1Cleaning pots on board a house boat, Shanghai.Whittling bamboo on shores of the Chang

Asia China 1048 Young man eating a bowl of rice, southern China. 1 7 Asia China 1049 Boy eating bowl of rice, while friend watches camera. 1 7 Asia China 1050 Finishing a bowl of rice while a friend looks over. 1 7 Asia China 1051 Boy in straw hat laughing. 1 7 Asia China 1052 fr213536 Some of the Flying Tigers en route to China via Singapore .

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