Communism, Fascism, Nazism

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Communism, Fascism, NazismTotalitarian Governments in the 1930s

Treaty of VersaillesBlack Tuesday1929- stock market crashesTotal Controlof State by aDictatorGreat Depressionduring1930sIncreasing influence of newpolitical parties that emphasizestate control-For example: Communism,Nazism, Fascism

This is the political spectrum. When you hear the terms “right-wing” and leftwing” in regards to politics, this is what they are referring to. Where do yourpolitical beliefs fall on the spectrum?In terms you may be more familiar with, a Republican would have more incommon with the right, sharing characteristics such as conservative beliefs,belief in lower taxes, and capitalism. A Democrat would lean towards the leftas they tend to be more liberal, and believe in higher taxes to fund socialprograms.

A.What is it? is a political system where thestate holds total authority overthe society and seeks tocontrol all aspects of public andprivate life wherever necessary.B.Describe its characteristics

Government establishes complete control of all aspects of the state (political,military, economy, social, cultural) Highly nationalistic (flags, salutes, rallies, uniforms) Strict controls and laws Military state (secret police, army, military) Censorship (opposing literature and ideas) Propaganda (media – radio, newspapers, posters) One leader (dictator); charismatic Total conformity of people to ideas and leader Use of Terror and Fear

NazismTotalitarianismCommunismFascism*These theories, specifically Communism and Fascism,are completely different theories that are bitterlyopposed; however they exhibit the same behavior*

What is Communism? LEFT WING based on theory by Karl Marx revolutionary idea of a political,economic and social system thatcreates a “classless society” state ownership and control of themeans of production (no privateownership) Soviet Communism or “Stalinism”,was more of a totalitarian andmilitary state combined withelements of communism

What is Fascism? Right Wing intense nationalism and elitism totalitarian controlFASCES interests of the state more importantthan individual rights maintains class system and privateownership in cooperation with stateInteresting Fact: The word fascism was derivedfrom the fasces, an ancient Roman symbol ofauthority consisting of a bundle of rods and anaxe.

What is Nazism?Right Wing extremely fascist , nationalistic andtotalitarian based on beliefs of the NationalSocialist German Workers Party belief in the racial superiority of theAryan, the “master race” belief that all Germans should have“lebensraum” or living space in Europe Violent hatred towards Jews andblamed Germany’s problems on them

What is Communism? LEFT WING based on theory by Karl Marx revolutionary idea of a political, economic and social system that creates a “classless society” state ownership and control of the means of production (no private ownership) Soviet Communism or “Stalinism”, was more of a totalitarian and

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Fascism Rises in Europe Section 3 - VocabtoKnow u Fascism . leader who guided and brought order to the state. uFascists wore uniforms of a certain color, used special salutes and held mass rallies. Fascism vs. Communism uIn some ways Fascism was similar to Communism:

Fascism’s Rise in Italy Fascism (FASH IHZ uhm) was a new, militant political movement that empha-sized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader. Unlike communism, fascism had no clearly defined theory or program. Nevertheless, most Fascists shared several ideas. They preached an extreme form of nationalism, or loyalty to one’s .

Communism will be relevant to Indigenous liberation so long as we value kinship. Communism is kinship; kinship is communism. Marx knew this. Marx saw in Indigenous kinship the fulcrum of the commons, which he understood as the basis of communism. He understood the original form of capitalist violence was the enclosure of the commons. The caging and

ways to fight Communism, the evil-s of Communism, and the false doctrines of Communism, it could become quite dangerous. Richard I. Miller, Associate Director of the National Education Association Project on Instruction, in re-porting on Communism to the Council of Chief State School Officers at Miami Beach said:

1941: Fascism Under the term Fascism, as it is being used at present, we understand not only the movement started by Benito Mussolini in Italy immediately after the First World War, but also Nazism or National Socialism as it is practi

Map of Modern Italy xiii Introduction: Locating Fascism 1 Part I The Conquest of Power, 1915–29 11 1 The War, the Post-war Crisis and the Rise of Fascism, 1915–22 13 Politics and society in post-unification Italy 13 The war in Italy 20 ‘1919-ism’ and early Fascism 28 The 1919 el

Fascism, the debt of that doctrine to the thought of Giovanni Gentile, and the continuity of doctrine in time prior to the advent of Fascism. As has been argued elsewhere. Fascism grew out of the despair and hu miliation of an Italy

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